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Retirement of our publisher--John H. Whaley, III.

John H. Whaley, III, publisher of Ear, Nose & Throat Journal, retired January 1, 2000. He had presided over the successful rehabilitation of Ear, Nose & Throat Journal and three other publications. John Whaley came to Medquest Communications in 1991, after a 33-year career in business publishing. He had previously served as publisher of Cleveland Magazine and of several other business-related publications at Penton Publishing, one of the largest business magazine publishers in the United States. Under his regime, Ear, Nose & Throat Journal thoroughly professionalized its editorial approach, with then Managing Editor Laura Bruck bringing new clarity and precision to the editing of its manuscripts.

With Laura's transfer to another publication in the company, John Whaley continued to support Ear, Nose & Throat Journal with the appointment of Martin Stevenson, a former editor of the well-known publication, Modern Medicine, as managing editor. John also oversaw the sales operation that sustains Ear, Nose & Throat Journal financially. His decisiveness and dedication to quality were accompanied by the easy-going, friendly manner of a Southern gentleman, which the Tennessee-born Mr. Whaley certainly is. During the seven-and-one-half years that I was associated with John Whaley, he never interfered with editorial material. He allowed complete editorial freedom, which has allowed us to bring our readers the best, most unbiased information possible.

On December 3rd, Marlene and I and a large number of staff and friends attended a festive retirement party held at the historic Hermit Club in Cleveland, at which Mark Goodman, the new publisher, was the very able master of ceremonies. John had a knack for making good magazines and good friends. He now plans to play golf and travel with his wife, Virginia, throughout the world. He has built a fine organization and staff that will carry on his outstanding work. We wish him well.



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Publication:Ear, Nose and Throat Journal
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Date:Feb 1, 2000
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