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Evaluation of retinal changes using optical coherence tomography in a pediatric case of susac syndrome. Kola, Mehmet; Erdol, Hidayet; Atasoy, Sevil Ertugrul; Turk, Adem Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1690
Changes of drusen number and central retinal thickness in age-related macular degeneration patients over two years. Mandic, Kresimir; Vukojevic, Nenad; Jukic, Tomislav; Katusic, Damir; Mandic, Jelena Juri Report Nov 1, 2016 3790
Organotypic retinal explant cultures as in vitro alternative for diabetic retinopathy studies. Valdes, Joaquin; Trachsel-Moncho, Laura; Sahaboglu, Ayse; Trifunovic, Dragana; Miranda, Maria; Ueffi Report Sep 22, 2016 3850
Quantum fragility may help guide birds: magnetic field's effect on retinal chemistry could aid navigation. Conover, Emily Jul 23, 2016 504
OCT assets: Heidelberg Engineering's clinical programme manager, Chris Mody, describes how the 13 retinal layers can assist with the management and referral of patients. Mody, Chris Brief article Feb 1, 2016 284
Automatic analysis of retinal vascular parameters for detection of diabetes in indian patients with no retinopathy sign. Aliahmad, Behzad; Kumar, Dinesh Kant; Jain, Rajeev Report Jan 1, 2016 4386
Late postoperative evaluation of retinal and choroidal thickness and retinal vessel caliber after surgical repair of corneal perforation. Pekel, Gokhan; Acer, Semra; Cesur, Nihal; Yagci, Ramazan; Cetin, Ebru Nevin Report Nov 1, 2015 2815
Brain injury and retinal pathways. Klotter, Jule Oct 1, 2015 356
Hybrid method based retinal optic disc detection. Muntasa, Arif; Siradjuddin, Indah Agustien; Sophan, Moch Kautsar Report Jul 1, 2015 1852
Automatic retinal vessel segmentation through Gabor filtering, principal component analysis and ensemble of classifiers (C4.5 with bagging). Ramani, R. Geetha; Balasubramanian, Lakshmi Report Jun 1, 2015 3130
Optic disc and retinal nerve fiber layer thickness evaluation of the fellow eyes in non-arteritic ischemic optic neuropathy/Non-arteritik iskemik optik noropati gecirmis olgularin saglikli gozlerinin optik sinir yapisi ve retina sinir lifi kalinliginin degerlendirilmesi. Dag, Medine Yilmaz; Biler, Elif Demirkilinc; Alkan, Zerrin; Uretmen, Onder; Kose, Suheyla; Afrashi, Report May 1, 2015 2508
Is it normal? Peripheral retinal findings--Part 1. Lanier, Kate Apr 4, 2015 2668
A case of gyrate atrophy of the choroid & retina. Satyavathi, G.; Srinivas, Y.; Malleswari Case study Jan 19, 2015 796
The effect of pupillary dilation on retinal nerve fiber layer thickness measurements taken by spectral domain optical coherence tomography/Spektral-domain optik koherans tomografiyle yapilan peripapiller retina sinir lifi tabakasi kalinligi olcumlerine pupilla dilatasyonunun etkisi. Cam, Duygu; Karabag, Revan Yildirim; Arikan, Gul; Gunenc, Uzeyir Report Nov 1, 2014 2203
Viagra risk. Brief article Oct 17, 2014 137
Eyes exploit fiber optics to see in dark: Muller cells shunt red and green light to cones; blue leaks to rods. Saey, Tina Hesman Aug 23, 2014 486
Retinal carotenoids more than meets the eye. Khandelwal, Subhi; Murray, Ian Aug 1, 2014 2512
The retinal nerve fiber layer thickness changes evaluated by optical coherence tomography after phacoemulsification surgery/Optik koherens tomografi ile degerlendirilen retina sinir lifi kalinliginin fakoemulsifikasyon cerrahisi sonrasi degisimi. Degirmenci, Cumali; Afrashi, Filiz; Nalcaci, Serhad; Yilmaz, Suzan Guven Report Jul 1, 2014 2464
Optical aberrations and wavefront/Optik aberasyonlar ve wavefront. Polat, Nihat; Aydin, Esra Yelkenci; Tuncer, Ibrahim Report Jul 1, 2014 3348
Retinal vessel evaluation. Heitmar, Rebekka May 23, 2014 2493
A case of congenital retinal macrovessel crossing the foveola/Foveoladan gecen dogumsal retinal buyuk damar anomalisi olgusu. Ozgonul, Cem; Ceylan, Osman Melih; Kucukevcilioglu, Murat; Hurmeric, Volkan; Erdurman, Fazil Cuneyt Clinical report Mar 1, 2014 742
Scientists print retinal cells for the first time. O'Hare, Ryan Brief article Jan 17, 2014 298
Optimal scheme of retinal image enhancement using curvelet transform and quantum genetic algorithm. Wang, Zhixiao; Xu, Xuebin; Yan, Wenyao; Wei, Wei; Li, Junhuai; Zhang, Deyun Report Nov 1, 2013 6060
Retinal microvascular responses to short-term changes in particulate air pollution in healthy adults. Louwies, Tijs; Panis, Luc Int; Kicinski, Michal; de Boever, Patrick; Nawrot, Tim S. Report Sep 1, 2013 6922
Mouse retinas grown in lab. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article Aug 24, 2013 198
Artificial retinas are coming into view: bionic vision gives the blind a sense of what's in front of them. Young, Susan Jul 1, 2013 960
Retinal blood vessel size linked with IQ. Brief article Jun 14, 2013 191
The effect of intravitreal bevacizumab on apoptosis of rat retina cells/Intravitreal bevacizumabm sican retina hucrelerinde apoptozis uzerine etkileri. Kayikcioglu, Ozcan; Vatansever, Seda; Topcu, Ismet; Aydemir, Isil; Bilecenoglu, Tugce; Kahvecioglu, Report Jan 1, 2013 4315
Mitomycin C in trabeculectomy and macular thickness/Trabekulektomide mitomisin C ve makula kalinligi. Oguz, Halit Letter to the editor Nov 1, 2012 386
Signs of brain disease--the eyes have it: the eye/brain connection may help in disease diagnosis. Aug 1, 2012 1000
Blueberry anthocyanins: protection against ageing and light-induced damage in retinal pigment epithelial cells. Brief article Jul 1, 2012 276
Implants could restore eyesight: tests in rat retinas show feasibility of laser system. Ehrenberg, Rachel Jun 16, 2012 394
Evaluation of macular thickness and retinal nerve fiber layer by optical coherence tomography in cases with strabismic and anisometropic amblyopia/Strabismik ve anizometropik ambliyop olgularda makula kalinligi ve retina sinir lifi tabakasinin optik koherens tomografi ile degerlendirilmesi. Soyugelen, Gulizar; Onursever, Nihal; Ceran, Basak Bostanci; Can, Izzet Clinical report Oct 1, 2011 2736
Treatment of dural carotid-cavernous sinus fistula through the superior ophthalmic vein/Superior oftalmik ven yoluyla dural karotiko-kavernoz fistul tedavisi. Ucan, Gamze; Yazici, Bulent; Hakyemez, Bahattin; Turudu, Sevil Clinical report Oct 1, 2011 2597
Development of the retina in the cuttlefish Sepia esculenta. Hao, Zhen-Lin; Zhang, Xiu-Mei; Kudo, Hideaki; Kaeriyama, Masahide Report Aug 1, 2010 5746
Retinal directional sensitivity. Voke, Janet Jul 30, 2010 2076
Management & investigation of retinal conditions. O'Toole, Louise May 7, 2010 5745
Masters in retinal screening is launched. (STUDENT NEWS). Brief article Nov 6, 2009 203
Ultrastructure of the retinal synapses in cubozoans. Gray, G. Clark; Martin, Vicki J.; Satterlie, Richard A. Report Aug 1, 2009 6743
Idiopathic lesions and visual deficits in the American lobster (Homarus americanus) from Long Island Sound, NY. Magel, Christopher R.; Shields, Jeffrey D.; Brill, Richard W. Report Aug 1, 2009 4493
"Crinkling" of the retina. Jul 1, 2009 346
Stereology and some structural correlates of retinal and photoreceptor cell function. Mayhew, Terry M. Report Mar 1, 2009 6499
Maintenance of beta adrenergic receptor signaling in human microvascular retinal endothelial cells. Williams, Kimberly; Steinle, Jena J. Report Jul 1, 2008 182
Ocular nutrition: part 1: keeping your macula healthy: the role of Lutein, zeaxanthin, and meso-zeaxanthin. Bartlett, Hannah; Eperjesi, Frank Jul 13, 2007 5921
Ask Doctor Cory: for parents and teachers. SerVaas, Cory Jul 1, 2007 752
Helping patients see the light. Brief article Mar 1, 2007 210
Simvastatin raises retinal blood flow. Brief article Jun 1, 2006 276
A role for a PLCa4-mediated signal transduction pathway in the circadian clock of the mouse brain. Jenkins, Travis; Meyer-Bernstein, Elizabeth Brief article Jan 1, 2005 286
Potassium currents distinguish the two subtypes of morphologically distinct skate bipolar cells. Qian, Haohua; Chappell, Richard L.; Redenti, Stephen; Ripps, Harris Dec 1, 2004 1541
Membrane properties of two subtypes of skate bipolar cells. Qian, Haohua; Chappell, Richard L.; Redenti, Stephen; Ripps, Harris Oct 1, 2004 385
Zinc transport in vertebrate retina. Redenti, Stephen; Chappell, Richard L. Oct 1, 2004 315
Novedoso tratamiento para retinas desprendidas. Moller, Erwin Articulo breve Jan 1, 2004 126
An experimental approach to the study of gap-junction-mediated cell death. Cusato, K.; Zakevicius, J.; Ripps, H. Oct 1, 2003 1104
Zinc modulation of hemichannel currents in Xenopus oocytes. Chappell, R.L.; Zakevicius, J.; Ripps, H. Oct 1, 2003 1373
Zinc chelation enhances the sensitivity of the ERG b-wave in dark-adapted skate retina. Redenti, S.; Chappell, R.L. Oct 1, 2003 1369
Intracellular release of caged calcium in skate horizontal cells using fine optical fibers. Molina, Anthony J.A.; Hammar, Katherine; Sanger, Richard; Smith, Peter J.S.; Malchow, Robert P. Oct 1, 2003 1254
Two years between retinal exams okay for selected patients; major head-to-head trial. Tucker, Miriam E. Aug 1, 2003 407
Bionic eye can restore some sight to the blind. Brief Article Jun 14, 2003 304
New ophthalmoscope aids diabetic retinopathy referrals. (One-Minute Examination). MacReady, Norra Jan 1, 2003 450
Retina electronica para hacer ver a los ciegos. (La Salud). Moller, Erwin Articulo breve Dec 15, 2002 124
Gene expression in the squid giant axon: neurotransmitter modulation of RNA transfer from periaxonal glia to the axon. Giuditta, Antonio; Eyman, Maria; Kaplan, Barry B. Oct 1, 2002 952
A novel turtle retinal preparation for simultaneously measuring light-induced electrical activity and changes in metabolite levels. Twig, Gilad; Malchow, Robert Paul; Hammar, Katherine; Smith, Peter J.S.; Levy, Hanna; Perlman, Ido Oct 1, 2002 1216
Bionic eye could end blindness. (Technology). Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 330
Getting ahead in soccer. (Clinical Capsules). Brief Article Jun 15, 2002 120
Getting ahead in soccer. (Journal Scan). Splete, Heidi Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 134
Una retina bionica permite ver a ciegos: perciben la luz. (Socied@d!). Jimenez, Gabriel Articulo Breve May 15, 2002 367
Retina Signals Stroke Risk. (Clinical Capsules). Moon, Mary Ann Jan 1, 2002 163
Retinas signal stroke risk. (Clinical Capsules). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 135
Evidence for directed mitotic cleavage plane reorientations during retinal development within the zebrafish. Link, Brian A. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 903
Endogenous zinc as a neuromodulator in vertebrate retina: evidence from the retinal slice. Chappell, Richard L.; Redenti, Stephen Oct 1, 2001 1538
Ask Doctor Cory. SerVaas, Cory Letter to the Editor Jul 1, 2001 567
Newborns & Bleeding In The Eye. Apr 1, 2001 182
Voltage Gating Properties of Channels Formed by a Skate Retinal Connexin. White, Thomas W.; Ripps, Harris; Srinivas, Miduturu; Bruzzone, Roberto Oct 1, 2000 1835
Hydrogen Ion Fluxes from Isolated Retinal Horizontal Cells: Modulation by Glutamate. Molina, Anthony J. A.; Smith, Peter J. S.; Malchow, Robert Paul Oct 1, 2000 1567
Extracellular pH gradients measured from isolated retinal cells. Malchow, Robert Paul; Verzi, Michael P.; Smith, Peter J.S. Oct 1, 1998 1140
Fluorometric analysis of intracellular sodium concentrations in isolated retinal horizontal cells. Andersen, Kristen A.; Malchow, Robert Paul Oct 1, 1998 1128
Supernormal vision: a focus on adaptive optics improves images of the eye and boosts vision. Wu, Corinna Cover Story Nov 15, 1997 1831
Prediction of maximum allowable retinal slip speed in the fiddler crab, Uca pugilator. Layne, John E.; Wicklein, Martina; Dodge, Frederick A.; Barlow, Robert B. Oct 1, 1997 1118
Photoreceptor morphology and visual pigment content in the retina of the common white sucker (Catostomus commersoni). Flamarique, Inigo Novales; Harosi, Ferenc I. Oct 1, 1997 809
Actin-dependent pigment granule transport in retinal pigment epithelial cells. Burnside, Beth; King-Smith, Christina Feb 1, 1997 1226
The temporal transfer function of the Limulus lateral eye. Kim, E.; Passaglia, C.; Doge, F.; Barlow, R.B. Oct 1, 1996 761
Microcirugia oftalmica. Moller, Erwin Oct 1, 1996 103
Retinal anatomy of a new species of bresiliid shrimp from a hydrothermal vent field on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Nuckley, David J.; Jinks, Robert N.; Battelle, Barbara-Anne; Herzog, Erik D.; Kass, Leonard; Renning Feb 1, 1996 5359
The eye's photochemistry: a quick snap. Lipkin, Richard Brief Article Oct 29, 1994 486
The effects of quinine and quinidine on isolated retinal horizontal cells. Malchow, Robert Paul; Qian, Haohua; Haugh-Schneidt, Laura M.; Ripps, Harris Oct 1, 1994 589
The GABAA receptors of Muller (glial) cells in skate retina. Qian, Haohua; Malchow, Robert Paul; Chappell, Richard L.; Ripps, Harris Oct 1, 1994 563
Survival bonus for people with AIDS. Fackelmann, Kathy A. Oct 26, 1991 565
Ultrafast first step for light into sight. Peterson, Ivars Oct 26, 1991 401
Retinal cell transplant: see how they see. Eron, Carol Oct 8, 1988 240
Researchers eye retinal mapping. Weiss, Rick Aug 20, 1988 657
Retina transplant restores rat reflex. Weiss, Rick Oct 17, 1987 714
Eye to (third) eye; scientists are taking advantage of unexpected similarities between the eye's retina and the brain's pineal gland. Miller, Julie Ann Nov 9, 1985 1665

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