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Retelling the Easter Story of Jesus the Fun Way: Story Time Jesus Funny Photo Memes [SLIDESHOW].

The weeklong celebration of Holy Week has always been the best time to know more about the story of Jesus - - his death and resurrection. It is also the best time to retell the Easter story of the greatest man for Catholics and Christians. With the advent of the new technology, Jesus' Passion of the Christ has been told in many different ways. Pop culture has offered different ways that will allow readers, the youngsters particularly, in learning Jesus' Easter story. Check out the funny photo memes created of Jesus as he tells his own story. But read up and see how Jesus' Easter story has been told through the years and its implication to millions of believers around the world.

"At Easter, perhaps more than at any other time of the year, Christians love to retell the story of Jesus, and especially of his last days on Earth," a Kim Lawton said in an article by

Telling the story of Jesus is "entering into the story," noted Walt Wangerin Jr., the writer-in-residence in Valparaiso University. He also explained the importance of retelling Jesus story in "shaping our minds."

He said, "When the story is told, we enter into the story, we become a part of it -- and now here's the important part -- and it shapes us. It shapes our spirit, it shapes our capacity for interpreting the universe much more than any kind of intellectual doctrine can shape us."

Lawton noted that retelling the stories of Jesus has been done through popular culture, through the years, pointing out music while art can not be ruled out as an effective way to introduce Jesus and his Easter story to the young minds.

"Over the centuries, the Passion has been retold in numerous ways: through art and through music, such as Haydn's classic Easter piece, "The Seven Last Words of Christ," Lawton was quoted as saying in ( Religions and Ethics News Weekly.

And what is the greatest story ever told? Author Fulton Oursler has one for you: "Author Fulton Oursler called it THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD a story that includes betrayal, abandonment, crucifixion, resurrection, and redemption. People continue to retrace and explore that story, which Christians call the Passion of Christ."

Telling Jesus story needs to be relevant. And a new way to tell stories can give great impact to the readers and enthusiasts, particularly Christians and Catholics around the world. It can also be done in plays and stage dramas, movies, art like painting and sketches. Read more about different ways to tell the story of Jesus ( here.

IBTimes-AU has here provided you how Jesus tells his story in funny photo memes. Check out the pictures and have fun as you continue celebrate Holy Week.




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