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Retalix Puts Fresh Face on Web Interfaces with Clerity.

Streamlined Web Enablement Solution Optimizes Browser-Based Access and Green Screen Technology

CHICAGO -- Clerity Solutions, Inc., a full-service provider of mainframe migration and modernization solutions, announced today that Retalix, a worldwide leader in retail and distribution solutions, has selected Clerity Web Connect software to transform 'green screen' applications into modern, user-friendly Web applications without changing code and reduce the staff time required to deliver customized customer options.

Retalix had been delivering Web-based clients with its BICEPS purchasing management software for years. However, providing customized screens to meet different customer needs and ensuring a consistent look and feel across different Web browser technologies had become time-consuming with Retalix's previous solution.

Looking to improve its customer offerings and optimize staff productivity, Retalix began reviewing the market for options. Retalix was impressed with Clerity Web Connect software's ability to quickly capture and perform basic customizations on 3270 screens and its range of available deployment options; the company could continue using Web-based interfaces in conjunction with an Apache Web server, eliminate this middle-tier down the road, or deploy a zero-client solution upon market request.

Retalix found that Clerity Web Connect delivered many benefits:

* A consistent Web look and feel, regardless of client browser and Java platform version

* Clean HTML code and easy customer-specific customization through the use of global style sheets

* Simplified screen capture process and robust repository for keeping projects organized

* Flexible deployment options, including zero-client model

The Retalix BICEPS application utilizes nearly 600 screens and five CICS regions that had been rehosted to open systems using Clerity's UniKix mainframe rehosting technology several years ago, so it was important that Clerity Web Connect provide a simple way to log into each region, capture screens, and keep projects organized.

Retalix moved from evaluation to implementation of Clerity Web Connect in just one week; in this short time, its developers were well under way capturing screens and customizing end user environments.

"Clerity Web Connect's streamlined implementation requirements and quick ability to deliver results enable us to enhance our customer relationships and further our commitment to delivering a leading-edge, quality solution," said Rik Schrader, senior vice president, Global Supply Chain Sales & Marketing at Retalix. "We are now able to deliver out-of-the-box solutions for customers who do not have customized screen requirements and we can easily meet the specialized needs of others."

About Clerity Solutions, Inc.

Clerity is a leading, full-service provider of mainframe migration, legacy modernization, and optimization solutions. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with offices worldwide, Clerity's migration team and automated software solutions have facilitated hundreds of successful migrations. With over 15 years of experience and more than 1300 sites worldwide, Clerity is uniquely positioned to assist organizations through all aspects of legacy migration. For more information visit
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 4, 2009
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