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Retailers and manufacturers join to capture the fast food market.

Retailers and manufacturers throughout the New York Metro Area are gearing up for the Eastern Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association's Fall Promotion, "There's No Place Like Home."

The promotion, which begins October 11,1992, is designed to bring more customers into the dairy, deli, bakery and appetizer sections of New York Metro Area retailers. The promotion will tell consumers that these sections of the store offer them better choice, better value, and most importantly, better quality food in a setting that is even more convenient than fast food.

Since the program was announced last fall by former New York mayor Ed Koch, retailers and manufacturers have been lining up to participate. The program includes an October 18th solo FSI drop to over 4 million New York Metro Area homes. The FSI will include over 180 million coupons, on over 45 products. For three weeks, beginning October 11,1992, an intensive radio campaign will saturate the New York Metro Area market. These spots are unique because not only do they educate consumers about the fast, delicious meals that can be prepared with products purchased from the dairy, deli, bakery and appetizer section of the store, they also include specific product mentions and specific store tags directing consumers "where to buy."

With the coupon drop, radio campaign, and in-store promotional materials, this program is sure to get the attention of the York Metro Area market. "I can't think of another promotion that will do more to get consumers into the store and educate them about the value, quality and convenience of products that are readily available in the dairy, deli, bakery and appetizer sections." says Sal Olivito, Chairman of EDDA's Marketing Committee.

Once customers are in the store, they will see a series of point of sales materials called Consumer Meal Planning Tips that include recipes and information about how to creatively combine products from the four sections into quick, delicious, healthy meals for the whole family. "Our mission is to tell consumers that when it comes to convenience, quality and selection, the dairy, deli, bakery and appetizer sections are their best alternative to fast food," explains EDDA Executive Director Marvin Spira.

In addition to organizing and promoting the October program, EDDA plans on conducting extensive market research that will be made available only to participating retailers and manufacturers via Nielsen ScanTrack. A follow-up telemarketing survey will interview 200 consumer participants for their reaction to the promotion. "This research will be invaluable to both the retailers and the manufacturers. EDDA will also use the information to make sure our promotions and services just keep getting even better and more targeted," explains Ken Rice, co-chairman of EDDA's Marketing Committee.

"This promotion is a win-win-win proposition," says Spira. "Both manufacturers and retailers win because this promotion will increase sales, volume and market share. And the consumers win because this program will help them more make informed decisions about convenient, delicious and healthy meal alternatives."

The deadline for participating in this promotion is fast approaching. Retailers and manufacturers need to sign up by June 1, 1992 to reap the benefits of the coupons, radio spots, POS, merchandising allowances and market research. For more information about participating, contact Marvin Spira, EDDA Executive Director at (201) 288-5454.

The EDDA is a not for profit trade association comprised of the major supermarket chains in the tri-state area, the manufacturers of products marketed to the dairy, deli, and bakery departments, along with the distributors and brokers who services the industry. Collectively, 81/2 billion dollars in revenue is generated by the industry in the greater tri-state marketing area annually.

For further information contact: Marvin Spira, 201-288-5454.
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Publication:Frozen Food Digest
Date:Jul 1, 1992
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