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Retailers' perspectives on plumbing.

While the idea of having a smart home once seemed impossible, some of the latest technology in plumbing products on the market are taking a cue from futuristic shows of the past, like "The Jetsons."

Consumers are dropping big bucks on products for smart home high-tech capabilities, so retailers offering these high tech products should promote the newest plumbing products, as well. Even basic plumbing parts, such as shower heads, toilets and faucets are getting technology upgrades with music that can be streamed via Bluetooth technology in the shower, kitchen sinks that turn on without the push of a handle and LED lighting that illuminates toilet bowls.

Hardware Retailing asked a panel of independent retailers to complete a questionnaire to gauge where they see high-tech plumbing products developing and how often their customers are inquiring about the technologies.

Here are a few key findings from the questionnaire. The results show retailers are noticing that customers are moving toward smarter homes with plumbing products, and the retailers expect the category to continue to grow in popularity.

Which of the following plumbing technology products do you see customers seeking out the most?


Environmental Plumbing products with green benefits.


Sanitary Plumbing products for a healthy home.


Personalization Plumbing products that provide custom personal comfort.

Nearly 50% of respondents say they see customers seeking out environmentally friendly and high-tech plumbing products.

1 in 4 respondents say they have customers seeking out touchless technology for plumbing products in the home.

79% of respondents say more plumbing technology products will become part of their inventory in the next five years.

64% of respondents believe smart home and other technological advancements are not a fad and are here to stay.

80% of respondents say they do not currently stock products, such as sinks and toilets, with touchless features.

87% of respondents say they currently provide green products in their plumbing category.

Source: Hardware Retailing Questionnaire, 2014

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