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Retailer's quiz: how's your knowledge of pistols-revolvers?

RETAILER'S QUIZ: How's Your Knowledge Of Pistols/Revolvers?

Some gun shop customers delight in showing off their knowledge of firearms, often embarrassing the fellow across the counter who's trying to do his best to help.

To avoid such confrontations, gun dealers--and the people who work for them--should take every opportunity to beat such customers to the punch. The best way to do this (at the same time, increasing your business) is to know more about guns and ammo than your customers. That's why we're presenting this little 20 questions and answers quiz on "your knowledge of pistols and revolvers."

To help improve your score, questions are geared to the basic knowledge needed to build maximum confidence among your customers.

And that's the name of the game, when cash register receipts are tallied each month. Right?

Now, the field of handguns--both modern and obsolete (the latter is included, since many gun dealers depend on the sales of used firearms, some of which no longer are manufactured). If you can answer 15 of the following 20 questions on pistols an revolvers, you're well on your way to fame and fortune ((we hope) as a gun dealer:

(1) What are the five major handgun shooting sports?

(2) Which sport features shooting at 50, 100, 150 and 200 meters?

(3) What was the first stainless steel handgun, and when was it introduced?

(4) What is galling?

(5) The letters AMT on a gun stand for what?

(6) What are "half-moon" clips?

(7) What does it mean when a revolver is "out of time"?

(8) What is a "broom handle," and why is it so called?

(9) Who is the oldest gun maker in the world, and approximately (within 50 years) when was it officially formed?

(10) Who designed the Model 1911 Government Model Colt .45 auto?

(11) What caliber is the Colt ACE?

(12) Where was the Paterson Colt made? What year was it patented?

(13) Why is it relatively difficult these days to buy a new Colt Woodsman or H & r Sportsman?

(14) When the hammer on a Government Model .45 falls forward when the slide is released, what part probably is worn and needs to be replaced?

(15) The Jet is a _________ cartridge necked to _________ caliber.

(1) Bull's-eye shooting, metallic silhouette shooting, IPSC (International Practical Shooting Federation) shooting, PPC (Practical Pistol Course) shooting, and bowling pin shooting.

(2) Metallic silhouette shooting.

(3) The Smith & Wesson Model 60, introduced in the mid-1960s.

(4) Mechanical "hangup," or failure of soft parts to function properly, because of loss of metal caused by friction or abrasion.

(5) Arcadia Machine & Tool Co.

(6) Metal "half circles" that hold three rounds of .45 ACP cartridges, for use in revolvers--such as the S&W Model 25--designed for .45 ACP rimmed ammunition. They facilitate extraction of empty rimless cases. Two "half-moon" clips are used to fill the six-round cylinder.

(7) When one or more of the gun's cylinder chambers fail to lock-up exactly in line with the gun's barrel, as the trigger is pulled and the hammer is released.

(8) The German Mauser Model 1896 semiautomatic pistol. Its grip resembles a broom handle.

(9) Beretta, officially formed before 1680.

(10) John M. Browning

(11) .22 LR.

(12) Paterson, New Jersey. It was patented in 1836.

(13) Colt has dropped the Woodsman from its line of handguns, and H&R no longer is in the gun business.

(14) The disconnector.

(15) The Jet is a .357 Magnum cartridge necked to .22 caliber.

(16) The cutaway photo is that of a Ruger Standard .22 auto.

(17) It's a Colt Lightning model, caliber .41, double-action.

(18) A Mossberg Brownie .22 auto, double-action, pocket pistol. It has four 2 1/2-inch barrels and a revolving firing pin.

(19) A cased Colt Paterson cap-and-ball revolver, complete with extra cylinder, powder flask, ramrod bullet mould , utility/loading tool and percussion cap box.

(20) A Walther P-38 semiautomatic pistol, adopted by the German Army in 1938. Double-action, caliber 9mm Parabellum.

How was your handgun IQ? Go to the head of the class if you had 15 or more correct answers.
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