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Resveratrol plus BioPerine may increase mitochondrial capacity with exercise.

A human clinical study by the University of Georgia Department of Kinesiology in Athens, GA, found that resveratrol fortified with Sabinsa's BioPerine increases mitochondrial function. The study," Influence of exercise training with resveratrol supplementation on skeletal muscle mitochondrial capacity," was published in Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism. Skeletal muscle mitochondrial performance was shown to increase with consumption of resveratrol (500 mg) and BioPerine (10 mg) in this double-blind study.

Mitochondria act as the power producers of cells in the body, and are also involved in other cell processes such as cell division and growth. The enzyme triumvirate, PGCla-SIRTl-AMPK plays a crucial role in mitochondrial biogenesis and resveratrol aids greatly in the process by enhancing the expression of these three enzymes. BioPerine, by enhancing the bioavailability of resveratrol, plays an amplifying role.

The study was conducted on participants who ingested the combination of resveratrol pus BioPerine for four weeks with moderate exercise. Near infrared spectroscopy was used to study the mitochondrial capacity of wrist flexor muscle of one arm while the other arm served as the control.

"The study is especially significant for the general population who may be unable to perform high intensity exercise," said Nagabhushanam Kalyanam, PhD, president of R&D, Sabinsa. "Functionally beneficial mitochondrial-performance is realized even with low intensity exercise with resveratrol plus BioPerine supplementation."

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Date:Sep 1, 2016
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