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Resume booster; Quick project an Oscar winner.

Byline: Richard Duckett

As a writer, Matthew Quick of Holden is familiar with editing his work and making revisions.

After the Academy Awards presentations on Sunday, Quick swiftly wrote a change concerning the movie "Silver Linings Playbook," which was adapted by filmmaker David O. Russell from Quick's novel of the same name.

"Silver Linings Playbook," which had been referred to by Quick on his website as "an Oscar-nominated film," is now "an Oscar-winning film" in light of Jennifer Lawrence winning the Best Actress Academy Award category for her performance in the quirky romantic comedy-drama.

"The fact we can now say it is an Oscar-winning film and not an Oscar-nominated film is huge," Quick said Wednesday. "I went home and changed my bio."

He had just returned home after a trip to Los Angeles where he and his wife, pianist and fellow novelist Alicia Bessette, attended the Academy Awards and several other events.

"It was amazing and thrilling. It's definitely a different world out there in LA," Quick said of his visit.

Saying "Oscar-winning" will help even further in having a conversation about mental illness, which is one of the main reasons Quick wrote "Silver Linings Playbook," he said.

The film centers on the relationship between Pat (played by Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper) and Tiffany (Lawrence), two people with fragile mental states. Quick has acknowledged his own struggles with depression, anxiety and mood swings. Russell was drawn to the story in part because of his son's bipolar disorder

Quick wrote "Silver Linings Playbook" in the basement of the home of his in-laws in Holden, with whom he and his wife lived for three years. The book, Quick's first to be published, came out in 2008, and has now changed his life.

"I keep over-using this word, but everything has been so surreal," he said.

The night before the Academy Awards he attended a party put on by "Silver Linings Playbook" distributor The Weinstein Company, where departing guests would say "See you at the Oscars," Quick recalled.

The night of the ceremonies he and his wife walked the famous red carpet. However, Quick said he has at this point walked other red carpets where the movie has been shown, such as at film festivals. "It's always kind of a blur," he said. "You're overwhelmed by so many famous people surrounding you." On the other hand, "It almost becomes normal," he added.

Inside the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood where the Oscar ceremonies took place, the stars were in the front rows. Quick said, "I was in the mezzanine at the top where I gather the writers go." He didn't mind being there, however. "I liked that. It makes it a less stressful situation."

He also felt "humble to be in attendance." There were some actors who were in "Silver Linings Playbook" who could not get tickets to attend, Quick said.

"Silver Linings Playbook" had been nominated for a total of eight academy awards, including Best Picture. Some critics and reporters wrote that momentum was building in the film's favor in that category against the favorite, "Argo." As it turned out, "Argo" won, and Lawrence represented the one time "Silver Linings Playbook" struck Oscar gold. Was there any disappointment?

"Of course everyone wants to win every category," Quick said. Still, "you realize that every film nominated is fantastic. I enjoyed `Argo' as much as anybody else ...

"Again, the film has done well. David (Russell) is now the writer and director of an Oscar-winning film."

Some of the most interesting parts of the Oscar experience you don't see on TV or film, Quick observed. After the ceremonies, Quick and his wife, along with Hollywood superstars such as Jennifer Aniston, were all standing outside on the red carpet with tickets waiting for their limousines to show up. "Jennifer Aniston has to wait for her limo just like everyone else," Quick said.

Then it was back home. "My natural habitat is at a computer alone in a room." Which is just as well, because some editing, possible more revisions, and a deadline are on Quick's very immediate horizon.

He has basically finished a novel, "The Good of Right Now," which Quick described as a "follow-up" to "Silver Linings Playbook" but not a sequel. The novel is scheduled to be published in early 2014, but his deadline for finishing up any editing and getting the book back to the publisher is March 1. "I will make that deadline," Quick said with two days left.

Actually, he's working on an extension. Originally the deadline was a week earlier, but he got an extra seven days from his publisher to be able to attend the Oscars. "Which was very nice of them," Quick said.

Meanwhile, his young adult novel "Forgive Me Leonard Peacock" is being published in August. And he has just signed to write a new novel, which Quick said he has all in his head but hasn't written a word of yet. "I've got to get that done."

The problem is that news outlets and others continue to want to talk to him.

"I'm very grateful for the distractions, but I've been overwhelmed with requests. `Silver Linings Playbook' has been translated into 20 languages. I enjoy having these conversations ... but I think pretty soon I'm going to have shut that down. I have to find a balance."

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CUTLINE: (1) Holden author Matthew Quick is pictured in L.A. last week. Jennifer Lawrence won the Best Actress Academy Award for the movie "Silver Linings Playbook," which was based on Quick's book. (2) Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in "Silver Linings Playbook." Lawrence won the Best Actress award for her role.

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