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Restoring civil order is top task for police: NPA chief.

TOKYO, Oct. 1 Kyodo

The most important task for Japanese police is to restore civil order through conducting accurate analysis and sharing information with local authorities, the chief of the National Police Agency (NPA) said Tuesday.

''To seek to restore civil order is the number one basic problem for Japanese police,'' NPA Director General Hidehiko Sato told his subordinates at a Tokyo meeting for senior police investigators nationwide.

In particular, Sato urged the officers to focus on tackling crimes such as street robbery, purse snatching and violent incidents that cause citizens to feel insecure due to the proximity to their daily lives.

The number of crimes uncovered by the police is rising at a pace that will exceed last year's record, which was Japan's worst in the postwar period, the police said.

On restoring civil order, Sato said deterrence is necessary in addition to the disclosure of crimes. ''I want you to accurately analyze the crimes and actively provide information to (other parties) such as the local authorities,'' the chief said.

Under the current situation in which the annual number of crimes uncovered by police exceeds 2 million cases, it is difficult in reality to respond immediately to all cases, Sato acknowledged.

Therefore, Sato said, ''I want you to always keep in mind investigations that respond to citizens' requests.''

About 320 senior police officers attended the meeting, including top officials from the NPA detective bureau, section chiefs from police headquarters nationwide and from sections in charge of international investigations and organized crime.
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Publication:Japan Policy & Politics
Date:Oct 7, 2002
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