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Restore glory of your war memorial with g your PS20,000 fund.

FROM gleaming monuments and glorious stainedglass cathedral windows, to dusty, faded plaques, they are part ofthe fabric of our nation.

Britain's war memorials commemorate thesacrifice, heroism and selflessness of servicemen and women in conflicts from the 7th centuryBattle of Dunnichen to the Falklands, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thousands date from the First World War, when millions of men from all over Britain set off to fightin France and Belgium. Many never to returned.

Sadly, many have fallen into disrepair, been forgotten and neglected.

It is estimated by the War memorials Trust that up to 8,000 memorials may be in a state of disrepair. You can help to improve the picture by checking if your war memorial, and its condition, is included on War uk. In association with Yesterday, Trinity Mirror YYhas a PS20,000 fund thatcould help return a war your area to its original glmoreym. orial in But we need your help to find them. Nominating a memorial is a straightforward process at You can find everything you need to know about making an application at All applications need the permission ofthe owner ofthe memorial, details ofthe work needed, how itwill be carried out and a planned completion date.

REPAIRS Fund could restore your monument TERMS & CONDITIONS A national fund of PS20,000 is being made available in partnership with the War Memorials Trust, for the repair and conservation of one or more war memorials g p p across the UK. If there is a war memorial that you would like to nominate, visit p y and complete the application form. Applications must be submitted by 23.59 on Sunday, December 31, 2017.

g p pp Entries after this date will not be accepted. To check the full eligibility criteria pp y y please see p. This prize is for funding only and if the g y War memorial that you submitted is chosen as a winner, yourself and the p g g p g y memorial representative will be responsible for organising and carrying out they y required work. It is important to seek the permission from the owner/ memorial p p g g y g representative ahead ofthe application being made. Failure to do so could result q p p in your application being withdrawn. Applicants must be prepared to submit a p pp g subsequent application to War Memorials Trust. Judges will grant funding based y pp g pp p p q pp g g g on the eligibility criteria and where the judges believe a difference can be made. the PS20,000 is a national fund and it is down to the judges' discretion to award g y j g this funding to one or more memorial/s. Judges' decision final. Please see full j g terms and conditions online.

g WHAT YOU WILL NEED TO INCLUDE IN THEONLINE FORM: 1 The war memorial's full address;2What is wrong with the war memorial - identify the areas which need repair or conservation g 3When was the war memorial built?; y 4Why should it receive funding?; p 5 Outline of proposed works; 6 Estimated project cost; y 7Desired project completion date; g 8 War memorial p p custodian's details - name, address, phone number, email; p j p j p 9 Applicant's contact details - if different from above (name, address, phone number, email); p pp 10Photographs ofthe memorial and copyright holder details - please supply a g p py g p p selection of images as a whole and focused on the areas that need work.
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Date:Nov 13, 2017
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