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Restore Your Life: A Recovery Guide for Alcoholics.


For the newly recovering alcoholic, sobriety can be overwhelming, Dr. Geller writes. It can be frightening and disturbing, emotionally and physically. Because so many beginnings end too quickly in frustration and disaster, a work such as this has long been awaited. Too few rehabilitation efforts are designed to enconpass the wide range of "treatments" needed.

"To become a truly sober person - someone leading a normal, healthy, productive life without using mood-altering chemicals - you need a living plan," she advices. It is an ongoing chore that encompasses millions of moments of ordinary living. It is here, in the ordinary tests of daily life, she says, that she has found so many seem to falter.

Dr. Geller is a recovered alcoholic and speaks from unrelenting experience. She acknowledges that nutritional therapy is vital to the rebuilding of a mind and body that have suffered the ravages of alcohol and the stresses incurred.

With utmost consideration of the excruciating apprehensions and fears that confront a recovering alcoholic, Geller takes the reader through the first three months of experience: the body's reactions, problems of sleep, the emotional turmoil, and how changes in thinking, memory and perceptions change. Alcohol and drugs alter not only the brain's mood-regulating functions, she says, but also its thinking processes, concentration and memory functions. Physiological withdrawal temporarily throws the mind and body into a state of imbalance - a reaction to the absence of the daily dose of alcohol.

Dr. Geller has made an enormous contribution that should be read by everyone concerned with the ordeal posed by withdrawal from drugs or alcohol.
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Publication:Nutrition Health Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 22, 1991
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