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The Proper Intersection of Restorative Justice and Public Safety in Juvenile Cases. Backstrom, James C. Apr 1, 2020 1608
Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action across Intergovernmental Landscapes: Who Can and Should do What? Poirier, Johanne; Hedaraly, Sajeda Dec 1, 2019 14961
Guiding principles and restorative practices for crime victims and survivors. Pavelka, Sandra; Seymour, Anne Jan 1, 2019 5613
Bullying: Can Restorative Justice be the Right Approach? La Touche, Deborah Oct 1, 2018 1490
Lives changed by restorative justice on open display at conference. Pattison, Mark Conference news Jun 1, 2018 466
Mama Rita: Inmates 'are not the crimes they did'. Morris-Young, Dan Interview Jun 1, 2018 1278
The Promise and Potential of Circles of Support and Accountability: A SEX OFFENDER REENTRY PROGRAM. Duwe, Grant Essay Feb 1, 2018 5998
Leave No Man (or Woman) Behind: Justice for Veterans. Dalton, Sean F. Oct 1, 2017 1247
Change in Paradigm or Change in Paradox? Gladue Report Practices and Access to Justice. Hebert, Alexandra Sep 22, 2017 10245
Critical criminologies of the present and future: left realism, left idealism, and what's left in between. Madfis, Eric; Cohen, Jeffrey Essay Aug 17, 2017 7413
Indigenous peoples and the globalization of restorative justice. Tauri, Juan Marcellus Essay Jun 23, 2017 7597
Brace for impact: the "Small Wonder" state makes a big difference. Langford, Ariana Jan 1, 2017 2455
Restorative justice pedagogy in the ESL classroom: creating a caring environment to support refugee students. Ogilvie, Greg; Fuller, David Essay Jun 22, 2016 4584
Protecting, restoring, improving: incorporating therapeutic jurisprudence and restorative justice concepts into civil domestic violence cases. Johnsen, Peter; Robertson, Elia May 1, 2016 14530
Out of sight, out of mind: letters from prison. McGivern, Mary Ann Jan 29, 2016 568
The importance of therapeutic relationships in correctional programs. Shively, Randy; Simpson, Mark; Nunes, Phil Report Jan 1, 2016 2798
Building trust and breaking down the wall: the use of restorative justice to repair police-community relationships. Merkey, Laura Sep 22, 2015 4537
Restorative justice and higher education: the interactive classroom. Keena, Linda May 1, 2015 2333
Restoring our souls: an exploration in healing at Congress. Hoffman, Catherine Mar 22, 2015 1002
Designing a clinic model for a restorative community justice partnership. Brooks, Susan L.; Lopez, Rachel E. Mar 22, 2015 13431
Nuns help rebuild people, lives broken by crime. Viehland, N.J. Nov 7, 2014 1470
Breaking free of the prison paradigm: integrating restorative justice techniques into Chicago's juvenile justice system. Tsui, Judy C. Jun 22, 2014 13667
Locating the community in restorative justice for young people in Australia. Richards, Kelly Report Jun 22, 2014 5865
A 'local' response to community problems? A critique of community justice panels. Clamp, Kerry Report Jun 22, 2014 6443
An indigenous commentary on the globalisation of restorative justice. Tauri, Juan Report Jun 22, 2014 9153
A circle of support: restorative justice at summer camp. Wallace, Stephen Gray May 1, 2014 2110
Rethinking zero tolerance: a new approach to discipline seeks to keep kids in school and, ultimately, out of prison. Stucki, Bryce Wilson Essay May 1, 2014 2232
Justice beyond bars: exploring the restorative justice alternative for victims of rape and sexual assault. Kasparian, Amy Mar 22, 2014 3239
Justice beyond bars: exploring the restorative justice alternative for victims of rape and sexual assault. Kasparian, Amy Mar 22, 2014 11949
Latino gang culture promotes a positive educational environment--an esl teacher's perspective. Gardner, Susanne Mar 1, 2014 2433
Fambul tok (Family talk). Brief article Feb 1, 2014 225
The Challenge of Prosecuting Conflict-Related Gender-Based Crimes under Libyan Transitional Justice. Zawati, Hilmi M. Jan 1, 2014 28046
Child pirates: rehabilitation, reintegration, and accountability. Drumbl, Mark A. Sep 22, 2013 19908
The impact of restorative and conventional responses to harm on victims: a comparative study. Calhoun, Avery; Pelech, William Report Jun 22, 2013 8232
The origins of modern restorative justice: five examples from the English-speaking world. Chiste, Katherine Beaty Jan 1, 2013 14995
Restoring history, renewing lives: a Maryland restorative justice effort in a historic cemetery. Vernarelli, Mark A. Oct 1, 2012 1705
Factors contributing to victims' satisfaction with restorative justice practice: a qualitative examination. Armstrong, Jac Report Sep 22, 2012 6500
An exploratory view of the juvenile arbitration program of Aiken County, South Carolina. Hazen, Nina Report Sep 22, 2012 12438
Bullying in Brazilian schools and restorative practices. Grossi, Patricia Krieger; Santos, Andreia Mendes dos Report Jul 1, 2012 7561
An African doctrine of equity in South African public law. Bennett, T.W. Conference news Dec 22, 2011 7635
Rebalancing criminal justice: potentials and pitfalls for neighbourhood justice panels. Clamp, Kerry; Paterson, Craig Report Sep 22, 2011 6613
Incarcerating youth as justice? An in-depth examination of youth, incarceration, and restorative justice. Maynard, Robyn Sep 1, 2011 1391
An emerging mandate for international courts: victim-centered remedies and restorative justice. Antkowiak, Thomas M. Jun 22, 2011 30491
Neighborhood accountability boards: the strength of weak practices and prospects for a "community building" restorative model. Schiff, Mara; Bazemore, Gordon; Brown, Martha Mar 22, 2011 9998
'Restorative justice for veterans: the San Francisco Sheriff's Department's Community of Veterans Engaged in Restoration (COVER). Schwartz, Sunny; Levitas, Leslie Mar 22, 2011 5398
Restorative justice and dialogue: impact, opportunities, and challenges in the global community. Umbreit, Mark S.; Armour, Marilyn Peterson Mar 22, 2011 7704
Investigating the potentials of restorative justice practice. Walgrave, Lode Mar 22, 2011 17031
Who will choose the end words? Structuring justice amid tragedy. Waugh, Brenda Mar 22, 2011 14416
A skeptical note on restorative justice. McManaman, Douglas Essay Feb 1, 2011 1855
Reduced victim participation: a misstep by the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia. Sokol, David S. Jan 1, 2011 10419
The cost of crazy: how therapeutic jurisprudence and mental health courts lower incarceration costs, reduce recidivism, and improve public safety. Cummings, John E. Mar 22, 2010 14032
Need or desire? A review of Justice as a basic human need. Evans, Ian M.; Yamaguchi, Tomoko Critical essay Jul 1, 2009 2036
Restorative justice as social justice for victims of gendered violence: a standpoint feminist perspective. van Wormer, Katherine Report Apr 1, 2009 6578
A restorative justice approach to empathy development in sex offenders: an exploratory study. Roseman, Christopher P.; Ritchie, Martin; Laux, John M. Report Apr 1, 2009 6225
Rethinking drug courts: restorative justice as a response to racial injustice. O'Hear, Michael M. Mar 22, 2009 17035
Adolescent transfer, developmental maturity, and adjudicative competence: an ethical and justice policy inquiry. Sellers, Brian G.; Arrigo, Bruce A. Mar 22, 2009 21541
Comment on using criminal punishment to serve both victim and social needs. Haley, John O. Mar 22, 2009 3387
Community safety and community justice--the Thames Valley partnership's journey, 1993-2008. Faulkner, David Report Mar 22, 2009 7023
Restorative justice, therapeutic jurisprudence and the rise of emotionally intelligent justice. King, Michael S. Dec 1, 2008 15034
To reform or to abolish? Christian perspectives on punishment, prison, and restorative justice. Ballot, Jordan J. Mar 22, 2008 12735
United States v. Ankeny: remedying the Fourth Amendment's reasonable manner requirement. Re, Richard M. Jan 1, 2008 4714
Prison Fellowship International award: Peace Foundation Melanesia Bougainville. Howley, Patrick Report Nov 1, 2007 5665
Creating a faith-based restorative justice community in a maximum-security prison. Swanson, Cheryl; Culliver, Grantt; Summers, Chris Jun 1, 2007 2886
Restorative justice: how law schools can help heal their communities. King, Rachel May 1, 2007 6943
Restorative justice. Mendez, Jonathan Brief article Apr 1, 2007 179
Is reconciliation possible after genocide? The case of Rwanda. Amstutz, Mark R. Jun 22, 2006 10787
Restorative justice for the girl child in post-conflict Rwanda. Feliciati, Clara Chapdelaine Report May 1, 2006 10947
Lessons unlearned: women offenders, the ethics of care, and the promise of restorative justice. Failinger, Marie A. Jan 1, 2006 17316
Undesirables desired. Roth, Robert Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 332
Road to reconciliation: South Africans lead forum to find way to peace in war-torn Colombia. Lavin, John Apr 8, 2005 1100
Justice under transitional administration: contours and critique of a paradigm [phi]. Stahn, Carsten Jan 1, 2005 11940
Critique of restorative justice. Takagi, Paul; Shank, Gregory Sep 22, 2004 7214
Taking the punishment out of the process: from substantive criminal justice through procedural justice to restorative justice. Blackwell, Brenda Sims; Cunningham, Clark D. Sep 22, 2004 15825
Restorative justice, responsive regulation and social work. Adams, Paul Mar 1, 2004 6775
Moving beyond the criminal justice paradigm: a radical restorative justice approach to intimate abuse. Mills, Linda G. Mar 1, 2004 7325
Families and the republic. Braithwaite, John Mar 1, 2004 6254
Double jeopardy: the modern dilemma for juvenile justice. Anderson, Christina L. Jan 1, 2004 16767
Restorative justice, therapeutic jurisprudence, and mental health courts: finding a better means to respond to offenders with a mental disorder. Garner, Sharon G.; Hafemeister, Thomas L. Jun 1, 2003 8135
Restorative justice: mending the fabric of society: advocates point to a better way to give victims a voice and prevent offenders' return to crime. (Nation). LeGardeur, Lili May 30, 2003 2016
Overcoming violence and pursuing justice: an introduction to restorative justice procedures. Kerber, Guillermo Apr 1, 2003 3729
Foreword: why retry? Reviving dormant racial justice claims. Minow, Martha Mar 1, 2003 3410
Retrying race. Alfieri, Anthony V. Mar 1, 2003 29277
Cleansing moments and retrospective justice. Russell, Margaret M. Mar 1, 2003 21131
American racial justice on trial - again: African American reparations, human rights, and the war on terror. Yamamoto, Eric K.; Serrano, Susan K.; Rodriguez, Michelle Natividad Mar 1, 2003 35986
An international "truth commission": utilizing restorative justice as an alternative to retribution. Eisnaugle, Carrie J. Niebur Jan 1, 2003 13464
Restorative justice: a Canadian approach. (International). Hill, Gary Aug 1, 2002 1740
Restorative justice for train derailment boy. (Child And Family). Brief Article May 13, 2002 138
Restorative justice: > What is it? = Can it work? < What do women think? Coward-Yaskiw, Stephanie Mar 22, 2002 2463
Restorative justice for young offenders and their victims. (Juvenile Justice News). Seymour, Anne; Gregorie, Trudy Feb 1, 2002 2208
Forgiveness and public deliberation: the practice of restorative justice. Dzur, Albert W.; Wertheimer, Alan Jan 1, 2002 13815
Community: Service Work as Part of Offender Rehabilitation. Etter, Gregg W.; Hammond, Judy Dec 1, 2001 1836
Restoring justice. (Law & Justice). Van Wormer, Katherine Nov 1, 2001 2663
Restorative Justice for Victims Offenders: A RETURN TO AMERICAN TRADITIONS. Viano, Emilio C. Jul 1, 2000 2318
COMPUTERS FOR SCHOOLS TEAM: Helping Everybody Win. Soonachan, Irwin Brief Article Jun 1, 2000 644
Goodbye to Hammurabi: analyzing the atavistic appeal of restorative justice. Delgado, Richard Apr 1, 2000 10825
Restorative Justice Challenges Corrections. Turpin, James Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 818

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