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Restaurant Review: Royal Oak Restaurant.

We started with Greek and Caesar Salads. They had fresh veggies and just enough Caesar dressing. The Greek salad was under dressed. We ordered a medium half and half Pizza consisting of the Royal Oak and the Meat Lovers. Underneath the considerable melted cheese were layers upon layers of meat, making it more like a pizza sandwich or a quasi-deep dish.

The Baked Spaghetti and Meatballs and the Baked Penne Carbonara had portions that were rather modest considering the price. However, the spaghetti was acceptable though being just a touch soft. We added meatballs and they were meaty and moist (yet small). The penne in the carbonara was overcooked. It was our least favourite dish despite the ample bacon and flavourful creaminess.

The Greek Dinner for two consisted of spanakopita, calamari, lamb chops, moussaka, chicken souvlaki, rice, lemon potatoes, tzatziki and pita bread. This was more than enough food for four people. The food was quite good. I particularly enjoyed the moussaka as the meat was tender and well-seasoned while the bechamel was creamy and not too firm. The souvlaki was charred and tender. The thick and garlicky tzatziki was perfect for dunking the crispy and tender calamari into. The Roast Lamb was a generous portion. It was fatty and succulent while well-seasoned. The lemon potato was really tangy which didn't bother me. Ultimately, this dish along with the platter and pizza won me over.

I thought the dishes were all well-executed and a good value. On the other hand, the pastas lagged behind. But I would come back for the Greek food.

By Sherman Chan, Special to The Post

Royal Oak Restaurant

15336 Fraser Hwy, Surrey, BC

The Good:

* Greek food was on point and well-portioned

* Service was friendly for us (unlike the online reviews)

* Lots of toppings on the pizza

The Bad:

* Pastas were meh and overpriced

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Author:Chan, Sherman
Publication:The Filipino Post
Article Type:Restaurant review
Date:Oct 11, 2018
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