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Respect the police.

RE the letters from the two independents councillors McTigue and Hawthorne, 'Beyond reproach' (7.1.13).

Can they actually say that they both agree to 30 police officers sorting out the Andrew Mitchell 'pleb-gate' row and agree with the costs of this investigation? Its a pity that crimes in this town and country and the victims of it don''t get the resources that Andrew

Maybe a couple of officers could have sorted this out and, yes, we do think its trivial.

We don''t know the full story of what actually went on but Mr Mitchell did admit that he swore at the officers, because they would not let him ride his bike through the main gate of Downing Street.

is If we had behaved in this manner we would have been arrested, and rightly so.

As an MP, he should have respect for police officers who are only doing their jobs. Like the councillor said, what is trivial to one person can be seen as totally different in the eyes of another. -But we think that with the cutbacks in front-line policing and the lack of police nationally is it right to have 30 police officers on such a case? RON and VIV CARTER-BONSTEEL, Middlesbrough
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jan 11, 2013
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