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Respect the Queen or go, Mr Corbyn.

DEAR Editor, The vexed question of to kneel or not to kneel in the presence at the Privy Council... The right honourable Jeremy Corbyn is being economical with the truth if he says or intimates he was not aware of the centuries-old protocol. I knew what was involved as a schoolboy and he could not possibly say he grew to his age not knowing he would have to honour his queen in this manner. As the shadow leader he also knew (or should know ) what is expected of him. Republican or not, he needs to man-up and accept he should do what is expected. If you cannot, sir, then stand down. If you get into power you can always abolish the Privy Council anyway. Although I fear pigs will fly first. The greater number of Britons honour our sovereign and we will not see you act like a brat. You knew what was expected of you so do it or go... Steven Shuter, Quinton Birmingham

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Oct 22, 2015
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