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Respect for vote.

Byline: AAMER NAJMEE - Lahore

Next general election, hopefully, is due in the second half of July 2018 and already there is lot of talking about respect for vote more by political leaders than anyone else. In short, without mentioning any names of those calling for giving respect to vote, it is submitted that due respect is given to vote when on the polling day, the electorate go to polling stations and cast their votes in favour of candidates of their chosen/favourtine political party or electoral alliance.

The political party/electoral alliance securing majority of votes and being given mandate by the electorate form the governments at the federal and provincial levels, as the case may be, and thus the vote is given due respect. If the federal and provincial governments so formed stick to their election manifestoes, promises and assurances made to the prospective electorate and take measures to ensure provision of fundamental rights, basic health, education, other necessities of life then it amounts to giving respect to the votes secured in the election. If the governments somehow fail to deliver, provide promised basic rights and facilities then the government themselves and none else are to be blamed for not respecting the votes they were given as mandate by the electorate.

Furthermore, if the rulers indulge in corruption, abuse and misuse of power and authority, nepotism, showing undue political favours to their favourites and blue-eyed guys here and there and do not show due and proper respect to the Constitution, then it has to be regretfully said that the rulers are to be blamed for not showing due respect to the vote and none else.

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Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Date:May 4, 2018
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