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Respect for te reo Maori.

Ka pai/well done to Daril Thomas for his article, "Reflecting on nursing and the art of caring" published in the June issue of Koi Tioki Nursing New Zealand. I found it positive, well structured and entertaining.

It was unfortunate that the last paragraph, with the attempt at te reo Maori, didn't make sense, doubly so as Daril was trying to uphold cultural sensitivity. Maybe the sentence should have been: Whakarongo ki te turoro me ana korero--listen to the patient and what he has to soy.

Full marks for trying and perhaps Koi Tiaki Nursing New Zealand will help us with more te reo Maori, as an ongoing move towards a more realistic cultural awareness. Kia kaha ki tou mahi/be strong in your work.

Chrissy Parker RN, Chfistchurch

NZNO's policy analyst Maori Leanne Manson replies: Ki oku nei whakaaro, ka pai tou te whakaaro o Dafil, ka pakari te korero o te tuhinga--Zn my opinion, it was great to see Daril using Maori to strengthen his article. Te reo Maori is a language for all New Zealanders, and something Te Taura Whiri, the Maori Language Commission, is trying to encourage.

There is more than one way of saying what Daril intended. Even with a couple of spelling errors (oko instead of ako--to learn, and tororo instead of turoro--patient), his whakaaro is dear.

Two possible options of saying what Daril intended are: Whakarongo ki te tururo me ona korero--Listen to the patient, and what they have to say ar, using the command form, Kia whakarongo ki te turoro, me ona whakaaro.

I thank Whaea Chrissy for responding to Daril's korero, as this is one way of reminding ourselves to pakari te reo Maori (strengthen te reo Maori), to whakowhiti te korero (to discuss what has been written) and to manaaki (to support and offer other options to improve the korero).

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Author:Parker, Chrissy
Publication:Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand
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Date:Aug 1, 2011
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