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Respect: Interpersonal Violence Prevention Resource Guide, "Stopping Youth Violence before It Begins.".

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This guide describes a series of ways to translate research findings and general ideas on youth violence into day-to-day teaching and learning in homes and schools. Five sections include: (1) "Teaching and Learning Core Social Emotional Competencies" (e.g., what educators, counselors, and parents can do, and promoting core social and emotional competencies such as connecting with oneself and others, communicative capacities, impulse control/anger management, problem solving, decision making, cooperative capacities, forming and maintaining friendships, recognizing and appreciating diversity and differences, and altruistic capacities); (2) "Creating a Safe, Caring and Responsive Environment at Home and in School" (e.g., what schools and parents can do, key components of a comprehensive school-wide plan, characteristics of a safe and responsive school environment, strategies that promote collaboration, and community activities that enhance the environment for children); (3) "Implementing Change in School Climate"; (4) "Addressing Areas of Concern" (bullying, hate and harassment, sexual harassment, gender issues, relationship violence, gangs, and suicide). Includes a resource list of web sites and publications. (SM)

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Author:Nadeau, Debra Fuchs; LaRue, Candace Mayer; Allen, Jennifer; Cohen, Jonathan; Hyman, Lauren
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jan 1, 2002
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