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Building Supplies

* Learn about the plight of Sudanese Christians under Islamic sharia law. The Friendship Press' 22-minute educational video When Freedom? Sudan in Captivity is narrated by Angelique Walker-Smith. A free study guide is available. 1-800-903-5544;

* The Men's International Peace Exchange formed out of the horror of the 1991 Gulf war to support men in the pursuit of peace. MIPE hosts conferences, produces a newsletter, and fosters "peace communities" worldwide.

* James Longley's Gaza Strip is powerful cinema verite that documents the lives of ordinary Palestinians under Israeli occupation. This excellent teaching tool is available from the Seattle-based Arab Film Society on video and DVD. (888) 591-FILM;

* The Iraq Institute for Democracy is one of the few indigenous Iraqi nongovernmental organizations. Learn more about how civil society forces are working for peace in Iraq.

* Emmy-winning composer Tim Janis has partnered with Church World Service to release a special edition of his newest CD, A Thousand Summers, to benefit AIDS programs in Africa. 1-800-297-1516;
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Author:Bowman, Kate
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Jan 1, 2003
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