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WDJ Training Editor Pat Miller is author of The Power of Positive Dog Training; Positive Perspective: Love Your Dog, Train Your Dog; Positive Perspectives II: Know Your Dog, Train Your Dog; and Play with Your Dog. All of these books are available from Dog Wise, (800) 776-2665 or


Positive Training for Show Dogs: Build a Relationship for Success, by Vicki Ronchette. Available from DogWise, (800) 776-2665 or


American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA), 2214 Old Emmorton Road, Bel Air, MD 21015. (410) 569-0795. Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope for a list of holistic vets in your area, or search


Terry Long, CPDT, DogPACT, Long Beach, CA. Terry is a writer, agility instructor, and behavior counselor. She provides pre-adoption counseling, behavior modificaition, and group classes in pet manners and agility. (562) 423-0793;

Pat Miller, CPDT, Peaceable Paws Dog and Puppy Training, Hagerstown, MD. Train with modern, dog-friendly positive methods. Group and private training, rally, behavior modification, workshops, intern and apprentice programs. (301) 582-9420;

Sarah Richardson, CPDT, CDBC, The Canine Connection, Chico, CA. Group and private training, puppy kindergarten, daycare. Force-free, fun, positive training (530) 345-1912;

Vicki Ronchette, CPDT, CAP2, Braveheart Dog Training, San Leandro, CA. Vicki is a dog trainer and behavior consultant specializing in positive reinforcement training for show dogs. She offers puppy through advanced level group classes as well as private behavior consulting. (510) 483-2631;

Association of Pet Dog Trainers (800) 738-3647;

Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers;

Truly Dog Friendly Trainers

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Title Annotation:trainers and veterinarians
Publication:Whole Dog Journal
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Date:Oct 1, 2009
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