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* Colin Bates, founder and director of BuildingBrands Ltd. and author of How to Build Your Total Brand, currently recommends Steve McNamara's AdCracker CD.

"Say you need a big advertising idea for your next campaign," Colin writes. "You probably thumb through a publication to see what the competition is advertising. Or conduct an impromptu brainstorming session with the creative team. Or Google 'creative advertising ideas.'

"Whatever you do to find that big idea, one thing's for sure. You do pretty much the same thing time and time again....

"Click here to try something new. The idea trigger is at" When you click on the "next" button, you'll get lots of ideas for the creative for your next direct response campaign. And it's all based on real comments from real consumers.

* Starting & Running a Successful Newsletter or Magazine, by Cheryl Woodard, 5th Edition, Nolo, 455 pp., $29.99.

Woodard co-founded PC Magazine, Macworld, PC World, and Publish--putting her attention (and this book) on sales, circulation marketing, and business management.

The word "newsletter" in the title seems a bit gratuitous since she gives little attention to newsletter publishing. In the appendix on Resources (all of which are undated), she lists no other books on newsletter publishing or editing and cites few newsletters. Not there, for example, is Capell's Circulation Report. She lists the commendable Laughing Bear Newsletter for small publishers, but she has the editor's name wrong and it ceased publishing a number of years ago.

She compliments The Newsletter on Newsletters twice (e.g., "another excellent publishing company to look at"), but she puts our circulation at 25,000 (whew!) and lists its publisher as The Newsletter Clearinghouse, which hasn't published this newsletter in this century.

If you're looking, compare Woodard with Jim Kobak's How to Start a Magazine.
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