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Resources to enhance your standards of teaching.

The Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession provide educators in Ontario with the following guidelines: Commitment to Students and Students Learning

* Professional Knowledge

* Professional Practice

* Leadership in Learning Communities

* Ongoing Professional Learning

* (Ontario College of Teachers

For those of you who are the sole music educator in an Ontario elementary classroom, consider part of your responsibility to ensure that your professional knowledge, practice and learning is continually updated and revised. Over the past five years, I have been challenged and encouraged by the in-service candidates enrolled in AQ courses that I teach. By sharing my leadership and knowledge with them as future music educators, I am constantly aware of my own personal need to be 'up to date' and current in my classroom and professional knowledge. Over two decades ago, I began to make it a summer project to read at least one (or two) professional resources linked to music education in the primary and elementary grades. Sometimes, I have even added some excellent video resources. Assuming a new teaching position this fall, I have now extended that list to intermediate as well. For the purpose of this article I will be sharing resources (K-8) that I have purchased and read over the past twenty years. It is my hope that I can assist others on their journey towards 'using appropriate pedagogy, assessment and evaluation, resources and technology in planning for and responding to the needs of their individual students and learning communities'. (Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession)

This is certainly not a complete list, nor is it the author's intention to omit other excellent teaching materials. I encourage you to add your own resources to our OMEA discussion board at

Kodaly Method

* The Kodaly Context Creating An Environment for Musical Learning by Lois Choksy ISBN-13:9780135166741 Prentice Hall

* The Kodaly Method I Comprehensive Music Education by Lois Choksy ISBN-13:9780139491658 Pearson

* The Kodaly Method II Folksong to Masterwork by Lois Choksy ISBN-13:9780139491733 Pearson

* Kodaly Today A Cognitive Approach to Elementary Music Education by Micheal Houlahan and Philip Tacka ISBN: 978-0-19-531409-0 Oxford

* The Kodaly Concept of Music Education in Practice (DVD) UPC: 884088237868 Hal Leonard

Orff Approach

* Discovering Orff A Curriculum for Music Teachers by Jane Frazee with Kent Kreuter ISBN-13:9780930448998 Schott

* Artful-Playful-Mindful by Jane Frazee ISBN-13:9781847612854 Schott

* An Orff Mosaic from Canada edited by Lois Birkenshaw-Fleming ISBN: 9780946535637 Schott

* Musica Activa An Approach to Music Education by Jos Wuytack ISBN-13:9780930448547 Schott

* Play, Sing, Dance by Doug Goodkin ISBN-13:9781902455075 Schott

Dalcroze Eurhythmies

* Rhythm and Movement Applications of Dalcroze Eurhythmics by Elsa Findlay ISBN-13:9780874870787 Birch Tree Group Ltd.

* Dalcroze Eurhythmics in Today's Music Classroom by Virgina Hoge Mead ISBN-13:9780930448516 Schott

* Dalcroze Eurhythmics with Robert M. Abramson (DVD) DVD-281 GIA Publications, Inc.

* La Rythmique, Le Solfege Un Chemin Vers La Musique (DVD) DVD Cote face Video Productions, Institut Jacques-Dalcroze (Geneve)

* Creating Artistry Through Movement (Dalcroze Eurhythmics in the Choral Setting (DVD) UPC: 073999853360 Hal Leonard


* Creating Artistry Through Choral Excellence by Henry Leck with Flossie Jordan ISBN-13:9781423437116 Hal Leonard

* Lifeline for Children's Choir Directors by Jean Ashworth Bartle ISBN-13:9780769277011 Gordon V. Thompson Music, Warner Chappell Music

* Sound Advice by Jean Ashworth Bartle ISBN: 978-0-19-992270-3 Oxford

* Directing the Choral Music Program by Kenneth H. Phillips ISBN-13:9780195132823 Oxford

* Inside the Elementary School Chorus by Patricia Bourne ISBN-13:9781429100106 Heritage Music Press

* The Diagnosis and Correction of Vocal Faults by James C. McKinney ISBN-13:9781565939400 Singular Publishing Group

* Choral Conducting/Teaching Real World Strategies for Success with Sandra Snow (DVD) DVD-800 GIA Publications, Inc.

* The Collaborative Choral Rehearsal Inspiring Creative Musicianship with Dr. Leslie Guelker-Cone (DVD) UPC: 96407009447 Santa Barbara Music Publishing

* Middle School Singers Turning Their Energy into Wonderful Choirs with Dr. Russell Robinson (DVD) UPC: 038081297255 Alfred Publishing Company, Inc.

* The Boy's Changing Voice expanding with Henry Leck (DVD) ISBN:9780634009563 Hal Leonard

Elementary Resources

* Teaching Music in the Twenty-First Century by Lois Choksy, Robert M. Abramson, Avon E. Gillespie, David Woods and Frank York ISBN-13:9780130280275 Prentice Hall

* Teaching Towards Musical Understanding A Handbook for the Elementary Grades by Amanda P. Montgomery ISBN: 0-13-017394-0 Prentice Hall

* Music in Elementary Schools: A Passion Shared by A. Kim Eyre Clairefield Music Publications (University of Western Ontario)

* Comparing Dalcroze, Orff and Kodaly by Gilles Comeau ISBN: 9-782894-423691 Centre Franco-Ontarien de Ressources Pedagogiques

* Lively Learning: Using the Arts to Teach the K-8 Curriculum by Linda Crawford ISBN: 9781892989116 Northeast Foundation for Children

* Creativity and Music Education by Timothy Sullivan and Lee Willingham ISBN: 9780920630112 Canadian Music Educators' Association

* First Steps in Music The Lectures with John M. Feierabend (5 DVDs) DVD-875 GIA Publications, Inc.

Special Education, Behaviour and Music

* Music for All Teaching Music to People with Special Needs by Lois Birkenshaw-Fleming ISBN: 0-8972-4220-3 Alfred Publishing Company, Inc.

* An Attitude and Approach for Teaching Music to Special Learners by Elise S. Sobol MENC Publication

* What Do I Do About the Kid Who...? by Kathleen Gould Lundy ISBN: 1-55138-165-6 Pembroke Publishers Limited

TIPS (books published by The National Association for Music Education-MENC, now called NAfME)

* TIPS-Teaching Music to Special Learners compiled by Gail Schaberg

* TIPS-Discipline in the Music Classroom compiled by R. Louis Rossman

* TIPS-Music Activities in Early Childhood compiled by John M. Feierabend

* TIPS-The Child Voice edited by Joanne Rutkowski and Maria Runfola

Assessment and Mentoring

* Assessing the Developing Musician A Guide for General Music Teachers by Timothy Brophy ISBN: 1-57999-090-8 GIA Publications, Inc.

* Handbook for the Music Mentor by Colleen M. Conway, Michael V. Smith and Thomas M. Hodgman ISBN: 9781579997861 GIA Publications, Inc.

The Literacy Connection

* The Word in Play Language, Music and Movement in the Classroom by Susan A. Katz and Judith A. Thomas ISBN-13:9781557666161 Brookes Publishing Company

* Think Literacy (OMEA) ISBN: 0-7794-9282-X Queen's Printer for Ontario (

* Leap into Literacy by Kathleen Gould Lundy ISBN-13:9781551382128 Pembroke Publishers Limited

Native Studies and Black History

* Moving Within the Circle by Bryan Burton ISBN: 9780937203422 World Press Music

* Step it Down by Bessie Jones and Bess Lomax Hawes ISBN: 0-8203-0960-5 University of Georgia Press

Creative Movement/Dance/Integrated Arts

* Brain Compatible Dance Education by Anne Green Gilbert ISBN: 9780883147665 National Dance Association

* Blue is the Sea by Sofia Lopez-Ibor ISBN: 9780977371235 Pentatonic Press

* Dancing Colors Take to the Air with Emily Day (VHS) Dancing Colors, P.O. Box 61, Langley, WA 98260 (360) 221 5989

Classroom Management

* Classroom Management in the Music Room by David Newell ISBN-13:978-0-8497-0789-6 Kjos Music Company
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