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Resources of interest to parish nurses.

Fat Proof Your Family: God's Way to Forming Healthy Habits for Life J. Ron Eaker, MD Bloomington, MN: Bethany House, 2007 $14.99 US

Parish nurses looking for resources to use with parents might take a look at this new resource. Dr. Eaker asserts that parents play a huge role in modeling healthy eating and exercise habits. He also argues that healthy eating is Biblical, and that exercise, necessary for the health of all, can and must be worked into each life. Written in an encouraging and supportive manner, this book can help you lead others to change health behaviors in a non-threatening and inviting way.


"A Look at Parish Nursing" DVD International Parish Nurse Resource Center ($23 US including shipping)

This 10-minute DVD is designed for congregations considering parish nurse ministry, and features clergy, parishioners and parish nurses discussing why (and how) a congregation would start such an outreach program.

The Health and Well-Being of Children Patricia K Gleich

Patricia Gleich, the Associate for National Health Ministries of the Presbyterian Church, USA, has added another outstanding article to the growing health information section of the PC(USA) website, this time on urgent health issues facing children with which congregations should be engaged.

This health ministry article can be accessed on-line: htm

Just Eating? Practicing Our Faith at the Table

These "readings and reflections for action" would be a helpful resource for a group working on issues around food, or for any adult education class. A joint project of Advocate HealthCare, Church World Service, and the Presbyterian Hunger Program of the PC(USA), this manual combines the personal issue of "food and health" with the world-wide issue of "food and justice." The objectives of the curriculum are "to bring into dialog our day-to-day eating habits, the Christian faith, and the needs of the broader world; to explore faith practices which encourage healthful eating; and to support each other in taking personal and group action that reaches beyond this seven-week curriculum."


The 83-page leader's guide, as well as the 73-page participant's book, are both available to download free at the PC(USA) website, or you may order copies ($6.50 leader's guide, $3.00 for 10 or more copies of participant book, $4.00 single copy).
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Date:Jun 22, 2007
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