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Articles from Resources for Feminist Research (September 22, 2007)

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"'I'm Not a Militant Feminist': Exploring Feminist identities and feminist Hesitations in the Contemporary Academy.". Webber, Michelle Brief article 103
"'Pleasing Appearance ... Only Adds to the Danger': The 1930 Insanity Hearing of Violet Hypatia Bowyer.". Backhouse, Constance Brief article 91
"Addressing the Rural Deficit in Women's Political Leadership.". Carbert, Louise Brief article 87
"Assessing the Needs of Rural, Anglophone Women in Quebec: The RONA Project.". Gosselin, Cheryl Brief article 93
"Beyond Cultural Differences: Interpreting a Treaty Between he Mi'kmaq and British at Belcher's Farm, 1761.". Powers, Natasha Brief article 113
"Camping Out With the Lesbian National Parks and Services.". Lebel, Sabine Brief article 84
"Causation, Common Sense, and the Common Law: Replacing Unexamined Assumptions with What We Know about Male Violence against Women or from Jane Doe to Bonnie Mooney.". Sheehy, Elizabeth A. Brief article 109
"Changer la vie des femmes, changer le monde: La Marche Mondiale des Femmes --defis et apprentissages.". Matte, Diane Brief article 112
"Climate Protection: What's Gender Got to Do with it?". Alber, Gotelind; Roehr, Ulrike Brief article 80
"Copy, cut, paste": a reflection on some institutional constraints of teaching a big intro course. Karpinski, Eva C. Essay 6880
"D.B.S. v. S.G.R.: Promoting Women's Equality through the Automatic Recalculation of Child Support.". Bakht, Natasha; Klassen, Claire; Radbord, Joanna; Turnbull, Lorna Brief article 120
"Decolonising the Body: Restoring Sacred Vitality.". Young, Alannah Earl; Nadeau, Denise Brief article 80
"Defining Moments for Women as Lawyers: Reflections on Numerical Gender Equality.". Mossman, Mary Jane Brief article 97
"Does A Lesbian Need a Vagina Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle? Or, Would the 'Real' Lesbian Please Stand Up!". Dean, Amber Brief article 93
"Eaton v. Brant County Board of Education.". Pothier, Dianne Brief article 129
"Farm Women: The Hidden Subsidy in Out Food.". Kubik, Wendee Brief article 89
"Gender Transformative Odysseys: Tracing the Experiences of Transnational Migrant Women in Rural Canada.". Preibisch, Kerry Brief article 85
"Girls Plugged In: How Canadian Rural Young Women Are Using the Internet.". Campbell, Lisa Brief article 90
"Gosselin v. Quebec.". Brodsky, Gwen; Cox, Rachel; Day, Shelagh; Stephenson, Kate Brief article 125
"Granovsky v. Canada (Minister of Employment and Immigration): Adding Insult to Injury?". Sampson, Fiona Brief article 118
"Harnessing Information and Communication Technology to Build an Online Community of Northern/Rural Women.". Hemingway, Dawn; McLennan, Christina Brief article 88
"How Is White Supremacy Embodied? Sexualized Racial Violence at Abu Ghraib.". Razack, Sherene H. Brief article 194
"How the Criminal Justice System Responds to Sexual Assault Survivors: The Slippage between 'Responsibilization' and 'Blaming the Victim'.". Comack, Elizabeth; Peter, Tracey Brief article 131
"Immigration Status As a Gender Issue in the Toronto Don't Ask Don't Tell Campaign.". Hobbs, Stephanie; Sauer, Ali Brief article 82
"Indian Women and the Division of Matrimonial Real Property on Canadian Indian Reserves.". Alcantara, Christopher Brief article 130
"It's Not About the Sex: Racialization and Queerness in Ellen and The Ellen Degeneres Show.". Bociurkiw, Marusya Brief article 94
"L'experience de l'enfermement carceral des femmes autochtones au Quebec.". Brassard, Renee Brief article 92
"La syndicalisation feminine au Quebec.". Maranda, Jeanne Brief article 94
"Law v. Canada (Minister of Employment and Immigration).". Reaume, Denise Brief article 103
"Les Femmes juges feront-elles veritablement une difference? Reflexions sur leur presence depuis vingt ans a la Cour supreme du Canada.". Belleau, Marie-Claire; Johnson, Rebecca Brief article 86
"Lesbian Motherhood and Access to Reproductive Technology.". Harris, Joanna Brief article 87
"LGBTQ Activism. Small Town Social Change.". Marple, Les; Latchmore, Victoria Brief article 90
"Marrying Citizens! Race Subjects? Re-thinking the Terrain of Equal Marriage Discourse.". Lenon, Suzanne J. Brief article 140
"Native Women's Association of Canada v. Canada.". Eberts, Mary; McIvor, Sharon; Nahanee, Teressa Brief article 115
"Newfoundland (Treasury Board) v. N.A.P.E.". Koshan, Jennifer Brief article 106
"Performing k.d. lang.". Elliott, Robin Brief article 83
"Priggish, Pitiless, and Punitive or Proud, Passionate, and Purposeful? Dichotomies, Sexual Harassment, and 'Victim-Feminism'.". Morgan, Jenny Brief article 110
"Progres ou recul: reflexions sur l'accessibilite a la justice pour les victims de harcelement sexuel au travail au Quebec.". Langevin, Louise Brief article 92
"Queer Identities. Rupturing Identity Categories and Negotiating Meanings of Queer.". Peters, Wendy Brief article 87
"Queer Parenting in the New Millennium. Resisting the Normal.". Epstein, Rachel Brief article 100
"Queering Heterosexual Spaces. Positive Space Campaigns Disrupting Campus Heteronormativity.". Burgess, Alison Brief article 92
"Re-imagining Feminist Theory: Transgender Identity, Feminism, and the Law.". Mayeda, Graham Brief article 108
"Reconsidering the Socio-Scientific Enterprise of Sexual Difference. The Case of Kimberly Nixon.". Prasad, Ajnesh Brief article 90
"Redrawing National Boundaries. Gender, Race, Class, and Same-Sex Marriage Discourse in Canada.". Thorpe, Jocelyn Brief article 96
"Regulated Narratives in Anti-Homophobia Education.". Charania, Gulzar Raisa Brief article 106
"Reparation as Narrative Resistance: Displacing Orientalism and Recoding Harm for Chinese Women of the Exclusion Era.". Chu, Sandra Ka Hon Brief article 116
"Reproducing Irishness: Race, Gender and Abortion Law.". Fletcher, Ruth Brief article 96
"Rural Queers? The Loss of the Rural in Queer.". Marple, Lesley Brief article 100
"Section 28 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: A Purposive Interpretation.". Baines, Beverley Brief article 106
"Sentencing Circles and Intimate Violence: A Canadian Feminist Perspective.". Cameron, Angela Brief article 114
"Silencing Women in Canada: The Effects of the Erosion of Support Programs for Farm Women.". Gerrard, Nikki; Thurston, Wilfreda E.; Scott, Catherine M.; Meadows, Lynn M. Brief article 83
"So Close Yet So Far. Rurality as a Determinant of Women's Health.". Sutherns, Rebecca Brief article 85
"Strange Sisters and Boy Kings: Post-Queer Tranz-Gendered Bodies in Performance.". Noble, J. Bobby Brief article 95
"Stumbling into Sexualities. International Development Encounters Dissident Desire.". Gosine, Andil Brief article 93
"Symes v. Canada.". Buckley, Melina Brief article 121
"Taking Off the Gender Lens in Women's Studies: Queering Violence Against Women.". Ristock, Janice Brief article 95
"Telehealth, Geography and Jurisdiction: Issues of Healthcare Delivery in Northern Saskatchewan.". McBain, Lesley; Morgan, Debra Brief article 84
"The 'Good Wife' and Her Farm Husband. Changing Household Practices in Rural Saskatchewan". Corman, June Brief article 87
"The 'Modern Fisherman': Masculinity in Crisis or Resilient Masculinity?". Power, Nicole Gerarda Brief article 84
"The Difference of Queer.". Davis, Heather Brief article 107
"The Promise of Brooks v. Canada Safeway Ltd: Those Who Bear Children Should Not Be Disadvantaged.". Turnbull, Lorna Brief article 123
"This Trauma is Not Vicarious.". Graham, Erin Brief article 95
"Traditional Ecological Knowledge: An Anishnabe Woman's Perspective.". McGregor, Deborah Brief article 95
"Transgressing Boundaries and Crossing Borders: As Capoeiristas Brasilieras.". Joseph, Janelle Brief article 94
"Troubling the Definition of Pornography: Little Sisters, a New Defining Moment in Feminists' Engagement with the Law?". Karaian, Lara Brief article 95
"Un regard feministe sur les modeles de famille.". Fortin, Pierrette Brief article 92
"Utilisation des TIC par les survivantes, les abuseurs et les organizations luttant contre la violence envers les femmes.". Rowe, C.J. Brief article 88
"When 'Feminist Beliefs' Became Credible as 'Political Opinions': Returning to a Key Moment in Canadian Refugee Law.". MacIntosh, Constance Report 103
"WHO Has a Weight Problem: Globalization, the 'Obesity Epidemic,' and the World Health Organization.". McPhail, Deborah Brief article 87
"Why Do Children Do So Well in Lesbian Households? Research on Lesbian Parenting.". Foster, Deborah Brief article 96
A thematic bibliography and literature review of rural, remote and Northern Women's Health in Canada 2003-2006. Sutherns, Rebecca; McCallum, Maureen; Haworth-Brockman, Margaret Bibliography 6208
Beyond the Big Divide? The Humanities and Social Sciences in Women's Studies. Shteir, Ann "Rusty" 1727
Caring For / Caring About: Women, Home Care, and Unpaid Caregiving. Baines, Donna Book review 1052
Conscience subalterne, conscience identitaire. La voix des femmes assistees au sein des organisations feministes et communautaires. Book review 1439
Culture at the crossroads. Godard, Barbara Essay 7478
Developing transnational relations and subjectivities: the politics of virtue and empowerment in Gilgit, Northern Pakistan. Cook, Nancy Essay 12528
Doing Time on the Outside: Deconstructing the Benevolent Community. Perry, Barbara Book review 1145
Epistemological reflections on sex and fieldwork. Greenhill, Pauline Essay 6277
Mensonges, peur, liens de confiance et gestion du risque dans l'enquete sur le terrain au feminin. Pastinelli, Madeleine 7536
Shape-shifting beauty: the body, gender and subjectivity in the photographs of Claude Cahun. Topdjian, Carolyne Critical essay 10091
Teaching women's organizing and the women's movement: the question of arts and culture within feminism. Michaud, Jacinthe Essay 7206
Transnational Ruptures: Gender and Forced Migration. Sztainbok, Vannina Book review 1083
Une bibliographie thematique et une revue de la litteraturesur la sante des femmes en milieux rural, eloigne et nordique du Canada 2003-2006. Sutherns, Rebeccaa; McCallum, Maureen; Haworth-Brockman, Margaret Bibliography 7209

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