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Articles from Resources for Feminist Research (March 22, 2006)

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"'Choosing' Non-Standard Work in Southern Alberta: A Qualitative Study.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 109
"'He's my man!': Lyrics of Innocence and Betrayal in The People v. Billie Holiday.". Brief article 170
"'In the Middle of Becoming': Dionne Brand's Historical Vision.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 86
"'It's About Care as Much as It's About Feminism': Women's Personal and Political Motivations for Volunteering in Refuges and Rape Crisis Centres.". Abstract 97
"'Just Work': The SCM Explores the Impact of Corporate Globalization in North America.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 80
"'Quality Care is Like a Carton of Eggs': Using a Gender-Based Diversity Analysis to Assess Quality of Health Care.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 128
"'You Think it is Turning But it is the Multiple Small Stuff': Gender, the Division of Labour and Musculoskeletal Injury Among Nursing Staff.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 100
"A Daughter's Journey.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 101
"Aboriginal Women at Midlife: Grandmothers as Agents of Change.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 114
"Aboriginal Women Unmasked: Using Equality Litigation to Advance Women's Rights.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 186
"Access to Health, Dental and Disability Benefits: The Experience of Self-Employed Women.". Moffat, Sandra 102
"African Canadian Women and New World Diaspora, circa 1865.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 86
"An African Child Becomes a Black Canadian Feminist: Oscillating Identities in the Black Diaspora.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 95
"Backlash Against Employment Equity: The British Columbia Experience.". Brief article 82
"Backlash Against Feminism: Canadian Custody and Access Reform Debates of the Late Twentieth Century.". Brief article 287
"Battle Fatigue: Identifying Stressors that Affect Counselors in Women's Shelters.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 124
"Beyond Leisure Studies: A Labour History of Male to Female Transsexual and Transvestite Artists in Montreal, 1955-1985.". Brief article 137
"Black Canadian Feminist Thought: Tensions and Possibilities.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 92
"Black Canadian Self-Employed Women in the Twenty-first Century: A Critical Approach.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 86
"By Hair and Skin: Growing Up in the UK.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 86
"Calculating the Value of Unpaid Labour in South Africa.". Brief article 86
"Caregiving and Being in Touch: Lessons from My 85 Year-Old Mom and Me.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 98
"Cinq ans plus tard, ou est-ce qu'on nait? Constat sur l'accessibilite de la pratique sage-femme au Quebec en 2004". Author abstract 103
"Complicating Culture in Child Placement Decisions.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 231
"Cornelia Sorabji: A 'Woman in Law' in India in the 1890s.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 262
"Correspondence ... for Marlee Kline.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 159
"Creating Community Across Disability and Difference.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 100
"Defying Categorization: The Work of Suzette Mayr.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 93
"Depo-Provera: Does this Contraceptive Choice Support the Health and Well-Being of Adolescents and Young Women?". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 116
"Devaluing Mothering at Home: Welfare Restructuring and 'Motherwork'.". Abstract 81
"Dialoguing Borders: The African Diasporic Consciousness in Erna Brodber's Louisiana.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 84
"Domestic Workers and Caregivers' Rights: The Impact of Changes to BC's Employment Standards Regulation.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 111
"Eco-Spirituality, Neo-Paganism and the Hindu Right.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 86
"Eight Hours, I Wish! My Life on the Family Farm.". Moffat, Sandra Abstract 80
"Exploited Employees or Exploited Entrepreneurial Agents? A Look at Erotic Dancers.". Moffat, Sandra 91
"Fathers and the Responsibility for Children: A Puzzle and a Tension.". Abstract 100
"Feminism and Stay-At-Home Motherhood: Some Critical Reflections and Implications for Mothers on Social Assistance.". Abstract 108
"From Birth Control to Menstrual Control: The Launch of the Extended Oral Contraceptive, Seasonale.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 104
"From the Point of No Return to the Women's Prison: Writing Contemporary Spaces of Confinement into Diaspora Studies.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 100
"Good Work in Canadian Childcare: Complicating the Love/Money Divide.". Brief article 99
"Guaranteed Annual Income: Is This Really Want We Want?". Moffat, Sandra Abstract 105
"Hidden in the Past: How Labour Relations Policy and Law Perpetuate Women's Economic Inequality.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 119
"Home, But Not Alone: Socio-Cultural and Economic Aspects of Canadian Young Adults Sharing Parental Households.". Abstract 89
"Homework as Home Work: Mothers' Unpaid Educational Labour.". Brief article 89
"Hospital-Based Responses to Woman Abuse: How Well Are We Doing?". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 117
"Is Culture Taboo? Feminism, Intersectionality, and Culture Talk in Law.". Brief article 202
"Is Your Child's Brain Potential Maximized?: Mothering in an Age of New Brain Research.". Brief article 125
"Job Restructuring and Worker Displacement: Does Gender Matter?". Moffat, Sandra Abstract 85
"Journal Through Fibromyalgia.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 97
"Journeys of Detour in Maryse Conde's 'A Season in Rihata'.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 90
"L'accompagnement scolaire des enfants dans le cadre domestique: quelques reflexions". Author abstract 81
"Linking Violence and Poverty in the CASAC Report.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 92
"Living with HIV.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 93
"Lower-Income Women with Breast Cancer: Interacting with Cancer Treatment and Income Security Systems.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 111
"Maternity/Parental Leave Provisions in Canada: We've Come a Long Way, But There's Further to Go.". Moffat, Sandra 99
"Microcredit for Women: Kerala-style.". Brief article 113
"Mothering the Motherless: Portrayals of Alternative Mothering Practices within the Caribbean Diaspora.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 115
"Mothers, Fathers, and Naming: Reflections on the Law Equality framework and Trociuk v. British Columbia (Attorney General).". Brief article 292
"My Battle with Anorexia and Schizophrenia.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 95
"Naked Breasts: Reading the Breast of Canada Calendars.". Book review 87
"Not My Sister: What Feminists Can Learn about Sisterhood from Indigenous Women.". Abstract 174
"Old News from the 'New Economy': Women's Work in ICT.". Moffat, Sandra Abstract 87
"Ontario Midwives: Reflections on a Decade of Regulated Midwifery.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 97
"Open Roses, Closed Gardens, and Invisible Women: Queering the Tropical Garden in the Poetry of Ida Salomon Faubert.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 110
"Paid and Unpaid Housework and Social Inequality in Germany.". Abstract 80
"Pay Equity in Quebec: A Right Unknown to the Women Workers Who Need it Most.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 126
"Pay Equity in the Sky: The Case of Air Canada and Canadian Airlines.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 122
"Pension (In)Securities: Unpaid Work, Precarious Employment and the Canadian Pension System.". Abstract 82
"Pieces of the Puzzle: Making HIV Prevention Education and Services 'Fit' Within the Context of Sex Trade Workers' Needs.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 117
"Political Discourses on Workfare and Feminist Debates On the Recognition of Unpaid Work.". Brief article 102
"Poppies and Mangoes: Women's Empowerment, Environmental Conservation and Ecotourism in Costa Rica.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 90
"Provisioning: Thinking About All of Women's Work.". Moffat, Sandra Abstract 113
"Racism, Sexism and Colonialism: The Impact on the Health of Aboriginal Women in Canada.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 127
"Re-thinking Workfare.". Moffat, Sandra 92
"Self-Employed Women: Policy Options that Promote Equality and Economic Opportunities.". Moffat, Sandra Abstract 114
"Seven Kinds of Work--Only One Paid: Raced, Gendered and Restructured Work in Social Services.". Brief article 153
"Silent No More: Coming Out About Lesbians and Cancer.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 105
"Situating Older Caribbean Canadian Women in Feminist Research: A Reflection.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 103
"Slavery, Portraiture and the Colonial Limits of Canadian Art History.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 80
"Sons of the Movement: Feminism, Female Masculinity and Female to Male (FTM) Transsexual Men.". Brief article 109
"Stamping Out Contingent Workers at Canada Post.". Moffat, Sandra 102
"Still Chasing Pay Equity: Grievances by York University Faculty Women.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 103
"The Anti-Globalization Movement: Queer Diasporas and Cultural Production.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 94
"The Case Against the Medicalization of Female Genital Mutilation.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 90
"The Costs of Separation: The Birth Experiences of Women in Isolated and Remote Communities in British Columbia.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 109
"The Myth(s) of Globalization: Gender Bias in 'EI' Policy as a Case in Point.". Moffat, Sandra Abstract 110
"The Pleasures of Healing, the Possibilities for Mental Health Care.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 89
"The Politics of Pay Equity in BC's Health Care System: The Role of Government, Multinational Corporations and Unions.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 124
"The Role of Unpaid Work in Maintaining Individual and Community Health in Atlantic Canada. A Case Study.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 100
"The Shattered Dreams of African Canadian Nurses.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 91
"The Social Policy Snare: Keeping Women Out of University.". Moffat, Sandra 105
"The Social Union, Executive Power and Social Rights.". Moffat, Sandra Abstract 85
"The Spirit of the Ancestors: The Photography and Installation Art of Albert Chong and Wura-Natasha Ogunji.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 82
"The Struggle for Pay Equity on the Ground.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 120
"The Women's Health Movement in Canada: Looking Back and Moving Forward.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 118
"The Writing on the Wall: HIV/AIDS Awareness. Posters Targeting Women.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 111
"Transgendered Persons and Feminist Strategy.". Moffat, Sandra Abstract 160
"Unpaid Workers: The Absence of Rights.". Moffat, Sandra 84
"Victimized or Validated? Responses to Substance-Using Pregnant Women.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 102
"Violence Against Women in the Context of Mental Illness: Hidden Costs for Sisters Who are Caregivers.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 92
"Waking the Gone: Nine Nights as Cultural Remembrance of an African Heritage in Belizean Literature.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 109
"Water Without Dams: Women Organizing in the Amazon Region.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 84
"When the Question of Dreadlocks Leads to Knowledge and Empowerment: The Transatlantic Slave Trade and its Legacy of Westernized Education.". Moffat, Sandra Book review 102
"Who Gets to Be a Woman?: Feminist Politics and the Question of Trans-inclusion.". Brief article 103
"Why Privatization Is a Women's Issue.". Moffat, Sandra Abstract 102
"Why Women Would Gain from a Guaranteed Livable Income.". Moffat, Sandra Abstract 111
"Womb is Womb, But is Birth, Birth? A Look at the Queer Interaction of Medical Services, Social Context and Identity Understandings in Canadian Birthing Experiences.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 89
"Women and/as Commodities: A Brief Meditation.". Moffat, Sandra Abstract 124
"Women of Colour Living with Breast Cancer: The Search for Support.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 118
"Women's Lived Experiences with Infertility.". Moffat, Sandra Brief article 87
"Women's Occupational Health in Social Services: Stress, Violence, and Workload.". Moffat, Sandra Abstract 103
"Women, Social Assistance and the Supreme Court of Canada.". Moffat, Sandra Abstract 127
"Workfare et judiciarisation: nouveau regime de regulation morale dans la vie des femmes assistees sociales.". Abstract 129
<< La formation sur le genre en Republique Dominicaine: l'articulation difficile entre une approche feministe internationale et la dynamique locale >>. Author abstract 171
<< La participation feministe au mouvement altermondialiste: une critique de l'Organisation mondiale du commerce >>. Brief article 151
<< Le feminisme et l'altermondialisation >>. Author abstract 141
<< Le mouvement des femmes en Pologne postcommuniste et les acteurs internationaux >>. Author abstract 144
<< Le temps des GitansDet non celui des Gitanes. Mondialisation, ethnicite et patriarcat chez les Kaldarari de Roumani. >>. Author abstract 163
<< Les rapports sociaux de sexe dans le domaine du sport: perspectives feministes marquantes des trois dernieres decennies >>. Author abstract 166
<< Que celebrer 30 ans apres l'Annee internationale de la femme: une crise au sein des mouvements internationaux de femmes? >>. Author abstract 143
<>. Brief article 130
[??]La loi canadienne sur l'equite en matiere d'emploi et les femmes : Crier <> ou crier <>?[??]. Author abstract 210
[??]Une etude sur le vecu des femmes francophones atteintes du cancer du sein.". Author abstract 102
Athena's Daughters: Television's New Women Warriors. Braithwaite, Andrea Book review 1002
Becoming Black: Creating Identity in the African Diaspora. Knight, Melanie Book review 620
Books received 2004-2005. Bibliography 1042
Challenging Diversity: Rethinking Equality and the Value of Difference. Murdocca, Carmela Book review 1021
Children in sex, adults in crime: constructing and confining teens. Raby, Rebecca Law overview 9247
Cyberfeminism and Artificial Life. Burfoot, Annette Book review 928
Desdemona, Juliet and Constance meet the third wave. Scott, Shelley Critical essay 5905
Is the social economy better for women than workfare? The case of social economy enterprises in home care services. Michaud, Jacinthe 10993
Mother Matters: Motherhood as Discourse and Practice. Macias, Teresa Book review 1561
Out of the Ivory Tower: Feminist Research for Social Change. Caldwell, Lynn Book review 800
Out on the Field: Gender, Sport and Sexualities. Giles, Audrey R. Book review 1062
Pondering priorities: reflections on the careers of three francophone women teachers in Ontario (1). Majhanovich, Suzanne 9030
Questions of illegitimacy in birth research: a researcher on the wrong side of the blanket? Maher, JaneMaree Personal account 7247
Racist hierarchies of power in teaching / learning scenarios and issues of educational change. Iseke-Barnes, Judy M. 12605
Reclaiming Difference: Caribbean Women Rewrite Postcolonialism. McKittrick, Katherine Book review 828
Research as Resistance: Critical, Indigenous, and Anti-Oppressive Approaches. O'Connell, Anne Book review 1156
Trafficking and Prostitution Reconsidered: New Perspectives on Migration, Sex Work, and Human Rights. Brock, Debi Book review 790
Transformation de la philosophie et de la gestion penales das femmes justiciables au Canada: Trois cas de figure. Moffat, Sandra Author abstract 148
Union Women: Forging Feminism in the United Steelworkers of America. Baker, Patricia Book review 1246

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