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Resort origins; yourLETTERS.

SINCE the standard story of the beginnings of modern Llandudno has been raised in your letters section (November 3), it is worth noting, for readers who may not be aware, that the only reason the Hon Edward Mostyn could develop the resort was that, not long after being declared bankrupt, he stole 832 acres of common land there.

Apologists will object to the word "stole" as it was of course done entirely legally, through enclosure of common land by a then-routine Act of Parliament.

But frankly, it's no problem to act legally when you are of the Parliamentary class and heir to a Letters may be and are published editor's baron, and the people whose centuries-old rights to common land you are taking away are not even entitled to vote.

This is not to say Llandudno turned out badly as a result, just to set the record straight.

Rupert Brown Colwyn Bay.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 5, 2009
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