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Resolve an Incisional Hernia at Beverly Hills Hernia Center.

Dr. Towfigh at Beverly Hills Hernia Center can find and treat incisional hernias and other maladies that other medical specialists cannot.

LOS ANGELES, May 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- At the Beverly Hills Hernia Center, individuals suffering from hernias receive impeccable medical aid thanks to the renowned expertise of Dr. Shirin Towfigh - the only surgeon in the Western United States who is entirely dedicated to hernia treatment and prevention. Through state-of-the-art methods like CT scan for hernia, the celebrated surgeon and to find and diagnose hernias that others cannot. Once uncovered, she'll treat the condition with proven treatments like laparoscopic surgery or hernia mesh, and her meticulous precision and world-class experience ensures that post-surgery and hernia mesh complications are minimized or nonexistent. That's why, for those in need of incisional hernia surgery, Dr. Towfigh stands as a truly valuable resource.

Incisional hernias occur when a weakness in the muscle of the abdomen allows tissue to protrude through the muscle or due to an incision made during abdominal surgery. The condition is most common in obese and pregnant patients, as well as those with a history of past abdominal surgeries. At first, the hernia appears as a bulge under the skin or scar tissue from a past procedure, and can be painful or tender to the touch. In severe cases, they may even involve portions of organs moving through the hole in the muscle.

At the Beverly Hills Hernia Center, Dr. Towfigh is able to diagnose an incisional hernia upon a thorough examination, as the condition is usually evidenced by a soft bulge underneath or next to the scar site. Her unparalleled experience has led to a level of expertise that is unmatched within the field. Without surgical treatment, incisional hernias tend to grow over time - and the larger one grows, the more difficult it is to repair, leading to an increased risk of recurrence. That's why early detection is essential - and to ensure a hernia is detected upon initial examination, it is always wise to contact Dr. Towfigh. Depending on the details of each patient's issue, she'll utilize ultrasounds, CT scans or simply her own trained eye and touch to uncover hernias.

Laparoscopic surgery performed by Dr. Towfigh can alleviate the condition with a smaller incision and less post-operative pain than traditional open surgery. The treatment also holds an unusually high success rate and involves a minimal recovery period, particularly for patients who walk and perform mild physical activity to help circulation and respiratory function. Perhaps best of all, Dr. Towfigh will always remain on-hand during the recovery period to provide friendly, helpful advice and comfort to her past patients.

Thanks to Dr. Towfigh's remarkable skill and cutting-edge technology, the surgeon can detect and treat incisional hernias, other hernias and related complications efficiently and effectively, allowing patients to get back to their normal lives as soon as possible. To schedule an appointment with the renowned Dr. Towfigh, contact Beverly Hills Hernia Center at 310-358-5020, or via their website at

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Date:May 8, 2014
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