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Resistance rap.

Hey, do you know what they're gonna do in 1992? They're gonna celebrate the guy that started the lie back in 1492 His name was Christopher Columbus and they say he discovered us If the truth were told, that vato came for gold Cut off our hands, and stole our lands Now don't forget the genocide Claimed Manifest Destiny was on their side Our gente just didn't know The lengths the gavachos would go To quench their greed and their wanton need For money, money, money And the results have been anything but funny In 500 years, all our worst fears have come to be Ecological disaster is a reality And yet we must fight for what's right And keep our objectives in sight Throughout these 500 years of resistance We have struggled to maintain our persistence For our way of life without war and strife Respect for Mother Earth and our rebirth as a people and a nation There's no stopping our reclamation Now many will hotly disagree, since they really don't want to see The ills of their sick society Oh, they prefer to live a big lie, so we become "The Bad Guy" But soon their bubbles will burst and it's none for the worst If it means saving Mother Earth By giving birth Here's to a new day when united we'll say Resistance is insistence On our very existence Resistance is insistence On our planet's existence

MARIA ELENA RAMIREZ is a long-time community activist and educator of Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Apache ancestry, now living in northern California. She can be reached through the Counseling Department, Ohlone College, Fremont CA 94539.
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Author:Ramirez, Maria Elena
Publication:Social Justice
Date:Jun 22, 1992
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