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Resistance is healthy.


We've long known that resistance is healthy for democratic development and oppressed minorities. Now there is a growing body of evidence that senior women who do forms of resistance training, including weightlifting, can slow a decline towards dementia, a study involving B.C. researchers has announced.

They suggest a six-month strength training program that involved women with mild cognitive impairment can improve their attention, problem-solving and decision-making brain functions.

In the study, 86 women between 70 and 80 years of age were placed in one of three exercise groups for twice-weekly training in one of the following: resistance training [lifting weights) to build muscle strength, walking outdoors to improve aerobic strength or basic balance and toning training.

After six months, the strength training group showed significant cognitive improvement compared to those in the balance and toning classes, the researchers said in an article published in the April edition of the Archives of Internal Medicine.

"What our results show is that resistance training can indeed improve both your cognitive performance and your brain function," said Teresa Liu-Ambrose, a professor in physical therapy who led the study at the University of British Columbia.

Resistance training has many benefits. It can increase [or slow down the loss of) muscle mass and it can increase [or slow the loss of) bone mass and increase joint flexibility. It can also improve cognitive function.

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Date:Jun 22, 2012
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