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Residents want advanced payment solutions across all petrol stations.

Dubai: Residents in the UAE have welcomed the idea of wireless credit card machines being adopted at Adnoc petrol stations from September 1 and hope that all petrol stations in the UAE will adopt similar advanced payment solutions.

In response to complaints by motorists who use credit cards to make payments at petrol stations, Adnoc announced last week its move to adopt wireless credit card machines in petrol stations across the country, which will be brought to the motorist for payment.

Motorists have supported the move since they have always found it inconvenient to either give petrol station attendants their PIN number to pay by credit card, or exit their vehicles and enter the four-digit code themselves.

Gulf News contacted Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC or Emarat) to find out whether or not they have any plans to adopt similar solutions, and they said that there are no immediate plans at the moment to install the device at Emarat's service stations, which will continue to use the traditional method of payment.

As for Emirates National Oil Company (Enoc), a spokesperson said in a statement that they have finalised some plans that will ease the process of payment for their customers.

"Enoc continues to deploy talent and technology to improve customer service and enhance customer experience. We have been working on a number of innovations, including advanced payment solutions. We have finalised a solution that will allow for fuel transactions up to the value of Dh300 to be paid by credit card without the need for PIN entry or customer signature on the slip. Customers can fill fuel and the dispenser will automatically send the amount to the credit card terminal, where the fuel attendant will swipe the customer card and the payment is authorised and processed with receipt generated for customers' record."

UAE residents still believe it is important and necessary for all petrol stations in the country to consider installing portable credit cards across their stations or find other solutions.

Shams Al Deen Abdul Kader, 33, from India, said when he's out of cash, he has no other option but to pay by card, which he finds very time-consuming because he sometimes has to walk to the other side of the petrol station to enter his PIN number.

"I find it very unsafe to shout out my pin because it could be misused at any time and that makes me worry about having to change my pin. But, it's also always a hassle for me to leave the car and enter the PIN number, especially when there's only one machine and it's on the other side."

Abdul Rahman Mohammad, an Emirati government employee, said all petrol stations must come up with a solution because for some women who don't like to give out their number, they are forced to leave their car and "based on our tradition, it's not right".

Mohammad said, for him, he always has to give out his PIN number but that's only because he has no other option.

"I do think about how it could be dangerous to give out the number, but I don't like stepping out of my car in this weather," he said.

Lebanese Marina Itania said with only one attendant working at the petrol station sometimes, paying by card can take forever and people waiting behind her tend to blame her for causing the delay.

"When I'm out of cash, I use the card and have to leave my car to enter the PIN. When the petrol station is crowded and everyone wants to pay by card, I have to wait until they finish all the transactions and this can cause great delay," she said.

Marina said she recommends all stations hire more staff and install more credit card devices even if they are not portable.

Ebrahim Joyaneh, a Jordanian based in Abu Dhabi, said with the current weather conditions, it becomes bothersome to leave the car. "It annoys me so much to step out of my comfort zone to enter the PIN; they must do something about it in other stations."

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Date:Jun 15, 2015
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