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Residential road map: AI strengthens its support of residential appraisers.

The Appraisal Institute takes great pride in serving its nearly 19,000 professionals in almost 60 countries, and I'm especially pleased with our ongoing efforts on behalf of residential appraisers.

Residential appraisers face an ever-increasing burden, which AI has tried to address through publications, education, government relations, designations and--new this year--the Residential Appraiser Project Team.


The Appraisal Institute offers many textbooks geared toward residential valuation professionals. Just this year, for example, AI published Appraising Manufactured (Mobile) Home Communities and Recreational Vehicle Parks in April, and Subdivision Valuation, second edition, in November.


AI offers specialized education to help residential appraisers increase their competency, scope of work capabilities and value to clients. Educational offerings cover the valuation of residential green buildings, litigation support, use of Microsoft Excel in residential assignments, condemnation, and conservation easement assignments, among other topics.

Government relations

The Appraisal Institute is the real estate valuation profession's only member association with a full-time government relations office in Washington, D.C. By far the majority of the staff's work is on residential issues.

Whether it's waivers of appraisals, property inspection waivers or fees passed on from appraisal management companies to appraisers, AI has been focused on these issues for years. We meet regularly with regulators, legislators and standards-setters at all levels, educating them on the nuances of the laws and regulations they impose--and the impact on small businesses and consumers as a result of their actions.


Through our RAISE marketing campaign, the Appraisal Institute has increased awareness among users of appraisal services of the higher level of expertise that SRA members offer. Our residential review designation, AI-RRS, has increased awareness of client expectations, which has enabled residential appraisers to produce more credible and reliable opinions of value.

Residential Appraiser Project Team

Earlier this year AI established the Residential Appraiser Project Team, and directed its members to develop ideas for presentation to the Executive Committee that are intended to create a meaningful value proposition for residential appraisers. RAPT--which is co-chaired by AI Vice President Stephen S. Wagner, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, and Woody R. Fincham, SRA, AI-RRS--is composed solely of SRA designated appraisers. The project team will help AI expand its influence in the residential space, providing advice, counsel and ideas on how better to serve our existing residential members and expand among unaffiliated potential members. This group has been active in debating critical issues impacting residential members and in helping to provide solutions.

The Appraisal Institute is always on the lookout for items that may impact our residential members, and we seek to work quickly to find meaningful solutions. There is not a category of valuation professionals that is more affected on a day-to-day basis than those who practice primarily in the residential space, and AI will remain diligent in trying to provide positive outcomes.

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Author:Amorin, Jim
Publication:Valuation Magazine
Date:Sep 22, 2017
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