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Researching the best recruitment agency.

In response to recent letters about poor service from recruitment agencies (Nicholson, April, p4 and Farrag, March p3). I understand that people who have been through such a difficult experience would wish to share this. However, I do not feel theft letters fairly represent the many recruitment agencies providing a reputable and professional service.

PULSE and Quality locums have been recruiting nurses and allied health professionals to the United Kingdom (UK) for 10 years. We regualrly request recruitment feedback from nruses once they arrive in the UK to monitor our service. We strive to provide an efficient and personal service, as we understand the huge commitment an "OE" involves.

We pride ourselves on our high standards and work to ensure all the necessary paperwork and documentation are complete prior to departure. We have accessed the cheapest available Overseas Nursing Programme to assist nurses in getting their UK registration and will help nurses in any way we can to obtain work. We cannot, however, compromise our standards, nor can we help everyone. But for those we can help, we aim to be professional throughout the entire process.

Planning to work overseas requires flexibility, an open mind and savings! It is vital to ensure the agencies you join are approved suppliers to the UK National Health Service and have contractual agreements to supply the hospitals in the region(s) you wish to live. Before registering, talk to the recruitment consultants to find out which agency will best suit your plans. Working overseas can significantly contribute to professional and personal development. I would hate anyone not to travel on the basis of the two letters published. [Abridged.Ed.]

Tracey Matthews, business manager, Match Group (incorporating PULSE and Quality Locums), Auckland
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Author:Matthews, Tracey
Publication:Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jun 1, 2006
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