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Mathematical Interventions for Secondary Students With Learning Disabilities and Mathematics Difficulties: A Meta-Analysis. Jitendra, Asha K.; Lein, Asmy E.; Im, Soo-hyun; Alghamdi, Ahmed A.; Hefte, Scott B.; Mouanoutoua, Jo Report Jan 1, 2018 10742
College advising and gender. Thompson, Shane Apr 1, 2017 6001
Integrating dynamic mathematics software into cooperative learning environments in mathematics. Zengin, Yilmaz; Tatar, Enver Apr 1, 2017 6818
Contribution and Citation Impact of Panjab University in Mathematics Research during 2005-14. Bansal, Madhu; Bansal, Jivesh; Saini, Harinder Singh; Gupta, B.M. Report Oct 1, 2015 5939
Blame mom or dad for math anxiety! Brief article Oct 1, 2015 264
Once, sometimes, or always in special education: mathematics growth and achievement gaps. Schulte, Ann C.; Stevens, Joseph J. Report Apr 1, 2015 9884
Impact of enhanced anchored instruction in inclusive math classrooms. Bottge, Brian A.; Toland, Michael D.; Gassaway, Linda; Butler, Mark; Choo, Sam; Griffen, Ann Katheri Report Jan 1, 2015 10469
Fostering mathematical understanding through physical and virtual manipulatives. Loong, Esther Yook Kin Report Dec 22, 2014 2576
Using concept maps to show 'connections' in measurement: an example from the Australian Curriculum. Marshman, Margaret Report Dec 22, 2014 3819
Note-taking in a mathematics classroom. Hoong, Leong Yew; Guan, Tay Eng; Seng, Quek Khiok; Fwe, Yap Sook; Luen, Tong Cherng; Karen, Toh Wei Report Dec 22, 2014 1810
A Canadian effort to address fractions teaching and learning challenges. Yearley, Shelley; Bruce, Catherine D. Report Dec 22, 2014 3395
"Learning by doing research--introduction. Moye, Johnny J.; Dugger, William E., Jr.; Starkweather, Kendall N. Column Sep 1, 2014 2734
Editorial: Ebola and mathematical literacy. Brown, Jill Editorial Jul 1, 2014 1398
Students' formalising process of the limit concept. Kabael, Tangul Report Jul 1, 2014 5944
Kindergarten teachers' orientations to teacher-centered and student-centered pedagogies and their influence on their students' understanding of addition. Polly, Drew; Margerison, Ashley; Piel, John A. Report Jan 1, 2014 7057
When math anxiety hinders kids, is there a gender gap? Brief article Sep 1, 2012 302
Developing a theoretical framework for examining student understanding of fractional concepts: an historical accounting. Cooper, Susan M.; Wilkerson, Trena L.; Montgomery, Mark; Mechell, Sara; Arterbury, Kristin; Moore, S Report Mar 22, 2012 4974
Editorial. White, Bruce Editorial Mar 20, 2012 452
Self-created children's literature as a teaching strategy: voices from the college and the elementary classroom. Szilagyi, Janka; Zarazinski, Jill; Lewis, Mindy; O'Toole-Moser, Shannon Mar 1, 2012 2926
Toddlers as mathematicians? Lee, Shiree Report Mar 1, 2012 6204
An examination of 40 years of mathematics education among Norwegian braille-reading students. Klingenberg, Oliv G.; Fosse, Per; Augestad, Liv Berit Brief article Feb 1, 2012 6012
Blended learning: a strategy for improving the mathematics achievement of students in a bridging program. Acelajado, Maxima J. Report Oct 1, 2011 4120
Square root of 2 and the idea of convergence: a socratic experience. Navarro, Maria Angeles; Carreras, Pedro Perez Report Oct 1, 2011 11878
Florida gets tough on math. Brief article Sep 1, 2011 145
Predictors of success in accelerated and enrichment summer mathematics courses for academically talented adolescents. Young, Adena E.; Worrell, Frank C.; Gabelko, Nina H. Report Aug 1, 2011 8156
From Tacit Sensorimotor Coupling to Articulated Mathematical Reasoning in an Embodied Design for Proportional Reasoning. Abrahamson, Dor; Gutierrez, Jose F.; Lee, Rosa G.; Reinholz, Daniel; Trninic, Dragan Author abstract Apr 8, 2011 227
Achievement Goal Orientation of Community College Mathematics Students and the Misalignment of Instructors' Perceptions. Mesa, Vilma Author abstract Apr 8, 2011 313
Triadic Dialogue: An Analysis of Interactions in Multilingual Mathematics Primary Classrooms. Sepeng, Percy Report Apr 1, 2011 246
Mathematics teacher education quality in TEDS-M: globalizing the views of future teachers and teacher educators. Hsieh, Feng-Jui; Law, Chiu-Keung; Shy, Haw-Yaw; Wang, Ting-Ying; Hsieh, Chia-Jui; Tang, Shu-Jyh Report Mar 1, 2011 12168
General pedagogical knowledge of future middle school teachers: on the complex ecology of teacher education in the United States, Germany, and Taiwan. Konig, Johannes; Blomeke, Sigrid; Paine, Lynn; Schmidt, William H.; Hsieh, Feng-Jui Report Mar 1, 2011 9580
Teaching math to the talented: which countries--and states--are producing high-achieving students? Hanushek, Eric A.; Peterson, Paul E.; Woessmann, Ludger Report Jan 1, 2011 3952
A Case Study on Mathematics Anxiety for Mathematics of Finance Course. Abidin, Rabiatul Alawiyah Zainal; Alwi, Fatimah; Jaafar, Noor Faiza M. Abstract Nov 1, 2010 348
Making teaching Calculus accessible. Lin, Qun; Yang, Wei-Chi Report Oct 1, 2010 5633
The predictive utility of kindergarten screening for math difficulty. Seethaler, Pamela M.; Fuchs, Lynn S. Report Sep 22, 2010 13042
Carnegie Learning Curricula and Cognitive Tutor[R] Software. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report Aug 1, 2010 281
Predicting Success in a Gateway Mathematics Course. Morrison, Michael C.; Schmit, Shelly Author abstract Jul 26, 2010 175
Mobile-device-supported problem-based computational estimation instruction for elementary school students. Lan, Yu-Ju; Sung, Yao-Ting; Tan, Ning-chun; Lin, Chiu-Pin; Chang, Kuo-En Report Jul 1, 2010 6511
Computer games for the math achievement of diverse students. Kim, Sunha; Chang, Mido Report Jul 1, 2010 5352
Integrating Calculators in the Secondary Mathematics Classroom: Teachers' Attitudes and Perspectives. Mason, Andrea Report Jun 28, 2010 255
Leadership in Mathematics Curriculum Development. Alford, Kenneth Ray Report Jun 16, 2010 168
Accommodations for English Language Learner Students: The Effect of Linguistic Modification of Math Test Item Sets. Final Report. NCEE 2009-4079. Sato, Edynn; Rabinowitz, Stanley; Gallagher, Carole; Huang, Chun-Wei Report Jun 1, 2010 459
Instructional Conditions in Charter Schools and Students' Mathematics Achievement Gains. Research Brief. Berends, Mark; Goldring, Ellen; Stein, Marc; Cravens, Xiu Report Apr 1, 2010 314
Middle School Mathematics Professional Development Impact Study: Findings After the First Year of Implementation. NCEE 2010-4009. Garet, Michael S.; Wayne, Andrew J.; Stancavage, Fran; Taylor, James; Walters, Kirk; Song, Mengli; B Report Apr 1, 2010 639
Mathematics stories: preservice teachers' images and experiences as learners of mathematics. Guillaume, Andrea M.; Kirtman, Lisa Report Mar 22, 2010 8394
Is Mathematics Indispensable and Are Pre-Requisites Needed in Mathematics Courses? McLoughlin, M. Padraig M. M. Author abstract Jan 16, 2010 330
Teaching Areas of Polygons: An Alternative Approach. Hoosain, Emam Report Jan 1, 2010 174
Gender Issues: Students Performance in Senior Secondary School Mathematics Examination in Nigeria. Farajimakin, Ibikunle O. Report Jan 1, 2010 165
Exploring Research on Issues Impacting Mathematics in Community Colleges and Raising Questions for Future Research. Gaston, June Lundy Report Dec 29, 2009 335
Early childhood teachers' misconceptions about mathematics education for young children in the United States. Lee, Joon Sun; Ginsburg, Herbert P. Report Dec 1, 2009 6864
Closing the gap: myths and truths behind subitisation. Warren, Elizabeth; Cole, Antoinette; deVries, Eva Report Dec 1, 2009 5465
Word Problems. Fetrow, Jessica Report Aug 10, 2009 266
The Generative Adolescent Mathematical Learner. Lawler, Brian R. Report Apr 13, 2009 186
Toward Informative Assessment and a Culture of Evidence: Results from Strengthening Pre-Collegiate Education in Community Colleges. Bond, Lloyd Author abstract Apr 1, 2009 150
Forming the concept of parameter through the work with computer algebra software. Wadon-Kasprzak, Katarzyna Report Feb 1, 2009 4503
Enhancing understanding and constructing knowledge in graph theory and combinatorial optimization within the 'graphs' multimedia application. Milkova, Eva Report Feb 1, 2009 4335
Conditions for effective use of interactive on-line learning objects: the case of a fractions computer-based learning sequence. Bruce, Catherine D.; Ross, John Report Feb 1, 2009 7893
Some geometric interpretations of the total distances among curves and surfaces. Yang, Wei-Chi Report Feb 1, 2009 4950
Reform-Oriented Teaching of Introductory Statistics in the Health, Social and Behavioral Sciences--Historical Context and Rationale. Hassad, Rossi A. Report Jan 1, 2009 215
Evaluation of the relationship between literacy and mathematics skills as assessed by curriculum-based measures. Rutherford-Becker, Kristy J.; Vanderwood, Michael L. Report Jan 1, 2009 7200
Examining the impact of acculturation and perceived social support on mathematics achievement among Latino/a high school students. Neseth, Hans; Savage, Todd A.; Navarro, Rachel Report Jan 1, 2009 6627
Using Halliday's functional grammar to examine early years worded mathematics texts. Abel, Keiran; Exley, Beryl Report Oct 1, 2008 5421
The Relationship between Mathematics Homework and Learning in Middle-School Students: Impact on Achievement. Thelen, Shelly L.O. Report Aug 1, 2008 324
Generative Adolescent Mathematical Learners: The Fabrication of Knowledge. Lawler, Brian R. Author abstract Aug 1, 2008 424
WWC Quick Review of the Article "The Advantage of Abstract Examples in Learning Math". Author abstract Jul 1, 2008 210
Using geoboards in primary mathematics: going ... going ... gone? Hilary Scandrett reminds us of geoboards and asks whether or not they still have a place in today's classrooms. Scandrett, Hilary Report Jun 22, 2008 1273
Math and Science Education for the California Workforce: It Starts with K-12. Author abstract Jan 1, 2008 406
A Description of the Computer Assisted Assessment Program in University Elementary Algebra at Norfolk State University. White, Ronald L.; Myers, Shadana; Earl, Archie W., Sr. Report Jan 1, 2008 259
Comparison between NAEP and State Mathematics Assessment Results: 2003. Volume 2. Research and Development Report. NCES 2008-475. McLaughlin, Don; Bandeira de Mello, Victor; Blankenship, Charles; Chaney, Kassandra; Esra, Phil; Hik Report Jan 1, 2008 426
A Status Report on Middle School Mathematics Assessment and Student Achievement in the Pacific Region. Issues & Answers. REL 2008-No. 043. Chesswas, Roger; Lee, Lesley Author abstract Jan 1, 2008 420
An Action Based Research Study on How Using Manipulatives will Increase Students' Achievement in Mathematics. Allen, Crystal Author abstract Nov 3, 2007 335
KAPUT center receives grant to improve math teaching. Brief article Nov 1, 2007 120
Educating in Place: Mathematics and Technology. Working Paper No. 38. Klein, Robert Report Sep 1, 2007 235
Pre-K Mathematics. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report Jul 30, 2007 369
Middle School Math. What Works Clearinghouse Topic Report. Report Jul 30, 2007 546
Analysis of Title IIB Mathematics and Science Partnerships in the Northwest Region. Issues & Answers. REL 2007-No. 008. Gummer, Edith; Stepanek, Jennifer Report Jun 1, 2007 315
High School Standards and Expectations for College and the Workplace. Issues & Answers. REL 2007-No. 001. Kendall, John S.; Pollack, Courtney; Schwols, Amitra; Snyder, Christina Report Jun 1, 2007 394
Upward Bound Math-Science: Program Description and Interim Impact Estimates. Olsen, Robert; Seftor, Neil; Silva, Tim; Myers, David; DesRoches, David; Young, Julie Author abstract Apr 1, 2007 617
Mathematical research using real data in the R-7 classroom: Naomi Darby takes an innovative approach to representing real data in the classroom. Darby, Naomi Mar 22, 2007 1931
Drawing Sound Inferences Concerning the Effects of Treatment on Dispersion in Outcomes: Bringing to Light Individual Differences in Response to Treatment. CSE Technical Report 710. Seltzer, Michael; Kim, Jinok Author abstract Mar 1, 2007 310
Mathematics: Essential Research, Essential Practice. Volumes 1 and 2. Proceedings of the 30th Annual Conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia. Watson, Jane, Ed.; Beswick, Kim, Ed. Report Jan 1, 2007 2281
Place-Based Education in the United States and Thailand: With Implications for Mathematics Education. Working Paper No. 33. Wanich, Wipada Report Oct 1, 2006 254
Effects of pre-teaching and re-teaching on math achievement and academic self-concept of students with low achievement in math. Lalley, James P.; Miller, Robert H. Jun 22, 2006 3419
Transformation of teacher attitude and approach to math instruction through collaborative action research. Bonner, Patricia J. Jun 22, 2006 7533
CPMP III versus Algebra II. Latterell, Carmen M. Mar 22, 2006 6412
Feedback facilitates the acquisition and retention of numerical fact series by elementary school students with mathematics learning disabilities. Brosvic, Gary M.; Dihoff, Roberta E.; Epstein, Michael L.; Cook, Michael L. Jan 1, 2006 6768
Highlights From the TIMSS 1999 Video Study of Eighth-Grade Science Teaching. NCES 2006-017. Report Jan 1, 2006 228
Science and Mathematics. ECS Highlights. Zinth, Kyle, Comp. Report Jan 1, 2006 217
Creating a culture of (in)dependence. Harbaugh, Adam P. Dec 22, 2005 3347
Social stigma and mathematical ignorance. Latterell, Carmen M. Sep 22, 2005 2993
High school students' math beliefs and society. Morge, Shelby Sep 22, 2005 3598
Attitudes toward mathematics inventory redux. Marsh, George E., II Sep 22, 2005 2783
Cooperative Distance Learning in Mathematics. Guimaraes, Luiz Carlos; Moraes, Thiago Guimaraes; Mattos, Francisco Roberto Pinto Author abstract Sep 5, 2005 147
Substantive Communication of Space Mathematics in Upper Primary School. Owens, Kay Abstract Jul 10, 2005 184
Mistake-Handling Activities in the Mathematics Classroom. Heinze, Aiso Abstract Jul 10, 2005 176
Learning Mathematics: Perspectives of Australian Aboriginal Children and Their Teachers. Howard, Peter; Perry, Bob Report Jul 1, 2005 156
Pedagogy of Facilitation: How Do We Best Help Teachers of Mathematics with New Practices? Higgins, Joanna Report Jul 1, 2005 161
In the Middle of Nowhere: How a Textbook Can Position the Mathematics Learner. Herbel-Eisenmann, Beth; Wagner, David Report Jul 1, 2005 161
Preservice Teachers' View on y = x + 5 and y= [pi]x[squared] Expressed through the Utilization of Concept Maps: A Study of the Concept of Function. Hansson, Orjan Report Jul 1, 2005 199
Forming Teachers as Resonance Mediators. Guidoni, Paolo; Iannece, Donatella; Tortora, Roberto Report Jul 1, 2005 149
Proceedings of the Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (29th, Melbourne, Australia, July 10-15, 2005). Volume 4. Chick, Helen L., Ed.; Vincent, Jill L., Ed. Author abstract Jul 1, 2005 889
Conflicts in Offshore Learning Environments of a University Preparatory Mathematics Course. Galligan, Linda Author abstract Jul 1, 2005 182
Using Contradictions in a Teaching and Learning Development Project. Goodchild, Simon; Jaworski, Barbara Author abstract Jul 1, 2005 166
Interaction of Modalities in Cabri: A Case Study. Furinghetti, Fulvia; Morselli, Francesca; Paola, Domingo Author abstract Jul 1, 2005 182
Students' Use of ICT Tools--Choices and Reasons. Fuglestad, Anne Berit Report Jul 1, 2005 194
Exploring Excellence and Equity within Canadian Mathematics Classrooms. Frempong, George Report Jul 1, 2005 180
The Tacit-Explicit Nature of Students' Knowledge: A Case Study on Area Measurement. Frade, Cristina Report Jul 1, 2005 193
Child-Initiated Mathematical Patterning in the Pre-Compulsory Years. Fox, Jillian Author abstract Jul 1, 2005 187
Exploring "Lesson Study" in Teacher Preparation. Fernandez, Maria L. Report Jul 1, 2005 172
Constructing Pedagogical Knowledge of Problem Solving: Preservice Mathematics Teachers. Chapman, Olive Author abstract Jul 1, 2005 171
A Comparison of Perceived Parental Influence on Mathematics Learning among Students in China and Australia. Cao, Zhongjun; Forgasz, Helen; Bishop, Alan Report Jul 1, 2005 178
Identification of Affordances of a Technology-Rich Teaching and Learning Environment (TRTLE). Brown, Jill P. Author abstract Jul 1, 2005 164
Using Cognitive and Situative Perspectives to Understand Teacher Interactions with Learner Errors. Brodie, Karin Author abstract Jul 1, 2005 153
The Transformation of Mathematics in On-Line Courses. Borba, Marcelo C. Report Jul 1, 2005 197
Vygotsky's Theory of Concept Formation and Mathematics Education. Berger, Margot Author abstract Jul 1, 2005 183
Identity That Makes a Difference: Substantial Learning as Closing the Gap between Actual and Designated Identities. Sfard, Anna; Prusak, Anna Author abstract Jul 1, 2005 166
Co-Constructing Artefacts and Knowledge in Net-Based Teams: Implications for the Design of Collaborative Learning Environments. Reimann, Peter Author abstract Jul 1, 2005 199
The Duality of Zero in the Transition from Arithmetic to Algebra. Gallardo, Aurora; Hernandez, Abraham Report Jul 1, 2005 126
Disentangling Mentors' Role in the Development of Prospective Teachers' Efficacy Beliefs in Teaching Mathematics. Philippou, George; Charalambous, Charalambos Y. Report Jul 1, 2005 204
"I Know that You Don't Have to Work Hard": Mathematics Learning in the First Year of Primary School. Perry, Bob; Dockett, Sue Report Jul 1, 2005 200
The Effect of Improved Automaticity of Basic Number Skills on Persistently Low-Achieving Pupils. Pegg, John; Graham, Lorraine; Bellert, Anne Report Jul 1, 2005 210
The Construction of Proportional Reasoning. Norton, Stephen J. Report Jul 1, 2005 169
A Case Study of How Kinesthetic Experiences Can Participate in and Transfer to Work with Equations. Nemirovsky, Ricardo; Rasmussen, Chris Report Jul 1, 2005 197
Mathematical Modelling with 9-Year-Olds. English, Lyn D.; Watters, James J. Author abstract Jul 1, 2005 208
Students' Colloquial and Mathematical Discourses on Infinity and Limit. Kim, Dong-Joong; Sfard, Anna; Ferrini-Mundy, Joan Report Jul 1, 2005 165
Mozambican Teachers' Professional Knowledge about Limits of Functions. Huillet, Danielle Report Jul 1, 2005 139
Students' Difficulties with Applying a Familiar Formula in an Unfamiliar Context. Hoch, Maureen; Dreyfus, Tommy Report Jul 1, 2005 117
Teaching mathematics to college students with mathematics-related learning disabilities: report from the classroom. Sullivan, Mary M. Jun 22, 2005 9182
Identification and remediation of systematic error patterns in subtraction. Riccomini, Paul J. Jun 22, 2005 6725
Rigorous mathematical thinking: mediated learning and psychological tools. Kozulin, Alex Jun 22, 2005 9134
In-service elementary mathematics teachers' views of errors in the classroom. Tirosh, Dina Jun 22, 2005 3956
Studio Mathematics: The Epistemology and Practice of Design Pedagogy as a Model for Mathematics Learning. WCER Working Paper No. 2005-3. Shaffer, David Williamson Report Jun 1, 2005 367
Mathematics training for service-learning. Sramek, Hilda Mar 22, 2005 1991
WASHINGTON COMMENTARY: Endless Ping-Pong Over Math Education. Lewis, Anne C. Feb 1, 2005 1162
Are NAEP math questions too easy? A provocative new study says they are. Henriques, Alice Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 262
Encouragement Not Gender Key to Success in Science. Carnegie Perspectives. Holmgren, Janet L.; Basch, Linda Report Feb 1, 2005 374
Delaware Education State Report Card, 2003-2004. Report Jan 1, 2005 292
Beliefs about mathematical understanding. Star, Jon R. Dec 22, 2004 2971
A comparative assessment of constructivist and traditionalist approaches to establishing mathematical connections in learning multiplication. Chung, Insook Dec 22, 2004 2560
An Initial Research Agenda for Rural Mathematics Education. Working Paper No. 16 (Revised). Waters, Michael; Howley, Craig; Schultz, James Author abstract Nov 3, 2004 233
Research on Mathematics Pedagogy For American Indian Students: Phase III. Connecting Practices with Outcomes. Apthorp, Helen S. Abstract Sep 27, 2004 207
The development of logico-mathematical knowledge in a block-building activity at ages 1-4. Kato, Yasuhiko Sep 22, 2004 7117
The development of logico-mathematical knowledge in a block-building activity at ages 1-4--Kamii, Miyakawa, & Kato. Kelley, Michael F. Brief Article Sep 22, 2004 269
What works in middle school math. Ezarik, Melissa Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 153
Zero: a "none" number? Anthony, Glenda J.; Walshaw, Margaret A. Aug 1, 2004 3018
Researching and Learning Mathematics at the Margin: from "Shelter" to School. Vithal, Renuka Abstract Jul 1, 2004 248
Math and science instruction. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 163
High-school math courses and completion of the bachelor's degree. Niles, Spencer G. Dec 1, 2003 6793
Creating a Research Community in Mathematics Education. WCER Working Paper No. 2003-10. Romberg, Thomas A. Author abstract Aug 1, 2003 351
Levels of Sophistication in Elementary Students Reasoning about Length. Battista, Michael T. Report Jul 1, 2003 171
Using Instructional Representations of Ratio as an Assessment Tool of Subject Matter Knowledge. Berenson, Sarah B.; Nason, Rod Report Jul 1, 2003 176
Using Research to Inform Practice: Children Make Sense of Division of Fractions. Bulgar, Sylvia Report Jul 1, 2003 183
Abstracting the Density of Numbers on the Number Line--A Quasi-Experimental Study. Merenluoto, Kaarina Report Jul 1, 2003 197
Gender Differences in the Early Years in Addition and Subtraction. Horne, Marj Report Jul 1, 2003 199
On Pupils' Self-Confidence in Mathematics: Gender Comparisons. Nurmi, Anu; Hannula, Markku; Maijala, Hanna; Pehkonen, Erkki Report Jul 1, 2003 177
Studying and Capturing the Complexity of Practice--The Case of the "Dance of Agency". Boaler, Jo Report Jul 1, 2003 149
A Social Extension of a Psychological Interest Theory. Bikner-Ahsbahs, Angelika Report Jul 1, 2003 193
Early Mathematics Teaching: The Relationship between Teachers' Beliefs and Classroom Practices. Ng, Sharon Sui Ngan; Lopez-Real, Francis; Rao, Nirmala Report Jul 1, 2003 146
The Probabilistic Thinking of Primary School Pupils in Cyprus: The Case of Tree Diagrams. Lamprianou, Iasonas; Lamprianou, Thekla Afantiti Report Jul 1, 2003 206
Aesthetic Values in Mathematics: A Value-Oriented Epistemology. Sinclair, Nathalie Report Jul 1, 2003 194
Getting At The Mathematics: Sara's Journal. Speiser, Bob; Walter, Chuck Report Jul 1, 2003 204
Building Theories: Working in a Microworld and Writing the Mathematical Notebook. Cerulli, Michele; Mariotti, Maria Alessandra Report Jul 1, 2003 147
Towards a Redefinition of the Mathematics Culture in the Classroom. de Olaizola, Inaqui; Santos, Manuel Report Jul 1, 2003 168
Notation Issues: Visual Effects and Ordering Operations. Hewitt, Dave Report Jul 1, 2003 178
Text Talk, Body Talk, Table Talk: A Design of Ratio and Proportion as Classroom Parallel Events. Abrahamson, Dor Report Jul 1, 2003 190
The Context Sensitivity of Mathematical Generalizations. Wagner, Joseph F. Report Jul 1, 2003 197
The Value of Wenger's Concepts of Modes of Participation and Regimes of Accountability in Understanding Teacher Learning. Bohl, Jeffrey V.; Van Zoest, Laura R. Report Jul 1, 2003 199
Self-Efficacy in Mathematics and Students' Use of Self-Regulated Learning Strategies during Assessment Events. Tanner, Howard; Jones, Sonia Report Jul 1, 2003 208
Measuring Children's Proportional Reasoning, The "Tendency" for an Additive Strategy and The Effect of Models. Misailadou, Christina; Williams, Julian Report Jul 1, 2003 221
Empirical Generalisation as an Inadequate Cognitive Scaffold to Theoretical Generalisation of a More Complex Concept. Williams, Gaye Report Jul 1, 2003 222
New classroom rules to promote preservice elementary teachers' mathematics learning. Alsup, John K. Mar 22, 2003 2947
Different representations in instruction of vertical angles. Tsamir, Pessia Jan 1, 2003 4290
Grant to swat math problem-solving bugs. (Curriculum update: the latest developments in math, science, language arts and social studies). Ezarik, Melissa Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 299
The relationship of trait and test anxiety with mathematics anxiety. Zettle, Robert D.; Raines, Susan J. Jun 1, 2000 5127

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