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Nitrogen and phosphorus availability affect wheat carbon allocation pathways: rhizodeposition and mycorrhizal symbiosis. Bicharanloo, Bahareh; Shirvan, Milad Bagheri; Keitel, Claudia; Dijkstra, Feike A. Report Mar 1, 2020 10810
PARC chief lauds efforts made by scientists of CDRI in wheat rust research. Feb 14, 2020 454
Designing Cropping Systems to Improve the Management of the Invasive Weed Phalaris minor Retz. Xu, Gaofeng; Shen, Shicai; Zhang, Yun; Clements, David Roy; Yang, Shaosong; Li, Jun; Dong, Liyao; Zh Dec 1, 2019 7957
A Review of Studies from the Last Twenty Years on Plant--Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Associations and Their Uses for Wheat Crops. Ganugi, Paola; Masoni, Alberto; Pietramellara, Giacomo; Benedettelli, Stefano Dec 1, 2019 8936
Adjusting Ceptometer Data to Improve Leaf Area Index Measurements. Pokovai, Klara; Fodor, Nandor Dec 1, 2019 6289
Assessing Forms of Application of Azospirillum brasilense Associated with Silicon Use on Wheat. Galindo, Fernando Shintate; Rodrigues, Willian Lima; Biagini, Antonio Leonardo Campos; Fernandes, Gu Nov 1, 2019 9065
Climate extremes play crucial role in global crop yield: Study. May 3, 2019 530
Comparative Study of Tribolium castaneum H. (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) Occurred on Different Wheat Varieties in Pakistan. Hassan, Muhammad Waqar; Iqbal, Javaid; Jamil, Moazzam Report Mar 1, 2018 2841
Analysis of Direct and Indirect Selection and Indices in Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Segregating Progeny. Fellahi, Zine El Abidine; Hannachi, Abderrahmane; Bouzerzour, Hamenna Report Jan 1, 2018 9463
ARS-led Wheat Research Is "Al Dente!". Suszkiw, Jan Sep 1, 2017 579
Genetics Helps Wheat Fight Hessian Fly. Durham, Sharon Sep 1, 2017 376
Antiglycemic Effect of Water Extractable Arabinoxylan from Wheat Aleurone and Bran. Malunga, Lovemore Nkhata; Izydorczyk, Marta; Beta, Trust Report Jan 1, 2017 4857
Application of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to Quantitatively Determine Relative Content of Puccnia striiformis f. sp. tritici DNA in Wheat Leaves in Incubation Period. Zhao, Yaqiong; Gu, Yilin; Qin, Feng; Li, Xiaolong; Ma, Zhanhong; Zhao, Longlian; Li, Junhui; Cheng, Report Jan 1, 2017 10353
Scientists review wheat research at US-funded seminar. Brief article Apr 3, 2016 211
Agricultural Research Gives Farmers a New Lease on Life. Mar 16, 2016 877
Agri scientists urged to focus on research in wheat crop. Oct 8, 2015 191
Wheat varieties make way to breads and malt beverages. Durham, Sharon Mar 1, 2015 449
Effects of salinity on exudates of Glomus species in wheat rhizosphere. Dorostkar, Vajiheh; Afyuni, Majid; Khoshgoftarmanesh, Amir Hossein; Rejali, Farhad Report Nov 1, 2014 5119
Humic acid and micronutrient effects on wheat yield and nutrients uptake in salt affected soils. Manzoor, A.; Khattak, R.A.; Dost, M. Report Oct 31, 2014 4846
Identification of QTLs for drought tolerance traits on wheat chromosome 2A using association mapping. Ahmad, Muhammad Qadir; Khan, Sultan Habibullah; Khan, A. Salam; Kazi, Abdul-Mujeeb; Basra, S.M.A. Report Oct 31, 2014 7594
Determination of the best traits effective on seed and protein yield in Iranian durum wheat (Triticum durum L.) genotypes. Keshavarz, Zahra; Golparvar, Ahmad Reza Report Oct 1, 2014 2027
Seedling growth of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) in response to wheat extracts. Rezaee, Shahram; Zand, Masonmch; Bajalan, Iman Report Jul 23, 2014 1620
Looking to wheat's wild ancestors to solve a modern problem. O'Brien, Dennis Apr 1, 2014 1057
Response of wheat genotypes to artificial water stress at germination and seedling growth stages. Nabizadeh, Esmail Author abstract Jan 1, 2014 3228
Discovery of novel leaf rust responsive microRNAs in wheat and prediction of their target genes. Kumar, Dhananjay; Singh, Dharmendra; Kanodia, Pulkit; Prabhu, Kumble Vinod; Kumar, Manish; Mukhopadh Report Jan 1, 2014 7747
GENETIC VARIATION AT LOCI CONTROLLING QUALITY TRAITS IN SPRING WHEAT. Ali, Niaz; Iqbal, Muhammad; ShaheenaYasmin; Ahmed, Iftikhar; Asif, Muhammad Abstract Dec 31, 2013 7422
OPTIMIZATION OF REGENERATION PROTOCOLS FOR WHEAT UNDER DROUGHT AND SALT STRESS. Nawaz, Sehar; Ahmed, Nisar; Iqbal, Ahsan; Khaliq, Ihsan Abstract Dec 31, 2013 5291
Pakistan, US jointly introduce new wheat variety. Brief article Oct 2, 2013 159
British scientists develop super wheat. Brief article Jun 1, 2013 101
US pledges to continue support for Pak farming. Brief article May 26, 2013 203
Effectiveness of Various Approaches to Use Rock Phosphate as a Potential Source of Plant Available P for Sustainable Wheat Production. Saleem, Muhammad Masood; Arshad, Muhammad; Yaseen, Muhammad Report Apr 30, 2013 7691
Public, private sectors coop to up wheat yield. Brief article Mar 17, 2013 214
New club wheat holding its own against fungal disease. Suszkiw, Jan Feb 1, 2013 905
Modeling for relationships between soil properties and yield components of wheat using multiple linear regression and structural equation modeling. Nazmi, Leila Feb 1, 2013 4622
Abu Dhabi explores wheat cultivation in the emirate. Jan 24, 2013 401
The moisturizing effect of a wheat extract food supplement on women's skin: a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial. Jan 1, 2013 312
OPTIMIZING RATE OF NITROGEN APPLICATION FOR HIGHER GROWTH AND YIELD OF WHEAT (Triticum aestivum L.) CULTIVARS. Maqsood, Muhammad; Shehzad, Muhammad Asif; Asim, Amir; Ahmad, Wahid Dec 31, 2012 5088
EFFECT OF CALCIUM ON THE SALT TOLERANCE OF DIFFERENT WHEAT (Triticum aestivum L.) GENOTYPES. Arshad, Muhammad; Saqib, Muhammad; Akhtar, Javaid; Asghar, Muhammad Dec 31, 2012 5313
Comparison different types of wheat (triticum aestivum l.) to cold stress. Saghfi, S.; Eivazi, A.R.; Qasimov, N. Report Nov 1, 2012 4780
Inheritance of Russian wheat aphid resistance in Iranian bread wheat cultivar 'Azadi'. Salehi, T.; Mirak, T. Najafi; Bihamta, M.R.; Heravan, E. Majidi Report Sep 1, 2012 2710
Physiological Attributes Based Resilience of Wheat to Climate Change. Ahmed, Mukhtar; Fayyaz-Ul-Hassan; Aslam, M.; Aslam, M.A. Report Jun 30, 2012 3358
Narrow Row Spacing Ensures Higher Productivity of Low Tillering Wheat Cultivars. Hussain, Mubshar; Mehmood, Zahid; Khan, Muhammad Bismillah; Farooq, Shahid; Lee, Dong-Jin; Farooq, M Report Jun 30, 2012 4515
Kamut khorasan wheat focus of phase II study. Brief article Jun 1, 2012 201
A study of the allelopathic effect of wheat residue on weed control and growth of vetch (Vigna radiata L.). Hesammi, Einallah; Farshidi, Ali Report Apr 1, 2012 1408
Sources of seedling and adult plant resistance in advanced wheat lines to Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici. Safavi, Safar Ali Report Feb 1, 2012 3537
Effect of organic and inorganic fertilizers on yield and yield components in wheat (T. aestivum and T. durum) genotypes. Jala-Abadi, Amin Lotfi; Siadat, S.A.; Bakhsandeh, A.M.; Fathi, G.; Saied, K.H. Alemi Report Feb 1, 2012 3601
Whole-grain flour studies may help boost the goodness of crackers and cookies. Wood, Marcia Nov 1, 2011 1448
Postulation of Stripe Rust Resistance Genes in 44 Chinese Wheat Cultivars. Report Oct 31, 2011 3090
Genetic Analysis of Chinese Differential Cultivar Early Premium for Yellow Rust Resistance Genes. Report Oct 31, 2011 4570
Exploitation of Germplasm for Grain Yield Improvement in Spring Wheat (Triticum aestivum). Report Oct 31, 2011 4391
Effect of plant density and nitrogen rate on yield and yield components of wheat in wild oat-infested condition. Armin, Mohammd; Gholami, Hassan; Miri, Hamidreaza Report Sep 1, 2011 4115
Analysis for stability and location effect on grain yield of bread wheat genotypes. Motamedi, Mohammad Report Sep 1, 2011 1976
Assessment of indices to identify wheat genotypes adapted to irrigated and rain-fed environments. Najaphy, Abdollah; Geravandi, Mehdi Report Sep 1, 2011 4182
Study on drought tolerance of 12 varieties of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum) in east part of Iran. Azimzadeh, Seyed Morteza; Azimzadeh, Seyed Javad Report Sep 1, 2011 3866
Study on annual population density of Eurygaster integriceps on Sardari and Azar 2 wheat cultivars and Sahand barley cultivar in Kivi, Ardabil, Iran. Ebadollahi, Asgar; Honarmand, Parisa Report Sep 1, 2011 2802
Remobilization of stem reserves in some bread wheat cultivars under normal and terminal drought stress. Bahari, Nikam; Shahbazi, Hossein Report Jul 1, 2011 2409
Study the effects of nitrogen levels and wild oat (Avena ludoviciana L.) densities on grain yield and agronomic nitrogen efficiency of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Lack, Shahram; Parchami, Pegah; Modhej, Adel Report Jul 1, 2011 4990
An investigation of the competitive effects of weeds on wheat "Triticum aestivum L." yield in field condition. Far, Mahdieh Dolati; Saffari, Mehri; Mohammadi-Nejad, Ghasem; Golkar, Pooran Report Jul 1, 2011 3198
Different densities of weeds and wild oats (Avena ludoviciana) and canary grass (Phalaris minor) on yield and yield components of wheat cultivar Chamran. Hesammi, Einallah Report Jul 1, 2011 2321
Diversity analysis in an F2 population of hybrid from Faisalabad x Fm36 using morphological and RADP molecular markers. Fakharian, kashani Z; Rashidi, V.; Sharif, moghaddassi Mohammad; Moosavizadeh, S.A. Report Jul 1, 2011 2354
Effect of salicylhydroxamic acid on relative levels of catalase, peroxidase and ascorbic acid peroxidase in bold and small grains of wheat. Houshmandfar, Alireza; Asli, Davood Eradatmand; Moaveni, Payam Report Jul 1, 2011 2844
Salicylhydroxamic acid effects on relative levels of ascorbic acid oxidase and amylases in different grains growing in the same spikelet of wheat. Asl, Davood Eradatmand; Moaveni, Payam; Houshmandfar, Alireza Report Jul 1, 2011 3264
Evaluation of drought tolerance indices and grain yield in wheat genotypes using principal components analysis. Asl, Reza Golmoghani; Arbat, Hamdollah Kzemi; Yarnia, Mehrdad; Aminzade, Golamreza; Asl, Leila Golmo Report Jul 1, 2011 3087
Effect of Ti[O.sub.2] nanoparticles spraying on wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under field condition. Moaveni, Payam; Farahani, Hosseein Aliabadi; Maroufi, Kasra Report Jul 1, 2011 1071
Effect of Ti[O.sub.2] nanoparticles spraying on quality and quantity of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Moaveni, Payam; Farahani, Hosseein Aliabadi; Maroufi, Kasra Report Jul 1, 2011 1017
Ti[O.sub.2] nanoparticles spraying affected on some of physiological parameters in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Moaveni, Payam; Farahani, Hosseein Aliabadi; Maroufi, Kasra Report Jul 1, 2011 1154
Studying of nanoparticles Ti[O.sub.2] spraying on some of physiological and chemical parameters in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Moaveni, Payam; Zadeh, Amir Jaber; Farahani, Hosseein Aliabadi; Maroufi, Kasra Report Jul 1, 2011 1161
Amino acids levels in relation to grain development of wheat. Asli, Davood Eradatmand; Houshmandfar, Alireza Report Jul 1, 2011 2125
Relative levels of methionine, tryptophan and proline as affected by salicylhydroxamic acid within developing grains of wheat. Houshmandfar, Alireza; Asli, Davood Eradatmand Report Jul 1, 2011 2674
Application of potassium humate for production of wheat seed under after anthesis drought condition. Mirzamasumzadeh, Bahram Report Jul 1, 2011 1819
Application of potassium humate for production of wheat seed under after anthesis drought condition. Mirzamasumzadeh, Bahram Report Jul 1, 2011 1844
Non-Alcoholic Wheat Beer Boosts Athletes' Health. Jun 11, 2011 682
Warming hits corn and wheat yields: rising temperatures have decreased global grain production. Strain, Daniel Brief article Jun 4, 2011 238
Use of N2-fixing bacteria azotobacter, azosprilium in optimizing of using nitrogen in sustainable wheat cropping. Alizadeh, Omid; Ordookhani, Kourosh Report Jun 1, 2011 1532
Evaluation of the yield and yield components stability wheat under the influence of various irrigation levels. Alizadeh, Omid; Niavarani, Mahrad Esmael Report Jun 1, 2011 3743
Potassium, calcium and phosphorus accumulation at various grain type and position within developing grains of wheat. Houshmandfar, Alireza; Asli, Davood Eradatmand Report May 1, 2011 2655
The Rates of Photosynthesis, Chlorophyll Content, Dark Respiration, Proline and Abscicic Acid (ABA) in Wheat (Triticum durum) under Water Deficit Conditions. Akhkha, Abdellah; Boutraa, Tahar; Alhejely, Ali Report Apr 30, 2011 4605
Potential of Foliar Applied Thiourea in Improving Salt and High Temperature Tolerance of Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum). Anjum, Freeha; Wahid, Abdul; Farooq, Muhammad; Javed, Farrukh Report Apr 30, 2011 4654
SCREENING OF WHEAT GERM PLASM FOR RESISTANCE TO MICRODOCHIUM NIVALE UNDER FIELD CONDITIONS. Eken, C.; Bulut, S.; Ozturk, A.; Dane, E.; Caglar, O.; Demireci, E. Report Mar 31, 2011 3762
EFFECTIVENESS OF SOME BOTANICAL EXTRACTS ON WHEAT APHIDS. Iqbal, M. F.; Kahloon, M. H.; Nawaz, M. R.; Javaid, M. I. Report Mar 31, 2011 1258
Examining climate change effects on wheat. O'Brien, Dennis Feb 1, 2011 573
EFFECT OF SEEDING DENSITY AND PLANTING TIME ON GROWTH AND YIELD ATTRIBUTES OF WHEAT. Baloch, M. S.; Shah, I. T H.; Nadim, M. A.; Khan, M. I.; Khakwani, A. A. Dec 31, 2010 2984
RIGOROUS, A HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE, EFFECTIVE FOR CONTROLLING APHIDS IN BREAD WHEAT. Wains, M. S.; Ali, M. A.; Waris, I. H.; Anwar, J.; Zulkiffal, M.; Sabir, W.; Rehman, A.; Hussain, M. Report Dec 31, 2010 3767
Assessment of Possible Threats to Soil Macro-invertebrates Diversity in Wheat Fields from High Input Farming. Report Dec 31, 2010 4847
Cadmium Contamination of Soils and Crops by Long Term Use of Raw Effluent, Ground and Canal Waters in Agricultural Lands. Dec 31, 2010 6158
Biodiversity of Foliage Arthropods in the Mixed Crop Zone and Cotton-Wheat Zone in Punjab Province, Pakistan. Report Dec 31, 2010 3460
Foliar Application of Micronutrients Improves the Wheat Yield and Net Economic Return. Report Dec 31, 2010 3360
Development and performance of wheat roots above shallow saline groundwater. Rose, D.A.; Ghamarnia, H.M.; Gowing, J.W. Report Dec 1, 2010 8386
Contribution of Water Use Efficiency of Summer Legumes for the Production of Rainfed Wheat. Report Sep 30, 2010 4459
Optimization of Phytase Concentration from Aspergillus ficuum for Phytate-bound Phosphorus Release in Cereal Meals. Report Sep 30, 2010 2998
Pakistan should also maintain wheat reserves for natural calamities: Dr. Noor-ul-Islam. Sep 27, 2010 367
Comparison of field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis L.) and bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon L.) organs residues on yield and yield components of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Yarnia, M. Report Sep 1, 2010 3314
Alternative substrate ingredients and mushroom compost uses. Aug 1, 2010 4453
Mairaj-08: New Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Variety Released for General Cultivation under Normal and Late Planting in Punjab Province (Pakistan). Report May 31, 2010 6023
First hard winter wheat varieties for Eastern U.S. production. Marshall, David Brief article May 1, 2010 175
Diverse wheat tapped for antifungal genes. Suszkiw, Jan Apr 1, 2010 515
International wheat and barley screening collaboration helps uncover stem rust-resistant material. Yao, Stephanie; Suskiw, Jan Feb 1, 2010 1076
The efficiency of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) on yield and yield components of two varieties of wheat in salinity condition. Abbaspoor, Abolfazl; Zabihi, Hamid Reza; Movafegh, Sadeq; Asl, Mohammad Hossein Akbari Report Dec 1, 2009 2294
One maund per acre increase in wheat yield can add another Rs.10 bln. Jun 17, 2009 241
Monsanto commits $10 million to rice and wheat research program. Mar 26, 2009 465
How China's farmers adapt to climate change. Wang, Jinxia; Mendelsohn, Robert; Dinar, Ariel; Huang, Jikun Oct 1, 2008 8823
Rats agree: organic is better. Brief article Apr 1, 2008 105
Wresting wheat's genetic secrets. Wood, Marcia Sep 1, 2007 901
Effects of nitrogen fertiliser and wheat straw application on C[H.sub.4] and [N.sub.2]O emissions from a paddy rice field. Ma, J.; Li, X.L.; Xu, H.; Han, Y.; Cai, Z.C.; Yagi, K. Report Aug 1, 2007 7234
Building scab resistance into wheat. Jauhar, Prem P. Brief article Aug 1, 2007 214
Blended wheat varieties show their strength. Bliss, Rosalie Marion May 1, 2007 520
Spectral reflectance to estimate genetic variation for in-season biomass, leaf chlorophyll, and canopy temperature in wheat. Babar, M.A.; Reynolds, M.P.; van Ginkel, M.; Klatt, A.R.; Raun, W.R.; Stone, M.L. May 1, 2006 11191
Can spring wheat-growing megaenvironments in the northern Great Plains be dissected for representative locations or niche-adapted genotypes? Navabi, Alireza; Yang, Rong-Cai; Helm, James; Spaner, Dean M. May 1, 2006 9370
Blending hard white wheat to improve grain yield and end-use performances. Lee, Kyung-Min; Shroyer, James P.; Herrman, Timothy J.; Lingenfelser, Jane May 1, 2006 5097
Tillage effects on wheat emergence and yield at varying seeding rates, and on labor and fuel consumption. Lithourgidis, A.S.; Dhima, K.V.; Damalas, C.A.; Vasilakoglou, I.B.; Eleftherohorinos, I.G. May 1, 2006 5403
Response of selected hard red wheat lines to imazamox as affected by number and location of resistance genes, parental background, and growth habit. Hanson, Bradley D.; Shaner, Dale L.; Westra, Philip; Nissen, Scott J. May 1, 2006 5081
Identification and monosomic analysis of tan spot resistance genes in synthetic wheat lines (Triticum turgidum L. x Aegilops tauschii Coss). Tadesse, Wuletaw; Hsam, Sai L.K.; Wenzel, Gerhard; Zeller, Friedrich J. May 1, 2006 5637
Registration of 'Louise' wheat. Kidwell, K.K.; Shelton, G.B.; Demacon, V.L.; Burns, J.W.; Carter, B.P.; Chen, X.M.; Morris, C.F.; Pe May 1, 2006 1766
Registration of 'Otis' wheat. Kidwell, K.K.; Demacon, V.L.; Shelton, G.B.; Burns, J.W.; Carter, B.P.; Chen, X.M.; Morris, C.F.; Pe May 1, 2006 1743
Registration of 'Idaho 587' wheat. Souza, E.J.; Lazar, M.D.; Guttieri, M.J.; Thill, D.; Rauch, T. May 1, 2006 1930
Registration of 'Wendy' wheat. Ibrahim, A.M.H.; Haley, S.D.; Jin, Y.; Langham, M.A.C.; Rickertsen, J.; Kalsbeck, S.; Little, R.; Ch May 1, 2006 1584
Registration of 'Granger' wheat. Glover, K.D.; Rudd, J.C.; Devkota, R.N.; Hall, R.G.; Jin, Y.; Rickertsen, J.R. May 1, 2006 1517
Registration of 'MT1159CL' wheat. Berg, J.E.; Stougaard, R.N.; Cook, C.R.; Kephart, K.D.; Carlson, G.R.; Wichman, D.M.; Eckhoff, J.L.; May 1, 2006 1522
Registration of soft wheat germplasm AR93005 resistant to leaf rust. Bacon, Robert K.; Kelly, John T.; Milus, Eugene A.; Parsons, Charles E. May 1, 2006 1242
Registration of two synthetic hexaploid wheat germplasms resistant to Hessian fly. Xu, S.S.; Cai, X.; Wang, T.; Harris, M.O.; Friesen, T.L. May 1, 2006 1343
Registration of three germplasms of durum wheat with introgressions from Agropyron elongatum and Secale cereale. Lukaszewski, A.J. May 1, 2006 1060
Early farmers took time to tame wheat. Brief article Apr 15, 2006 174
Spectral reflectance indices as a potential indirect selection criteria for wheat yield under irrigation. Babar, M.A.; Reynolds, M.P.; van Ginkel, M.; Klatt, A.R.; Raun, W.R.; Stone, M.L. Mar 1, 2006 10894
Genotypic variation for stem reserves and mobilization in wheat: I. postanthesis changes in internode dry matter. Ehdaie, B.; Alloush, G.A.; Madore, M.A.; Waines, J.G. Mar 1, 2006 8965
Compensatory mechanisms associated with the effect of spring wheat seed size on wild oat competition. Guillen-Portal, Fernando R.; Stougaard, Robert N.; Xue, Qingwu; Eskridge, Kent M. Mar 1, 2006 9939
Registration of rusty durum wheat. Klindworth, D.L.; Miller, J.D.; Xu, S.S. Mar 1, 2006 991
Molecular mapping and allelic relationships of Russian wheat aphid-resistance genes. Liu, X.M.; Smith, C.M.; Friebe, B.R.; Gill, B.S. Nov 1, 2005 6049
Wheat fungus tapped for sequencing. Goodwin, Stephen B. Brief Article Oct 1, 2005 189
Genetic loci related to kernel quality differences between a soft and a hard wheat cultivar. Breseghello, Flavio; Finney, Patrick L.; Gaines, Charles; Andrews, Lonnie; Tanaka, James; Penner, Gr Sep 1, 2005 7316
Biotype 2 Russian wheat aphid resistance among wheat germplasm accessions. Collins, Meghan B.; Haley, Scott D.; Peairs, Frank B.; Rudolph, Jeffrey B. Sep 1, 2005 3750
Characterizing population growth rate of Convolvulus arvensis in wheat--sunflower no-tillage systems. Jurado-Exposito, Montserrat; Lopez-Granados, Francisca; Gonzalez-Andujar, Jose Luis; Garcia-Torres, Sep 1, 2005 4275
Analysis of genetic factors influencing the developmental rate of globally important CIMMYT wheat cultivars. van Beem, Janny; Mohler, Volker; Lukman, Rudy; van Ginkel, Maarten; William, Manilal; Crossa, Jose; Sep 1, 2005 6307
Nitrogen remobilization during grain filling in wheat: genotypic and environmental effects. Barbottin, Aude; Lecomte, Christophe; Bouchard, Christine; Jeuffroy, Marie-Helene May 1, 2005 8855
Registration of 'Jerome' wheat. Souza, E.J.; Bosque-Perez, N.A.; Guttieri, M.J.; Schotzko, D.J.; Guy, S.O.; Brown, B.; Zemetra, R. May 1, 2005 1634
Registration of 'Steele-ND' wheat. Mergoum, M.; Frohberg, R.C.; Miller, J.D.; Stack, R.W. May 1, 2005 1560
Registration of 'Burton' barley. Bregitzer, P.; Mornhinweg, D.W.; Hammon, R.; Stack, M.; Baltensperger, D.D.; Hein, G.L.; O'Neill, M. May 1, 2005 1237
Fusarium head blight infection following point inoculation in the greenhouse compared with movement of Fusarium graminearum in seed and floral components. Argyris, Jason; TeKrony, Dennis; Hershman, Don; VanSanford, David; Hall, Marla; Kennedy, Brenda; Ruc Mar 1, 2005 5582
Genetic diversity among and within CIMMYT wheat landrace accessions investigated with SSRs and implications for plant genetic resources management. Dreisigacker, S.; Zhang, P.; Warburton, M.L.; Skovmand, B.; Hoisington, D.; Melchinger, A.E. Mar 1, 2005 6331
Heritability of waterlogging tolerance in wheat. Collaku, A.; Harrison, S.A. Mar 1, 2005 5243
PCR markers for Triticum speltoides leaf rust resistance gene Lr51 and their use to develop isogenic hard red spring wheat lines. Helguera, M.; Vanzetti, L.; Soria, M.; Khan, I.A.; Kolmer, J.; Dubcovsky, J. Mar 1, 2005 5057
Molecular characterization of slow leaf-rusting resistance in wheat. Xu, Xiangyang; Bai, Guihua; Carver, Brett F.; Shaner, Gregory E.; Hunger, Robert M. Mar 1, 2005 6573
Assessment of groundwater use by wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in the Luancheng Xian Region and potential implications for water conservation in the Northwestern North China Plain. Hu, C.; Delgado, J.A.; Zhang, X.; Ma, L. Mar 1, 2005 6791
Marker-assisted selection in public breeding programs: the wheat experience. Dubcovsky, Jorge Nov 1, 2004 2461
Agronomic performance of hard red spring wheat isolines sensitive and insensitive to photoperiod. Dyck, J.A.; Matus-Cadiz, M.A.; Hucl, P.; Talbert, L.; Hunt, T.; Dubuc, J.P.; Nass, H.; Clayton, G.; Nov 1, 2004 5999
Simulating the effects of dominance and epistasis on selection response in the CIMMYT wheat breeding program using QuCim. Wang, Jiankang; van Ginkel, Maarten; Trethowan, Richard; Ye, Guoyou; DeLacy, Ian; Podlich, Dean; Coo Nov 1, 2004 9454
Genetics of resistance to Stagonospora nodorum blotch of hexaploid wheat. Feng, Jie; Ma, Hong; Hughes, Geoff R. Nov 1, 2004 5673
Seedling resistance to tan spot and Stagonospora nodorum blotch in synthetic hexaploid wheats. Xu, S.S.; Friesen, T.L.; Mujeeb-Kazi, A. Nov 1, 2004 10441
Registration of 'Choteau' wheat. Lanning, S.P.; Carlson, G.R.; Nash, D.; Wichman, D.M.; Kephart, K.D.; Stougaard, R.N.; Kushnak, G.D. Nov 1, 2004 1092
Registration of three partial waxy winter wheats. Graybosch, R.A.; Baenziger, P.S. Nov 1, 2004 1572
Registration of three blue-seeded wheat genetic stocks exhibiting xenia. Metzger, R.J.; Sebesta, E. Nov 1, 2004 849
Occurrence of a new Russian wheat aphid biotype in Colorado. Haley, Scott D.; Peairs, Frank B.; Walker, Cynthia B.; Rudolph, Jeffrey B.; Randolph, Terri L. Sep 1, 2004 3666
Dynamics of root growth in spring wheat mulched with plastic film. Niu, J.Y.; Gan, Y.T.; Huang, G.B. Sep 1, 2004 3919
Sequence diversity of Puroindoline-a, Puroindoline-b, and the grain softness protein genes in Aegilops tauschii coss. Massa, A.N.; Morris, C.F.; Gill, B.S. Sep 1, 2004 5612
A PCR marker for growth habit in common wheat based on allelic variation at the VRN-A1 gene. Sherman, J.D.; Yan L.; Talbert, L.; Dubcovsky, J. Sep 1, 2004 4775
Wheat remains worldwide staple. Aug 1, 2004 330
Covariation for microsatellite marker alleles associated with Rht8 and coleoptile length in winter wheat. Bai, Guihua; Das, Modan K.; Carver, Brett F.; Xu, Xiangyang; Krenzer, Eugene G. Jul 1, 2004 6353
Effect of multiple copies of puroindoline genes on grain softness. See, D.R.; Giroux, M.; Gill, B.S. Jul 1, 2004 4670
Agronomic effect of wheat-rye translocation carrying rye chromatin (1R) from different sources. Kim, W.; Johnson, J.W.; Baenziger, P.S.; Lukaszewski, A.J.; Gaines, C.S. Jul 1, 2004 5724
Identification of microsatellite markers associated with a stem solidness locus in wheat. Cook, J.P.; Wichman, D.M.; Martin, J.M.; Bruckner, P.L.; Talbert, L.E. Jul 1, 2004 5368
Microsatellite markers linked to the Stb2 and Stb3 genes for resistance to Septoria tritici blotch in wheat. Adhikari, Tika B.; Wallwork, Hugh; Goodwin, Stephen B. Jul 1, 2004 6841
Marker-assessed retention of wheat chromatin in wheat (Triticum aestivum) by jointed goatgrass (Aegilops cylindrica) backcross derivatives. Kroiss, L.J.; Tempalli, P.; Hansen, J.L.; Vales, M.I.; Riera-Lizarazu, O.; Zemetra, R.S.; Mallory-Sm Jul 1, 2004 4368
Physiological and molecular characterization of mutation-derived imidazolinone resistance in spring wheat. Pozniak, Curtis J.; Birk, Iwona T.; O'Donoughue, Louise S.; Menard, Christiane; Hucl, Pierre J.; Sin Jul 1, 2004 7721
Gene flow in wheat at the field scale. Matus-Cadiz, M.A.; Hucl, P.; Horak, M.J.; Blomquist, L.K. May 1, 2004 10246
Leaf tip necrosis: a phenotypic marker associated with resistance to spot blotch disease in wheat. Joshi, A.K.; Chand, R.; Kumar, S.; Singh, R.P. May 1, 2004 4749
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