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WHAT DO YOU KNOW? Hutson, Matthew Nov 1, 2020 3422
The Experimental Design and Goals of Research Examining the Effects of Ambiguous Gravity on Organismal Development. Sep 22, 2019 205
Jupiter, Saturn Shocking Findings Making Scientists Reevaluate Planet Theories. Mar 8, 2019 680
Is Pluto a Planet? New Research Says Yes! Sep 10, 2018 628
Relativity Test. Brief article May 1, 2018 108
Jupiter's 'Unearthly' Jet Streams Reveal An Extreme Environment. Mar 8, 2018 888
Coulomb Crystals Study Helps Scientists Understand Star Evolution. Nov 8, 2017 590
What Drives Universe's Expansion? Feb 11, 2017 424
Bulk Viscous Cosmological Model in Brans-Dicke Theory with New Form of Time Varying Deceleration Parameter. Singh, G.P.; Bishi, Binaya K. Jan 1, 2017 7194
Falling through Earth would be a drag: air resistance, friction reduce velocity toward planet's core. Conover, Emily Aug 6, 2016 458
Scientists Model Universe Using Einstein's Full Theory. Jun 27, 2016 685
Study Finds Link Between Architecture Of Galaxy Clusters And Dark Matter. Jan 27, 2016 535
Physiological aspects of walking in simulated hypogravity. Salisbury, Thomas; Baptista, Rafael Reimann; Fei, Joan; Susin, Felipe; Russomano, Thais Report Dec 1, 2015 4295
Probes unveil three hidden blemishes on moon's face. Sumner, Thomas Brief article Nov 28, 2015 145
Gravity's long-distance connection: wormhole links between black holes could broker quantum-general relativity merger. Grant, Andrew Oct 17, 2015 2660
Other earths: search for life and the constant curvature. Khoshyaran, Megan M. Report Jul 1, 2015 3714
Raindrops break terminal velocity: droplets lack clear explanation, could alter weather forecasts. Sumner, Thomas Nov 15, 2014 539
Understanding the gravity of the situation: there ore some mold-filling situations in which gravity indeed does have an effect. Hoffman, David A. Nov 1, 2014 1185
Sandstone arches do not need glue: gravity locks sand grains into spectacular stable formations. Sumner, Thomas Aug 23, 2014 372
Gravity variations foretell flood risk months in advance. Sumner, Thomas Brief article Aug 9, 2014 154
Star trio promises new test of gravity: analysis of unusual system could dethrone general relativity. Popkin, Gabriel Feb 22, 2014 540
Neutrosophic examples in physics. Yuhua, Fu Report Dec 1, 2013 5532
Global and regional seasonal variations of the geoid detected by grace. Kostelecky, Jan; Bezdek, Ales; Klokocnik, Jaroslav Report Jul 1, 2013 3161
Evaluation of recent goce geopotential models over the area of Poland. Godah, Walyeldeen; Krynski, Jan Report Jul 1, 2013 4179
Causal version of Newtonian theory by time-retardation of the gravitational field explains the flyby anomalies. Hafele, Joseph C. Report Apr 1, 2013 4555
Dynamical 3-space gravitational waves: reverberation effects. Cahill, Reginald T.; Deane, Samuel T. Report Apr 1, 2013 1543
Peculiar relations in cosmology. Seshavatharam, U.V.S.; Lakshminarayana, S. Report Mar 1, 2013 813
Some expressions for gravity without the big G and their possible wave-theoretical-explanation. Tank, Hasmukh K. Report Jan 1, 2013 2675
The Poisson equation, the cosmological constant and dark energy. Baugher, Jeffrey P. Report Jan 1, 2013 2056
Study on inertia as a gravity induced property of mass, in an infinite Hubble expanding universe. van Engelshoven, Jeroen Report Jan 1, 2013 3388
Tesla GPUs versus MPI with OpenMP for the forward modeling of gravity and gravity gradient of large prisms ensemble. Couder-Castaneda, Carlos; Ortiz-Aleman, Carlos; Orozco-del-Castillo, Mauricio Gabriel; Nava-Flores, Report Jan 1, 2013 8069
Scientists find evidence for speed of gravity. Dec 28, 2012 245
The influence of continental water storage on gravity rates estimates: case study using absolute gravity measurements from area of Lower Silesia, Poland. Rajner, Marcin; Olszak, Tomasz; Rogowski, Jerzy; Walo, Janusz Report Oct 1, 2012 2958
Geodynamic effects detected in the Stolowe Gory Mountains investigated originally for gravitational mass movements. Cacon, Stefan; Kostak, Blahoslav; Makolski, Krzysztof Report Oct 1, 2012 5939
A model for geometry-dependent errors in length artifacts. Sawyer, Daniel; Parry, Brian; Phillips, Steven; Blackburn, Chris; Muralikrishnan, Bala Report Sep 1, 2012 5822
Sealed gravitational capillary viscometry of dimethyl ether and two next-generation alternative refrigerants. Cousins, Dylan S.; Laesecke, Arno Report Sep 1, 2012 12545
Weighty matters. Goudarzi, Sara Brief article Aug 21, 2012 293
Local quasigeoid modelling using gravity data inversion technique analysis of fixed coefficients of density model weighting matrix. Trojanowicz, Marek Report Jul 1, 2012 5919
Comparison of pathway and center of gravity of the calcaneus on non-involved and involved sides according to eccentric and concentric strengthening in patients with Achilles tendinopathy. Yu, JaeHo; Lee, GyuChang Report Mar 1, 2012 3831
Local modelling of quasigeoid heights with the use of the gravity inverse method--case study for the area of Poland. Trojanowicz, Marek Report Jan 1, 2012 8920
Investigation into measurements using gravimeters Scintrex CG-5/Matavimu Scintrex CG-5 gravimetrais analize. Petroskevicius, Petras; Birvydiene, Rosita; Obuchovski, Romuald; Parseliunas, Eimuntas Report Dec 1, 2011 2297
What if burning without gravity-- NASA [IMAGE]. Image May 25, 2011 354
Thick skin tectonic study of the Hazara-Kashmir Syntaxis based on gravity data. Khan, Muhammad Rustam; Baig, Mirza Shahid; Khan, Muhammad Sabir Author abstract Dec 31, 2010 325
Thin skin tectonic study based on gravity along the western limb of Hazara Kashmir Syntaxis, Muzaffarabad and adjoining areas, Sub Himalayas, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Mughal, Muhammad Saleem; Khan, Muhammad Rustam; Baig, Mirza Shahid; Khan, Muhammad Sabir; Pervez, Sh Report Dec 31, 2010 348
Remarks on (super-)accelerating cosmological models in general scalar-tensor gravity/ Moned markused superkiirenevate kosmoloogiliste mudelite kohta gravitatsiooni uldises skalaar-tensorteoorias. Jarv, Laur; Kuusk, Piret; Saal, Margus Report Dec 1, 2010 3394
Modified Newtonian dynamics at low accelerations as an alternative to dark matter. Prozesky, Andri Report Aug 1, 2010 6873
Quantum physics takes flying leap: supercold atoms in free fall may offer clues about gravity. Sanders, Laura Brief article Jul 17, 2010 282
Propagation of surface waves in non-homogeneous granular medium under the influence of gravity. Gupta, K.C.; Sethi, Munish; Kakar, Rajneesh Report May 1, 2010 3908
Maintenance of antimicrobial susceptibility of acinetobacter baumannii in modeled microgravity. Hensley, Donna M. Report Mar 22, 2010 2858
Shaving extra dimensions. Grossman, Lisa Brief article Mar 13, 2010 115
Direct modeling of the gravitational field using harmonic series. Novak, Pavel Report Jan 1, 2010 4589
Characteristics of the gravimetric network in Lithuania/Lietuvos gravimetrinio tinklo charakteristikos. Birvydiene, Rosita; Obuchovski, Romuald; Parseliunas, Eimuntas; Petroskevicius, Petras; Slikas, Domi Report Dec 1, 2009 2927
Device for the gravitational self-voiding of liquid-state alloys or metals under their own weight. Marta, Constantin; Midan, Aurel; Suciu, Lenuta; Rosu, Monica; Bizau, Viorel Report Jan 1, 2009 1424
Parameters for viability check on gravitational theories regarding the experimental data. Celakoska, Emilija G.; Trencevski, Kostadin Report Jan 1, 2009 1144
Derivation of the Newton's law of gravitation based on a fluid mechanical singularity model of particles. Wang, Xiao-Song Report Oct 1, 2008 5132
A method of successive approximations in the framework of the geometrized Lagrange formalism. Garas'ko, Grigory I. Report Oct 1, 2008 3656
A unified theory of interaction: gravitation and electrodynamics. Wagener, Pieter Report Oct 1, 2008 4675
Black Holes. Brief article Sep 2, 2008 112
What gravity is. Some recent considerations. Christianto, Vic; Smarandache, Florentin Jul 1, 2008 3651
Models for quarks and elementary particles--Part III: what is the nature of the gravitational field? Neumann, Ulrich K.W. Formula Jul 1, 2008 2204
Leap of a lifetime: the day Bob Beamon defied gravity. Snook, Jeff Jun 1, 2008 2105
Geodetic precession of the spin in a non-singular gravitational potential. Haranas, Ioannis Iraklis; Harneyy, Michael Report Jan 1, 2008 2432
On the gravitational field of a pulsating source. Stavroulakis, Nikias Oct 1, 2007 4803
A new conformal theory of semi-classical quantum general relativity. Suhendro, Indranu Oct 1, 2007 4935
Periodic gravity changes in the young tectonic movement investigation of selected area in the Polish Western Carpathians. Loj, Monika; Madej, Janusz; Porzucek, Slawomir; Zuchiewicz, Witold Report Oct 1, 2007 5003
Numerical solution of time-dependent gravitational Schrodinger equation. Christianto, Vic; Rapoport, Diego L.; Smarandache, Florentin Apr 1, 2007 1946
On the propagation of gravitation from a pulsating source. Stavroulakis, Nikias Apr 1, 2007 6493
Periodic gravity changes in young tectonic movement investigation in orawska valley and dunajec fissure valley area--first results. Porzucek, Slawomir; Madej, Janusz; Loj, Monika Report Jul 1, 2006 2556
3-space in-flow theory of gravity: boreholes, blackholes and the fine structure constant. Cahill, Reginald T. Apr 1, 2006 4649
Non-Euclidean geometry and gravitation. Stavroulakis, Nikias Apr 1, 2006 8347
On the theory and physics of the Aether. Rughede, Ole D. Jan 1, 2006 4130
Methodology of periodic gravimetric investigations in monitoring geodynamic processes-selected examples. Loj, Monika; Madej, Janusz; Porzucek, Slawomir Report Jul 1, 2005 3240
A new method to measure the speed of gravitation. Rabounski, Dmitri Apr 1, 2005 3715
Twin satellites track water's rise and fall. Brief Article Aug 7, 2004 277
Ten years of gravimetric monitoring on the points of geodynamic networks in the Sudety Mts. Barlik, Marcin; Olszak, Tomasz; Pachuta, Andrzej Report Jul 1, 2004 2888
Gravitational spreading of the elevated mountain ridges in the Moravian-Silesian Beskids. Krejci, Oldrich; Hubatka, Frantisek; Svancara, Jan Report Jul 1, 2004 2371
Speed of gravity measured -- or maybe not. Apr 1, 2003 780
Mapping with grace: twin satellites chart changes in Earth's gravitational field. Perkins, Sid Jan 4, 2003 734
Gravitropism and Phototropism of the Internodal Cells of Chara corallina. (Botany & Plant Ecology). Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 232
Gravity Experiment Weighs In for Einstein. Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 320
Quantum gravity predicts piecemeal space. Peterson, I. May 20, 1995 688
Roche limit. Asimov, Isaac Reference Source Jan 1, 1994 176
Gravitational and inertial mass. Asimov, Isaac Reference Source Jan 1, 1994 224
Accurate measuring with atomic fountains and optical molasses. Ashley, Steven Nov 1, 1992 633
Taking the measure of Newton's gravity law. Peterson, Ivars Brief Article Oct 3, 1992 406
Fifth force sunk in ocean experiments. Monastersky, Richard Jan 4, 1992 265
Detecting Jupiter's tug on radio waves. Peterson, Ivars Nov 9, 1991 393
Found: memories of gravitational waves. Peterson, Ivars Sep 28, 1991 739
Antimatter takes a free gravitational fall. Peterson, Ivars Mar 2, 1991 598
Stronger support for equivalence principle. Peterson, I. Sep 22, 1990 463
Space gyroscopes for testing relativity. Mar 3, 1990 465
An absence of antigravity. Feb 24, 1990 319
The source of a great attraction. Peterson, Ivars Jan 27, 1990 492
A gyroscope's gravity-defying feat. Jan 6, 1990 212
Heavy rock cast at claims of new force. Monastersky, Richard Dec 17, 1988 656
Relativity by the numbers: supercomputers help physicists picture collapsing stars and gravitational waves. Peterson, Ivars Sep 3, 1988 1940
Newton's gravity law may take a fall. Monastersky, Richard Aug 6, 1988 418
New clues to the fifth force and its source. Thomsen, Dietrick E. Oct 3, 1987 783
Geophysics on the fifth force's trail. Weisburd, Stefi Jan 3, 1987 874
The attraction and repulsion of gravity. Thomsen, Dietrick E. Apr 26, 1986 481
Shadow matter. Thomsen, Dietrick E. May 11, 1985 1124

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