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Wolves More Prosocial Than Dogs: Study shows helping pack members is ancestral. Dale, R. Jul 1, 2019 431
Hunt and Gather. Baynham, Jacob Jun 22, 2019 1192
Forecasting cattle depredation risk by recolonizing gray wolves. Hanley, Zoe L.; Cooley, Hilary S.; Maletzke, Benjamin T.; Wielgus, Robert B. Report Jan 1, 2018 11081
Dogs Instinctively Want To Be Treated Equally. Jun 9, 2017 529
Digging further into wolf-deer interactions: food web effects on soil nitrogen availability in a Great Lakes Forest. Report Jul 1, 2016 2568
What's in a Howl? Researchers in Yellowstone are hoping to uncover the meaning behind the haunting sounds of wolves. Brulliard, Nicolas Jun 22, 2016 1084
New research takes aim at wolf culls. Brief article Mar 22, 2015 289
Extinct wolf may have begat dogs: no sign of ancestry in DNA from living populations. Saey, Tina Hesman Jul 13, 2013 389
Wild boar on menu; Study finds out what wolves like. Dec 28, 2012 364
Decline and extermination of an arctic wolf population in east Greenland, 1899-1939. Marquard-petersen, Ulf Report Jun 1, 2012 8687
A Note on the Diet of Indian Wolf (Canis lupus) in Baltistan, Pakistan. Anwar, Muhammad Bilal; Nadeem, Muhammad Sajid; Shah, Syed Israr; Kiayani, Amjad Rashid; Mushtaq, Muh Report Apr 30, 2012 1730
Accuracy of estimating wolf summer territories by daytime locations. Demma, Dominic J.; Mech, L. David Report Apr 1, 2011 3847
Adapting a predictive spatial model for wolf Canis spp. predation on livestock in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan, USA. Edge, Justin L.; Beyer, Dean E., Jr.; Belant, Jerrold L.; Jordan, Mark J.; Roell, Brian J. Report Mar 1, 2011 5973
Summer diet of the Mexican gray wolf (Canis lupus baileyi). Merkle, Jerod A.; Krausman, Paul R.; Stark, Dan W.; Oakleaf, John K.; Ballard, Warren B. Report Dec 1, 2009 3316
Annual arctic wolf pack size related to arctic hare numbers. Mech, L. David Report Sep 1, 2007 1946
Possible use of foresight, understanding, and planning by wolves hunting muskoxen. Mech, L. David Jun 1, 2007 3796
Wolf (Canis lupus) predation of a polar bear (Ursus maritimus) cub on the sea ice off northwestern Banks Island, Northwest Territories, Canada. Richardson, E.S.; Andriashek, D. Sep 1, 2006 1730
Decline and recovery of a High Arctic wolf-prey system. Mech, L. David Sep 1, 2005 1991
Wolves of the rainforest: denning beneath ancient cedars, swimming ocean channels, fishing for salmon, these genetically distinct timber wolves roam a 70,000-square-kilometre coastal wilderness. Young, Cameron Dec 22, 2002 2444
Co-Evolution: New evidence suggests that to be truly human is to be partly wolf. McGhee, Robert Bibliography Jan 1, 2002 2900
Watching Wolves On a Wild Ride - For 25 winners, researcher Rolf Peterson has tracked the turbulent twists and turns in the lives of Isle Royale's top predators and prey. Line, Les Dec 1, 2000 2331
No longer top dog: studies of coyotes in Yellowstone National Park show that wolf reintroduction is changing the canine social hierarchy. Di Silvestro, Roger Oct 1, 1996 2629

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