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Preface. Jordan, Michael C. Mar 22, 2015 3060
"As a human to humans": the Second Vatican Council's understanding of "self-revelation" in context. Seewald, Michael Essay Mar 22, 2015 6839
The liberal arts and the virtues: a Thomistic history. Rose, Matthew Essay Mar 22, 2015 11424
Aquinas on Paul's use of the Old Testament: the implications of participation. Raith, Charles, II Essay Mar 22, 2015 8884
Faith in faith: reason, faith, and prayer in the theology of Servais Pinckaers, OP. Morrissey, Paul Essay Mar 22, 2015 6215
The preacher of the Fourth Lateran Council. Jones, Andrew W. Essay Mar 22, 2015 11117
Simone Weil on music: listening with tears of prayerful silence. Caranfa, Angelo Essay Mar 22, 2015 9315
William and Henry James on the immortality of the soul. Duncan, Roger Essay Mar 22, 2015 4850
Maimonides and the Epicurean position on providence. Weber, Gadi Charles Essay Mar 1, 2015 12620
American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly: Vol. 89, No. 1, Winter 2015. Abstract Mar 1, 2015 1189
Phronesis: Vol. 60, No. 1, 2015. Abstract Mar 1, 2015 424
A visionary for Christian mission in the Middle East. Vogelaar, Harold Feb 1, 2015 3742
Cosmic crucified or one ultimate reality? On becoming a committed pluralist. LaHurd, Carol Schersten Feb 1, 2015 4507
A theologian of the cross. Shelley, Michael T. Feb 1, 2015 3749
Pacem in Terris, fifty years later. Minnerath, Roland Essay Jan 1, 2015 4420
"Beyond hope he saved us": Trinitarian analogies in The Lord of the Rings. Scott, Carolyn F. Essay Jan 1, 2015 7532
Moses' role in writing the Torah: the history of Jewish fundamental tenet. Viezel, Eran Report Dec 22, 2014 17839
The moment of faith: against relativism through a reinterpretation of the story of Abraham. Zyla, Justin M. Report Dec 22, 2014 10332
The interpretation and explanation approaches of the Holy Quran in the preparation of Eyn Al Ghozat Hamadani letters. Javadzadegan, Nader Report Dec 15, 2014 3122
The apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium on the proclamation of the gospel in today's world: implications and prospects. Bevans, Stephen Report Nov 1, 2014 5202
How to be a genuine fake: her, Alan Watts, and the problem of the self. Smith, David L. Report Oct 1, 2014 10950
Faith, doubt, and chiasmus in Krzysztof Kieslowski's Decalogue I. Bartley, William Report Oct 1, 2014 9754
Cloud Atlas' queer tiki kitsch: Polynesians, settler colonialism, and sci-fi film. Estrada, Gabriel S. Report Oct 1, 2014 9164
The failure of a pseudo-Christian community in a nation-state in crisis: 28 days later. Martin, Karl E. Report Oct 1, 2014 10025
Bible and Cinema: An Introduction. Vredenburgh, Steven Report Oct 1, 2014 2046
Service or subservience? Diakonia in our globalized, gendered world. Haddad, Beverley Report Oct 1, 2014 5655
Diakonia and human dignity. Parhiala, Paulina; Simango, Gorden Oct 1, 2014 4026
The spirit of the liturgical movement: a benedictine renewal of culture. Millare, Roland Essay Sep 22, 2014 9832
Septem psalmi poenitentiales: history, demise, and rebirth of an ascetical tradition. Ubel, John L. Essay Sep 22, 2014 4818
The Genealogy of Ressentiment and the Achilles' Heel of Humanitarianism: thinking with Dostoevsky, Scheler, and Manent on "Love of Mankind". Hren, Joshua Essay Sep 22, 2014 9096
The good Samaritan goes global. Wallis, Jim Essay Jul 1, 2014 3111
The enduring relevance of Karol Wojtyla's philosophy. Spinello, Richard A. Essay Jun 22, 2014 10735
John Courtney Murray, religious liberty, and modernity: Part II: modern constitutional democracy. Burns, Timothy W. Essay Jun 22, 2014 6420
Dinah Morris as second eve: the fall and redemption in Adam Bede. Marr, Ryan Essay Jun 22, 2014 8451
St. Vincent of Lerins and the development of Christian doctrine. Guarino, Thomas G. Essay Jun 22, 2014 5033
The heart of the matter: Edith Stein on the substance of the soul. Wallenfang, Donald L. Essay Jun 22, 2014 9649
The Christian Socrates: autobiography and conversion in the Consolation of Philosophy. Nielsen, Melinda Essay Jun 22, 2014 4705
Holiness and the history of the church in Benedict XVI's general audiences. Rouleau, Louis J. Essay Jun 22, 2014 5645
"God did play the child": Robert Southwell's "Christes childhoode". Kenney, Theresa M. Essay Jun 22, 2014 3697
The three-day plan. Lerner, Berel Dov Essay Apr 1, 2014 3166
Text and historical motivations behind the commentary of Rabbi Ovadiah Sforno on the Torah. Angel, Hayyim Essay Apr 1, 2014 4032
The psalms of the day. Apple, Raymond Essay Apr 1, 2014 2812
Why Isaac wasn't permitted to resist at the Akedah: legal requirement to obey the command of a prophet. Backon, Joshua Essay Apr 1, 2014 815
Why did the Torah allow servitude? Bakon, Shimon Essay Apr 1, 2014 2304
Moses: not a man of words. Rosman, Morris Essay Apr 1, 2014 954
The Tower of Babel in Eliezer Ashkenazi's Sefer Ma'aseh Hashem. Sherwin, Byron L. Essay Apr 1, 2014 2267
The Book of Jubilees and the Midrash Part 2: Noah and the Flood. Ron, Zvi Essay Apr 1, 2014 4410
John Courtney Murray, religious liberty, and modernity: Part I: inalienable natural rights'. Burns, Timothy W. Essay Mar 22, 2014 9978
St. Ambrose, euthanasia, and antisenescence arguments: death as a good? Napier, Stephen Essay Mar 22, 2014 6665
Two apostles of loneliness: Caryll Houselander and Catherine Doherty on the mystical body of Christ. Meconi, David Vincent Essay Mar 22, 2014 6776
Toward a postmodern Christian historical hermeneutic. Olsen, Glenn W. Essay Mar 22, 2014 8596
Anselm on immortality and love: reading Monologion 68-70. McDermid, Douglas Essay Mar 22, 2014 7259
Hope and dignity for Africa: ecumenical theological challenges. Karamaga, Andre Report Mar 1, 2014 5124
The relation of phenomenology and Thomistic metaphysics to religion: a study of Patrick Masterson's approaching God: between phenomenology and theology. Sokolowski, Robert Essay Mar 1, 2014 9529
Preface. Jordan, Michael C.; Deavel, David Paul Editorial Jan 1, 2014 2771
Thomas more on humor. Essay Jan 1, 2014 8737
How dawson read the city of god. R. Hein, Jacob D. Essay Jan 1, 2014 9699
The human quest and divine disclosure according to Walker Percy: an Examination in Light of Lonergan. Rosenberg, Randall S. Essay Jan 1, 2014 8979
Knowledge, understanding and the God paradigm. Hunter, Murray Essay Jan 1, 2014 4313
Yah: a name of God. Durousseau, Clifford Hubert Essay Jan 1, 2014 2112
Shepherding as a Metaphor. Aranoff, Gerald Essay Jan 1, 2014 1198
Prooftext that Elkanah rather than Hannah consecrated Samuel as a Nazirite. Backon, Joshua Essay Jan 1, 2014 765
And he called by the name of the Lord. Bakon, Shimon Essay Jan 1, 2014 1200
Queen Athaliah: the daughter of Ahab or Omri? Klein, Reuven Chaim, "Rudolph" Essay Jan 1, 2014 4019
Saul and Genocide. Lerner, Berel Dov Essay Jan 1, 2014 2419
The trial of Jeremiah and the killing of Uriah the prophet. Mariottini, Claude F. Essay Jan 1, 2014 3465
Serah bat asher in Rabbinic literature. Reiss, Moshe Essay Jan 1, 2014 2814
Wordplay in Genesis 2:25-3:1. Ron, Zvi Essay Jan 1, 2014 1836
Our predicament. Iqbal, Muzaffar Report Dec 22, 2013 2766
Philosophical prayer in Proclus's commentary on Plato's Timaeus. Layne, Danielle A. Dec 1, 2013 9475
Kant's two touchstones for conviction: the incommunicable dimension of moral faith. Trullinger, Joseph S. Dec 1, 2013 15100
Truth, the good, and the unity of theory and practice. Winfield, Richard Dien Dec 1, 2013 6483
American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly vol. 87, no. 4, fall 2013. Dec 1, 2013 1349
American Philosophical Quarterly vol. 50, no. 4, October 2013. Report Dec 1, 2013 994
Preface. Bareviciute, Jovile; Kacerauskas, Tomas Dec 1, 2013 803
Creative interactions between word and image in modern visual culture/Kurybines zodzio ir vaizdo saveikos moderniojoje vizualineje kulturoje. Juzefovic, Agnieska Report Dec 1, 2013 4781
Unity of creation, humanity and the church. Fabian, Alice; MacDonald, Mark Dec 1, 2013 2865
"Together Towards Life" (TTL): mission towards fullness of life. Dec 1, 2013 1578
Editorial. Gill, Theodore A., Jr.; Gibaut, John Editorial Oct 1, 2013 1108
From ground breaking to breaking new ground. Tanner, Mary Report Oct 1, 2013 1734
A prophetic, polysemic and proleptic prompt. Rajkumar, Peniel Jesudason Rufus Report Oct 1, 2013 1604
Walking together in a house of mirrors. Hietamaki, Minna Report Oct 1, 2013 1465
The Lima process: after thirty years. Link, Hans-Georg Report Oct 1, 2013 7126
Keeping warm: reception in the ecumenical winter. Myers, Bruce Report Oct 1, 2013 4761
Sarah's treatment of Hagar (Genesis 16): morals, messages, and mesopotamia. Angel, Hayyim Oct 1, 2013 2871
The psychology of Balaam. Anisfeld, Moshe Oct 1, 2013 3347
Sinai upside-down: the theological message of a Midrash. Apple, Raymond Oct 1, 2013 2483
From Noah to Abraham: The onomastics of the period. Blumenthal, Fred Oct 1, 2013 1624
Who knows seven? Green, Yosef Oct 1, 2013 2576
The meaning of and he went Shefi (Num. 23:3). Gevaryahu, Gilad J. Oct 1, 2013 1529
Ruth and Elisha: a comparative study. Walfish, Ruth Oct 1, 2013 2747
Alcohol and the fate of Nadab and Abihu: a biblical cautionary tale against inebriation. Wolak, Arthur J. Oct 1, 2013 2949
Murrin, Lewis, Greenblatt, and the Aristotelian self-swerve. Ross, Charles Sep 22, 2013 5824
Biological and environmental constraints on knowing the self. Kauffmann, Duane Essay Sep 1, 2013 5032
Deeply engaged and strongly perspectival? The impasse in the psychology-Christianity dialogue and its missional resolution. Kosits, Russell D. Essay Sep 1, 2013 11355
Psychology at the theological frontiers. Looy, Heather Essay Sep 1, 2013 5581
God of life, lead us to justice and peace! In ecumenical process for transformation. Gennadios Report Jul 1, 2013 6030
Life, justice, and peace in the spirit: a Korean Pentecostal reflection. Ma, Wonsuk Report Jul 1, 2013 8636
Abu Hamid al-Ghazali: Iljam al-'awam 'an 'ilm al-kalam: Chapter two: establishing the evidence that the method of the Salaf is the right method [in understanding the divine attributes]. Shuayb, Fiazuddin Jun 22, 2013 3685
A window onto Islamic Sciences. Iqbal, Muzaffar Jun 22, 2013 2597
An examination of the MMPI-2-RF L-r scale in an outpatient Protestant sample. Bridges, Seth A.; Baum, Linda J. Report Jun 22, 2013 4986
Authentic compassion? O. Toscani's outrageous campaigns: an ethic-esthetical inquiry from a theologian's perspective /Autentiskas gailestis? Izeidziancios O. Toscani kampanijos: etinis--estetinis tyrinejimas is teologo perspektyvos. Enxing, Julia Report Jun 1, 2013 7649
A Sketch for a Ricoeurian Hermeneutics of religious identity. Chua, Jefferson Macariola Report Mar 22, 2013 10227
On the death of the charismatic founder: Re-viewing some Buddhist sources. Clasquin-Johnson, Michel Report Mar 22, 2013 6572
Reformed epistemology and the problem of religious diversity. Hosu, Ramona Report Mar 22, 2013 3547
An empirical consideration of grace and legalism within Christian experience. Bassett, Rodney L. Report Mar 22, 2013 16953
Spinoza on truth, religion, and salvation. De Dijn, Herman Report Mar 1, 2013 7564
The rule of interpretation: a comparative study between M. Quraish Shihab with al-Tabari. Ibrahim, Mazlan; Usman, Abur Hamdi Report Jan 1, 2013 5804
The existence of God in Greek philosophy and Muslim theology. AbuBakar, Ibrahim Report Jan 1, 2013 5111
The spiritual meaning of technological evolution to life. Kirby, Joseph Morrill Report Jan 1, 2013 8410
Reflections on Maimonides' eighth principle of faith: its implications for orthodox bible students. Wexler, Aharon E. Essay Jan 1, 2013 2521
Rescue from fiery death: Daniel Chapter 3 and Genesis Chapter 38. Ron, Zvi Essay Jan 1, 2013 1591
The length of the rule of Joshua and the periods of subjugation in the book of judges. Schatz, Elihu A. Essay Jan 1, 2013 1441
What is Keseh in Psalm 81:4? Stein, Nathan Essay Jan 1, 2013 958
On concealing Tekhelet and revealing the Shekhinah. Navon, Mois Essay Jan 1, 2013 1196
Phinehas, Elijah & circumcision. Cohen, Jeffrey M. Essay Jan 1, 2013 2060
Understanding Psalm 46. Folger, Arie Essay Jan 1, 2013 4201
A lost battle of king Ahab rediscovered. Berlyn, Patricia Essay Jan 1, 2013 4552
"Big Cats" and honorific titles among the Benuaq of East Kalimantan: the case of Timang. Venz, Oliver Report Jan 1, 2013 19117
A torah with 70 different faces. Maller, Allen S. Essay Dec 30, 2012 1636
David's sin: counting the people. Bakon, Shimon Essay Dec 30, 2012 696
Elijah and Elisha: part II similarities and differences. Zucker, David J. Essay Dec 30, 2012 1832
Pharaoh's dreams: an extended interpretation. Newman, Stephen Report Oct 1, 2012 607
Psalm 68: echoes of the song of Deborah? Sussman, Shoshana Report Oct 1, 2012 1023
Responsive voices in the Song of the Sea (Exodus 15:1-21). Amzallag, Nissim; Avriel, Michal Report Oct 1, 2012 5389
The ten plagues: debunking Egyptian polytheism. Blumenthal, Fred Oct 1, 2012 1579
The curse of death in war. Bar, Shaul Essay Oct 1, 2012 3045
Noah and the dove: the integral connection between Noah and Jonah. Keiter, Sheila Tuller Essay Oct 1, 2012 1754
Genesis 31: Jacob's peculiar dream. Bakon, Shimon Essay Oct 1, 2012 477
Peril and deliverance and the Akedah-Sinai narrative structure. Miller, Gideon Essay Oct 1, 2012 2332
A new interpretation of akarah ... ein lah valad (gen. 11:30) based on the Talmud: "unattached follicle". Backon, Joshua Essay Oct 1, 2012 1328
What's in a name?--Ya'akov and/or Yisrael. Nataf, Francis Essay Oct 1, 2012 2436
Elijah and Elisha: Part I Moses and Joshua. Zucker, David J. Essay Oct 1, 2012 2617
American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly: Spring 2012, Vol. 86, No. 2. Report Sep 1, 2012 1615
American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly: Summer 2012, Vol. 86, No. 3. Report Sep 1, 2012 1019
Fear and the spiritual realism of Octavia Butler's Earthseed. Jos, Philip H. Essay Jul 1, 2012 8260
Minimal ethics and the new configuration of the public space. Frunza, Sandu Report Jun 22, 2012 5782
New atheists on genesis 1-11 and 19. DeVan, Benjamin B. Report Jun 22, 2012 15813
Traditional African religion, cosmology and Christianity. Kyriakakis, Ioannis Report Jun 22, 2012 9967
Imperial embraces and ethnic challenges: the politics of Jewish identity in the Bohemian lands. Kieval, Hillel J. Report Jun 22, 2012 6910
Building Slovak Jewry: communal reorientation in interwar Czechoslovakia. Klein-Pejsova, Rebekah Report Jun 22, 2012 9529
Negotiating Jewish belonging in postwar Slovakia (1945-48). Cichopek-Gajraj, Anna Report Jun 22, 2012 8463
The Menorah Journal and shaping American Jewish identity: culture and evolutionary sociology: this paper was the winner of the 2010 Midwest Jewish studies association graduate student paper award. Kaufman, Matthew Report Jun 22, 2012 7769
Not judging by appearances: the role of genotype in Jewish law on intersex conditions. Gray, Hillel Report Jun 22, 2012 10061
Culture, language, and integration. Dueck, Al Report Jun 22, 2012 3889
Principled, professional, and personal integration and beyond: further reflections on the past and future. Tan, Siang-Yang Report Jun 22, 2012 2769
Integration of psychology and Christianity: 2022. Ripley, Jennifer S. Report Jun 22, 2012 3503
Why Spinoza is intolerant of atheists: God and the limits of early modern liberalism. Rosenthal, Michael A. Report Jun 1, 2012 10874
Transcending Gadamer: towards a participatory hermeneutics. O'Reilly, Kevin E. Report Jun 1, 2012 8039
American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly: Spring 2012, Vol. 86, No. 1. Report Jun 1, 2012 1030
European Journal of Philosophy: March 2012, Vol. 20, No. 1. Report Jun 1, 2012 1382
Biblical longevities: reply to Huebner. Makous, Walter Jun 1, 2012 548
Randomness and God's nature. Bradley, James Report Jun 1, 2012 10149
Darwinian theological insights: toward an intellectually fulfilled Christian theism--Part I: divine creative action and intelligent design in nature. Lamoureux, Denis O. Report Jun 1, 2012 9131
Anomalies welcome. Peterson, James C. Editorial Jun 1, 2012 948
Note about this issue. Henderson, Charles P. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 312
Introduction. Ochs, Vanessa L. Mar 1, 2012 1923
A heart of flesh: beyond "creative liturgy". Madsen, Catherine Mar 1, 2012 3936
Response to Catherine Madsen. Rashkover, Randi Mar 1, 2012 3065
Response to Catherine Madsen--god as criterion of Jewish liturgy. Kepnes, Steven Mar 1, 2012 1450
Response to Catherine Madsen, "a Heart of Flesh: beyond 'creative liturgy'". Hochman, Leah Mar 1, 2012 1534
Response to Catherine Madsen's paper, "a Heart of Flesh: beyond 'creative liturgy'". Rody, Caroline Mar 1, 2012 971
Catherine Madsen responds. Mar 1, 2012 974
Law as lyric, lyric as star trek: a reading of Kol Nidre. Selinqer, Eric Murphy Mar 1, 2012 2683
Kaplan's approach to Prayer appreciated and challenged. Caplan, Eric Mar 1, 2012 4087
On Poetry and Prayer. Barenblat, Rachel Mar 1, 2012 3198
Poetry and Prayer. Feld, Edward Mar 1, 2012 1582
Theology after Obama--what does race have to do with it? A racial prolegomenon to American theological production in the twenty-first century. Perkinson, James W. Mar 1, 2012 7695
Editorial. Gill, Theodore A., Jr. Editorial Mar 1, 2012 466
Occupation as sin. Preda, Radu Report Mar 1, 2012 2945
Editorial. Krondorfer, Bjorn Editorial Dec 1, 2011 459
Anxious Hindu masculinities in colonial North India: shuddhi and sangathan movements. Gupta, Charu Dec 1, 2011 5179
"That's not how we do things here": American men's ministries in an Australasian context. Gelfer, Joseph Dec 1, 2011 4408
St. Joachim as a model of catholic manhood in times of AIDS: a case study on masculinity in an African Christian context. van Klinken, Adriaan S. Dec 1, 2011 4702
Beating the masculinity game: evidence from African Traditional Religion. Ebere, Charles Dec 1, 2011 5736
Diversity of sexuality in Islam: interview with Imam Muhsin Hendricks. Krondorfer, Bjorn Interview Dec 1, 2011 2155
Apophatic theology and masculinities. Davis, Brian McGrath Dec 1, 2011 4607
"Act like men!" (1 Cor 16:13): Paul's exhortation in different historical contexts. Mayordomo, Moises Dec 1, 2011 5265
Prophecy and masculinities: the case of the Qur'anic Joseph. Sondy, Amanullah De Dec 1, 2011 4025
Gay Asian masculinities and Christian theologies. Cheng, Patrick S. Dec 1, 2011 3454
Vicissitudes of the margins: an HIV/AIDS theological journey. Montoya, Angel F. Mendez Dec 1, 2011 3024
Engaging Abrahamic masculinity: race, religion, and the measure of manhood. Neal, Ronald Dec 1, 2011 2938
Editorial. Gill, Theodore A., Jr.; Njoroge, Nyambura Editorial Dec 1, 2011 1657
Editorial. Matthey, Jacques Editorial Nov 1, 2011 2184
It is time to dance with dragons. Niles, Damayanthi M.A. Report Nov 1, 2011 5693
God's mission as praxis for healing and reconciliation. Isaak, Paul John Report Nov 1, 2011 6778
Primed for the spirit: creation, redemption and the Missio Spiritus. Yong, Amos Report Nov 1, 2011 5793
The Christian mission at this hour. Sinclair, Margaret Editorial Nov 1, 2011 2440
Developments during 1962--an editorial survey. Newbigin, Lesslie Editorial Nov 1, 2011 5191
Calvin's views on greed. Dommen, Edward Oct 1, 2011 2473
Christian witness in a multi-religious world: recommendation for conduct. Oct 1, 2011 1950
Review essay: Ronna Burger's Aristotle's Dialogue with Socrates: On the Nicomachean Ethics, Paula Gottlieb's The Virtue of Aristotle's Ethics, and Eric Salem's In Pursuit of the Good: Intellect and Action in Aristotle's Ethics. Biondi, Carrie-Ann Report Sep 22, 2011 10408
Does Islam need a reformation? Kelley, David Sep 22, 2011 2690
The Arab Spring: "why exactly at this time?". al-Azm, Sadek J. Report Sep 22, 2011 3071
Introduction: religion in Asia today. Winfield, Pamela D. Sep 1, 2011 1181
In the wake of the tsunami: religious responses to the great East Japan Earthquake. McLaughlin, Levi Sep 1, 2011 2693
Making a space for hope: representing the creative reinvention of Japanese mountain asceticism in the documentary Shugendo now. McGuire, Mark Patrick Sep 1, 2011 9783
The contraction and expansion of shamanic landscapes in contemporary South Korea. Kendall, Laurel Sep 1, 2011 6347
Prominent nuns: influential Taiwanese voices. Eichman, Jennifer Sep 1, 2011 12065
Hinduism without religion: Amma's movement in America. Huffer, Amanda J. Sep 1, 2011 8999
Negotiating religious and national identities in contemporary Indonesian Islamic education. Pohl, Florian Sep 1, 2011 5760
Borges and the value of immortality: an analytic perspective. Sreekumar, Sandeep Essay Jul 1, 2011 7955
The necessity of a world council of churches. Matthey, Jacques Jul 1, 2011 5174
Report of the General Secretary to the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches, February 2011. Tveit, Olav Fykse Jul 1, 2011 10043
Philosophy and reform: a word about current philosophy--religion dialogue within the Romanian educational system. Bazac, Ana Report Mar 22, 2011 8841
Appreciative philosophy. towards a constructionist approach of philosophical and theological discourse. Sandu, Antonio Report Mar 22, 2011 9818
The role of specific religious law within a predominantly secular legal order. Paraschiv, Elena Report Jan 1, 2011 2219
Genesis 549-51 and 623-25: narrative frame and devilish cunning. Vickrey, John Report Sep 22, 1997 9510
Guy Fawkes, Dr. Slop, and the actions of Providence. Bowden, Martha F. Report Sep 22, 1997 6885
Preaching pastor versus custodian of order: Donne, Andrewes, and the Jacobean Church. Doerksen, Daniel W. Report Sep 22, 1994 5179
Dickensian disciple: Anglo-Jewish identity in the Christmas tales of Benjamin Farjeon. Persell, Michelle Report Sep 22, 1994 6831
Maculating Mary: the detractors of the N-Town cycle's "Trial of Joseph and Mary". Hunt, Alison M. Report Jan 1, 1994 6888

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