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First Patient Dosed in Phase 1 Study of PNT001 in Patients with Acute Traumatic Brain Injury. Apr 6, 2021 274
Bioasis Technologies reveals research validating its blood brain barrier deliver platform to improve neurological function. Mar 30, 2021 455
Which scientist said forgetfulness is the brain getting rid of junk? I forget. Iain Maciver Mar 17, 2021 781
Researchers discover promising biomarkers to diagnose mild traumatic brain injury. Mar 5, 2021 626
Brain storming: Keely Portway looks at how some of the latest research into neurophotonics will help in the fight against brain disorders. Portway, Keely Mar 1, 2021 2143
MGH Study: Light Therapy May Help Treat Brain Injuries That Affect Memory and Thinking: Research suggests that light therapy is safe and appears to support brain cell health compromised by such injuries. Mar 1, 2021 740
World Cup star Nobby's brain is given to scienceTHE; Family help the study of dementia linked to sport. STEPHEN WHITE Feb 24, 2021 448
World Cup hero Nobby's brain is given to scienceTHE; Family help the study of dementia linked to sport. STEPHEN WHITE Feb 24, 2021 465
MGC Pharmaceutical to start new In-vitro cannabinoid study on glioblastoma brain cancer treatment using nano-delivery platform. Feb 16, 2021 713
MGC Pharmaceutical to start new In-vitro cannabinoid study on glioblastoma brain cancer treatment using nano-delivery platform. Feb 16, 2021 713
MGC Pharmaceutical to start new In-vitro cannabinoid study on glioblastoma brain cancer treatment using nano-delivery platform. Feb 16, 2021 711
IN BRIEF: MGC Pharma Starts Oral Cannabis Study To Treat Brain Tumours. Feb 15, 2021 271
Study uncovers blood vessel damage and inflammation in COVID-19 patients' brains. Feb 1, 2021 430
UK study: One in eight Covid-19 survivors report mental, brain disorder within six months of diagnosis. Jan 27, 2021 523
Brain on Tech research shows good and bad technologies affect overall well-being. Jan 23, 2021 491
Dawson James issues Buy rating on Kintara Therapeutics as its VAL-083 selected for study to treat three major brain cancers. Jan 22, 2021 377
SARS-CoV-2 can infect neurons, damage brain tissue: Study. Jan 14, 2021 427
Brain Cancer Could Be Triggered By The Healing Process After Stroke, Others - Study. Jan 6, 2021 537
Five cups of tea a day found to boost brain function in over-85s, study reveals; Previous research has shown that tea has health benefits, including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. By, Tom Wilkinson, PA & Brett Gibbons Dec 29, 2020 379
'Mind map' brain cell discovered in study. Dec 22, 2020 163
New brain cell discovery could help dementia research. Dec 22, 2020 185
'Mind map' brain cell discovered in study. Dec 22, 2020 163
Brain regions found where serotonin boosts patience, impulse control. Dec 7, 2020 540
A Bridge Between in vitro and in vivo Studies in Neuroscience: Organotypic Brain Slice Cultures. Alaylioglu, Merve; Dursun, Erdinc; Yilmazer, Selma; Ak, Duygu Gezen Dec 1, 2020 3756
High BP in midlife is linked to increased brain damage: Study. Nov 27, 2020 461
Babies' brains shaped by mother's stress during pregnancy, study finds; Babies' brains may be shaped by the levels of stress their mother experiences during pregnancy, a study from Edinburgh University has found. Elsa Maishman Medical condition overview Nov 24, 2020 589
Covid patients with high blood pressure more likely to have brain complications, study finds; Researchers found that Covid patients with hypertension and diabetes are at higher risk of life-threatening neurological complications such as bleeding in the brain or stroke. By, Stephen Beech & Shivali Best Clinical report Nov 18, 2020 587
Research identifies 'volume control' in the brain that supports learning and memory. Nov 13, 2020 255
Excess lipids in nerve cells may trigger Parkinson's disease. Oct 25, 2020 742
Tualang Honey Ameliorates Hypoxia-induced Memory Deficits by Reducing Neuronal Damage in the Hippocampus of Adult Male Sprague Dawley Rats/Tualang Bali, Yetiskin Erkek Sprague Dawley Sicanlarinin Hipokampusundaki Noronal Hasari Azaltarak Hipoksiye Bagli Bellek Kayiplarini Iyilestiriyor. Qaid, Entesar Yaseen Abdo; Zakaria, Rahimah; Yusof, Nurul Aiman Mohd; Sulaiman, Shaida Fariza; Shafi Report Oct 1, 2020 5944
Diabetes Drug Metformin May Protect Aging Brains. Sep 26, 2020 514
Alcohol consumption during pregnancy harmful to child's brain - research. Sep 25, 2020 326
Learning a second language: Research shows improvements in the brain and quality of life for people with MS. De Milto, Lori Sep 22, 2020 924
Landmark study shows direct link between smoking and fatal brain haemorrhages; Another great reason to pack up the habit. By, William Janes & Daniel Smith Sep 17, 2020 231
Scientists discover a gene in the brain that controls sexual desire in men; The gene, called aromatase, regulates men's sexual behaviour, and could be targeted by drugs to either increase or decrease sexual desire. By, Shivali Best Sep 16, 2020 312
Coronavirus can attack brain cells leading to delirium and confusion, study warns; Researchers from the Yale School of Medicine found that the virus can infect brain cells before starving neighbouring cells of oxygen. By, Shivali Best Report Sep 11, 2020 312
Coronavirus capable of invading brain - study. Sep 10, 2020 640
The Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury on Criminal Justice Involvement. Clark, C. Brendan; Martinez, Karen A.; Moroney, Krystal; Schroeder, Ryan W. Sep 1, 2020 5648
The Activation of Phosphatidylserine/CD36/TGF-[beta]1 Pathway prior to Surgical Brain Injury Attenuates Neuroinflammation in Rats. Huang, Lei; Tang, Hailiang; Sherchan, Prativa; Lenahan, Cameron; Holing, Warren; Tang, Jiping; Zhang Aug 31, 2020 6735
Mouse Study Suggests Brain Tumors May Originate In A Distant Region. Aug 10, 2020 670
Brain aneurysm risk higher for women who smoke, new research finds. Jul 29, 2020 202
Brain aneurysm risk higher for women who smoke, new research finds. Jul 29, 2020 202
Concussion link to future illness; Study suggests injury can lead to higher risk of dementia. LIZA RADLEY Jul 28, 2020 289
Smoking increases risks to women's brains; RESEARCH. ELLA PICKOVER Jul 28, 2020 252
Concussion leads to higher dementia risk; People who suffer from a concussion have a higher risk of dementia in later life, a study suggests. Jul 28, 2020 486
It's a scandal that mums were given Primodos. Now give them justice; BID TO HELP PREGNANCY TEST DRUG FAMILIES MP calls on Johnson to act on report findings. Jennifer Hyland Jul 19, 2020 376
Anxiety may be symptoms of Covid-19 impact on brain: Study. Jul 16, 2020 448
Anxiety may be symptoms of Covid-19 impact on brain: Study. Jul 16, 2020 392
Warning of serious coronavirus-related brain damage in people with mild symptoms; The University College London study describes 43 worrying cases of patients with Covid-19 who suffered brain dysfunction, strokes, nerve damage or other serious effects. By, Kate Kelland & Ryan Merrifield Jul 9, 2020 481
New study warns of brain damages linked to COVID-19. Jul 8, 2020 201
LITHIUM: A Critical Mineral for Overall Health. Lewis, Sarah Jul 1, 2020 1888
Two Thalamic Regions Screened Using Laser Capture Microdissection with Whole Human Genome Microarray in Schizophrenia Postmortem Samples. Bakshi, Kalindi; Kemether, Eileen M. Jun 30, 2020 8671
Study on Optimal Generative Network for Synthesizing Brain Tumor-Segmented MR Images. Lee, Hyunhee; Jo, Jaechoon; Lim, Heuiseok Jun 30, 2020 5499
Severe Covid-19 can damage the brain, preliminary study finds. Clinical report Jun 26, 2020 355
Dementia risk higher for over 50s who are obese; Study reveals link between size of waist line and brain disease. DAVID BANNER Jun 24, 2020 230
Dementia risk higher for over 50s who are obese; Study reveals link between size of waist line and brain disease. DAVID BANNER Jun 24, 2020 230
Psychological Assessment Tools Utilized in Sports Injury Treatment Outcomes Research: A Review. Everhart, Joshua S.; Harris, Kristie; Chafitz, Aaron; Kirven, James C.; Abouljoud, Moneer; Schiele, Jun 1, 2020 9481
Scientists Develop Model Of The Early Embryonic Brain. Jun 1, 2020 734
Effectiveness of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury: Interview of Paul G. Harch, MD. Faass, Nancy May 1, 2020 4114
Convolutional Neural Network Based Prediction of Conversion from Mild Cognitive Impairment to Alzheimer's Disease: A Technique using Hippocampus Extracted from MRI. Mukhtar, Gulshan; Farhan, Saima May 1, 2020 7398
Quadcopter Control using LabVIEW for a Brain Computer Interface System. Alwasiti, Haider; Yusoff, Mohd Zuki Report May 1, 2020 2938
Limb Ischemic Postconditioning Alleviates Postcardiac Arrest Syndrome through the Inhibition of Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore Opening in a Porcine Model. Wang, Zhengquan; Wu, Lifeng; Xu, Jiefeng; Gao, Jindan; Ye, Sen; Li, Zilong; Chen, Yuanzhuo; Zhang, X Apr 30, 2020 5708
Primary Cognitive Factors Impaired after Glioma Surgery and Associated Brain Regions. Niki, Chiharu; Kumada, Takatsune; Maruyama, Takashi; Tamura, Manabu; Kawamata, Takakazu; Muragaki, Y Apr 30, 2020 7016
Enhanced Gray Matter Volume Compensates for Decreased Brain Activity in the Ocular Motor Area in Children with Anisometropic Amblyopia. Lu, Weizhao; Yu, Xueliang; Zhao, Lisheng; Zhang, Yanli; Zhao, Feng; Wang, Yi; Qiu, Jianfeng Apr 30, 2020 4707
Exercise boosts brain health in adults: Study. Apr 16, 2020 158
Study shows 76,043 ER visits for phone injuries in 20 years Phone: More brain injuries being reported. The Washington Post Apr 13, 2020 245
Effect of GABA-T on Reproductive Function in Female Rats. Si, Wenyu; Li, Hailing; Kang, Tiezhu; Ye, Jing; Yao, Zhiqiu; Liu, Ya; Yu, Tong; Zhang, Yunhai; Ling, Report Apr 1, 2020 9681
Effect of Zolpidem in the Aftermath of Traumatic Brain Injury: An MEG Study. Sripad, Praveen; Rosenberg, Jessica; Boers, Frank; Filss, Christian P.; Galldiks, Norbert; Langen, K Mar 31, 2020 4952
The Mast Cell Is an Early Activator of Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Neuroinflammation and Blood-Brain Barrier Dysfunction in the Hippocampus. Wang, Yiwei; Sha, Huanhuan; Zhou, Leting; Chen, Yinan; Zhou, Qin; Dong, Hongquan; Qian, Yanning Mar 31, 2020 7747
Coronavirus: Stress about COVID-19 'can have impacts on men's sperm and future children'; Stress causes damage to men's sperm -harming brain development in future offspring, scientists have warned. By, Mark Waghorn & Shivali Best Mar 24, 2020 978
Corners. Pallocca, Giorgia; Leist, Marcel Mar 22, 2020 5520
Dave will donate brain for Parkinson's research. Mar 16, 2020 219
Ganoderma lucidum Triterpenoids (GLTs) Reduce Neuronal Apoptosis via Inhibition of ROCK Signal Pathway in APP/PS1 Transgenic Alzheimer's Disease Mice. Yu, Nanhui; Huang, Yongpan; Jiang, Yu; Zou, Lianhong; Liu, Xiehong; Liu, Sulai; Chen, Fang; Luo, Jun Mar 1, 2020 6252
Brains of Girls and Boys Are Similar, Producing Equal Math Ability, Study Says. Feb 1, 2020 668
Study reveals high air pollution exposure in 1-year-olds linked to structural brain changes at age 12. ANI Jan 28, 2020 405
Study reveals horror movies manipulate brain activity to enhance excitement. ANI Jan 24, 2020 453
Study focuses on understading highways of human brain. ANI Jan 24, 2020 501
Brain magnetic resonance imaging enhanced through artificial intelligence: Study. ANI Jan 19, 2020 344
Baby, Adult Brains 'Sync Up' During Play. Jan 14, 2020 809
Study reveals baby and adult brains 'sync up' during play. ANI Jan 12, 2020 701
Adult and baby brains share same wavelength during play, study finds. ANI Report Jan 10, 2020 511
Study focuses on artificial neural connection allows a new cortical site to control hand movements. ANI Report Jan 7, 2020 411
Neglected And Abused Children Grow Up With Smaller Brains, Study. Louise Bonquin Jan 7, 2020 485
Study links neglect with brain size; NEWS WIRE. Report Jan 7, 2020 176
Study explains how brain balances pleasure and pain. ANI Jan 5, 2020 575
Reconnecting The Brain & Spine: Researchers are working to develop and test an "intelligent spinal interface" to help those with SCI regain control of their limbs and more. Jan 1, 2020 1303
Study finds how brain balances pleasure and pain. ANI Jan 1, 2020 600
Ezetimibe Attenuates Oxidative Stress and Neuroinflammation via the AMPK/Nrf2/TXNIP Pathway after MCAO in Rats. Yu, Jing; Wang, Wen-na; Matei, Nathanael; Li, Xue; Pang, Jin-wei; Mo, Jun; Chen, Sheng-pan; Tang, Ji Jan 1, 2020 7314
General Anesthetic-Induced Neurotoxicity in the Immature Brain: Reevaluating the Confounding Factors in the Preclinical Studies. Luo, Ailin; Tang, Xiaole; Zhao, Yilin; Zhou, Zhiqiang; Yan, Jing; Li, Shiyong Jan 1, 2020 6141
Long-Term Voluntary Physical Exercise Exerts Neuroprotective Effects and Motor Disturbance Alleviation in a Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease. Tsai, Wan-Ling; Chen, Hsin-Yung; Huang, Ying-Zu; Chen, Yuan-Hao; Kuo, Chi-Wei; Chen, Kai-Yun; Hsieh, Dec 31, 2019 6082
Evolutionary changes in human brain, potential reason of anxiety: Study. ANI Report Dec 29, 2019 345
Study suggests evolutionary changes in human brain potentially cause anxiety. ANI Report Dec 26, 2019 337
Study focuses on molecular map of brain's decision-making area. ANI Dec 25, 2019 440
Brain injury in combat sports: Is there a safe level? ANI Dec 24, 2019 915
People who play drums have different brain function: Study. ANI Dec 15, 2019 316
People who play drums have different brain function: Study. ANI Dec 15, 2019 303
Studies show that brain growth makes the early years of life qualitatively and quantitatively different. Dr. Nazish Imran Dec 15, 2019 527
Scientists discover neural circuit responsible for alcohol consumption. ANI Dec 14, 2019 495
Researchers have found brain circuit linked to food impulsivity. ANI Dec 13, 2019 440
Exercising key to increase oxygen in the brain: Study. Dec 11, 2019 303
Exercising key to increase oxygen in the brain: Study. Dec 11, 2019 356
Key networks in brain may increase suicide risks: Study. ANI Dec 7, 2019 470
Key brain region smaller in birth control pill users: Study. ANI Dec 4, 2019 445
Exercising key to increase oxygen in the brain: Study. ANI Dec 4, 2019 463
Networks in brain play crucial role in suicide risk: Study. ANI Dec 2, 2019 534
Effects of Decompressive Craniectomy with Mesh in the Level of Transforming Growth Factor Beta, Fibroblast Cell Count, Size of Fibrosis, and Clinical Adhesion of Peridural Tissues in Wistar Rat with Traumatic Brain Injury. Niryana, I. Wayan; Maliawan, Sri; Bakta, I. Made; Astawa, I. Nyoman Mantik Report Dec 1, 2019 2905
Clinical outcome of paediatric patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) receiving 3% hypertonic saline (HTS) in the emergency room of a tertiary care hospital. Emad Uddin Siddiqui, Shahan Waheed, Feroza Perveen, Muhammad Daniyal, Muhammad Abdul Raffay Khan, Sa Nov 30, 2019 3668
Concussions in high school athletes may increase depression and suicide risk. ANI Nov 26, 2019 638
Animal Study Offers Hope for Treating Traumatic Brain Injuries. Nov 19, 2019 391
New cell therapy improves memory and stops seizures following TBI: Study. ANI Nov 16, 2019 477
Study reveals healthy sleep linked to earthquake-like brain-wave. ANI Report Nov 16, 2019 332
Earthquake-like brain-wave bursts found to be essential for healthy sleep: Study. ANI Report Nov 15, 2019 311
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology research sheds light on brain function. Arab News Nov 5, 2019 517
Immune control switch could prevent brain injury in premature babies: Study. ANI Clinical report Oct 30, 2019 483
Older adults with dementia are misdiagnosed with Alzheimer's disease: Study. ANI Oct 23, 2019 507
Drug Limits Damage of Brain Injury. Oct 18, 2019 464
People who walk slowly at 45 have older brains, bodies: Study. ANI Oct 12, 2019 517
Study finds rare sleep disorder in veterans with PTSD. ANI Oct 11, 2019 537
Prenatal stress can alter area of brain; RESEARCH. Oct 9, 2019 149
Cancer Tumors form Surprising Connections with Healthy Brain Cells. Sep 30, 2019 340
Drink tea to boost brain function: Study. Sep 14, 2019 299
Mikita suffered from Stage 3 CTE at time of his death, study shows. Obituary Sep 14, 2019 434
Plant based-diets might be lacking an important brain health nutrient: Study. Sep 1, 2019 412
A Gross Morphometric Study of Olfactory Brain Components in the Rufous Sengi (Elephantulus rufescens)/Estudio Morfometrico de los Componentes Olfativo del Cerebro en el Rufo Sengi (Elephantulus rufescens). Kavoi, Boniface Mwanzia; Kisipan, Mosiany Letura Sep 1, 2019 3245
AFFECTIVE STATUS IN CEREBRAL SMALL VESSEL DISEASE/AFEKTIVNI STATUS KOD BOLESTI MALIH KRVNIH SUDOVA MOZGA. Stevanovic, Aleksandar; Stefanovic, Anja; Stojanovski, Natasa; Tomic, Gordana; Trajkovic, Jasna Zidv Clinical report Sep 1, 2019 3207
Brain cells fail to mature in preterm birth: Study. Aug 31, 2019 357
Lack of joy from music linked to brain disconnection: Study. Aug 30, 2019 498
Plasma Marker May Help Detect Traumatic Brain Injury; Plasma levels of glial fibrillary acidic protein higher in those with CT−, MRI+ versus CT−, MRI− findings. Clinical report Aug 29, 2019 256
Researchers find new drug to prevent neuronal deaths. Aug 29, 2019 438
Pregnant Women Can Include Pomegranate Juice In Diet To Protect Baby's Brain, Study Says. Aug 28, 2019 548
Brain's Astrocytes: Long-Term Memory. Aug 25, 2019 801
Deep Brain 'Zap' Restores Vivid Memories to Alzheimer's Patients. Aug 21, 2019 754
Gut-brain connection elucidates how overeating results in obesity: study. Aug 16, 2019 578
Space Radiation Could Fry Astronauts' Brains, Study Reveals. Aug 7, 2019 400
Scientists Manipulate Brain Cells With Phone. Aug 6, 2019 700
Study links higher body weight later in life to faster brain aging. Jul 27, 2019 301
UAE University study looks into how human brain processes memory. Jul 26, 2019 495
Stimulating Certain Parts of the Brain May Boost or Diminish Memories: New research suggests that one day memories may be manipulated to enhance the good ones and minimize the bad. Jul 25, 2019 681
Cuba Mystery Deepens as Study Claims US Diplomats' Brains Had Changed. Jul 25, 2019 402
Neurons help in reducing seizures in newborns: Study. Jul 22, 2019 494
Wearing hearing aid may help protect brain in later life, researchers suggest. Jul 16, 2019 405
Starfish-like animal can coordinate movement without brain's help: Study. Jul 14, 2019 476
Could Computers, Crafts Help Preserve the Aging Brain? Jul 10, 2019 606
Short Bout of Exercise Enhances Brain Function. Jul 9, 2019 465
Short bursts of exercise boost brain functions: Study. Jul 3, 2019 397
Varying brain energy expenditure in childhood associated with weight gain: Study. Jun 22, 2019 411
Scientists construct 3D facial models using identity information stored in the BRAIN; Scientists claim to have "reverse engineered" the information that characterises someone's identity. Jun 18, 2019 340
Children playing recreational sports at increased risk of concussion, finds study. Jun 4, 2019 381
Concussion patients on statins had lower dementia risk. Craven, Jeff Clinical report Jun 1, 2019 510
Statins linked to 13% less dementia after concussion in aged. Craven, Jeff Clinical report Jun 1, 2019 510
Effects of Electroacupuncture on Pain Memory-Related Behaviors and Synchronous Neural Oscillations in the Rostral Anterior Cingulate Cortex in Freely Moving Rats. Shen, Zui; Zhu, Yilin; Liu, Boyi; Liang, Yi; He, Qiaoying; Sun, Jing; Wu, Zemin; Zhang, Haiyan; Yao, May 31, 2019 7520
Magnetic therapy may reverse concussion symptoms: Study. May 30, 2019 449
Concealing information from brain imaging can be beaten with simple countermeasures: study. May 5, 2019 656
New technology can restore voices, finds study. Apr 26, 2019 666
Scientists partly restore brain function in dead pigs. Apr 20, 2019 694
Light physical activity could keep brain young and healthy: Study. Report Apr 20, 2019 332
Scientists restore cellular activity in pigs' brains hours after death. Apr 18, 2019 570
Yale study revives cellular activity in pig brains hours after death. Apr 18, 2019 175
Scientists revive brain function in dead pigs. Apr 18, 2019 749
Study reveals brain activity linked to angry dreams. Apr 17, 2019 380
Study: Brain zaps boost memory in test group of people 60 to 76 -BYLN- By Malcolm Ritter Associated Press Science Writer. Apr 13, 2019 523
Chinese scientists create monkeys with human brain genes. Apr 13, 2019 510
Brain zaps boost memory in people over 60, study finds. Apr 10, 2019 611
Animal-assisted therapy improves social behavior in patients with brain injuries, finds study. Apr 9, 2019 362
Heavy alcohol use may slow brain growth. Apr 2, 2019 394
Rural-urban disparities in health care costs and health service utilization following pediatric mild traumatic brain injury. Graves, Janessa M.; Mackelprang, Jessica L.; Moore, Megan; Abshire, Demetrius A.; Rivara, Frederick Apr 1, 2019 6993
New research identifies neurons that drive and quench salt cravings in mouse brain. Apr 1, 2019 528
Shining a Light on Optogenetics: This new research approach is advancing our understanding of the brain. Doughman, Elizabeth Apr 1, 2019 798
'Broken heart' syndrome may originate in the brain: Study. Mar 5, 2019 572
An overview of penetrating traumatic brain injuries at a major civilian trauma centre in South Africa. Buitendag, J.J.P.; Ras, A.; Kong, V.Y.; Bruce, J.L.; Laing, G.L.; Clarke, D.L.; Brysiewicz, P. Mar 1, 2019 2952
Sleep affects negatively on brain activity: study. Feb 19, 2019 389
Sleep affects negatively on brain activity: British study. Feb 17, 2019 400
Exercise gives older men a better brain boost: Study. Feb 14, 2019 394
Body building supplement could be harmful for the brain: Study. Feb 10, 2019 407
Women's brains four years younger than men's brains: study. Feb 8, 2019 388
Of Zombies and Evidence. Olson, DaiWai M.; Bazil, John C. Report Feb 1, 2019 739
The Cue-Response Theory and Nursing Care of the Patient With Acquired Brain Injury. Olson, DaiWai M.; Ortega-Perez, Stefany Report Feb 1, 2019 3410
The safety and efficacy of tPA intravenous thrombolysis for treating acute ischemic stroke patients with a history of cerebral hemorrhage. Zhao, Guang-jian; Wang, Zi-ran; Lin, Fan-zhen; Cui, Yan-sen; Xu, Shun-liang Report Feb 1, 2019 4547
Scientists Prove Stem Cells Can Be Used To Improve Brain Function. Jan 28, 2019 301
Human brain responds to aggressive voices more quickly: Study. Dec 9, 2018 279
Human brain has 2 internal clocks to predict the future, says study. Nov 25, 2018 463
Bigger brains linked with greater cancer risk: Study. Oct 30, 2018 375
Girls twice as likely to suffer from chronic post-concussion symptoms than boys: Study. Oct 15, 2018 346
Abnormal vision can affect brain functions: Study. Oct 13, 2018 476
Abnormal vision in childhood impairs brain functions: Study. Oct 13, 2018 349
A Video Game Can Change the Brain, May Improve Empathy In Middle Schoolers, Study Says. Oct 1, 2018 504
New Study Reveals the Importance of Active-DHA in the Developing Brain. Sep 25, 2018 430
Research Bites: Trending news and research in healthy living--sorted and summarized for you. Sep 22, 2018 800
Fish-rich diets may boost brain development in babies. Sep 21, 2018 475
Human brains are naturally attracted to laziness: Study. Sep 19, 2018 347
Human brains are naturally attracted to laziness: Study. Sep 19, 2018 337
Deadly Brain-eating Naegleria Found in Karachi's Water Supply: Research. Sep 3, 2018 463
Deadly brain-eating Naegleria found in Karachi's water supply: Research. Sep 3, 2018 424
CONSERVATIVE MANAGEMENT OF TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY. Jadhav, Neha S.; Avinash, S.K. Report Sep 3, 2018 2529
Does Emergency Severity Index Predict Acuity Among Traumatic Brain Injury Patients? Najafi, Zohre; Zakeri, Hossein; Abbaszadeh, Abbas; Ebrahimi, Mohsen; Mirhaghi, Amir Clinical report Sep 1, 2018 5148
Role of Folate in Healthy Human Brain Function. Ritter, Mary Sep 1, 2018 1730
Nursing Care of Pediatric Cranioplasty Patients after Traumatic Brain Injury: Monitoring Benefits and Complications. McCormick, Rachel Report Sep 1, 2018 4953
Scientists discover tiny tunnels connecting brain to skull. Aug 29, 2018 363
Predictive Value of Cranial Ultrasound for Neurodevelopmental Outcomes of Very Preterm Infants with Brain Injury. Zhang, Xue-Hua; Qiu, Shi-Jun; Chen, Wen-Juan; Gao, Xi-Rong; Li, Ya; Cao, Jing; Zhang, Jing-Jing Report Aug 1, 2018 4636
Geckos Can Make New Brain Cells, Study Finds. Jul 30, 2018 417
Just one concussion may up Parkinson's risk: Study. Jul 12, 2018 522
Feeling young could slow down brain ageing: Study. Jul 7, 2018 364
Feeling young could slow down brain ageing: Study. Jul 7, 2018 364
Frankenstein cyborg CRABS? Artificial intelligence researchers are putting Neanderthal brains into ROBOTS; A US scientific study is trying to find out why Neanderthals went extinct. Jun 28, 2018 472
Brain Cells Thought to Disappear During Development Were Just Found in Adults. Jun 25, 2018 626
Scientists Discover Fundamental Rule of Brain Plasticity. Jun 22, 2018 1052
Research Status and Strategies for Cognitive Function in Schizophrenia. Ma, Ke; Shi, Chuan Report Jun 1, 2018 2204
An unusual late complication in traumatic brain injury: Persistent dysphagia due to tracheoesophageal fistula. Buyuksireci, Dilek Eker; Umay, Ebru; Polat, Musa; Cakci, Aytul; Meray, Jale Report Jun 1, 2018 1320
Curcumin after traumatic brain injury--an animal model. Tester, Jodie Jun 1, 2018 403
Nursing Sensitive Outcomes After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: A Nationwide Study. Odgaard, Lene; Aadal, Lena; Eskildsen, Marianne; Poulsen, Ingrid Report Jun 1, 2018 4286
Nursing-Sensitive Outcomes After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: A Nationwide Study. McNett, Molly Report Jun 1, 2018 902
Leg exercises may help maintain healthy brain and nervous system, scientists discover. May 28, 2018 416
Communication with parents boosts child's brain development: Study. May 21, 2018 296
Communication with parents boosts child's brain development: Study. May 21, 2018 296
Communication with parents boosts child's brain development. May 7, 2018 296
Communication with parents boosts child's brain development. May 7, 2018 296
Scientists Find Fear, Courage Switches in Brain. May 3, 2018 1076
Vitamin D improves weight gain, brain development in malnourished children: study. Clinical report May 2, 2018 517
Vitamin D improves brain development, says study. Clinical report May 2, 2018 556
A raised serum lactate level is an independent predictor of in-hospital mortality in patients with isolated cerebral gunshot wounds. Kong, V.Y.; Weale, R.D.; Laing, G.L.; Bruce, J.L.; Oosthuizen, G.V.; Sartorius, B.; Brysiewicz, P.; May 1, 2018 2990
Deep Ocean Minerals May Improve Blood Flow & Exercise Recovery: Study results suggest promise for improving the delivery of blood to the brain, particularly in middle-aged men. Clinical report May 1, 2018 1270
ROLE OF CEREBROPROTEIN HYDROLYSATE IN OUTCOME AND RECOVERY OF TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY. Chaurasia, Ishwar Dayal; Parihar, Manish; Gehlot, Puspendra; Siroliya, Ansul; Songara, M.C. Report Apr 30, 2018 2281
Picking scientists' brains on neurogenesis. Apr 11, 2018 570
Elderly people generate as many new brain cells as teenagers, says study. Apr 10, 2018 396
New brain cells in the old? Study stokes debate. Apr 6, 2018 572
A Positive Attitude at School Can Influence Learning, Study Says. Apr 1, 2018 458
Reflections on 50 Years of Neuroscience Nursing: Publication Trends in Neurotrauma. McNett, Molly; Keiser, Megan; Douglas, Heather; McNair, Norma D. Report Apr 1, 2018 2284
Chemicals linked to brain disorders in children: Study. Mar 28, 2018 315
Chemicals linked to brain disorders in children: Study. Mar 28, 2018 273
Scientists Discover Fossilized Brains of Ancient Predator. Mar 12, 2018 432
Zebrafish Study Reveals Regenerative Processes By Brain's Neural Stem Cells. Mar 12, 2018 471
Prosthetic limbs represented like real hands in brain. Mar 9, 2018 503
People who hear color may have overactive brain connectivity, suggests study. Mar 9, 2018 294
TORMENTING HALLUCINATIONS. Potts, Judith Interview Mar 1, 2018 625
More Findings Confirm How Heart Function Impacts Brain Health. Feb 28, 2018 182
Brain Imaging Helps Redefine Intelligence. Feb 14, 2018 688
Blueberries Improve Brain Function in Elderly. Brief article Feb 1, 2018 217
Integrating Quantitative Pupillometry Into Regular Care in a Neurotrauma Intensive Care Unit. Anderson, Maighdlin; Elmer, Jonathan; Shutter, Lori; Puccio, Ava; Alexander, Sheila Report Feb 1, 2018 4234
Just ONE egg a day for six months can boost a baby's brain development and function, study finds. Report Jan 30, 2018 424
Just ONE egg a day for six months can boost a baby's brain development and function, study finds. Report Jan 30, 2018 424
Center for Research on Addiction and Brain Health Hosts the Third Annual NAD Summit NAD+ Researchers and Clinicians Gather to Discuss New Discoveries and Innovations. Jan 25, 2018 513
49 40 48 43 49 38 50 42 50 42 Addict stole vital cancer research hospital laptops. Jan 23, 2018 457
Addict set back medical research by stealing hospital laptops. Jan 18, 2018 473
High salt diet bad for brain health -Study. Jan 18, 2018 526
Scientists say human brains act like Wi-Fi? reveal how our 'gut feeling' works. Jan 8, 2018 525
Pretreatment with Shuanghe-Tang Extract Attenuates Postischemic Brain Injury and Edema in a Mouse Model of Stroke: An Analysis of Medicinal Herbs Listed in Dongui Bogam. Kim, Min Jae; Lee, Seo-Yeon; Hwang, Young; Kim, Hyunha; Ha, Ki-Tae; Choi, Byung Tae; Baek, Jin Ung; Jan 1, 2018 6266
Improved Outcomes following the Establishment of a Neurocritical Care Unit in Saudi Arabia. Soliman, Ibrahim; Aletreby, Waleed Tharwat; Faqihi, Fahad; Mahmood, Nasir Nasim; Ramadan, Omar E.; M Report Jan 1, 2018 4485
New Optic Nerve Sonography Quality Criteria in the Diagnostic Evaluation of Traumatic Brain Injury. Soliman, Ibrahim; Johnson, Garrett G.R.J.; Gillman, Lawrence M.; Zeiler, Frederick A.; Faqihi, Fahad Report Jan 1, 2018 5015
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Pillion riders on motorcycle more vulnerable to traumatic brain injuries: Study. Dec 22, 2017 292
Pillion riders on motorcycle more vulnerable to traumatic brain injuries: Study. Dec 15, 2017 338
Exercise boosts brain health in adults: Study. Dec 11, 2017 122
Exercise boosts brain health in adults: Study. Dec 6, 2017 158
Under stress, newborn babies show greater brain response to pain: Study. Dec 6, 2017 327
Mothers, babies' brainwaves snychronise with eye contact: Study. Nov 30, 2017 464
Deletion Of One Stem Cell Factor Promotes TBI Recovery In Mice. Zhang, Chun-Li Nov 20, 2017 566
Regular exercises can improve brain functioning: Study. Report Nov 14, 2017 289
Exercise Increases Brain Size, New Research Finds. Nov 14, 2017 433
Female brain functions better than male: study. Nov 11, 2017 236
How Adult Brain Circuits Regulate New Neuron Production. Nov 6, 2017 543
A.I., Imaging Tech Create 'Brain Atlas': Completing four centuries of work in less than a year, researchers have built comprehensive brain maps that will greatly benefit future research. O'Neill, Erin Nov 1, 2017 1161
High Lipoprotein(a) and Low Risk of Major Bleeding in Brain and Airways in the General Population: a Mendelian Randomization Study. Langsted, Anne; Kamstrup, Pia R.; Nordestgaard, Borge G. Report Nov 1, 2017 6411
Pigeons quicker in multi-tasking than humans. Oct 27, 2017 378
Brain training can improve our understanding of speech in noisy places: research. Clinical report Oct 22, 2017 686
Brain training can improve our understanding of speech in noisy places: research. Clinical report Oct 22, 2017 686
Givers really are happier than takers. Oct 12, 2017 551
iPSCs Used To Create Brain Cell Model Providing Developmental Disease Insights. Falk, Anna Sep 25, 2017 381
THE VISUAL BRAIN: New research could help grow awareness, legitimacy of debilitating syndrome. D'Angelo, Stephen Sep 22, 2017 1460
How Our Brains Learn to Recognize Faces. Sep 5, 2017 765
Reliability of interaural time difference-based localization training in elderly individuals with speech-in-noise perception disorder. Delphi, Maryam; Lotfi, Yones; Moossavi, Abdollah; Bakhshi, Enayatollah; Banimostafa, Maryam Report Sep 1, 2017 3937
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Women's brains more active than that of men: Study. Aug 9, 2017 278
Sleep Helps Babies Link Words with Content. Aug 9, 2017 716
Brain Training Does Not Boost Decision-Making Skills, Says Study. Report Jul 11, 2017 713
Exploring the Issues of Adult Students with Brain Injuries in the Online Learning Environment. Williams, Danielle A. Report Jul 1, 2017 7272
Nutraceuticals for traumatic brain injury: should you recommend their use? Although commonly used in clinical practice, evidence for their use in TBI is preliminary. Ramaswamy, Sriram; Driscoll, David; Rodriguez, Aleah; Rao, Vani Jul 1, 2017 5661
Eye nutrients linked to efficient brains. Brief article Jul 1, 2017 254
Determining the feasibility, content validity, and internal consistency of a newly developed care coordination scale for people with brain injury. Johnson, Brian P.; Johnston, Mark V. Report Jun 22, 2017 4164
Journalists' habits leave brains under-powered; NEW RESEARCH: JOURNALISM. Jun 6, 2017 544
Scientists Identify 100 Memory Genes, Open New Avenues of Brain Study. Jun 2, 2017 409
Inter-rater agreement of the Turkish version of the Neurobehavioral Rating Scale-revised form. Cakci, Aytiil; Meray, Jale; Orsel, Sibel; Alaca, Ridvan; Culha, Canan; Gundogdu, Ibrahim; Yasar, Evr Report Jun 1, 2017 7219
Social Network In Monkey Brains Is Clue To Human Mind. May 24, 2017 524
Sugary drinks tied to accelerated brain aging: study. Apr 26, 2017 241

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