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Food poverty impacts mental health; STUDY. Report Oct 2, 2019 238
Kit Siang: Release raw data for accurate poverty research in Malaysia, quit 'feel-good numbers' approach. Sep 12, 2019 515
Anwar: Too early for poverty RCI, will brief MPs on findings. Sep 8, 2019 386
DWP: Labour pledge to scrap Universal Credit, as prospect of General Election looms; After new research revealed children in poverty are living in shipping containers and B&Bs, Jeremy Corbyn repeated the party pledge. Aug 31, 2019 398
MTUC demands Putrajaya reveal actual figures on poverty after UN study. Aug 25, 2019 789
Neutrosophic model for the analysis of criminal behaviour in Quevedo, Ecuador, from a spatial econometric analysis. Arvelo, Pamilys Milagros Moreno; Zambrano, Juan Carlos Arandia; Zambrano, Genesis Karolina Robles; P Jul 30, 2019 3949
Establish monetary allowance for children in Tunisia would help combat poverty, vulnerability and deprivation among children (Study). May 23, 2019 529
U.S. research: Half of Uber drivers live below poverty line. Apr 23, 2019 292
Research in IT pivotal for socioeconomic uplift, poverty alleviation: President. Apr 20, 2019 205
Research in IT pivotal for poverty alleviation: Alvi. Apr 20, 2019 205
Pakistan : President Dr. Arif Alvi : Research in the field of Information Technology (IT) is pivotal for socio-economic development and poverty alleviation in the country. Apr 20, 2019 182
Poverty Leaves a Mark On Our Genes. Apr 6, 2019 513
Poverty leaves a mark on nearly 10% of genes in the genome, says study. Apr 5, 2019 479
New study on food poverty. Feb 16, 2019 216
A THEORY OF POVERTY: LEGAL IMMOBILITY. Greene, Sara S. Feb 1, 2019 23234
Study discusses modalities of poverty reduction plan. Oct 13, 2018 666
Poverty Research and Measurement: Making the Case for Consumption Adequacy. Farrell, Justine Rapp; Paul Hill, Ronald Sep 22, 2018 8392
Study: Nearly half of total PHL population can become poor. Aug 19, 2018 1156
Research on Growth and Urbanisation in Low Income Countries. Aug 7, 2018 176
TIME TO END MONTHLY STRUGGLE; KATIE-ANN GUPWELL talks to the women who are putting periods - and period poverty - in the spotlight. Jul 15, 2018 1474
Study: A Million More UK Children in Poverty Than in 2010. May 7, 2018 334
Study shows a third of Midlands children are living in poverty. Mar 30, 2018 468
Study shows a third of Midlands children are living in poverty. Mar 26, 2018 465
BISP, RSPN sign MoU for data sharing, learning and research under poverty graduation strategy. Mar 13, 2018 454
Pakistan : BISP, RSPN sign MoU for data sharing, learning & research under poverty graduation strategy. Mar 13, 2018 424
Development Economics Program. Thomas, Duncan Mar 1, 2018 5501
Study says 'fat' dynasties behind worsening poverty. Feb 16, 2018 1062
Our kids living below breadline; shocking new study reveals area of greater manchester has highest levels of child poverty in the country. Jan 26, 2018 472 Growing 'crisis' of child poverty in the UK, study warns. Report Jan 25, 2018 417
Turkish MSE model to help 'alleviate poverty'. Jan 15, 2018 395
Analysis of Socio-Economic Benefits of Education in Developing Countries: A Example of Pakistan. Kayani, Muhammad Munir; Akbar, Rafaqat Ali; Faisal, Shah; Kayani, Anisa; Ghuman, Muhammad Amin Report Dec 31, 2017 5293
Pregnant women who witness childhood poverty, poor support may age prematurely. Oct 17, 2017 568
POOREST KIDS NEED MOST PROTECTION; Deprived six times more likely to be in care of State; QUB research finds new welfare strategy is needed. Oct 7, 2017 477
Poverty and education from the Programa Bolsa Familia booklets, guides and manuals (2006-2014)/Pobreza e educacao a partir de cartilhas, guias e manuais do Programa Bolsa Familia (2006-2014)/Pobreza y educacion a partir de cartillas, guias y manuales del Programa Bolsa Familia (2006-2014). Alvares, Marcela Bruna Nappi; Pires, Andre Oct 1, 2017 7299
Spatial Differences and Socioeconomic Determinants of Health Poverty. Iqbal, Nasir; Nawaz, Saima Report Sep 22, 2017 11163
'Problem-solving researches pre-requisite to end poverty'. Aug 8, 2017 324
There's no Defence for the conditions our forces live in; TDs slam pay and poverty levels after damning study. Jul 11, 2017 453
Socioeconomic changes and women empowerment through kudumbashree mission-study of mukkam municipality. John, Annie Report Jul 10, 2017 2128
Social exclusion & poverty among tea garden workers in Bangladesh. Amin, Al-; Hossain, Ismail; Parveen, Syeda Sultana Statistical data Jul 1, 2017 6011
Sri Lanka : Research Forum on Poverty in Sri Lanka : The Challenges Ahead. Oct 18, 2016 157
Support to the International Agriculture Research Centres developing and delivering agriculture technologies and knowledge to reduce poverty, hunger and adapt to climate change. GB-1-205271. Oct 7, 2016 190
Study finds nearly 385 million children worldwide live in poverty. Oct 4, 2016 233
ULSTER'S HIDDEN MISERY OF CHILDREN IN POVERTY; 23% are from deprived home study reveals. Oct 1, 2016 331
United States : Poverty May Be Risk Factor for Reduced Cognitive Function in Midlife, Study Shows. Sep 29, 2016 715
War on Poverty, War on Division Street: Puerto Rican Chicago in the 1960s through the lens of the Janet Nolan Collection. Staudenmaier, Michael Report Sep 22, 2016 8916
Living Well In A High Cost Economy: In-work Poverty Research Brief. Sep 9, 2016 196
United States : Economic downturn threatens prospect to end extreme poverty by 2030, study finds. Sep 7, 2016 622
Breaking down research silo? Sep 1, 2016 1459
Living Well in a High Cost Economy: In-Work Poverty Research Brief. Jul 2, 2016 213
Impact of Human Capital on Poverty Alleviation in District Karak, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Khan, Atta Ullah; Iqbal, Tahir; Rehman, Zia Ur Report Jun 30, 2016 5373
Research Missions- National subsidy against child poverty. Jun 1, 2016 166
New study says 60 per cent of children on reserve live in poverty. Jun 1, 2016 138
Digging up the truth about Irish settlers Down Under... Student's findings tell of devout Catholics who lived in poverty. May 23, 2016 479
Health insecurity and social protection: Pathways, gaps, and their implications on health outcomes and poverty. Gama, Elvis Report Mar 1, 2016 4397
Impact of a guaranteed annual income program on Canadian seniors' physical, mental and functional health. McIntyre, Lynn; Kwok, Cynthia; Emery, Herbert; Dutton, Daniel J. Report Mar 1, 2016 6441
Impact of Punjab Rural Support Program on Poverty Alleviation: Case Study of District Mandi Bahauddin. Tahir, Muhammad; Khilji, Bashir Ahmad; Hussain, Syed Waqar; Hussain, Irfan Mar 1, 2016 4723
Microloans Don't Solve Poverty. Brief article Dec 31, 2015 195
Determinants of household poverty: empirical evidence from Pakistan. Majeed, M. Tariq; Malik, M. Nauman Report Dec 22, 2015 6800
Cultural understanding crucial in Bougainville: a volunteer nurse who spent five years immersed in life in Bougainville reflects on the importance of cultural awareness and on understanding her own identity, assumptions and prejudices. Lewis, Jan Report Dec 1, 2015 2731
Involuntary Resettlement: A Cross-Country Study on Urban Inequality and Poverty. Nov 23, 2015 521
St. Louis--For Americans, the likelihood of experiencing poverty at least once in their lifetime is surprisingly high, a new study finds. Oct 1, 2015 127
Convergent validity assessment of a brief screen for poverty with South African adolescents. Valjee, Sachet R.; Collings, Steven J. Report Jun 1, 2015 2066
Monetary poverty in Inuit Nunangat. Duhaime, Gerard; Edouard, Roberson Report Jun 1, 2015 8579
Closing the gap: the growing divide between poverty research and policy in Australia. Saunders, Peter Report May 10, 2015 10855
The impacts of Tanzania's natural resource management programmes for ecosystem services and poverty alleviation/Impact des programmes de gestion des ressources naturelles sur les services d'ecosystemes et le soulagement de la pauvrete en Tanzanie/Los impactos de los programas de gestion de los recursos naturales de Tanzania para los servicios ecosistemicos y la reduccion de la pobreza. Patenaude, G.; Lewis, K. Report Dec 1, 2014 10157
130,000 more kids live in poverty; IRELAND SHAMED BY NEW STUDY Unicef report exposes recession's bitter legacy for our children. Oct 29, 2014 865
Poverty, Gender, and Youth. List Aug 1, 2014 477
Study says 29 in state live in poverty. Jul 28, 2014 285
Associations of census-tract poverty with subsite-specific Colorectal Cancer incidence rates and stage of disease at diagnosis in the United States. Henry, Kevin A.; Sherman, Recinda L.; McDonald, Kaila; Johnson, Christopher J.; Lin, Ge; Stroup, Ant Report Jan 1, 2014 11018
Research shows most UK families in poverty 'in work'. Dec 9, 2013 505
Poverty can sap brainpower, research shows. Sep 1, 2013 810
Half of Canada's First Nations children live in poverty, study says. Jul 30, 2013 172
The prayers of mothers in poverty. Schaeffer-Duffy, Claire Interview Jul 5, 2013 1182
Escaping the 'poverty trap': poverty causes mental illness. How can we defeat this trap? Manderscheid, Ron Report Jul 1, 2013 838
Considering failure: eight years of ITID research. Dodson, Leslie; Sterling, Revi S.; Bennett, John K. Report Jun 22, 2013 9195
Half of Canada's First Nations children live in poverty, study says. Jun 19, 2013 172
Study shows evidence of severe Tripoli poverty. Nov 10, 2012 785
Nexus between poverty and productive efficiency among the farming households. Adhikari, Chandra Bahadur Report Jul 1, 2012 8748
Absenteeism in school going children in Rehri Goth, Landhi Town, Karachi. Mobin, Khalil; Shakoor, Shazia; Habib, Farida; Qureshi, Tahir Report Jun 30, 2012 1431
Digital and other poverties: exploring the connection in four East African countries. May, Julian Douglas Report Jun 22, 2012 10950
Impact of low-cost, on-demand information access in a remote Ghanaian Village. Schmidt, Cliff; Gorman, Trina Jean; Gary, Michael Shayne; Bayor, Andrew Azaabanye Report Jun 22, 2012 9377
Poverty and profits in the information age. Ray, Isha; Kuriyan, Renee Report Mar 22, 2012 3446
The problematics of the "bottom of the pyramid" approach to international development: the case of micro-entrepreneurs' use of mobile phones in Morocco. Ilahiane, Hsain; Sherry, John W. Report Mar 22, 2012 9289
Indigenous poverty in New South Wales major cities: a multidimensional analysis. Reeve, Rebecca Mar 22, 2012 7573
Multiple deprivations and maternal care in India. Mohanty, Sanjay K. Report Mar 1, 2012 8556
Sacrificing something important: the lived experience of compensated kidney donors in the Philippines. Paguirigan, Medel Salvador Report Mar 1, 2012 7915
Social influence in mobile phone adoption: evidence from the bottom of the pyramid in emerging Asia. de Silva, Harsha; Ratnadiwakara, Dimuthu; Zainudeen, Ayesha Report Sep 22, 2011 8911
A Malawian Christian theology of wealth and poverty. Doss, Gorden R. Report Jul 1, 2011 5104
'No child should be born with no chance' ... BUT STUDY FINDS 17,000 IN 'SEVERE' POVERTY IN N.WALES. Feb 23, 2011 446
Children who work in the street in Izmir, Turkey. Yilmaz, Hatice Bal; Dulgerler, Seyda Report Feb 1, 2011 6046
Poverty can suppress kids' genetic potentials: Study. Report Jan 12, 2011 389
An Empirical Analysis of Long run Poverty Elasticity in Pakistan (1964-2006). Report Dec 31, 2010 3987
WANT TO WORK ...HATE BENEFITS; But employment research reveals cycle of poverty. Dec 21, 2010 480
Many elderly in US will face poverty: study. Dec 19, 2010 315
Shock child poverty study revealed. Report Oct 16, 2010 232
Shock child poverty study revealed. Report Oct 15, 2010 232
Developing the "causes of poverty in developing countries questionnaire (CPDCQ)" in a Spanish-speaking population. Vazquez, Jose Juan; Pascual, Isabel; Panadero, Sonia Report Oct 1, 2010 2295
Analyzing the relationship between poverty and child maltreatment: investigating the relative performance of four levels of geographic aggregation. Aron, Sarah B.; McCrowell, Jean; Moon, Alyson; Yamano, Ryoichi; Roark, Duston A.; Simmons, Monica; T Report Sep 1, 2010 6811
Poverty redefined. Brief article Sep 1, 2010 250
A motivation for energy based poverty indicators. Kohler, Marcel; de Haan, Daniel Sep 1, 2010 3681
Helping nonprofits measure up: a new evaluation approach to help NPO's reduce poverty and increase economic self-reliance. Westover, Jonathan H.; Wagner, Joshua Report Jul 1, 2010 3092
Comparative perspectives on the relationship of public finance and poverty. Gittell, Ross Report Jun 22, 2010 1469
Poverty in U.S. metropolitan areas: what are the key determinants and what is the role of local fiscal structure? Gittell, Ross; Tebaldi, Edinaldo Report Jun 22, 2010 8997
Implications of the activation paradigm on poverty and social exclusion in Germany: facts, hypotheses, uncertainties. Bohnke, Petra Essay Mar 22, 2010 7002
Role of growth and inequality in explaining changes in poverty in Pakistan. Anwar, Talat Report Mar 22, 2010 7461
Workers' migration and remittances in Bangladesh. Mamun, Khawaja A.; Nath, Hiranya K. Report Mar 22, 2010 9856
Poverty among Young Children in Black Immigrant, US-Born Black, and Non-Black Immigrant Families: The Role of Familial Contexts. Discussion Paper Series. DP 2010-02. Thomas, Kevin J. A. Report Jan 1, 2010 272
Poverty, gender, and youth. List Dec 1, 2009 1502
Exploring the ecology of poverty: faculty from across the college discuss the dimensions of poverty from their varied perspectives. Discussion Nov 1, 2009 2419
Dehumanized poverty: poverty, science and ethics/Insansizlastirilmis yoksulluk: yoksulluk, bilim ve etik. Konuk, Osman; Bayram, Ahmet Kemal Report Mar 22, 2009 3782
Towards new indicators of disadvantage: deprivation and social exclusion in Australia. Saunders, Peter; Naidoo, Yuvisthi; Griffiths, Megan Report Dec 22, 2008 8619
Social networks and health inequalities: evidence for working with disadvantaged groups. Mackereth, Catherine; Appleton, Jane Aug 1, 2008 3449
Human development, poverty, health & nutrition situation in India. Antony, G.M.; Laxmaiah, A. Report Aug 1, 2008 5800
Child poverty and education attainment disparity in the state of Alabama, USA (1990-2006). Izeogu, Chukudi V. Report Jun 22, 2008 8197
What neighborhood poverty studies can learn from African American studies. James, Jessica S. Report Jun 1, 2008 7972
Effects of poverty and lack of insurance on perceptions of racial and ethnic bias in health care. Stepanikova, Irena; Cook, Karen S. Report Jun 1, 2008 6367
Homicide trends in the Mthatha area between 1993 and 2005. Meel, B.L. Jun 1, 2008 3119
Understanding poverty through the eyes of low-salaried government employees: a case study of the NED University of Engineering and Technology. Khan, Raza Ali Report Dec 22, 2007 7578
Bradshaw Jonathan, Richardson Dominic and Ritakallop Veli-Matti: 'Child poverty and child well-being in Europe'. Davies, Miranda Report Sep 22, 2007 235
The effectiveness of minimum-wage increases in reducing poverty: past, present, and future. Burkhauser, Richard V.; Sabia, Joseph J. Report Apr 1, 2007 14483
All jokes aside: in nationwide tour, Bill Cosby discusses the role community colleges can play in breaking the cycle of poverty. Pluviose, David Jun 15, 2006 623
Pro-poor growth during exceptional growth. Evidence from a transition economy. Verme, Paolo Jun 1, 2006 5611
2006-2007 WIDER research programme. Brief article Jun 1, 2006 253
How are women in the Dangbe West District of Ghana faring under the national poverty reduction programmme (NPRP)? Andah, Betty; Hinson, Robert Dec 1, 2005 8944
A valuable contribution to research and policy: reviewing four decades of Australian poverty research. Saunders, Peter Sep 22, 2005 9780
UN study shows increased poverty. Dec 1, 2004 158
Measuring and analyzing poverty (with a particular reference to the case of Nepal). Acharya, Sanjaya Dec 1, 2004 9499
Triggering movements into and out of child poverty: a comparative study of New Zealand, Britain and West Germany. Timmins, Jason Jul 1, 2004 5251
Poverty and other determinants of child labor in Bangladesh. Rives, Janet M. Apr 1, 2004 10252
Hunger, obesity: two sides of same coin. Brief Article Feb 1, 2004 294
Research: millions of workers can't support their families. Furdell, Phyllis Jan 19, 2004 667
Between aspirations and assimilations: the world's poor meet the cosmopolitans. Seckinelgin, Hakan Jan 1, 2004 8048
American poverty as a structural failing: evidence and arguments. Hirschl, Thomas A. Dec 1, 2003 9622
Ever-widening income gaps. Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 254
Trickling down the rising tide: new estimates of the link between poverty and the macroeconomy. Freeman, Donald G. Oct 1, 2003 8772
Poverty and the macroeconomy: estimates from U.S. regional data. Freeman, Donald G. Jul 1, 2003 7904
An analysis of poverty in the American South: how are metropolitan areas different from nonmetropolitan areas? Levernier, William Jul 1, 2003 7178
Inland fisheries, poverty, and rural livelihoods in the Lake Chad Basin. Bene, C.; Neiland, A.; Jolley, T.; Ovie, S.; Sule, O.; Ladu, B.; Mindjimba, K.; Belal, E.; Tiotsop, Jul 1, 2003 13870
Poverty and the Development of African American Children: Testing an Adaptation of McLoyd's Theoretical Model with the NLSY. Nievar, M. Angela; Luster, Tom Apr 24, 2003 215
RURAL ENTERPRISE PROJECT. Brief Article Apr 1, 2003 179
Homelessness, hunger and material hardship among those who lost SSI. Norris, Jean; Scott, Richard; Speiglman, Richard; Green, Rex S. Mar 22, 2003 10219
Children in Single-Parent Families Living in Poverty Have Fewer Supports after Welfare Reform. IWPR Research in Brief. Lyter, Deanna M.; Sills, Melissa; Oh, Gi-Taik Sep 1, 2002 216
Positive effects of child benefit offset by changes in other income programs. (Income Security). Brief Article Jul 15, 2002 251
Do minimum wages fight poverty? Neumark, David; Wascher, William Jul 1, 2002 13144
Poverty research and social policy. Howe, Brian; Pidwell, Ruth May 1, 2002 6193
New Lives for Poor Families? Mothers and Young Children Move through Welfare Reform. The Growing Up in Poverty Wave 2 Findings: California, Connecticut, and Florida. Technical Report. Fuller, Bruce; Kagan, Sharon Lynn; Loeb, Susanna Apr 16, 2002 280
Small Works in Arkansas: How Poverty and the Size of Schools and School Districts Affect School Performance in Arkansas. Summary of Recent Research. Mar 1, 2002 287
GOVERNMENT CAN FIGHT INEQUALITY. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 632
Impact of village-specific, household-specific, and technological variables on poverty in Punjab. Azid, Toseef; Malik, Shahnawaz Report Dec 22, 2000 4745
POVERTY AMID AFFLUENCE IN ALABAMA. Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 313
FEMINIZATION OF POVERTY IN THE LABOR FORCE: 1980-1998. Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 208
Ethnocultural Groups, period of immigration and socioeconomic situation. Harvey, Edward B.; Siu, Bobby; Reil, Kathleen D.V. Statistical Data Included Sep 22, 1999 3568
Climbing out of poverty, falling back in: measuring the persistence of poverty over multiple spells. Stevens, Ann Huff Jun 22, 1999 11804
Minimum wages and poverty. Addison, John T.; Blackburn, McKinley L. Apr 1, 1999 8011
Milieu deprivation and its implications for education in the Republic of South Africa. Pretorius, Jackie; Le Roux, Johann Sep 22, 1998 3738
Three 'I's of poverty curves, with an analysis of UK poverty trends. Jenkins, Stephen P.; Lambert, Peter J. Jul 1, 1997 4850
Poverty in Sudan. Farah, Abdel Aziz M.; Sampath, Rajan K. Dec 1, 1995 6165
Statistical tests of changes in U.S. poverty, 1975 to 1990. Chow, Victor K. Oct 1, 1995 5974
The effects of U.S. trade laws on poverty in America. Deardorff, Alan V.; Haveman, Jon D. Sep 22, 1995 8419
Report details frequent movement in and out of poverty. Zimmerman, Joseph F. Sep 22, 1995 896
Research on poverty statistics in Pakistan some sensitivity analyses. Zaidi, M. Asohar; De Vos, Klaas Dec 22, 1993 6734
The development of rural people: myths and approaches. Khan, Mahmood Hasan Report Dec 22, 1988 6677
Some new evidence on the incidence of poverty in Pakistan. Malik, Muhammad Hussain Report Dec 22, 1988 2780

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