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Addressing antisocial behavior in the schools: a call for action. Wehby, Joseph Jun 22, 2002 3116
Adlerian-based responses for the mental health counselor to the challenging behaviors of teens. Ballou, Roger A. Apr 1, 2002 5092
Building blocks for success with learning disabilities. (For educators only). Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 130
Violent videos and behavioral disorders. (Pediatric Briefs). Tucker, Miriam E. Feb 1, 2002 166
The effects of preferred activities during academic work breaks on task engagement and negatively reinforced destructive behavior. McComas, Jennifer J.; Goddard, Carol; Hoch, Hannah Statistical Data Included Feb 1, 2002 3363
Assessment-based antecedent interventions used in natural settings to reduce challenging behavior: an analysis of the literature. Kern, Lee; Choutka, Claire Maher; Sokol, Natalie G. Statistical Data Included Feb 1, 2002 6557
Unfamiliar Syndrome May Follow Terrorism in U.S. ('Disruptive Anxiety Syndrome'). Sherman, Carl Nov 1, 2001 526
Learning and Motivational Characteristics of Boys With AD/HD and/or Giftedness. ZENTALL, SYDNEY S.; MOON, SIDNEY M.; HALL, ARLENE M.; GRSKOVIC, JANICE A. Jun 22, 2001 11680
A Comparison of the Effects of Written Versus Direct Instructions on the Application of Four Behavior Change Processes. Hursh, Daniel E.; Schumaker, Jean B.; Fawcett, Stephen B; Sherman, James A Nov 1, 2000 3872
Structural model of the effects of poverty on externalizing and internalizing behaviors of four- to five-year-old children. Eamon, Mary Keegan Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2000 7097
Investigating School-Related Behavior Disorders: Lessons Learned from a Thirty-Year Research Career. WALKER, HILL M. Jan 1, 2000 6533
Introduction to Special Issue: Severe Behavior Disorders of Children and Youth (Volume 22). Rutherford Jr., Robert B.; Mathur, Sarup R. Brief Article Aug 1, 1999 902
Mentorship in the Field of Behavioral Disorders: An Intergenerational Responsibility. Cheney, Douglas Aug 1, 1999 4381
The IDEA Amendments of 1997: A School-Wide Model for Conducting Functional Behavioral Assessments and Developing Behavior Intervention Plans. Drasgow, Erik; Yell, Mitchell L.; Bradley, Renee; Shriner, James G. Aug 1, 1999 8055
A Statewide Survey of Special Education Administrators And School Psychologists Regarding Functional Behavioral Assessment. Nelson, J. Ron; Roberts, Maura L.; Rutherford Jr., Robert B.; Mathur, Sarup R.; Aaroe, Lisa A. Aug 1, 1999 5492
Determination of Environmental Correlates of Disruptive Classroom Behavior: Integration of Functional Analysis Into Public School Assessment Process. Ellis, Janet; Magee, Sandy K. Aug 1, 1999 7150
Issues of Conducting Research on Setting Events: Measurement and Control of Dependent and Independent Variables. Mahon, Karen L.; Shores, Richard E.; Buske, Carla J. Aug 1, 1999 6033
A Structural Analysis of School Violence and Disruption: Implications for Creating Safer Schools. Mayer, Matthew J.; Leone, Peter E. Aug 1, 1999 8915
Effects of Student Self-Management on Generalization of Student Performance to Regular Classrooms. Peterson, Lloyd D.; Young, K. Richard; West, Richard P.; Peterson, Mary Hill Aug 1, 1999 4989
Teaching Character Education to Students with Behavioral and Learning Disabilities through Mentoring Relationships. Muscott, Howard S.; O'Brien, Sara Tails Aug 1, 1999 8133
Experimental analysis of childhood psychopathology: a laboratory matching analysis of the behavior of children diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Kollins, Scott H.; Lane, Scott D.; Shapiro, Steven K. Jan 1, 1997 6339
Defining the problem. Wassef, Adel; Ingham, Denise; Collins, Melissa Lassiter; Mason, Gayle Sep 22, 1995 6155
Social support, life events, and behavioral characteristics of psychologically distressed adolescents at high risk for attempting suicide. De Wilde, E.J.; Kienhorst, C.W.M.; Diekstra, R.F.W.; Wolters, W.H.G. Mar 22, 1994 3474
Psychosocial discomfort and exercise frequency: an epidemiological study of adolescents. Page, Randy M.; Tucker, Larry A. Mar 22, 1994 3112
Data diminish divorce's aftermath on kids. Bower, Bruce Jun 8, 1991 482
Use of constant time delay and attentional responses with adolescents. Wolery, Mark; Cybriwsky, Catherine A.; Gast, David L.; Boyle-Gast, Kathy Mar 1, 1991 5941
Sugar and behavior. Nov 1, 1990 208

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