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Human Reliability Evaluation Based on Objective and Subjective Comprehensive Method Used for Ergonomic Interface Design. Liu, Xin; Liu, Zheng; Chen, Peng-qing; Xie, Zi-yu; Lai, Bin-jun; Zhan, Bo; Lao, Jian-rou Report Jul 1, 2021 8757
Clinical Evaluation of Periodontal Status and Patient Comfort Levels Assessment Before and After Manual Scaling Under Conventional Approach and Surgical Operating Microscope: A Comparative Analysis. Penmetsa, Gautami S.; Kondapally, Mohana; Gangolu, Meghana; Rajyalakshmi, Mikkili; Lahari, Karuturi; Report Jan 15, 2021 3011
Frequency of work related musculoskeletal disorders and ergonomic risk assessments among tailors. Anwar, Nazish; Riaz, Huma; Saeed, Aruba; Ashraf, Faiza Report Dec 31, 2020 2262
DESIGNING A SAFER OR: A research team is deep into a four-year learning lab to improve the surgical environment. Joseph, Anjali; Allison, David Nov 1, 2018 1689
Decision-making involving affectivity and emotion in ergonomic analysis methods applied to digital publishing objects/A tomada de decisao envolvendo afetividade e emocao em metodos de analise ergonomica aplicados a objetos editoriais digitais. Salvador, Marcos Vinicios Schmidt; dos Santos, Flavio Anthero Nunes Vianna Ensayo May 1, 2018 3408
Advances of Techniques in Deep Regional Blocks. Lin, Jui-An; Blanco, Rafael; Shibata, Yasuyuki; Nakamoto, Tatsuo Report Jan 1, 2017 3346
Green Building and Construction Worker Ergonomics: A Pilot Investigation. Sass, Caitlin; Smallwood, John Report Dec 1, 2016 10225
Ergonomic chair explorative intervention study: effect on chronic upper quadrant musculoskeletal dysfunction, disability and productivity in female computer workers. Wills, M.C.; Louw, Q.A. Report Aug 1, 2015 7006
The role of ergonomics in sustainable agricultural development in Nigeria. Obi, O.F. Report Aug 1, 2015 5412
Relationship between ergonomics and quality of services. Mehr, Farshid Elmi; Saeidi, Parviz; Mehr, Marjan Elmi Report Jun 20, 2014 3311
Formation of colouristic environment of residential area of modern towns and cities. Chernyshova, Elvira Petrovna Report May 1, 2014 3302
Ergonomic statues of workplace & anthropometric measurement of Islamic Azad University Shirvan Branch employees & its relationship to physical abnormalities. Hariri, sayed Yaser; Nejatpour, Saman; Kianfar, Nasim; Firozeh, Mahtab; Fathei, Mehrdad Report Nov 1, 2013 3914
Long-term evaluation of internal thermal comfort with different kinds of glazing systems and window sizes: from energetic considerations to users' comfort. Gasparella, A.; Cappelletti, F.; Pernigotto, G.; Romagnoni, P. Report Jul 1, 2012 3694
Knowledge and practices of ergonomics in computer users. Report Mar 31, 2012 3545
An empirical thermal comfort model for transient metabolic conditions. Ugursal, Ahmet; Culp, Charles H. Report Jan 1, 2012 6231
The human touch: a fundamental factor in mechanical design. Skakoon, James G.; Wiklund, Michael Sep 1, 2011 3568
RAPID PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: A CASE STUDY OF ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED MOUSE. Hayat, N.; Anwar, M. Y.; Ajmal, M.; Idress, A.; Shah, F. H.; Nazir, S. Case study Jun 30, 2011 1332
Numerical methods of the examination of the postural stability. Pivnickova, Lucie; Vasek, Vladimir; Dolinay, Viliam Report Jan 1, 2011 1347
Use of ergonomics in design selected department workspace in engineering company. Nakatova, Henrieta; Hricova, Beata; Badida, Miroslav Report Jan 1, 2011 1210
Ergonomic program as a tool for enhancing efficiency of human work. Kyzek, Jan; Hatiar, Karol Report Jan 1, 2011 1750
Implementation of an ergonomics program in the manufacturing companies. Strakova, Nada; Hatiar, Karol Report Jan 1, 2011 1566
Combined effects of noise and temperature on human comfort and performance. Tiller, Dale K.; Musser, Amy; Wang, Lily M.; Radik, M.J. Report Jul 1, 2010 10861
A design for life: Russell Marshall and Steve Summerskill introduce HADRIAN, an integrated Design Ergonomics analysis tool. May 1, 2010 1858
The implementation of ergonomic programs in production logistics. Beno, Rastislav; Bozekova, Jana; Markova, Petra; Hatiar, Karol Report Jan 1, 2010 1924
Ergonomical study regarding working in seating postures of the dentists. Kulcsar, Raul Miklos; Argesanu, Veronica; Rusu, Darian; Anghel, Mirella Dorina; Nica, Luminita Maria Report Jan 1, 2010 1250
Approach to the prediction of thermophysiological comfort. Salopek Cubric, I.; Skenderi, Z. Report Jan 1, 2010 2507
A survey of ergonomic evaluation methods and the peculiarity of applying them in Lithuania/ Ergonominiu rizikos veiksniu tyrimo metodu apzvalga ir ju taikymo lietuvos statybos industrijoje ypatumai. Jokantaite, Simona Report Sep 1, 2009 1403
Ergonomic issues in academic libraries in Kolkata, West Bengal: a pilot study. Chandra, A.M.; Ghosh, Suhana; Barman, Sangita; Chakravarti, Dhruba Prosad Report Jun 1, 2009 2227
Ergonomical study regarding working in standing and seating postures. Voinescu, Mihai; Davidescu, Arjana; Argesanu, Veronica Report Jan 1, 2009 1503
Human's place and role within industrial informatics system. Coculescu, Cristina Report Jan 1, 2009 1742
Improvement of dispatchers' cognitive ergonomics in central rail suburban traffic control using decision-support system. Haramina, Hrvoje; Brabec, Dean; Grgurevic, Ivan Report Jan 1, 2009 1738
Remote-controlled mechatronic arm: ergonomic system used in dentristy. Popa, Anca; Argesanu, Veronica; Jula, Mihaela; Comes, Cristian-Andrei; Anghel, Mirella; Stratul, Ste Report Jan 1, 2009 1191
How ergonomics improves the bottom line: one study found that every dollar invested in an ergonomics program resulted in $4 in savings. Kind, Mike Nov 21, 2008 465
Forums: MSU student seeks input on ergonomics study. Nov 1, 2008 92
The effectiveness of booster seats for children between the ages four to nine years. Shaw, Jane A.; Silva, Eugene de Report Jul 1, 2008 163
Shake, rattle and roll: researchers in Southampton are investigating human responses to sound and vibration in a drive to design more comfortable vehicles. Hibbert, Lee Mar 19, 2008 1505
Effective design aspects of production system. Simon, Michal; Troblova, Petra Report Jan 1, 2007 1299
Assessing the effects of positive feedback and reinforcement in the introduction phase of an ergonomic intervention. Brandenburg, David L.; Mirka, Gary A. Sep 22, 2005 5687
Aging and response selection in spatial choice tasks. Proctor, Robert W.; Vu, Kim-Phoung L.; Pick, David F. Jun 22, 2005 12931
Touch a screen or turn a knob: choosing the best device for the job. Rogers, Wendy A.; Fisk, Arthur D.; McLaughlin, Anne Collins; Pak, Richard Jun 22, 2005 10386
Effects of voice technology on test track driving performance: implications for driver distraction. Ranney, Thomas A.; Harbluk, Joanne L.; Noy, Y. Ian Jun 22, 2005 7882
iBOT[TM] at work. Brief Article May 1, 2005 284
A tool to assess the comfort of wearable computers. Knight, James F.; Baber, Chris Mar 22, 2005 7118
National Advisory Committee on Ergonomics offers recommendations. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 227
Computer-related repetitive strain injuries. Idowu, Peter A.; Adedoyin, Rufus A.; Adagunodo, Rotimi E. Jan 1, 2005 3230
Driver distraction from a control theory perspective. Sheridan, Thomas B. Dec 22, 2004 8069
Driving and side task performance: the effects of display clutter, separation, and modality. Horrey, William J.; Wickens, Christopher D. Dec 22, 2004 8141
Age differences in visual search for traffic signs during a simulated conversation. McPhee, Lisa C.; Scialfa, Charles T.; Dennis, Wanda M.; Ho, Geoffrey; Caird, Jeff K. Dec 22, 2004 5402
Maximum isometric lifting strengths of men in teamwork. Lee, Tzu-Hsien Dec 22, 2004 4534
Verbal estimation of peak exertion intensity. Marshall, Matthew M.; Armstrong, Thomas J.; Ebersole, Marissa L. Dec 22, 2004 6886
Lessons from a comparison of work domain models: representational choices and their implications. Burns, Catherine M.; Bisantz, Ann M.; Roth, Emilie M. Dec 22, 2004 7784
Stimuli fixation and manual response as a function of expectancies. Martens, Marieke H. Sep 22, 2004 7591
Effect of job rotation on work demands, workload, and recovery of refuse truck drivers and collectors. Kuijer, P. Paul F.M.; de Vries, Wiebe H.K.; van der Beek, Allard J.; van Dieen, Jaap H.; Visser, Bar Sep 22, 2004 6486
Characterizing the effects of droplines on target acquisition performance on a 3-D perspective display. Liao, Min-Ju; Johnson, Walter W. Sep 22, 2004 10518
Sonification supports eyes-free respiratory monitoring and task time-sharing. Watson, Marcus; Sanderson, Penelope Sep 22, 2004 10977
Speed-accuracy characteristics of human-machine cooperative manipulation using virtual fixtures with variable admittance. Marayong, Panadda; Okamura, Allison M. Sep 22, 2004 7848
A new model of scheduling in manufacturing: tasks, roles, and monitoring. Jackson, Sarah; Wilson, John R.; MacCarthy, Bart L. Sep 22, 2004 9833
Partitioning visual displays aids task-directed visual search. Haimson, Craig; Bothell, Daniel; Douglass, Scott A.; Anderson, John R. Sep 22, 2004 8965
MSDs and the workplace: EA professionals can work with ergonomists to identify jobs and workstations that place employees at risk for musculoskeletal disorders. Landis, Julie Sep 1, 2004 1935
Effects of sensory modality and task duration on performance, workload, and stress in sustained attention. Szalma, James L.; Warm, Joel S.; Matthews, Gerald; Dember, William N.; Weiler, Ernest M.; Meier, Ash Jun 22, 2004 8629
Productivity and ergonomic investigation of bent-handle pliers. Duke, Kelly; Mirka, Gary A.; Sommerich, Carolyn M. Jun 22, 2004 5063
Right of way in the sky: two problems in aircraft self-separation and the auction-based solution. Erev, Ido; Barron, Greg; Remington, Roger Jun 22, 2004 6639
Remembrance of cases past: who remembers what, when confronting critical flight events? O'Hare, David; Wiggins, Mark Jun 22, 2004 6077
Evaluation of a computerized aid for creating human behavioral representations of human-computer interaction. Williams, Kent E.; Voigt, Jeffrey R. Jun 22, 2004 9934
Minimal instrumentation may compromise failure diagnosis with an ecological interface. Reising, Dal Vernon C.; Sanderson, Penelope M. Jun 22, 2004 7994
Imperfect in-vehicle collision avoidance warning systems can aid drivers. Maltz, Masha; Shinar, David Jun 22, 2004 5392
Synchronization of traffic signals as a means of reducing red-light running. Shinar, David; Bourla, Muki; Kaufman, Liat Jun 22, 2004 3175
Positioning and ergonomics for pregnant women while performing daily tasks. Johnson, Brandi; Anderson, Kim; Jedlicka, Janet Report Apr 1, 2004 282
Wheelchair studies. Brief Article Apr 1, 2004 119
Computer Ergonomics: sit up straight. (Update: education news from schools, businesses, research and government agencies). Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 95
Returning human factors to an engineering discipline: expanding the science base through a new generation of quantitative methods -- preface to the special section. (Special Section). Byrne, Michael D. Mar 22, 2003 2724
Ergonomics in the health care environment. (Directed Reading). Furlow, Bryant Nov 1, 2002 9921
The effect of typing posture on wrist extensor muscle loading. Keir, Peter J.; Wells, Richard P. Sep 22, 2002 5940
Using CAD for ergonomic handles. (Computing). Thilmany, Jean Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 326
Improving workplace safety by improving ergonomics: a study by North Carolina State hopes to reduce work-related injuries by providing ergonomic alternatives. Gazdziak, Sam Jun 1, 2002 1252
The effects of work pace on within-participant and between-participant keying force, electromyography, and fatigue. Gerard, Michael J.; Armstrong, Thomas J.; Martin, Bernard J.; Rempel, David A. Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2002 5694
Mind/machine interaction consortium: Port REG replication experiments. (Parapsychological Abstracts). Feather, Sally R. Mar 1, 2002 351
Environmental watchdogs. Fry, Pat Feb 1, 2002 3796
Supporting decision making and action selection under time pressure and uncertainty: The case of in-flight icing. Sarter, Nadine B.; Schroeder, Beth Statistical Data Included Dec 22, 2001 5904
Behavioral influences of proximal alarms. Gilson, Richard D.; Mouloua, Mustapha; Graft, Amy S.; McDonald, Daniel P. Statistical Data Included Dec 22, 2001 8690
Effect of Computer Keyboard Slope and Height on Wrist Extension Angle. Simoneau, Guy G.; Marklin, Richard W. Jun 22, 2001 7295
Swedish researcher invents new ergonomic mouse. Brief Article Apr 3, 2001 171
Effects of Computer Monitor Viewing Angle and Related Factors on Strain, Performance, and Preference Outcomes. Sommerich, Carolyn M.; Joines, Sharon M. B.; Psihogios, P. Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2001 7926
Stature, Age, and Gender Effects on Reach Motion Postures. Chaffin, Don B.; Faraway, Julian J.; Zhang, Xudong; Woolley, Charles Statistical Data Included Sep 22, 2000 5794
Visual Display Height. Burgess-Limerick, Robin; Mon-Williams, Mark; Coppard, Vanessa L. Mar 22, 2000 5209
Housework Is Just as Tough Today as It Was 60 Years Ago. Lang, Susan S. Brief Article Mar 22, 2000 364
Ergonomics Then and Now. EMANOIL, PAMELA Mar 22, 2000 1824
OSHA releases ergonomics standard. Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 131
Ergonomist Provides Online Guidance for Children to Avoid Injury at Computer. Lang, Susan S. Jan 1, 2000 344
Signs & Wonders. Brief Article Nov 1, 1999 409
Wrist and Forearm Postures of Users of Conventional Computer Keyboards. Simoneau, Guy G.; Marklin, Richard W.; Monroe, John F. Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 1999 7481
Design with the body in mind. Garau, Rebecca Dec 22, 1997 654
The effects of environmental color. Etnier, Jennifer L.; Hardy, Charles J. Sep 1, 1997 4221
Stability limits in extreme postures: Effects of load positioning, foot placement, and strength. Holbein, Mary Ann; Chaffin, Don B. Sep 1, 1997 5286
Evaluation of the probability of spinal damage caused by sustained cyclic compression loading. Dieen, Jaap H. Van; Toussaint, Huub M. Sep 1, 1997 5606
The effect of valve handwheel type, operating plane, and grasping posture on peak torque strength of young men and women. Shih, Yuh-Chuan; Wang, Mao-Jiun J.; Chang, Chih-Hong Sep 1, 1997 2501
A dynamic mechanical model for hand force in right angle nutrunner operation. Oh, Seoungyeon A.; Radwin, Robert G.; Fronczak, Frank J. Sep 1, 1997 4402
Reduced visual acuity in elderly people: the role of ergonomics and gerontechnology. Pinto, Maria Rita; De Medici, Stefania; Zlotnicki, Andre; Bianchi, Alfredo; Van Sant, Clarke; Napoli Sep 1, 1997 1721
Identifying factors of comfort and discomfort in sitting. Zhang, Lijian Sep 1, 1996 5124
Kinematics, kinetics, and psychophysical perceptions in symmetric and twisting pushing and pulling tasks. Resnick, Marc L. Mar 1, 1996 7882
The evolution of ergonomics. Leamon, Tom B. Sep 1, 1995 1969
Naive judgements of stimulus-response compatibility. Payne, Stephen J. Sep 1, 1995 5914
Mixed versus pure display format in integration and nonintegration visual display monitoring tasks. Payne, David G.; Lang, Virginia A. Sep 1, 1995 11774
Influence of flooring on standing fatigue. Redfern, Mark S. Sep 1, 1995 4544
Effects of back support on intra-abdominal pressure and lumbar kinetics during heavy lifting. Woodhouse, Michael L. Sep 1, 1995 3705
Acquisition of control skills with delayed and compensated displays. Ricard, Gilbert L. Sep 1, 1995 3988
What role does height play in cumulative trauma disorders? Lin, Lee-Jean; Ciccone, David C. Apr 1, 1994 1046

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