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A Deep Learning Model for Quick and Accurate Rock Recognition with Smartphones. Fan, Guangpeng; Chen, Feixiang; Chen, Danyu; Li, Yan; Dong, Yanqi Report Jun 30, 2020 8861
Detection and Classification of Early Decay on Blueberry Based on Improved Deep Residual 3D Convolutional Neural Network in Hyperspectral Images. Qiao, Shicheng; Wang, Qinghu; Zhang, Jun; Pei, Zhili Report Jun 30, 2020 7650
High-Performance Machine Learning for Large-Scale Data Classification considering Class Imbalance. Liu, Yang; Li, Xiang; Chen, Xianbang; Wang, Xi; Li, Huaqiang Report Jun 30, 2020 8992
Object Detection through Modified YOLO Neural Network. Ahmad, Tanvir; Ma, Yinglong; Yahya, Muhammad; Ahmad, Belal; Nazir, Shah; ul Haq, Amin Jun 30, 2020 5753
Trajectory Tracking Control Study of a New Parallel Mechanism with Redundant Actuation. Zhang, Haiqiang; Fang, Hairong; Zhang, Dan; Zou, Qi; Luo, Xueling Report Jan 1, 2020 6706
Computing Persistent Homology of Directed Flag Complexes. Lutgehetmann, Daniel; Govc, Dejan; Smith, Jason P.; Levi, Ran Report Jan 1, 2020 10933
Speed Distribution Prediction of Freight Vehicles on Mountainous Freeway Using Deep Learning Methods. Chen, Yuren; Chen, Yu; Yu, Bo Jan 1, 2020 8122
Echo State Network for Extended State Observer and Sliding Mode Control of Vehicle Drive Motor with Unknown Hysteresis Nonlinearity. Gao, Xuehui; Su, Bo; Hu, Xinyan; Zhu, Kun Jan 1, 2020 7684
Application of Improved Naive Bayesian-CNN Classification Algorithm in Sandstorm Prediction in Inner Mongolia. Tiancheng, Li; Qing-dao-er-ji, Ren; Ying, Qiu Dec 31, 2019 5751
Study finds conscious perception occurs outside the visual system. ANI Dec 15, 2019 378
Prediction Model of Corrosion Current Density Induced by Stray Current Based on QPSO-Driven Neural Network. Wang, Chengtao; Li, Wei; Xin, Gaifang; Wang, Yuqiao; Xu, Shaoyi Nov 30, 2019 8638
A Deep Learning Model for Concrete Dam Deformation Prediction Based on RS-LSTM. Qu, Xudong; Yang, Jie; Chang, Meng Nov 30, 2019 8750
Safety Prediction Using Vehicle Safety Evaluation Model Passing on Long-Span Bridge with Fully Connected Neural Network. Yang, Yang; Yang, Lin; Wu, Bo; Yao, Gang; Li, Hang; Robert, Soltys Oct 31, 2019 7331
FAGON: Fake News Detection Model Using Grammatical Transformation on Deep Neural Network. Seo, Youngkyung; Han, Seong-Soo; Jeon, You-Boo; Jeong, Chang-Sung Oct 1, 2019 4292
Research on Apparent Resistivity Imaging of Transient Electromagnetic Method for Oil and Gas Pipelines Based on GA-BP Neural Network. Liang, Zheng; Tian, Bao; Zhang, Liang Sep 30, 2019 6139
TGV Upsampling: A Making-Up Operation for Semantic Segmentation. Yin, Xu; Li, Yan; Shin, Byeong-Seok Aug 31, 2019 5494
Semantic Segmentation Based Remote Sensing Data Fusion on Crops Detection. Pena, Jose; Tan, Yumin; Boonpook, Wuttichai Jul 1, 2019 3976
Application of Extreme Learning Machine for Predicting Chlorophyll-a Concentration Inartificial Upwelling Processes. Wei, Yan; Huang, Haocai; Chen, Bin; Zheng, Bofu; Wang, Yihong Jun 30, 2019 7011
Forecasting Parameters of Satellite Navigation Signal through Artificial Neural Networks for the Purpose of Civil Aviation. Krzykowska, Karolina; Krzykowski, Michal May 31, 2019 7642
Segmentation of Brain MR Images by Using Fully Convolutional Network and Gaussian Mixture Model with Spatial Constraints. Lai, Jiawei; Zhu, Hongqing; Ling, Xiaofeng May 31, 2019 5921
Implementation of Genetic Algorithm Integrated with the Deep Neural Network for Estimating at Completion Simulation. Kamoona, Karrar Raoof Kareem; Budayan, Cenk May 31, 2019 8609
A Systematic Review of Deep Learning Approaches to Educational Data Mining. Herrera-Flores, Antonio Hernandez-Blanco Boris; Tomas, David; Navarro-Colorado, Borja May 31, 2019 18090
A PREDICTOR-BASED COMPRESSOR. Boiangiu, Costin-Anton; Stanica, Iulia; Neculae, Vlad Report May 1, 2019 3200
Nature-Inspired Optimization Algorithms for Neuro-Fuzzy Models in Real-World Control and Robotics Applications. Valdez, Fevrier; Castillo, Oscar; Jain, Amita; Jana, Dipak K. Apr 30, 2019 1351
Exercise activates memory neural networks in older adults: study. Apr 26, 2019 340
Vehicle Detection in Aerial Images Based on Hyper Feature Map in Deep Convolutional Network. Shen, Jiaquan; Liu, Ningzhong; Sun, Han; Tao, Xiaoli; Li, Qiangyi Report Apr 1, 2019 9809
Deep Learning based Rapid Diagnosis System for Identifying Tomato Nutrition Disorders. Zhang, Li; Jia, Jingdun; Li, Yue; Gao, Wanlin; Wang, Minjuan Report Apr 1, 2019 4389
Prediction Model of User Physical Activity using Data Characteristics-based Long Short-term Memory Recurrent Neural Networks. Kim, Joo-Chang; Chung, Kyungyong Report Apr 1, 2019 7574
3D Res-Inception Network Transfer Learning for Multiple Label Crowd Behavior Recognition. Nan, Hao; Li, Min; Fan, Lvyuan; Tong, Minglei Report Mar 1, 2019 4897
Two person Interaction Recognition Based on Effective Hybrid Learning. Ahmed, Minhaz Uddin; Kim, Yeong Hyeon; Kim, Jin Woo; Bashar, Md Rezaul; Phill, Kyu Report Feb 1, 2019 6825
Action Recognition with deep network features and dimension reduction. Li, Lijun; Dai, Shuling Report Feb 1, 2019 8615
MAKING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE INTELLIGIBLE: Humans need to know how neural networks make decisions. Jahnke, Art Jan 1, 2019 1634
Best Practices for QSAR Model Reporting: Physical and Chemical Properties, Ecotoxicity, Environmental Fate, Human Health, and Toxicokinetics Endpoints. Piir, Geven; Kahn, Iiris; Garcia-Sosa, Alfonso T.; Sild, Sulev; Akte, Priit; Maran, Uko Report Dec 1, 2018 17327
A Video Smoke Detection Algorithm Based on Cascade Classification and Deep Learning. Dung, Nguyen Manh; Kim, Dongkeun; Ro, Soonghwan Report Dec 1, 2018 5018
An Adaptation Method in Noise Mismatch Conditions for DNN-based Speech Enhancement. Si-Ying, Xu; Tong, Niu; Dan, Qu; Xing-Yan, Long Report Oct 1, 2018 9589
Enhanced Network Intrusion Detection using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. Naseer, Sheraz; Saleem, Yasir Report Oct 1, 2018 7928
Skin Diseases Predictive Model Using Individual Base and Ensemble Base Approach. Oladele, Tinuke Omolewa; Aro, Taye Oladele; Segun, Adebisi Samuel Report Oct 1, 2018 2665
Pain Response in Babies' Brains Controlled in 'Similar Way to Adults'. Sep 12, 2018 527
Binary Hashing CNN Features for Action Recognition. Li, Weisheng; Feng, Chen; Xiao, Bin; Chen, Yanquan Technical report Sep 1, 2018 5507
Bandwidth Allocation Mechanism based on Users' Web Usage Patterns for Campus Networks. Paredes, Rolysent K.; Sison, Ariel M.; Medina, Ruji P. Report Aug 1, 2018 6409
Implementation of High Speed Tangent Sigmoid Transfer Function Approximations for Artificial Neural Network Applications on FPGA. Koyuncu, Ismail Technical report Aug 1, 2018 4610
Pulse Coupled Neural Network based Near-Duplicate Detection of Images (PCNN--NDD). Thyagharajan, Kandaswamy Kondampatti; Kalaiarasi, Governor Technical report Aug 1, 2018 8800
Mobile Subscriber Profiling and Personal Service Generation using Location Awareness. Oztoprak, Kasim Technical report Aug 1, 2018 7315
A Weighted Block-by-Block Decoding Algorithm for CPM-QC-LDPC Code Using Neural Network. Xu, Zuohong; Zhu, Jiang; Zhang, Zixuan; Cheng, Qian Technical report Aug 1, 2018 7955
Feature Based Techniques for a Driver's Distraction Detection using Supervised Learning Algorithms based on Fixed Monocular Video Camera. All, Syed Farooq; Hassan, Malik Tahir Technical report Aug 1, 2018 9332
Neural-network-based Impulse Noise Removal Using Group-based Weighted Couple Sparse Representation. Lee, Yongwoo; Bui, Toan Due; Shin, Jitae; Oh, Byung Tae Technical report Aug 1, 2018 6481
Fuzzy Neural System Application to Differential Diagnosis of Erythemato-Squamous Diseases. Idoko, John Bush; Arslan, Murat; Abiyev, Rahib Aug 1, 2018 5673
Learning Overcomplete Representations using Leaky Linear Decoders. Yadav, Sarthak; Bist, Ankur Singh Jul 1, 2018 3451
An Intelligent Routing Protocol Based on DYMO for MANET. Hamamreh, Rushdi A.; Salah, Omar I. Jul 1, 2018 2899
Improved Wind Speed Prediction Using Empirical Mode Decomposition. Zhang, Yagang; Zhang, Chenhong; Sun, Jingbin; Guo, Jingjing Report May 1, 2018 5304
Combination of Long-Term and Short-Term Features for Age Identification from Voice. Buyuk, Osman; Arslan, Mustafa Levent Report May 1, 2018 6577
Computer-Aided Diagnosis Psoriasis Lesion Using Skin Color and Texture Features. Jarad, Tanya Shakir; Dawood, Ali J. Report May 1, 2018 5747
Multi-focus Image Fusion using Fully Convolutional Two-stream Network for Visual Sensors. Xu, Kaiping; Qin, Zheng; Wang, Guolong; Zhang, Huidi; Huang, Kai; Ye, Shuxiong Report May 1, 2018 7304
Wide Range Analog CMOS Multiplier for Neural Network Application. Jouni, Hassan; Harb, Adnan; Jacquemod, Gilles; Leduc, Yves Report Apr 1, 2018 1656
The GANfather: The man who's given machines the gift of imagination: By pitting neural networks against one another, an Goodfellow has created a powerful Al tool. Now he, and the rest of us, must face the consequences. Giles, Martin Mar 1, 2018 1699
Convolutional Neural Network with Particle Filter Approach for Visual Tracking. Tyan, Vladimir; Kim, Doohyun Report Feb 1, 2018 4852
2D Human Pose Estimation based on Object Detection using RGB-D information. Park, Seohee; Ji, Myunggeun; Chun, Junchul Report Feb 1, 2018 6314
Effectiveness of Contraceptive Usage among Reproductive Ages in Nigeria Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN). Dauda, Kazeem A.; Babatunde, Akinbowale N.; Olorede, Kabir O.; Abdulsalam, Sulaiman O.; Ogundokun, O Report Feb 1, 2018 4706
Study on Adiabatic Temperature Rise Reflecting Hydration Degree of Concrete. Han, Yanhua; Fu, Shaojun; Wang, Shufa; Xie, Zuowei Jan 1, 2018 7539
Applying Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference System to Improve Concrete Strength Estimation in Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tests. Ngo, Loan T.Q.; Wang, Yu-Ren; Chen, Yi-Ming Jan 1, 2018 7860
Rapid Disaster Data Dissemination and Vulnerability Assessment through Synthesis of a Web-Based Extreme Event Viewer and Deep Learning. Crawford, P. Shane; Al-Zarrad, Mohammad A.; Graettinger, Andrew J.; Hainen, Alexander M.; Back, Edwa Jan 1, 2018 7301
Analysis of Bus Trip Characteristics and Demand Forecasting Based on NARX Neural Network Model. Sun, Feng; Su, Wenheng; Liu, Weixuan; Cao, Hui; Guo, Dong; Zhu, Ye Jan 1, 2018 5807
Deep Learning Methods for Underwater Target Feature Extraction and Recognition. Hu, Gang; Wang, Kejun; Peng, Yuan; Qiu, Mengran; Shi, Jianfei; Liu, Liangliang Report Jan 1, 2018 5883
Storage Capacities of Twin-Multistate Quaternion Hopfield Neural Networks. Kobayashi, Masaki Report Jan 1, 2018 2913
A Novel Classification and Identification Scheme of Emitter Signals Based on Ward's Clustering and Probabilistic Neural Networks with Correlation Analysis. Liao, Xiaofeng; Li, Bo; Yang, Bo Report Jan 1, 2018 9788
Real-Time Human Detection for Aerial Captured Video Sequences via Deep Models. AlDahoul, Nouar; Sabri, Aznul Qalid Md; Mansoor, Ali Mohammed Report Jan 1, 2018 7692
Medical Image Classification Based on Deep Features Extracted by Deep Model and Statistic Feature Fusion with Multilayer Perceptron. Lai, ZhiFei; Deng, HuiFang Report Jan 1, 2018 8331
An Improved DSA-Based Approach for Multi-AUV Cooperative Search. Ni, Jianjun; Yang, Liu; Shi, Pengfei; Luo, Chengming Report Jan 1, 2018 7846
A Hybrid Model for Forecasting Sunspots Time Series Based on Variational Mode Decomposition and Backpropagation Neural Network Improved by Firefly Algorithm. Li, Guohui; Ma, Xiao; Yang, Hong Report Jan 1, 2018 5157
Deep Convolutional Neural Network Used in Single Sample per Person Face Recognition. Zeng, Junying; Zhao, Xiaoxiao; Gail, Junying; Mai, Chaoyun; Zhai, Yikui; Wang, Fan Report Jan 1, 2018 7295
A Composite Model of Wound Segmentation Based on Traditional Methods and Deep Neural Networks. Li, Fangzhao; Wang, Changjian; Liu, Xiaohui; Peng, Yuxing; Jin, Shiyao Report Jan 1, 2018 7739
A Neural Machine Translation Model for Arabic Dialects That Utilises Multitask Learning (MTL). Baniata), Laith H.; Park, Seyoung; Park, Seong-Bae Jan 1, 2018 7942
Anomaly Detection in Moving Crowds through Spatiotemporal Autoencoding and Additional Attention. Yang, Biao; Cao, Jinmeng; Ni, Rongrong; Zou, Ling Report Jan 1, 2018 4974
Can Deep Learning Identify Tomato Leaf Disease? Zhang, Keke; Wu, Qiufeng; Liu, Anwang; Meng, Xiangyan Report Jan 1, 2018 6184
Study on the Detection of Dairy Cows' Self-Protective Behaviors Based on Vision Analysis. Li, Jia; Wu, Pei; Kang, Feilong; Zhang, Lina; Xuan, Chuanzhong Case study Jan 1, 2018 4325
Gender and Handedness Prediction from Offline Handwriting Using Convolutional Neural Networks. Morera, Angel; Sanchez, Angel; Velez, Jose Francisco; Moreno, Ana Belen Jan 1, 2018 9678
A SA-ANN-Based Modeling Method for Human Cognition Mechanism and the PSACO Cognition Algorithm. Chen, Shuting; Tan, Dapeng Jan 1, 2018 13131
Similarity-Based Summarization of Music Files for Support Vector Machines. Jakubik, Jan; Kwasnicka, Halina Jan 1, 2018 7266
Regression and ANN Models for Electronic Circuit Design. Dieste-Velasco, M.I.; Diez-Mediavilla, M.; Alonso-Tristan, C. Report Jan 1, 2018 4841
Investigating Determinants of Student Satisfaction in the First Year of College in a Public University in the State of Qatar. Al-Sheeb, Bothaina; Hamouda, Abdel Magid; Abdella, Galal M. Jan 1, 2018 9394
Detecting Malware with an Ensemble Method Based on Deep Neural Network. Yan, Jinpei; Qi, Yong; Rao, Qifan Jan 1, 2018 11806
Automatic melody extraction algorithm using a convolutional neural network. Lee, Jongseol; Jang, Dalwon; Yoon, Kyoungro Report Dec 1, 2017 5660
Hybrid Approach for Botnet Detection Using K-Means and K-Medoids with Hopfield Neural Network. Obeidat, Atef Ahmed Report Dec 1, 2017 6490
Designing an Energy Efficient Network Using Integration of KSOM, ANN and Data Fusion Techniques. Singh, Pooja; Pareek, Vikas; Ahlawat, Anil K. Report Dec 1, 2017 5574
Research and implementation of a USB interfaced real-time power quality disturbance classification system. Gok, Mehmet; Sefa, Ibrahim Report Aug 1, 2017 8179
Location authentication based on wireless access point information to prevent wormhole attack in Samsung pay. Ryu, Gwonsang; Seo, Changho; Choi, Daeseon Report Aug 1, 2017 4347
Quantum fluctuation fields and conscious experience: How neurodynamics transcends classical and quantum mechanics. Hankey, Alex Essay Jul 1, 2017 2835
Deep recurrent neural network for multiple time slot frequency spectrum predictions of cognitive radio. Tang, Zhi-ling; Li, Si-min Report Jun 1, 2017 6744
Reduction of phase aberrations in the terrestrial free space optical communication with a novel approach. Thanmayie, V.G.; Amudha, A.; Kaviya, B.; Selvi, J. Arputha Vijaya May 1, 2017 2474
A literature survey in ECG feature extraction. Thirumurugan, P.; Surendhar, S.; Raaj, R. Sathesh; Ezhilmathi, N. Report May 1, 2017 2833
Learning Experiences Using Neural Networks and Support Vector Machine (SVM). Arach, Soumya; Bouden, Halima Report Apr 1, 2017 2486
Hidden-layer ensemble fusion of MLP neural networks for pedestrian detection. Huke, Kyaw Kyaw Report Mar 1, 2017 6306
Design and testing of central pattern generator gait testing platform for hexapod with reflex learning. Aju, M.T.; Nepolean, A. Report Feb 1, 2017 4292
A No-Reference Modular Video Quality Prediction Model for H.265/HEVC and VP9 Codecs on a Mobile Device. Pal, Debajyoti; Vanijja, Vajirasak Report Jan 1, 2017 12705
Geospatial Analysis of Extreme Weather Events in Nigeria (1985-2015) Using Self-Organizing Maps. Akande, Adeoluwa; Costa, Ana Cristina; Mateu, Jorge; Henriques, Roberto Report Jan 1, 2017 6424
Modeling Punching Shear Capacity of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Concrete Slabs: A Comparative Study of Instance-Based and Neural Network Learning. Hoang, Nhat-Duc; Vu, Duy-Thang; Tran, Xuan-Linh; Tran, Van-Duc Report Jan 1, 2017 8329
Effects of Autapse and Channel Blockage on Firing Regularity in a Biological Neuronal Network. Uzun, Rukiye; Ozer, Mahmut Report Jan 1, 2017 3785
Novel Conditions for Robust Stability of Bidirectional Associative Memory Neural Networks with Multiple Time Delays. Yucel, Eylem Report Jan 1, 2017 4380
Random Forest-Based Approach for Maximum Power Point Tracking of Photovoltaic Systems Operating under Actual Environmental Conditions. Shareef, Hussain; Mutlag, Ammar Hussein; Mohamed, Azah Report Jan 1, 2017 8346
Fusion of Facial Expressions and EEG for Multimodal Emotion Recognition. Huang, Yongrui; Yang, Jianhao; Liao, Pengkai; Pan, Jiahui Report Jan 1, 2017 5697
Application of the Intuitionistic Fuzzy InterCriteria Analysis Method with Triples to a Neural Network Preprocessing Procedure. Sotirov, Sotir; Atanassova, Vassia; Sotirova, Evdokia; Doukovska, Lyubka; Bureva, Veselina; Mavrov, Report Jan 1, 2017 6979
Automatic Image-Based Plant Disease Severity Estimation Using Deep Learning. Wang, Guan; Sun, Yu; Wang, Jianxin Report Jan 1, 2017 4685
A Novel Active Semisupervised Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm for SAR Image Recognition. Gao, Fei; Yue, Zhenyu; Wang, Jun; Sun, Jinping; Yang, Erfu; Zhou, Huiyu Report Jan 1, 2017 5320
Improving Classification Performance through an Advanced Ensemble Based Heterogeneous Extreme Learning Machines. Abuassba, Adnan O.M.; Zhang, Dezheng; Luo, Xiong; Shaheryar, Ahmad; Ali, Hazrat Report Jan 1, 2017 8108
Image Classification Using Biomimetic Pattern Recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks Features. Zhou, Liangji; Li, Qingwu; Huo, Guanying; Zhou, Yan Report Jan 1, 2017 7198
Application of Machine Learning in Postural Control Kinematics for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease. Costa, Luis; Gago, Miguel F.; Yelshyna, Darya; Ferreira, Jaime; Silva, Helder David; Rocha, Luis; So Report Jan 1, 2017 9613
Ranking of Sites for Installation of Hydropower Plant Using MLP Neural Network Trained with GA: A MADM Approach. Shimray, Benjamin A.; Singh, Kh. Manglem; Khelchandra, Thongam; Mehta, R.K. Case study Jan 1, 2017 6424
A Grey Wolf Optimizer for Modular Granular Neural Networks for Human Recognition. Sanchez, Daniela; Melin, Patricia; Castillo, Oscar Report Jan 1, 2017 11698
Prototype Generation Using Self-Organizing Maps for Informativeness-Based Classifier. Moreira, Leandro Juvencio; Silva, Leandro A. Report Jan 1, 2017 9621
Deep Recurrent Neural Network-Based Autoencoders for Acoustic Novelty Detection. Marchi, Erik; Vesperini, Fabio; Squartini, Stefano; Schuller, Bjorn Report Jan 1, 2017 10791
Adaptive Resource Utilization Prediction System for Infrastructure as a Service Cloud. Ullah, Qazi Zia; Hassan, Shahzad; Khan, Gul Muhammad Report Jan 1, 2017 6346
Fast Recall for Complex-Valued Hopfield Neural Networks with Projection Rules. Kobayashi, Masaki Report Jan 1, 2017 2875
Bag of Visual Words Model with Deep Spatial Features for Geographical Scene Classification. Feng, Jiangfan; Liu, Yuanyuan; Wu, Lin Report Jan 1, 2017 7558
Statistical Modeling and Prediction for Tourism Economy Using Dendritic Neural Network. Yu, Ying; Wang, Yirui; Gao, Shangce; Tang, Zheng Report Jan 1, 2017 5465
Mexican Hat Wavelet Kernel ELM for Multiclass Classification. Wang, Jie; Song, Yi-Fan; Ma, Tian-Lei Report Jan 1, 2017 4770
A Novel Multilevel-SVD Method to Improve Multistep Ahead Forecasting in Traffic Accidents Domain. Barba, Lida; Rodriguez, Nibaldo Report Jan 1, 2017 6481
Identification of Functionally Interconnected Neurons Using Factor Analysis. Soletta, Jorge H.; Farfan, Fernando D.; Albarracin, Ana L.; Piza, Alvaro G.; Lucianna, Facundo A.; F Report Jan 1, 2017 7159
Convolutional Neural Networks with 3D Input for P300 Identification in Auditory Brain-Computer Interfaces. Carabez, Eduardo; Sugi, Miho; Nambu, Isao; Wada, Yasuhiro Report Jan 1, 2017 7252
High Performance Implementation of 3D Convolutional Neural Networks on a GPU. Lan, Qiang; Wang, Zelong; Wen, Mei; Zhang, Chunyuan; Wang, Yijie Report Jan 1, 2017 4965
Underwater Inherent Optical Properties Estimation Using a Depth Aided Deep Neural Network. Yu, Zhibin; Wang, Yubo; Zheng, Bing; Zheng, Haiyong; Wang, Nan; Gu, Zhaorui Report Jan 1, 2017 4209
Differential Cloud Particles Evolution Algorithm Based on Data-Driven Mechanism for Applications of ANN. Li, Wei Report Jan 1, 2017 17122
Training Feedforward Neural Networks Using Symbiotic Organisms Search Algorithm. Wu, Haizhou; Zhou, Yongquan; Luo, Qifang; Basset, Mohamed Abdel Report Jan 1, 2017 8361
A Dynamic Bioinspired Neural Network Based Real-Time Path Planning Method for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. Ni, Jianjun; Wu, Liuying; Shi, Pengfei; Yang, Simon X. Report Jan 1, 2017 8385
New Stability Criterion for Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Cohen-Grossberg Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delays. Wang, Xiongrui; Rao, Ruofeng; Zhong, Shouming Report Jan 1, 2017 4436
Fuzzy Adaptive Prescribed Performance Control for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems with Unknown Dead-Zone Inputs. Xiang, Wei; Li, Ning; Sun, Yeguo Report Jan 1, 2017 5442
A Multiple Hidden Layers Extreme Learning Machine Method and Its Application. Xiao, Dong; Li, Beijing; Mao, Yachun Report Jan 1, 2017 6247
Adaptive NN Control for Multisteering Plane Aircraft with Dead Zone or Backlash Input Nonlinearity. Meng, Xiang-Fei; Wang, Ying; Lv, Mao-Long Report Jan 1, 2017 4865
Data-Driven Robust Control of Unknown MIMO Nonlinear System Subject to Input Saturations and Disturbances. Wang, Li; Gong, Huajun; Liu, Chunsheng Report Jan 1, 2017 5543
Optimal Control of Complex Systems Based on Improved Dual Heuristic Dynamic Programming Algorithm. Li, Hui; Wen, Yongsui; Sun, Wenjie Report Jan 1, 2017 5804
Predicting Real-Time Crash Risk for Urban Expressways in China. Liu, Miaomiao; Chen, Yongsheng Report Jan 1, 2017 6578
Exponential Antisynchronization Control of Stochastic Memristive Neural Networks with Mixed Time-Varying Delays Based on Novel Delay-Dependent or Delay-Independent Adaptive Controller. Yu, Minghui; Wang, Weiping; Luo, Xiong; Liu, Linlin; Yuan, Manman Report Jan 1, 2017 6250
Fuzzy Modeling for Uncertainty Nonlinear Systems with Fuzzy Equations. Jafari, Raheleh; Yu, Wen Report Jan 1, 2017 6692
Mapping and Estimation of Monthly Global Solar Irradiation in Different Zones in Souss-Massa Area, Morocco, Using Artificial Neural Networks. Mensour, O. Nait; Bouaddi, S.; Abnay, B.; Hlimi, B.; Ihlal, A. Jan 1, 2017 8644
Protecting Privacy in Shared Photos via Adversarial Examples Based Stealth. Liu, Yujia; Zhang, Weiming; Yu, Nenghai Report Jan 1, 2017 8422
Adaptive Steganalysis Based on Selection Region and Combined Convolutional Neural Networks. Hu, Donghui; Shen, Qiang; Zhou, Shengnan; Liu, Xueliang; Fan, Yuqi; Wang, Lina Report Jan 1, 2017 5537
Relay Positioning Strategy for Traffic Data Collection of Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using Hybrid Optimization Systems: A FANET-Based Case Study. Jailton, Jose; Carvalho, Tassio; Araujo, Jasmine; Frances, Renato Case study Jan 1, 2017 5973
Fuzzy Based Advanced Hybrid Intrusion Detection System to Detect Malicious Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks. Singh, Rupinder; Singh, Jatinder; Singh, Ravinder Report Jan 1, 2017 10707
In-Body Ranging with Ultra-Wideband Signals: Techniques and Modeling of the Ranging Error. Kanaan, Muzaffer; Suveren, Memduh Report Jan 1, 2017 10226
Research on the teaching quality evaluation model in colleges and universities based on Probabilistic Neural Network. Li, Cun; Xie, Jiaqi Sep 1, 2016 2643
Computational simulation of equivalence class formation using the go/no-go procedure with compound stimuli. Vernucio, Renato Roberto; Debert, Paula Sep 1, 2016 6349
A novel scheme for detection of Parkinson's disorder from hand-eye coordination behavior and DaTscan images. Sivanesan, Ramya; Anwar, Alvia; Talwar, Abhishek; Menaka, R.; Karthik, R. Report Sep 1, 2016 5222
Using neural networks to examine the sensitivity of composite material mechanical properties to processing parameters. Zhang, Xu; Johrendt, Jennifer Report Aug 1, 2016 4663
Modeling of local scour depth around bridge piers using artificial neural network. Khassaf, Saleh I.; Abdulwhab, Ali Q. Technical report Jul 1, 2016 3711
Energy detector based time of arrival estimation using a neural network with millimeter wave signals. Liang, Xiaolin; Zhang, Hao; Gulliver, T. Aaron Report Jul 1, 2016 5941
Intelligent dashboard to support for decision making in business courier company/Dashboard Inteligente para apoio a tomada de decisao em empresa de courier/ Dashboard inteligente para apoyo a la toma de decisiones en empresas de courier. Ferreira, Ricardo Pinto; Martiniano, Andrea; Sassi, Renato Jose May 1, 2016 6896
A contribution to science himself. Khan, Gul Muhammad Mar 13, 2016 718
Metaheuristic algorithms for convolution neural network. Rere, L.M. Rasdi; Fanany, Mohamad Ivan; Arymurthy, Aniati Murni Report Jan 1, 2016 6671
Mitigation of effects of occlusion on object recognition with deep neural networks through low-level image completion. Chandler, Benjamin; Mingolla, Ennio Report Jan 1, 2016 10061
Global exponential stability of almost periodic solution for neutral-type Cohen-Grossberg shunting inhibitory cellular neural networks with distributed delays and impulses. Xu, Lijun; Jiang, Qi; Gu, Guodong Report Jan 1, 2016 6706
Planning the city logistics terminal location by applying the green p-median model and type-2 neurofuzzy network. Pamucar, Dragan; Vasin, Ljubislav; Atanaskovic, Predrag; Milicic, Milica Report Jan 1, 2016 14816
Real-time monitoring and fault diagnosis of a low power hub motor using feedforward neural network. Simcir, Mehmet; Bayir, Raif; Uyaroglu, Yilmaz Report Jan 1, 2016 8440
Simulation of code spectrum and code flow of cultured neuronal networks. Tamura, Shinichi; Nishitani, Yoshi; Hosokawa, Chie; Miyoshi, Tomomitsu; Sawai, Hajime Report Jan 1, 2016 5830
The Method of Oilfield Development Risk Forecasting and Early Warning Using Revised Bayesian Network. Zhong, Yihua; Liu, Yuxin; Lin, Xuxu; Luo, Shiming Jan 1, 2016 5656
Modeling the brain. Brief article Nov 1, 2015 175
Comparative Study of Various Techniques of Fingerprint Recognition Systems. Ahmed, Hany Hashem; Kelash, Hamdy M.; Tolba, Maha S.; ELRashidy, Mohammed A. Case study Sep 1, 2015 5852
ANNs on co-occurrence matrices for mobile malware detection. Xiao, Xi; Wang, Zhenlong; Li, Qi; Li, Qing; Jiang, Yong Report Jul 1, 2015 7362
An ensemble model for predicting energy performance in residential buildings using data mining techniques. Manimaran, Subramanian; AlBastaki, Ibrahim; Mangai, J. Alamelu Report Jul 1, 2015 5641
A study of devising neural network based indoor localization using beacons: first results. Mazan, Filip; Kovarova, Alena Report Feb 1, 2015 3487
Compression ratio of municipal solid waste simulation using artificial neural network and adaptive neurofuzzy system. Mokhtari, Maryam; Heshmati R, Ali Akbar; Shariatmadari, Nader Report Dec 1, 2014 5066
Linear programming problem for nonlinear convex set constraints based on nonlinear neural network. Huaxian, Cai; Tian, Tian; Yilin, Cai Report Oct 1, 2014 2596
Real Time Accidents Diagnosis for Research Reactors using Adaptive Resonance Network. Kandil, Magy Mohamed Report Sep 1, 2014 4095
GA-optimized support vector regression for an improved emotional state estimation model. Ahn, Hyunchul; Kim, Seongjin; Kim, Jae Kyeong Report Jun 1, 2014 5604
Fault detection of rolling bearings using discrete wavelet transform and neural network of SVM. Seryasat, O.R.; Habibi, M.; Ghane, M.; Taherkhani, H. Report Apr 15, 2014 3163
The classification performance of multiple methods and datasets: cases from the loan credit scoring domain. Zurada, Jozef; Kunene, Niki; Guan, Jian Report Jan 1, 2014 14169
Prediction of slot shape and slot size for improving the performance of microstrip antennas using knowledge-based neural networks. Khan, Taimoor; De, Asok Report Jan 1, 2014 5615
Cooperation-controlled learning for explicit class structure in self-organizing maps. Kamimura, Ryotaro Report Jan 1, 2014 9888
Enhancing artificial bee colony algorithm with self-adaptive searching strategy and artificial immune network operators for global optimization. Chen, Tinggui; Xiao, Renbin Report Jan 1, 2014 8622
Neural network assisted inverse dynamic guidance for terminally constrained entry flight. Zhou, Hao; Rahman, Tawfiqur; Chen, Wanchun Report Jan 1, 2014 5922
Synchronization control for stochastic neural networks with mixed time-varying delays. Zhu, Qing; Song, Aiguo; Fei, Shumin; Yang, Yuequan; Cao, Zhiqiang Report Jan 1, 2014 4120
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Forward modeling of the Coumarin Antifungals; SPR/SAR based perspective. Soltani, Saeed; Dianat, Shima; Sardari, Soroush Report Jul 1, 2009 3064
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