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Effects of polypropylene carbonate coating on the degradation and biocompatibility of degradable magnesium alloy AZ31/Polupropuleenkarbonaatkatte moju magneesiumisulami AZ31 degradatsioonile ja biosobivusele. Zhao, Zhiwei; Zhao, Lirong; Shi, Xudong; Liu, Jianfeng; Wang, Yijun; Xu, Wu; Sun, Hai; Fu, Zhuo; Liu Technical report Mar 1, 2019 5282
Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy: Methodology for Construction of Ultramicroelectrodes with an Automatic Micropipette Extruder/Microscopia Electroquimica de Barrido: Metodologia para la Construccion de Ultramicroelectrodos con un Extrusor Automatico de Micropipetas. Zambrano-Rengel, G.; Dzib, L.; Arceo, D.; Gonzalez, J. Jan 1, 2019 1726
Designing And Manufacturing Of An Experimental Site For Carrying Out Of Researches Of Corrosion Resistance Of Candidate Constructional Materials During Pyro-chemical Operations Of Snf Processing. Sep 23, 2018 114
Corrosion - Occurrence and Prevention. Report Aug 31, 2018 14035
Influence of an Innovative Anti-Corrosive Solution on Resistance of Endodontic NiTi Rotary Instruments: A Preliminary Study. Saghiri, Mohammed Ali; Asatourian, Armen; Godoy, Franklin Garcia; Sheibani, Nader Jan 1, 2018 3442
Review of Basalt Fiber-Reinforced Concrete in China: Alkali Resistance of Fibers and Static Mechanical Properties of Composites. Guo, Zhensheng; Wan, Chunfeng; Xu, Mengye; Chen, Jinxiang Jan 1, 2018 7950
Study of the Corrosion Characteristics of Tunnel Fissures in a Karst Area in Southwest China. Zhao, Yanjie; Wang, Fugang; Li, Cangsong; Cao, Yuqing; Tian, Hailong Jan 1, 2018 7987
PIPE CLEANER. Lowey, Mark Sep 22, 2017 1918
May issue of JCTR features study on inhibitors for prolonged corrosion protection. May 1, 2017 615
Property correlations of cast AA 713.0/MWCNT metal matrix composite. Singh, Sanjay; Somu, C.; Kumar, Vinayak; Arumukam, R. Apr 1, 2017 4834
Effect of (ZrO2) addition on mechanical and electrochemical properties and thermal conductivity of high copper dental amalgam. Deen, Haydar H.J. Jamal Al-; Mahdi, Nabaa Muthana Report Jan 1, 2017 4132
Flexural Strengthening of Damaged T-Joists with Severe Corrosion Using CFRP Sheets. Vercher, Jose; Gil, Enrique; Mas, Angeles; Lerma, Carlos; Torner, M. Eugenia Report Jan 1, 2017 6560
Experimental Study on the Influence of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria on the Metallic Corrosion Behavior under Disbonded Coating. Ding, Qingmiao; Fang, Liping; Cui, Yanyu; Wang, Yujun Jan 1, 2017 5196
Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) inserted in different configurations of the tensile zone retrofitting with microconcrete containing steel fibers to the strengthening of beams/Polimero reforcado com fibras de carbono (PRFC) inserido em diferentes configuracoes do banzo tracionado reconstituido por microconcreto com fibras de aco para o reforco de vigas. Ferrari, Vladimir Jose; Arquez, Ana Paula; de Hanai, Joao Bento Oct 1, 2016 3930
Corrosion studies of thermal sprayed HA and HA/ [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3]-Ti[O.sub.2] bond coating on 316L staneless steel. Walia, Bhupesh; Sarao, T.P. Singh; Grewal, J.S. Report Jul 1, 2015 3852
Improved biological performance of magnesium by micro-arc oxidation. Ma, W.H.; Liu, Y.J.; Wang, W.; Zhang, Y.Z. Report Mar 1, 2015 7134
Chloride-induced corrosion of reinforcement in concrete structures predicted using artificial neural network. Azariyun, E.; Azariyun, M. Report Jun 20, 2014 3902
Checking the role of slope in generated Von mises stress of railroad. Zeynali, Sajjad Apr 15, 2014 2248
The corrosion studies of powder metallurgy Co-Cr-Mo (F-75) alloy. Daud, Zuraidawani Che; Jamaludin, Shamsul Baharin; Derman, Mohd Nazree; Wahab, Juyana A. Report Oct 1, 2013 1611
Effect of silica content on the acid resistance of enamels. Amin, Sh.K.; Ahmed, M.M.; El-Sayed, El S.K.; Abadir, M.F. Report Jul 1, 2013 2862
Evaluation of capacitor sensor performancein reinforced concrete for corrosion monitoring. Rahman, Siti Fatimah Abdul; Ismail, Mohammad; Noor, Norhazilan Md.; Bakhtiar, Hazri; Yahaya, Nordin; Report Apr 1, 2013 1596
Corrosion monitoring of flexible metallic substrates for dye-sensitized solar cells. Watson, Trystan; Reynolds, Gavin; Wragg, David; Williams, Geraint; Worsley, David Report Jan 1, 2013 5115
With and without electricity nickel and phosphorus electroplated on steel components of coherent and normal light and its corrosion study. Darzi, Fatemeh Jafarzadeh Report Jan 1, 2013 4833
Microstructure and mechanical properties of recycled aggregate concrete in seawater environment. Yue, Pengjun; Tan, Zhuoying; Guo, Zhiying Report Jan 1, 2013 3786
Methodology for assessing the probability of corrosion in concrete structures on the basis of half-cell potential and concrete resistivity measurements. Sadowski, Lukasz Report Jan 1, 2013 3931
Researchers develop rust-proof steel using graphene-based composites for non-toxic coatings. Jun 1, 2012 611
Diffusion of organic substances inhibiting reinforcement corrosion in concrete/Organiniu medziagu difuzija betone, stabdanti armaturos korozija. Sliwka, Andrzej; Zybura, Adam Report Dec 1, 2011 2507
Investigation into the structure and corrosion resistance of Mg-Al and Mg-Al-Zr coatings produced by magnetron sputtering/Magnetroniniu Mg-Al, Mg-Al-Zr IR Zr dangu strukturos ir korozinio atsparumo tyrimas. Lukauskaite, Raimonda; Valiulis, Algirdas Vaclovas Report Dec 1, 2011 1870
The effect of halide ions on nickel corrosion in perchloric acid solutions/Halogeniidioonide moju nikli korrosioonile perkloorhappelahuses. Hinnov, Sixten; Tamm, Juri Report Sep 1, 2011 4192
Wear fretting behavior of thick HA anodizing alumina layer/Anodinimu apdorotu storu aliuminio sluoksniu fretinginio dilimo pobudis. Raid, A.; Boualem, N.; Fridrici, V.; Kapsa, Ph. Report Jul 1, 2011 2404
Effect of salt spray corrosion on air-side performance of finned-tube heat exchanger with hydrophilic coating under dehumidifying conditions. Pu, Hui; Ding, Guoliang; Hu, Haitao; Gao, Yifeng Report May 1, 2010 6132
Interim report on the examination of corrosion damage in homes constructed with imported wallboard: examination of samples received September 28, 2009. Pitchure, D.J.; Ricker, R.E.; Williams, M.E.; Claggett, S.A. Report May 1, 2010 2340
Corrosion behaviour of Ti[O.sub.2] particulate reinforced Al-6063 composites in sodium sulphate medium. Murthy, H.C. Ananda; Sanaulla, P.F.; Raju, V. Bheema Report May 1, 2010 2435
AE-SiGMA analysis in Brazilian test and accelerated corrosion test of concrete. Ohtsu, Masayasu; Kawasaki, Yuma Report Jan 1, 2010 3765
The study of corrosion behaviour of al alloy with pure al on the surface. Nemcova, Aneta; Gejdos, Pavel; Zmrzly, Martin; Dolezal, Pavel; Pacal, Bohumil Report Jan 1, 2010 1042
A test of reinforcement corrosion progress in the presence of organic corrosion inhibitors/Armaturos korozijos eksperimentiniai tyrimai naudojant organines korozijos letiklius. Sliwka, Andrzej; Zybura, Adam Report Dec 1, 2009 4914
Investigation of the effect of tantalum to rhenium ratio on the high-temperature corrosion resistance of ZhS-32 creep-resisting nickel alloy. Andrienko, A.G.; Gaiduk, S.V.; Kononov, V.V.; Malashenko, I.S. Oct 1, 2009 3368
Structural performance of corrosion damaged reinforced concrete beams with glass fibre reinforced polymer laminates. Rose, A. Leema; Suguna, K.; Ragunath, P.N. Report Apr 1, 2009 2368
Corrosion of air preheater tubes of oil shale CFB boiler. Part I. Dew point of flue gas and low-temperature corrosion. Pihu, T.; Arro, H.; Prikk, A.; Rootamm, R.; Konist, A. Report Mar 1, 2009 2924
Flexural failure behavior of RC beams with rebar corrosion and damage evaluation by acoustic emmission. Okude, Nobuhiro; Kunieda, Minoru; Shiotani, Tomoki; Nakamura, Hikaru Report Jan 1, 2009 2018
Technological processes influence regarding titanium alloys biomaterials corrosion. Catana, Dorin; Scarneciu, Ioan; Popescu, Rodica Report Jan 1, 2009 1282
The influence of residual stresses and stress corrosion on the reliability of welded joints of the alloy AL[ZN.sub.4][MG.sub.2]. Behmen, Mehmed; Topic, Angela; Vucina, Adisa Report Jan 1, 2009 1446
Studies on corrosion resistant properties of inhibitive primed IPN coating systems in comparison with epoxy-PU systems. Krishnan, S.M.; Mohan, P.S. Correction notice Mar 1, 2008 129
Immersion-type quadridirectional optical fiber AE sensor for liquid-borne AE. Matsuo, Takuma; Cho, Hideo; Ogawa, Takeshi; Takemoto, Mikio Report Jan 1, 2007 2257
Steely glaze: layered electrolytes control corrosion. Harder, B. Brief Article Apr 13, 2002 333
ALGAE NATURAL PRODUCTS FOR FORMULATIONS OF NONTOXIC ANTICORROSIVE MARINE COATINGS. Aamer, Khaled A.; Swinson, Nicole; Ludwick, Adriane G.; Algan, Heshmat Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 304
CONDITION AND PERFORMANCE OF EPOXY-COATED REBARS IN BRIDGE DECKS. Sohanghpurwala, Ali Akbar; Scannall, William T. Nov 1, 1999 3815
Results of pilot plant column and copper pipe test loop studies. Murphy, Bart; O'Connor, John T.; O'Connor, Thomas L. Dec 1, 1997 2775
Wilmar, Minnesota battles copper corrosion. Murphy, Bart; O'Connor, John T.; O'Connor, Thomas L. Nov 1, 1997 1883
Steel bridge coatings research. Kogler, Robert A., Jr.; Shuang-Ling, Chong Jul 1, 1997 3028
The corrosion of copper and byproduct releases. Edwards, Marc; Schock, Michael R.; Meyer, Travis E. May 1, 1996 698
Monitoring corrosion sources in water treatment. Billings, Clayton H. Feb 1, 1996 794
What makes gold such a noble metal? Lipkin, Richard Jul 22, 1995 420
"Fingerprinting" saves metallic equipment. Jun 1, 1995 546
Copper corrosion rate studies. Billings, Clayton H. Mar 1, 1995 780
Tailoring corrosion control. Billings, Clayton H. Aug 1, 1994 651
An assessment of exposure to cyclohexylamine arising from steam humidification of indoor air. Lao, Y.J. Dec 1, 1993 3009
The Titanic: from metals to minerals. Stoffyn-Egli, Patricia; Buckley, Dale E. Cover Story Oct 1, 1993 1140
Surface analytical techniques become a valuable tool in corrosion research. Graham, M.J. Jul 1, 1992 2875
Oyster shell protein fights corrosion. Pennisi, Elizabeth May 4, 1991 130
Taking corrosion's magnetic pulse. Weiss, Rick Feb 27, 1988 363
Lessons learned from a lady; the recent Statue of Liberty restoration provided some unique research opportunities. Peterson, Ivars Dec 20, 1986 3526
Tracing corrosion's magnetic field. Peterson, Ivars Aug 30, 1986 635
Biocorrosion: widespread vulnerability. Jul 20, 1985 115
Of rolls, welds and algae. Jul 20, 1985 120
When iron isn't stronger. Jul 20, 1985 211
The bugs of rust; researchers are trying to tease out how microorganisms influence the corrosion of metals. Raloff, Janet Jul 20, 1985 2350

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