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Young doctors urged to focus on research. Sep 14, 2020 287
Honey 'may be better than antibiotics' for curing coughs and colds, scientists claim; Doctors can recommend honey as a suitable alternative to antibiotics, which are often prescribed for such infections, even though they are not suitable, scientists from the University of Oxford said. By, Shivali Best Aug 19, 2020 471
Doctors given new list of symptoms that can suggest cancer; The list includes weight loss, difficulty swallowing and chest pain. By, Neil Shaw Aug 13, 2020 480
Doctors warn of possible increased risk from coronavirus if you're on the Pill; A doctor has said more research is needed to determine if women taking birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy should stop doing so due to Covid-19. By, Mark Waghorn & Danya Bazaraa Aug 3, 2020 628
Do physician incentives increase patient medication adherence? Kong, Edward; Beshears, John; Laibson, David; Madrian, Brigitte; Volpp, Kevin; Loewenstein, George; Report Aug 1, 2020 6607
Pioneering study by Bahraini medic on lesser-known health impact of Covid-19. Jul 18, 2020 391
Doctors call for vaccine programme after study links prostate cancer to sex virus; Research revealed there may be a connection between HPV virus and the deadly condition that kills 12,000 men a year in the UK. By, Brett Gibbons Jul 14, 2020 442
BAME pregnant women to be fast tracked into hospital due to coronavirus risk; NHS tells doctors to fast track BAME pregnant women into hospital as Oxford study shows they are eight times more likely to be admitted with Covid-19 than white mums-to-be. By, Laura Sharman Report Jun 27, 2020 811
Study Finds Doctor On Demand Video Visits Foster Physician-Patient Relationships. Clinical report Jun 16, 2020 173
Study Finds Doctor On Demand Video Visits Foster Physician-Patient Relationships. Clinical report Jun 16, 2020 187
Study Finds Doctor On Demand Video Visits Foster Physician-Patient Relationships. Clinical report Jun 16, 2020 187
People with O-type blood less susceptible to Covid-19: UAE doctors call for more conclusive research. Saman Haziq Jun 11, 2020 420
'Game-changing' cancer scan created by scientists -and it takes just 15 minutes; The 15-minute prostagram treatment trialled by doctors at Imperial College London uses MRI, similar to breast cancer screening for women, with 400 volunteers taking part in the study. By, Caitlin Doherty & Ryan Merrifield May 14, 2020 376
Coronavirus: Veterinary Doctor Warns Against Eating Raw, Undercooked Meats. Mar 19, 2020 600
Doctors urged to focus on research and knowledge. Feb 26, 2020 190
Study Shows Doctors Often Prescribe Placebos. Johnny Vatican Dec 4, 2019 496
Attitude of Jordanian Physicians toward Biochemistry and Genetics. Alfaqih, Mahmoud A.; Khader, Yousef S.; Bashir, Nabil; Nusair, Zuhair; Nuseir, Quteiba; Nusier, Moha Nov 30, 2019 7211
Doctors urged to focus on studies, research. Nov 19, 2019 235
Two missing gut microbes could impact mental health Doctors: More study is needed. Nov 18, 2019 493
Why did the axe fall on Pakistani doctors? Sep 4, 2019 1103
Research on Physician Opinions of Accountable Care Organizations Reveals Skepticism. Aug 20, 2019 345
The impact of tort reform on defensive medicine, quality of care, and physician supply: A systematic review. Agarwal, Rajender; Gupta, Ashutosh; Gupta, Shweta Report Aug 1, 2019 6142
Young docs urged to focus research. Jul 25, 2019 131
Now doctors may predict accurate treatment for patients: Study. Jul 5, 2019 381
Physician age and the abandonment of episiotomy. Howard, David H.; Hockenberry, Jason Jun 1, 2019 5041
Can medical scribes improve quality measure documentation? Yes, according to this study that found significant improvements in the documentation of 4 pay-for-performance quality measures and higher patient/physician satisfaction. Platt, Jessica; Altman, Wayne Jun 1, 2019 3573
Coventry doctor to be one of first men to run Race for Life; The Coventry GP will also be speaking at Cancer Research UK's Race For Life about the importance of having 'the poo conversation'. May 11, 2019 713
80 % Of Doctors Prescriptions At LASUTH Anonymous -Study. Apr 25, 2019 484
Admitting privileges and hospital-based care after presenting for abortion: A retrospective case series. Upadhyay, Ushma D.; Cartwright, Alice F.; Goyal, Vinita; Belusa, Elise; Roberts, Sarah Cm. Apr 1, 2019 7380
Doctors look for anaesthesia's dark side. Mar 6, 2019 1195
Doctors should encourage elderly people to try new SEX positions, study claims; Sexual activity is associated with improved wellbeing among older adults. Dec 14, 2018 377
Doctors not pushing smokers with artery disease to quit: Study. Nov 11, 2018 271
Mouse Study Suggests Hydrogel Matrix May Benefit Duchenne MD Patients. Sep 10, 2018 744
Retaining Doctors in Rural Bangladesh: A Policy Analysis. Joarder, Taufique; Rawal, Lai B.; Ahmed, Syed Masud; Uddin, Aftab; Evans, Timothy G. Sep 1, 2018 8791
Stanford Study Links Medical Errors to Physician Burnout. Aug 20, 2018 871
Young doctors advised to focus on research. Aug 12, 2018 308
Medical Malpractice Liability Exposure and OB/GYN Physician Delivery Decisions. Durrance, Christine Piette; Hankins, Scott Aug 1, 2018 6555
Patients Care About the Clothes Doctors Wear; New findings show that attire influenced satisfaction with clinical care. Jul 19, 2018 202
UAE doctor to cycle 160km to support cancer research. Jul 16, 2018 349
The Perspectives of Nurse Practitioners and Physicians on Increasing the Number of Registered Nurses in Primary Care. Norful, Allison A.; Dillon, Jennifer C.; Ye, Siqin; Poghosyan, Lusine Report Jul 1, 2018 4953
Ancient Peruvian Doctors Were Proficient At Skull Surgeries: Study. Jun 12, 2018 645
JSMU committed to promoting research culture among doctors. Jun 6, 2018 176
The kids are too clean! Germ-free environment in first year of childhood linked to LEUKAEMIA, claims study; Overly sterile environments for young children can be a major factor behind childhood leukaemia according to doctors. May 21, 2018 900
Study shows New York private care physicians not equipped to treat veterans. Report May 1, 2018 198
Pakistani physician awarded $4m for research. Mar 12, 2018 129
More than 150 Doctors and Researches in 20 states awarded in the First edition of iERP Awards. Mar 6, 2018 626
Making surgery safer for women veterans: VA physicians and researchers work to ensure best practices for gender-specific health issues. Edgar, Charity Mar 1, 2018 783
Docs urged to focus on research. Feb 22, 2018 118
Doc gets pregnant women in labour DANCING and scientific research shows it does help; Pain-busting dance routines are supported by scientific research. Jan 21, 2018 391
Physicians' and nurses' medical errors associated with communication failures. Apr 30, 2017 3128
Perspectives: Using results from HRSA's Health Workforce Simulation Model to examine the geography of primary care. Streeter, Robin A.; Zangaro, George A.; Chattopadhyay, Arpita Feb 1, 2017 9928
When a doctor becomes a patient, the unique expectations and behaviours in a disease: preliminary report. Tarkowski, Z.; Piatkowski, W.; Bogusz, R.; Majchrowska, A.; Nowakowski, M.; Sadowska, A.; Humeniuk, Report Dec 1, 2016 3757
What are the communication skills and needs of doctors when communicating a poor prognosis to patients and their families? A qualitative study from South Africa. Ganca, L.L.; Gwyther, L.; Harding, R.; Meiring, M. Report Sep 1, 2016 3413
Study: female academic physicians paid less than their male peers. Krisberg, Kim Sep 1, 2016 165
Comparing the cost of care provided to Medicare beneficiaries assigned to primary care nurse practitioners and physicians. Perloff, Jennifer; DesRoches, Catherine M.; Buerhaus, Peter Aug 1, 2016 5824
Doctors' report backs use of e-cigarettes; The Royal College of Physicians study found e-cigs much safer than smoking. GAELLE WALKER Report May 6, 2016 314
Research into mental health of doctors. May 3, 2016 120
Response to comment on Khaula Atif et al (J Pak Med Assoc 2016; 66: 63-67) - Do doctors have hidden distress; a study conducted at tertiary care hospital at Lahore. Report Apr 30, 2016 294
Study finds physicians eager to prescribe more biosimilars. Apr 18, 2016 594
Warning as target for new doctors set to be missed; GPs target will miss by thousands, claims study. Report Mar 29, 2016 607
Leading surgeon full of praise for innovation. Mar 28, 2016 874
Study: Pay one malpractice claim; expect a second. Gallegos, Alicia Feb 15, 2016 455
The morning news headlines: Junior Doctors to stage second strike as last-ditch talks fail; Higher nurse numbers boost patients' survival chances in hospitals, studies find; The latest news from around the world. Feb 10, 2016 843
Broken science: what happens when cancer doctors, psychologists, and drug developers can't rely on each other's research? Bailey, Ronald Jan 21, 2016 2604
Sudden Deaths Among Chinese Physicians. Song, Xin-Nan; Shen, Jian; Ling, Wei; Ling, Hai-Bin; Huang, Yan-Mei; Zhu, Ming-Hui; Hong, Xue-Zhi; Y Report Dec 5, 2015 1465
Perceptions of parents of children admitted to the emergency room and of doctors regarding the urgency of situation and the factors affecting perceptions. Gevrek, Orhan; Sari, Oktay; Aydogan, Limit; Akbulut, Halil; Saglam, Kenan; Ozcan, Okan Report Dec 1, 2015 4364
Study: many physicians asked by parents to space out vaccinations. Krisberg, Kim May 1, 2015 383
UAE doctor awarded for research. Apr 24, 2015 242
Mindfulness practices can reduce burnout, lawsuits. Gallegos, Alicia Jun 1, 2014 447
'Culture of Safety' best defense against sharps injury. Brunk, Doug Apr 1, 2014 479
A physicians 'quality of presence' - a vital therapeutic tool. Bateman, Chris Jul 1, 2013 1527
A study to assess knowledge, attitude and practice of adverse drug reaction reporting among physicians in a tertiary care hospital. Adhikary, Jyotirmoy; Basavaraj, Bhandare; Adarsh, E.; Satyanarayana, V. Report Mar 4, 2013 3348
Most MDs face malpractice claims. Anderson, Jane Brief article Feb 15, 2013 111
Cost data fail to change behavior. Anderson, Jane Brief article Feb 15, 2013 131
Color-blind medicine? Longman, Phillip Jan 1, 2013 989
Advance directives in an intensive care unit: Experiences and recommendations of critical care nurses and physicians. Kryworuchko, Jennifer Dec 22, 2012 1625
David Cowie and the iodization of salt. Platteborze, Peter L. Mar 1, 2012 1908
ePrescribing: lost in transmission lost in transmission: recent study explores the issues with ePrescribing transmission and what is holding physicians and pharmacies. Perna, Gabriel Mar 1, 2012 630
Doctors honoured for research projects. Oct 29, 2011 184
NEW research could help doctors [...]. Sep 12, 2011 260
Many physicians chose different treatments for themselves and patients. Anderson, Jane May 1, 2011 746
Doctors' bid to find Red Spot patients; Team keen to follow up research. Sep 23, 2010 388
Imported doctors. Sep 22, 2010 269
Patients over age 65 wait longer than needed for a kidney because physicians fail to list them for ECD donors--study. Feb 1, 2010 595
Sins of our fathers: two of The Four Doctors and their roles in the development of techniques to permit covert autopsies. Wright, James R., Jr. Dec 1, 2009 5206
"I Think, Oprah, the Stem Cell Debate Is Dead". Apr 1, 2009 527
Giving doctors a financial incentive as a way to improve health quality has changed the way some doctors practice medicine, but has yet to significantly improve quality and may be interfering with doctor-patient relationships, researchers said. Brief article Mar 16, 2009 281
Eggplant to the rescue. Brief article Nov 1, 2008 102
Access intervention in an integrated, prepaid group practice: effects on primary care physician productivity. Conrad, Douglas; Fishman, Paul; Grembowski, David; Ralston, James; Reid, Robert; Martin, Diane; Lars Report Oct 1, 2008 5718
Teens want their physicians to discuss sexuality: but most physicians do not routinely bring up the topic, several studies show. Boschert, Sherry Aug 1, 2008 730
Doctor takes on cycle ride to say thanks for research. Jun 24, 2008 213
Physician burnout takes toll on quality of care. Tucker, Miriam E. May 1, 2008 680
AAJ debunks drug-maker study and shares real doctor numbers. Mar 1, 2008 424
Supplement for TMJ. Brief article Mar 1, 2008 108
Study charts success of physicians in recovery. Brunk, Doug Feb 1, 2008 809
Study charts program for physicians in recovery. Brunk, Doug Jan 15, 2008 827
Research sought on physicians' addiction recovery. Brunk, Doug Jan 1, 2008 669
Health information technology: the end of medicine as we know it? Orient, Jane M. Mar 22, 2007 3188
Dr. Bonham and due process for doctors: lessons from long ago. White, Jeffrey Mar 22, 2007 3255
Early treatment of HIV may be beneficial, despite uncertainties. Mar 1, 2007 505
Better quality at integrated groups? Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article Jan 1, 2007 184
Even a little alcohol increases risk of injury. McGowan, Matt Dec 22, 2006 505
Blister packs, education boost drug adherence. Zoler, Mitchel L. Dec 15, 2006 710
Practice characteristics associated with patient-specific receipt of dental diagnostic radiographs. Gilbert, Gregg H.; Weems, Richard A.; Litaker, Mark S.; Shelton, Brent J. Oct 1, 2006 10370
Knowing no boundaries: five crucial conversations for influencing administration. Grenny, Joseph Jul 1, 2006 2177
Antibiotic prescribing patterns vary by specialty: penicillins were dispensed most frequently, followed by macrolides, cephalosporins, and fluoroquinolones. Wendling, Patrice Jun 1, 2006 489
The perils of pay for performance. Fitzgerald, Faith May 1, 2006 627
Chlamydia screening programs: a review of the literature. Part 1: issues in the promotion of chlamydia testing of youth by primary care physicians. McKay, Alexander Mar 22, 2006 6871
Stand behind our man. Wright, Rebecca Editorial Mar 1, 2006 834
A survey of decision-making processes in the treatment of common shoulder ailments among primary care physicians. Loebenberg, Mark I.; Rosen, Jeffrey E.; Ishak, Charbel; Jazrawi, Laith M.; Zuckerman, Joseph D. Jan 1, 2006 4252
Author of vitamin E study reassesses conclusions. Smith, David; Miller, Mike Oct 24, 2005 664
Nondermatologist physicians often misdiagnose skin lesions. Schneider, Mary Ellen Apr 15, 2005 308
Letter from the editor. Visnaw, Karen Editorial Nov 1, 2004 573
Medical decisions in question: mental incapacity missed by docs. Bower, Bruce Oct 23, 2004 499
No exit: an evaluation of measures of physician attrition. Rittenhouse, Diane R.; Mertz, Elizabeth; Keane, Dennis; Grumbach, Kevin Oct 1, 2004 6679
Reality check: is your behavior aligned with organizational goals? Lazarus, Arthur Sep 1, 2004 1603
Pain assessment difficult in cognitively impaired patients. Boschert, Sherry Aug 1, 2004 478
Personality may affect eating disorder treatment. Worcester, Sharon Aug 1, 2004 386
Cocoa therapy. Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article Mar 15, 2004 171
Immune to ignorance I. De facto "experts": when white coat knowledge ventures into nutritional science, does Doctor know best? Almada, Anthony Column Oct 1, 2003 885
SureScripts aims to improve Rx process. (Retail Pharmacy). Jun 30, 2003 401
A novel approach to modelling the prescribing decision, integrating physician and patient influences. Mellor, Phil; Green, Stuart Dec 22, 2002 4147
Are X Rays a Cause of Increased Cancer and Heart Disease? Letter to the Editor Nov 1, 2000 1846
PERMANENT PARTIAL DISABILITY AWARDS AND WAGE LOSS. Park, Yang-Seung; Butler, Richard J. Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 7784
Doctor Eijkman's Chickens. Slaterry, Kathryn Sep 1, 2000 189
An analysis of the location decision of young primary care physicians. Carpenter, Bruce E.; Neun, Stephen P. Jun 1, 1999 6185
Variations in primary care physician referral rates. Franks, Peter; Zwanziger, Jack; Mooney, Cathleen; Sorbero, Melony Apr 1, 1999 2309
Medicare physician referral patterns. Shea, Dennis; Stuart, Bruce; Vasey, Joseph; Nag, Soma Apr 1, 1999 5787
Factors affecting physician loyalty and exit: a longitudinal analysis of physician-hospital relationships. Burns, Lawton R.; Wholey, Douglas R. Apr 1, 1992 7627
Is it alzheimer's or AIDS? SerVaas, Cory column Oct 1, 1987 3272

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