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Spatial Field Survey of Cotton Whitefly and its Pupal Parasitism in Relation to Temperature and Humidity in Southern Pakistan. Ahmad, Farhan; Sanjrani, Muhammad Waris; Khuhro, Shah Nawaz; Sajjad, Asif; Ali, Abid; Khan, Rashad R Report Aug 31, 2018 4079
Allelopathic Impact of Sorghum and Sunflower on Germinability and Seedling Growth of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.). Kandhro, Muhammad Nawaz; Memon, Habib-ur-Rehman; Laghari, Mahmood; Baloch, Abdul Wahid; Ansari, Muha Report Dec 31, 2016 3607
Intraluminal gossypiboma-a rare case presentation. Sarkar, Pankaj Kumar; Basu, Shibaji; Roychaudhuri, Shibsankar Case study Oct 31, 2016 1282
NIAB-2008: A New High Yielding and Long Staple Cotton Mutant Developed through Pollen Irradiation Technique. Haidar, Sajjad; Aslam, Muhammad Report Aug 31, 2016 6255
Protecting cotton from stink bugs. O'Brien, Dennis Jul 1, 2016 554
Emphasize made on quashing cotton diseases. Brief article Aug 30, 2015 222
Aerial imaging spots problems in cotton fields. O'Brien, Dennis Mar 1, 2015 528
Seedling growth of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) in response to wheat extracts. Rezaee, Shahram; Zand, Masonmch; Bajalan, Iman Report Jul 23, 2014 1620
Diverse approaches to tame an emerging pest. O'Brien, Dennis Jan 1, 2014 1524
Screening of Brinjal (Solanum melongena L.) Varieties Sown in Autumn for Resistance to Cotton Jassid, Amrasca bigutulla bigutulla (Ishida). Yousafi, Qudsia; Afzal, Muhammad; Aslam, Muhammad; Razaq, Muhammad; Shahid, Muhammad Report Aug 31, 2013 3948
Kill Curve Analysis and Response of Ethyl Methanesulfonate and (gamma) -rays in Diploid and Tetraploid Cotton. Aslam, Usman; Khan, Asif Ali; Imtiaz, Farrukh; Malik, Waqas; Cheema, Hafiza Masooma Naseer Report Feb 28, 2013 5068
Performance of Yield Components and Morphological Traits and Their Relationships of the Lint Yield in Bt Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) Hybrids. Tang Feiyu; Fu Xueqin; Mo Wangcheng; Wang Xiaofang; Xiao Wenjun Report Jun 30, 2012 2946
Integrated control system improves cotton health. O'Brien, Dennis Nov 1, 2011 1041
The Effectiveness of Pleurotus eryngii Strains in Biodelignification of Cotton Stalk, Causing Environmental Hazard and Disposable Problem. Yildirim, Numan; Yildiz, Abdunnasir Report Apr 30, 2011 2313
Impact of Different Varieties of Stub Cotton on Population Dynamics of Whitefly at Faisalabad, Pakistan. Ghafoor, Abdul; Hassan, Muhammad; Alvi, Zahid Hussain; Kousar, Safina Report Mar 31, 2011 1299
Biodiversity of Foliage Arthropods in the Mixed Crop Zone and Cotton-Wheat Zone in Punjab Province, Pakistan. Report Dec 31, 2010 3460
Utilization of Natural and Genetically-engineered Sources in Gossypium hirsutum for the Development of Tolerance against Cotton Leaf Curl Disease and Fiber Characteristics. Report Sep 30, 2010 3682
ARS survey helps growers track two key cotton pests. Esquivel, Jesus Brief article Sep 1, 2010 187
Genotypic and Phenotypic Correlation Analysis of Yield and Fiber Quality Determining Traits in Upland Cotton (Gossypim hirsutum). Report May 31, 2010 3749
The National Cotton Variety Test: 50 years old and growing strong. Suszkiw, Jan Jan 1, 2010 617
Genetic diversity among cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) genotypes existing in Pakistan. Obaid-ur-Rehman; Khan, Sultan Habibullah; Sajjad, Muhammad Report Dec 1, 2009 2868
Ethylene inhibitors promote in vitro regeneration of medium staple cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Cultivar Barac B- 67. Abdellatef, Eltayb; Khalafalla, M.M. Report Sep 1, 2008 4365
Defending against two cotton pests--naturally. Durham, Patricia Jan 1, 2008 529
Cotton that clothes and feeds us! Brief article Jul 1, 2007 214
Genetic variation for agronomic and fiber properties in an introgressed recombinant inbred population of cotton. Percy, Richard G.; Cantrell, Roy G.; Zhang, Jinfa May 1, 2006 5691
Registration of Arkot 9203-03 and Arkot 9203-17 germplasm lines of cotton. Bourland, F.M.; Jones, D.C. May 1, 2006 959
Registration of three Arkot S23 germplasm lines of cotton. Bourland, F.M.; Stewart, J.M.; Jones, D.C. May 1, 2006 1029
Registration of Arkot 9202 and Arkot 9208 germplasm lines of cotton. Bourland, F.M.; Jones, D.C. May 1, 2006 1101
Pedigree- vs. DNA marker-based genetic similarity estimates in cotton. Van Becelaere, Guillermo; Lubbers, Edward L.; Paterson, Andrew H.; Chee, Peng W. Nov 1, 2005 4510
Relationship between yield potential and percentage yield suppression caused by the Southern root-knot nematode in cotton. Davis, R.F.; May, O.L. Nov 1, 2005 5024
Genetic improvement of New Mexico Acala cotton germplasm and their genetic diversity. Zhang, J.F.; Lu, Y.; Adragna, H.; Hughs, E. Nov 1, 2005 7911
Physiological limitations to photosynthetic carbon assimilation in cotton under water stress. Ennahli, Said; Earl, Hugh J. Nov 1, 2005 7412
Recovery of recurrent parent traits when backcrossing in cotton. Bayles, Melanie B.; Verhalen, Laval M.; McCall, Lloyd L.; Johnson, William M.; Barnes, Bradley R. Sep 1, 2005 10319
Registration of Arkot 9111 germplasm line of cotton. Bourland, F.M.; Jones, D.C. Sep 1, 2005 1069
Registration of Arkot 9101 and Arkot 9108 germplasm lines of cotton. Bourland, F.M.; Jones, D.C. Sep 1, 2005 1207
Registration of 21 day length-neutral flowering primitive cotton germplasm lines. McCarty, J.C.; Jenkins, J.N. Sep 1, 2005 800
Tillage effects on canopy position specific cotton fiber properties on two soils. Bauer, Philip J.; Frederick, James R. Mar 1, 2005 5512
Seedling drought tolerance in upland cotton. Basal, H.; Smith, C.W.; Thaxton, P.S.; Hemphill, J.K. Mar 1, 2005 5724
QTL analysis of cotton fiber quality using multiple Gossypium hirsutum x Gossypium barbadense backcross generations. Lacape, Jean-Marc; Nguyen, Trung-Bieu; Courtois, Brigitte; Belot, Jean-Louis; Giband, Marc; Gourlot, Jan 1, 2005 8697
Linkage analysis between gametophytic restorer [Rf.sub.2] gene and genetic markers in cotton. Zhang, Jinfa; Stewart, J.M.; Wang, Tonghui Jan 1, 2005 8946
Seasonal patterns of glutathione and ascorbate metabolism in field-grown cotton under water stress. Mahan, James R.; Wanjura, Don F. Jan 1, 2005 6412
Developing heat-tolerant cotton in Arizona. Elstein, David Nov 1, 2004 513
Reducing the genetic vulnerability of cotton. Paterson, Andrew H.; Boman, Randal K.; Brown, Steven M.; Chee, Peng W.; Gannaway, John R.; Gingle, A Nov 1, 2004 1405
Semigamy gene is associated with chlorophyll reduction in cotton. Zhang, J.F.; Stewart, J. McD. Nov 1, 2004 7505
Induction of somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in select Georgia and Pee Dee cotton lines. Sakhanokho, Hamidou F.; Ozias-Akins, Peggy; May, O. Lloyd; Chee, Peng W. Nov 1, 2004 4442
Registration of GA98033 upland cotton germplasm line. May, O.L.; Chee, P.W.; Sakhanokho, H. Nov 1, 2004 1313
New sampling system helps growers improve cotton fiber properties. Core, Jim Oct 1, 2004 974
Fiber length development in near-long staple upland cotton. Braden, Chris A.; Smith, C.W. Sep 1, 2004 7097
Registration of GA98028 upland cotton germplasm line. May, O.L. Sep 1, 2004 1330
Identification of molecular markers linked to the fertility restorer genes for CMS-D8 in cotton. Zhang, Jinfa; Stewart, James McD. Jul 1, 2004 8628
Primitive accession derived germplasm by cultivar crosses as sources for cotton improvement: I. Phenotypic values and variance components. McCarty, Jack C.; Jenkins, Johnie N.; Wu, Jixiang Jul 1, 2004 5071
Primitive accession derived germplasm by cultivar crosses as sources for cotton improvement: II. Genetic effects and genotypic values. McCarty, Jack C.; Jenkins, Johnie N.; Wu, Jixiang Jul 1, 2004 5624
Physiological consequences of moisture deficit stress in cotton. Pettigrew, W.T. Jul 1, 2004 7584
Registration of eight multiadversity resistant (MAR-7B) germplasm lines of upland cotton. Thaxton, P.M.; Zik, K.M. El Jul 1, 2004 1243
Physiological responses of cotton to two-spotted spider mite damage. Reddall, A.; Sadras, V.O.; Wilson, L.J.; Gregg, P.C. May 1, 2004 7597
Effect of row width and nitrogen on cotton morphology and canopy microclimate. Marois, James J.; Wright, David L.; Wiatrak, Pawel J.; Vargas, Matthew A. May 1, 2004 6536
The influence of defoliation timing on yields and quality of two cotton cultivars. Faircloth, Joel C.; Edmisten, Keith L.; Wells, Randy; Stewart, Alexander M. Jan 1, 2004 4118
Morphogenic light reflected to developing cotton leaves affects insect-attracting terpene concentrations. Kasperbauer, Michael J.; Loughrin, John H. Jan 1, 2004 5427
Transgenic cotton with improved resistance to glyphosate herbicide. May, O.L.; Culpepper, A.S.; Cerny, R.E.; Coots, C.B.; Corkern, C.B.; Cothren, J.T.; Croon, K.A.; Fer Jan 1, 2004 6793
Registration of 'Tamcot Pyramid' cotton. Thaxton, P.M.; El-Zik, K.M. Jan 1, 2004 815
Timing defoliation applications for maximum yields and optimum quality in cotton containing a fruiting gap. Faircloth, Joel C.; Edmisten, Keith L.; Wells, Randy; Stewart, Alexander M. Jan 1, 2004 4580
Challenges in testing transgenic and nontransgenic cotton cultivars. May, O.L.; Bourland, F.M.; Nichols, R.L. Sep 1, 2003 7454
Field oven used to cook up alternative to cotton defoliation. (Update). Funk, Paul Brief Article May 1, 2003 280
Genetic uniformity of the U.S. upland cotton crop since the introduction of transgenic cottons. (Crop Breeding, Genetics & Cytology). Bowman, D.T.; May, O.L.; Creech, J.B. Mar 1, 2003 3353

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