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HEC invites research proposals on university developed technologies. Oct 11, 2021 333
HEC invites research proposals on university developed technologies. Oct 11, 2021 173
Professor hopes start-up Can help fight against rare diseases. SAM VOLPE Reporter Oct 7, 2021 701
Professor turns 'matchmaker' project unites clinical researchers with rare disease sufferers. SAM VOLPE Reporter Oct 7, 2021 790
HEC invites research proposals on university developed technologies. Oct 4, 2021 333
QU professor studies curcumin use in treatment of colon cancer. Sep 30, 2021 470
Research Efforts 'Inevitable' For Egypt's Petroleum Geology Advancement. Sep 30, 2021 1573
177 Standford faculty members move to defend global research, technology competitiveness. Sep 19, 2021 1015
'No justification' for suicide warning on all antiseizure meds. Brooks, Megan Sep 1, 2021 738
Influential factors of university teachers' lifelong learning in professional development. Zhou, Hongyan; Tu, Chia-Ching Jul 1, 2021 8589
Women with Diabetes Have a Higher Risk of Heart Attack Than Men: Research shows that it is especially important for women with diabetes to take steps to protect their cardiovascular health. Jun 25, 2021 830
No link between taking milk and being fat: Study. Jun 14, 2021 259
Study to focus on health of Covid-19 sufferers. May 13, 2021 254
Do Trees Talk To Each Other? Ritali J. May 13, 2021 597
Study to probe lasting effects virus can have; Researchers want to speak to everyone who is still struggling months after catching illness. DOUGLAS BARRIE May 12, 2021 628
Diverse Literature for All: A Research--Practice Partnership to Strengthen Collection Development. Soulen, Rita Reinsel; Hill, Meredith Ward Apr 1, 2021 2854
THC persists in breast milk 6 weeks after quitting cannabis. Swift, Diana Apr 1, 2021 1178
Risk Factors of Drug-resistant Epilepsy in Children with Cerebral Palsy. Orkan, Elif Nur; Icagasioglu, Dilara Fusun Report Apr 1, 2021 314
New Drug Uses Monoclonal Antibodies: Initial research shows frunevetmab may treat arthritis pain. Mar 17, 2021 204
Stirling Uni role in Covid research. Mar 5, 2021 337
Critical Conversations Women studies scholars reflect on opportunities to spotlight their work during Women's History Month, and beyond. Weissman, Sara Mar 4, 2021 1264
SAU to conduct joint research on different topics with Chinese university. Feb 27, 2021 410
Metagenomi Adds Immuno-oncology Clinical Research Experts to its Scientific Advisory Board. Feb 24, 2021 459
Recent Egyptian study on the Pharaoh Seqenenre Tao II reveals new secrets about his death. Mustafa Marie Feb 17, 2021 638
KU, Balochistan University of Engineering ink MoU for research cooperation. Feb 17, 2021 386
SIFQ's session on 'Developing Science Ideas into Research Projects'. Feb 6, 2021 373
SIFQ's session on 'Developing Science Ideas into Research Projects'. Feb 6, 2021 362
Science India Forum Qatar holds webinar on developing science ideas in research work. Feb 3, 2021 372
Sudden lift of lockdown could be 'disastrous', city uni study finds. BEN ECCLESTON News Reporter Feb 3, 2021 499
Remedial Reading, and (Noting the Season), a Regifting of the Same--Beyond Persuasion: A Proposal for Invitational Rhetoric. Hooke, William H. Feb 1, 2021 1093
Happiness and Personality Traits as Predictors of Optimism in School and College Teachers. Akhtar, Nasreen; Saleem, Samar Report Dec 22, 2020 3854
THE USE OF RECREATION AREAS FOR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY PURPOSE AND HEALTH PERCEPTION. Fatih, Hazar; Hale, Uyar Hazar; Ebru, Ersin; Dilan, Gokay Clinical report Jun 1, 2020 3234
Crowdsourced virtual supercomputer revs up coronavirus research. Mar 23, 2020 769
HEC invites research proposals under GCF. Jan 14, 2020 199
Researchers Place 3D Glasses On Cuttlefish. Nicholas Muhoro Jan 9, 2020 428
SMIU inks MoU with AIPS to boost Higher Education, research and academic development. Jan 8, 2020 479
SMIU inks MoU with AIPS to boost Higher Education, research and academic development. Jan 7, 2020 479
Demographic, cultural changes key to declining church membership: Sociologist of religion: Research also finds common threads in growing congregations. Gardner, Matt Jan 1, 2020 1988
Exploring Teachers' Time Management Practices and their impact on Students' Academic Achievement at the University level in KP. Abdur Rashid, Iffat Ara Hussain and Iqbal Amin Khan Dec 31, 2019 3282
Animated books help children learn better: Study. ANI Dec 28, 2019 434
Extent and Consequences of Faculty Members' Workload Creep in Three Canadian Faculties of Education. Kouritzin, Sandra Dec 22, 2019 8669
Mix and match: Interfaith families are shaping their holiday celebrations in new and meaningful ways. Mehta, Samira Dec 1, 2019 3269
Speakers stresses for conducting new research on life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Conference notes Nov 29, 2019 283
KAUST Faculty Members are Among World's Most Cited Research for 2019. Nov 22, 2019 103
NASA Photo Shows Insects On Mars, Scientist Claims. Lorraine Lorenzo Nov 21, 2019 441
Engr. Ali Zulqarnain presents a Ph.D. research proposal on Quality of auto parts manufacturers of Pakistan. Nov 15, 2019 271
Veterans Often Hit Hard by Deaths of Fellow Soldiers. Nov 11, 2019 507
Climate Change a 'Threat to Human Well-Being,' Scientists Say. Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Reporter Nov 5, 2019 657
ACHIEVING THE Impossible. Wiseman, Richard Nov 1, 2019 1034
One in three South Asian kids in Al Ain depressed, says study. Samihah Zaman, Staff Reporter Oct 27, 2019 516
Study reveals potatoes boost athletic's performance. ANI Report Oct 26, 2019 446
LUMS researchers find ways. Oct 9, 2019 222
Psychological detachment and research performance: Work engagement as a mediator. Guo, Yungui; Zhu, Yanting Oct 1, 2019 3853
Four-Legged Friends Help Buffer Loss of a Spouse. Brown, Shannon Sep 18, 2019 636
Don't Blame Technology for Young People's Mood Problems: Study. Report Sep 10, 2019 288
Atef Moatamed: a geographer with a sense of adventure. Aug 30, 2019 1693
Look on the bright side for a longer life, study suggests. Report Aug 27, 2019 347
Look on the bright side; Health: Research suggests optimistic people are more likely to live longer. Aug 27, 2019 356
New research shows London is the most productive region in the UK. Aug 22, 2019 500
Professor sows the seeds for research, technological solutions. Aug 19, 2019 1384
Harvard, Merck to Collaborate on Research Led by Harvard immunologist Arlene Sharpe, seeking to Identify New Pathways for the Treatment of Cancer. Aug 13, 2019 324
Optimistic people sleep better, longer: study. Report Aug 9, 2019 747
Research can play important role in reducing drought, waterlogging: Prof. Ahmed Zia. Aug 7, 2019 159
Fulbright offers research opportunities for Egyptian art, heritage professionals. Jul 30, 2019 192
Middle Age Now a High-Risk Time for Bad Falls. Jul 30, 2019 350
UAE University study looks into how human brain processes memory. Jul 26, 2019 495
Guns in Home, Greater Odds of Family Homicide. Jul 22, 2019 668
Lean Startup as a Learning Methodology for Developing Digital and Research Competencies. Avalos, Carolina; Perez-Escoda, Ana; Monge, Luis Jul 1, 2019 6752
People pay Dh3,000 to live one year longer, study finds. Jun 29, 2019 912
QU's Al-Bairaq students win research contests. Jun 24, 2019 517
QU faculty wins at inaugural Medical Education Research Forum. Jun 12, 2019 287
Eloxx Pharmaceuticals Phase 2 study of ELX-02 receives authorization of CTA. Jun 10, 2019 180
Stricto sensu postgraduate education in the Brazilian Federal District: the experience of the Higher School of Health Sciences (ESCS). Amorim, Fabio Ferreira; Santana, Levy Aniceto; Gottems, Leila Bernarda Donato Jun 1, 2019 4088
Leaving unique geological museum and researches, Prof. Fawaz Azki passes away. May 27, 2019 367
OU reports wastewater treatment research. May 15, 2019 193
Blood Glucose levels impact on the cognitive functions research submitted. May 14, 2019 324
This Massive Neutron Star Collision May Have Created Earth's Gold And Uranium. May 3, 2019 438
People's problems impact directly on their society: Dr Rizwana. May 2, 2019 512
Relationship between the Levels of Motivation and Learning Strategies of Prospective Teachers at Higher Education Level. Apr 30, 2019 3449
UoM four research projects selected by HED. Apr 20, 2019 152
UoM four research projects selected by HED. Apr 20, 2019 120
Nasty road conditions spur pavement research. Apr 5, 2019 746
Climate change increases exposure to disease-carrying mosquitoes. Apr 3, 2019 1306
Gender and sexuality in Mexico: an interview with Gloria Careaga. Pereira, Pedro Paulo Gomes; Villela, Wilza Vieira Entrevista Apr 1, 2019 2333
Need for increasing research activities in colleges stressed. Mar 31, 2019 551
Translanguaging-as-Resource: University ESL Instructors' Language Orientations and Attitudes Toward Translanguaging. Burton, Jennifer; Rajendram, Shakina Mar 22, 2019 11606
Grave of 140 slaughtered children in Peru reveals ChimE[bar] secrets. Mar 13, 2019 577
Canadian Scientists develop computer model of methane on Mars. Mar 10, 2019 214
Asteroids Are Actually Harder To Destroy, New Study Says. Mar 6, 2019 494
Where to meet the world's first 'human cyborg' in Coventry; Kevin Warwick, Emeritus Professor at Coventry and Reading Universities, has performed innovative research into cybernetics. Mar 1, 2019 737
Huge disconnect between teaching and exam methods, research finds. Feb 16, 2019 1056
The great northern exchange rate - [pounds sterling]1 in London worth [pounds sterling]1.17 up north; New research suggests 'Northern Pound' is a growing phenomenon. Feb 6, 2019 588
The great northern exchange rate - [pounds sterling]1 in London worth [pounds sterling]1.17 up north; New research suggests 'Northern Pound' is a growing phenomenon. Feb 6, 2019 588
The great northern exchange rate - [pounds sterling]1 in London worth [pounds sterling]1.17 up north; New research suggests 'Northern Pound' is a growing phenomenon. Feb 6, 2019 588
The great northern exchange rate - [pounds sterling]1 in London worth [pounds sterling]1.17 up north; New research suggests 'Northern Pound' is a growing phenomenon. Feb 6, 2019 588
The great northern exchange rate - [pounds sterling]1 in London worth [pounds sterling]1.17 up north; New research suggests 'Northern Pound' is a growing phenomenon. Feb 6, 2019 588
The great northern exchange rate - [pounds sterling]1 in London worth [pounds sterling]1.17 up north; New research suggests 'Northern Pound' is a growing phenomenon. Feb 6, 2019 588
The great northern exchange rate - [pounds sterling]1 in London worth [pounds sterling]1.17 up north; New research suggests 'Northern Pound' is a growing phenomenon. Feb 6, 2019 588
Iran, Iraq to Run Joint Research Projects. Feb 2, 2019 576
A Math Wiz. Jones, LaMont, Jr. Biography Jan 24, 2019 781
MAKING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE INTELLIGIBLE: Humans need to know how neural networks make decisions. Jahnke, Art Jan 1, 2019 1634
Factors Influencing Research Culture in Public Universities of Punjab: Faculty Members' Perspective. Dec 31, 2018 4559
A better look: Frederik Barkhof, MD, has advanced the use of MRI to understand MS. King, Mary E. Dec 22, 2018 1034
Heart attack risk highest on Christmas Eve, study says. Dec 13, 2018 343
New, Innovative Research in Illumination Science: Candlelight-Style Organic Light-Emitting Diodes by Professor Jwo-Huei Jou from Oasis Publishers. Dec 12, 2018 830
"Proud" Chinese geneticist says another baby-gene editing volunteer pregnant. Nov 28, 2018 638
UoS, Turkish varsity team up to build capacity, promote research. Nov 14, 2018 460
HEC invites joint research proposals from Pak faculty members. Nov 8, 2018 187
Eames on Gounod. Sjoerdsma, Richard Dale Nov 1, 2018 3371
Learn about Illinois Bobcat Studies at MCCD program. Oct 20, 2018 210
Pro-Ensino in the project "Teaching, Health and Development--network of knowledge and practices": advances and challenges in Parana and Santa Catarina, Brazil. Coelho, Izabel Cristina Meister Martins; Mello, Rosiane Guetter; Rauli, Patricia Maria Forte; Zagone Oct 15, 2018 4460
GU-Q hosts research fair. Oct 6, 2018 314
QNRF announces research awards of 23rd UREP cycle. Sep 26, 2018 334
Bullies often victims of bullying themselves, SIU research shows -BYLN- by Hannah Erickson, SIU University Communications. Sep 26, 2018 580
Bullies often victims of bullying themselves, SIU research shows -BYLN- by Hannah Erickson, SIU University Communications. Sep 7, 2018 580
Air pollution causes lower verbal, math scores. Sep 2, 2018 981
Relationship between Knowledge Management and Creativity among Teachers of Public and Private Sector Universities at Lahore. Aug 31, 2018 4935
Explaining Medical Errors Cut Liability Claims 66%: Georgia State Research. Aug 22, 2018 487
LUMS Computer Science Chair's Research appreciated. Jul 6, 2018 278
Latest Research on Wine Smoke Taint. Briscoe, Stacy Jul 1, 2018 484
The "One-and-a-Half Bind". Parker, Michael Jul 1, 2018 707
Non-technological Learning Environments in a Technological World: Flipping Comes to the Aid. Froehlich, Dominik E. Jul 1, 2018 4446
Another side to Windrush story; PROFESSOR'S RESEARCH REVEALS LOST BROADCAST. Jun 15, 2018 348
Study Shows Honeybees Get The Notion Of Zero. Jun 9, 2018 498
Lake Forest College Student of Libertyville Honored with Research Scholarship. Jun 6, 2018 232
Lake Forest College Student of Lakewood Honored with Research Scholarship. Jun 1, 2018 199
Lake Forest College Student of Northbrook Honored with Research Scholarship. Jun 1, 2018 197
A 'two-delivery' model for cost-effective pregnancy care. Oakes, Kari Interview Jun 1, 2018 1237
Chester village gala celebrates 40th anniversary; Over [pounds sterling]500,000 raised for Cancer Research. May 27, 2018 233
4 Wheaton College scholars receive prestigious awards. Piccininni, By Ann May 11, 2018 1569
Prioritization of municipalities' strategies for sustainable income and financing Resources/Priorizacao das estrategias dos municipios para recursos sustentaveis de renda e financiamento/Priorizacion de las estrategias de los municipios para obtener ingresos sostenibles y recursos de financiacion. Eslambolchi, Alireza; Emami, Alireza; Jozei, Narges May 1, 2018 5299
An Investigation of Attitudes towards the Research Activities of University Teachers. Khan, Shafqat; Shah, Syed Manzoor Hussain; Khan, Tariq Mahmood Case study Apr 30, 2018 5323
Qnrf Announces Winners of 22nd Undergraduate Research Experience Program Cycle. Apr 25, 2018 272
SALU professor awarded research project. Apr 17, 2018 133
SALU Prof gets HEC's Research Project. Apr 15, 2018 117
An Investigation of Attitudes towards the Research Activities of University Teachers. Khan, Shafqat; Shah, Syed Manzoor Hussain; Khan, Tariq Mahmood Report Mar 31, 2018 5323
PASSION AND BURNOUT IN COLLEGE STUDENTS. Saville, Bryan K.; Bureau, Alex; Eckenrode, Claire; Maley, Michelle Report Mar 22, 2018 6251
For North Korea, there needs to be retreat, not freeze: Satoru Mori. Interview Mar 21, 2018 2155
QU hosts panel discussion on role of women in research. Mar 13, 2018 321
Pakistani physician awarded $4m for research. Mar 12, 2018 129
New call for overhaul of UK adoption policy. Mar 5, 2018 594
ACA awards recognize exceptional commitment. Mar 1, 2018 2670
Publish or Perish: What can reinforce faculty to participate in scholarly activity? Feb 28, 2018 745
QU-CPH faculty, students achieve research feats. Feb 6, 2018 389
QU-CHS students present graduation research projects. Jan 30, 2018 858
Pakistan Customs to facilitate PU faculty, students in modern research. Jan 21, 2018 597
Oklahoma Research Day set. Jan 16, 2018 251
Impact of Gender, Qualification and Experience on Mentoring Practices in Public Sector Universities of Islamabad. Hina, Quratul Ain; Chaudhary, Abdul Qayyum; Nudrat, Saira; Arshad, Mahek Report Dec 31, 2017 6178
Reforms to help varsities do better in research Matiang'i. Dec 16, 2017 397
Physicists Excited by Discovery of New Form of Matter, Excitonium. Dec 9, 2017 969
Call to focus on applied research for economic progress. Dec 8, 2017 439
Saudi academic receives global recognition for space research. Nov 20, 2017 281
Minister for Higher Education says government pays due attention to scientific. Nov 18, 2017 226
Parenting Style Linked To Teen Self-Worth, Depression. Nov 6, 2017 588
Animals Evolve Rapidly In Urban Environments, Study Says. Nov 3, 2017 749
Strength Exercise as Vital as Aerobic New Research Finds. Nov 3, 2017 630
Researchers advise to focus social issues for benefit of masses. Nov 3, 2017 447
HEC gimmicks. Oct 20, 2017 661
Researchers Find 'Internal Clock' within Live Human Cells. Sep 12, 2017 377
Bilingual Infants Can Differentiate Between Languages. Aug 8, 2017 698
Hospital wins PS2m to research burns care. Medical condition overview Jul 31, 2017 483
Instructional Leadership at University Level in Pakistan: A Multi Variable Based Comparative Study of Leadership Styles of Heads of Academic Departments. Bashir, Irfan; Khalil, Usman Report Jun 30, 2017 3751
Building a community of lifelong learning. McKay, Timothy Essay Jun 22, 2017 1451
Politics on campus: a Q&A with Amy Binder. Interview Jun 22, 2017 1787
Mighty enzymes: Queen's University's David Zechel studies microbial enzymes that can break down the controversial herbicide glyphosate, also known as Roundup. Staley, Roberta Jun 22, 2017 1978
The good 'bugs': Gut bacteria may play a role in the development and progression of MS. King, Mary E. Jun 22, 2017 1602
Open-access, open knowledge. Taylor, Michelle Jun 1, 2017 633
Riyadh governor presents awards to scientists, professors. May 28, 2017 327
Stanford team grows, assembles brain parts. May 13, 2017 924
Energy from cellphone towers ups pain in amputees: Study. Report May 11, 2017 296
Gender bender and South Asian mothers. May 4, 2017 633
Gender bender and South Asian mothers. May 4, 2017 633
Report: is principal licensure exam a good measure of success? Wyman-Blackburn, Steven May 1, 2017 494
Instructional Leadership at University Level in Pakistan: A Multi Variable Based Comparative Study of Leadership Styles of Heads of Academic Departments. Bashir, Irfan; Khalil, Usman Report Apr 30, 2017 3751
Brits fighting with ISIS 'should be rehabilitated' Academic reveals findings of new study of British Muslims. Apr 27, 2017 391
Low-Sodium Diet Might Not Lower Blood Pressure. Apr 26, 2017 495
AIOU marks World Earth Day to intensify research for saving earth. Apr 23, 2017 287
AIOU marks World Earth Day to intensify research for saving earth. Apr 23, 2017 287
AUC Research Week commences today. Apr 3, 2017 699
Building the world's first total-body PET scanner: the world's first full-body PET scanner could take imaging to the next level, impacting numerous biomedical research areas. Fletcher, Bevin Apr 1, 2017 1045
"What It Takes to Get Tenure"--Perceptions and Experiences of AAEA Members. Schroeter, Christiane; Anders, Sven Essay Apr 1, 2017 3821
Sparks of genius: Canadian universities have nurtured home-grown research that changed the world of chemistry forever. Barss, Patchen Mar 22, 2017 1003
Family leave research: clarifying opt-out vs. opt-in. Smith, Kristin Letter to the editor Mar 3, 2017 322
A tribute to Mark Wainberg, a pioneer in HIV/AIDS research/Hommage a Mark Wainberg, pionnier de la recherche sur le VIH et le sida. Hankins, Catherine Editorial Mar 1, 2017 3377
Manner of being a historian: Cecilia Westphalen in the Brazilian historiography field of the second half of the twentieth century/Modo de ser historiadora: Cecilia Westphalen no campo historiografico brasileiro da segunda metade do seculo XX. Machado, Daiane Vaiz Dec 1, 2016 7799
Professor Muntasir shows in the First Sudapedia Forum that Sudan the origin of Mankind. Nov 10, 2016 403
Gender specific: writing groups for women faculty aim to provide more opportunities for research, opening up pathways to promotion. Stewart, Pearl Nov 3, 2016 1088
Interview with Meijun Qian, Associate Professor at the Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics at the College of Business and Economics of the Australian National University. Interview Oct 31, 2016 2382
AIOU offers incentives to faculty on completing research-based projects. Oct 14, 2016 439
Permanent Impression: Kay Obendorf's 50-year career as a mentor, scientist, and administrator transformed Human Ecology. Obendorf, S. Kay; Segelken, H. Roger; Hall, Olivia M. Sep 22, 2016 1717
Researchers Demonstrate 'Quantum Data Locking'. Sep 7, 2016 459
Campus does matter: the relationship of student retention and degree attainment to campus design. Hajrasouliha, Amir H.; Ewing, Reid Essay Apr 1, 2016 6698
Web 2.0 for the invigoration and participation of families and communities. Diaz, Veronica Marin; Requena, Begona Esther Sampedro Jan 1, 2016 6802
A partnership between professors and middle school teachers to improve literacy skills of adolescents: a pilot study. Meyers, Shelly; Cydis, Susan; Haria, Priti Report Dec 22, 2015 5669
Comparative Investigation of the Fetus and Adult Joint Ligament in the Knee and Elbow with Structural Levels/Investigacion Comparativa del Ligamento Conjunto de Rodilla y Codo con Niveles Estructurales en Fetos y Adultos. Ozen, U.; Anil, A.; Omeroglu, S.; Peker, T.; Coskun, Z.K.; Liman, Anil F. Dec 1, 2015 4029
Robert Furler, microbiology professor at Florida South-Western State College, was recently chosen for a Undergraduate Faculty Research Initiative Fellowship by the American Society of Microbiology and the National Science Foundation. Sep 21, 2015 134
Knowledge about voice and the importance of voice as an educational resource in the perspective of university professors/Conhecimento vocal e a importancia da voz como recurso pedagogico na perspectiva de professores universitarios. Servilha, Emilse Aparecida Merlin; da Costa, Aline Teixeira Fialho Jan 1, 2015 7247
A study of the parameters of organizational eminence model in the sports federations of Iran. Ahmadi, Sirous; Behrooz, Roohullah Movahedi; Sulimani, Ghasem Report Nov 1, 2014 2755
Ian Picketts. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 242
Tracking ocean pollution: after more than a decade of study and research, a mechanical engineering professor's work in early detection of where pollutants in the ocean will make landfall may be getting traction in the real world. Giges, Nancy S. Apr 1, 2014 600
Student and faculty perceptions of plus/minus grading and its effect on course grade point averages. Edgar, Leslie D.; Johnson, Donald M.; Graham, Donna L.; Dixon, Bruce L. Report Mar 1, 2014 7787
'A new dietary paradigm?'--prove it. Kapp, R. Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2014 252
Study on the Attitude of University Teachers and Students towards Global Issues Pertaining to Human Rights: Exploring Global Perspective through Local Disposition. Dec 31, 2013 5392
Identification of factors influencing on faculty members attitudes toward knowledge sharing. Esmaielpanah, Farshad; Moghadam, Saeed Khayat Report Oct 1, 2013 3684
AGU associate professor Wael Al-Mussallamani's study chosen as the best in the world. Jun 26, 2013 256
Ashland University Professor and Students Conduct Persistence Study. Apr 5, 2013 649
Michael Inglis, associate professor of physics at Suffolk County Community College, (N.Y.) has been invited to hold the honorary title of Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics at the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. Jan 21, 2013 267
An academic community of Hermandad: Research for the Educational Advancement of Latin@s (REAL), a motivting factor for first-tier tenure-track Latina faculty. Ruiz, Elsa Cantu; Machado-Casas, Margarita Report Jan 1, 2013 7291
A study of interrelationships between selected variables in a web-based learning environment. Jaradat, Suhair A.; Almekhlafi, Abdurrahman G. Report Dec 22, 2012 3361
Studies on wooden constructions in Kaunas/Medzio konstrukciju studijos kaune. Bistrickaite, Reda; ValerijusM, Keras Report Dec 1, 2012 2770
Centenary of the UCT Faculty of Health Sciences. Seggie, Janet L.; Fieggen, Graham; Greenberg, Jacqueline; Kathard, Harsha; Henley, Lesley Report Jun 1, 2012 328
Scientists research algae as an energy source. Oct 16, 2011 345
HEC post-doctorate scholars complete studies from UK, Germany. Aug 28, 2011 347
Grant to further research on alginate biofilms. Report Jul 1, 2011 224
Researchers, scholars and Ivan. Rotfeld, Herbert Jack Jun 22, 2011 2565
Women 'opting out' of academia: at what cost? Schneider, Beth Z.; Carden, William; Francisco, Alyson; Jones, Thomas O., Jr. Jun 22, 2011 8392
SPE Awards: three honorees received SPE's prestigious lifetime achievement awards at ANTEC[R] 2011. May 1, 2011 1089
Internal and external influences on the university teachers in semester system. Sarwar, Sadia Report Apr 1, 2011 3664
Altering the bacterial battleground. Oguntoyinbo, Lekan Jan 6, 2011 729
Diversity and the future of the professoriate: a call to action. Jackson-Weaver, Karen Jan 6, 2011 703
Controller in class. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Jul 1, 2010 270
The experience of being a junior minority female faculty member. Boyd, Tammy; Cintron, Rosa; Alexander-Snow, Mia Report Jun 22, 2010 11198
Reconciling the tension between the tenure and biological clocks to increase the recruitment and retention of women in academia. Clark, Catherine D.; Hill, Janeen M. Report Jun 22, 2010 3494
Scholarly activities of the most productive CLS faculty and schools in the U.S.A. Waller, Kathy V.; Karni, Karen R. Report Jun 22, 2010 2354
From insight to on-site: faculty's research findings are translated into programs and policies to improve people's lives. May 1, 2010 1971
professor calls for more Emirati faculty members. Apr 4, 2010 461
Faculty-student collaborative research in the humanities. Dean, James M.; Kaiser, Melanie L. Critical essay Mar 22, 2010 3611
North East backing for new private university; Focus would be on teaching not research. Feb 8, 2010 419
Promoting Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Faculty: What Higher Education Unions Can Do. Report Jan 1, 2010 296
Service-learning is ... how faculty explain their practice. O'Meara, Kerry Ann; Niehaus, Elizabeth Report Sep 22, 2009 11946
U.S. Navy gives prof half million bucks for research. Jun 12, 2009 264
The Integrated Biomedical Science Graduate Program at the University of South Carolina. Hunt, Richard Mar 22, 2009 2461
Political affiliation of Canadian university professors. Nakhaie, M.R.; Adam, Barry D. Report Sep 22, 2008 10422
Eight faculty from WWU receive research awards. Nov 1, 2007 265
Career Preference among Universities' Faculty: Literature Review. Alenzi, Faris Q.; Salem, Mohamed L. Report Jun 6, 2007 272
Preventing the next tragedy. Fink, Paul J. May 15, 2007 913
To give and to receive: recently tenured professors' experiences of service in major research universities. Neumann, Anna; Terosky, Aimee LaPointe May 1, 2007 12139
Faculty Workload Report, 2006. Report May 1, 2007 314
The innovative educator: Martin Christopher. Kerr, John Mar 1, 2007 1229
Study Discovers Link between an Instructor's Leadership Type and Teaching Styles in the Higher Education Classroom. Yacapsin, Maude; Stick, Sheldon L. Feb 1, 2007 235
Arkansas Department of Education Combined Research Report of Business Leaders and College Professors on Preparedness of High School Graduates. Jan 1, 2007 176
Program director satisfaction with leadership skills. Aaron, Laura Nov 1, 2006 5186
The comprehensive examination: study groups and their effectiveness--a message to counselor education faculty and graduate students. Bartle, Lisa; Brodwin, Martin G. Sep 22, 2006 1450
More Than Meets the Eye: Curricular and Programmatic Effects on Student Learning. Lambert, Amber D.; Terenzini, Patrick T.; Lattuca, Lisa R. Author abstract May 16, 2006 197
Extent of faculty members' use of internet in the University of Benin, Nigeria. Isah, Stella Dec 1, 2005 4124
Building the Teaching Commons. Carnegie Perspectives. Hutchings, Pat; Huber, Mary Taylor Report Oct 1, 2005 268
Elvira Maria Restrepo Colombian Criminal Justice in Crisis: Fear and Distrust. Rivas, Angela Jul 1, 2005 824
Women's studies faculty at the intersection of institutional power and feminist values. Burghardt, Deborah A.; Colbeck, Carol L. May 1, 2005 11542
Cyber-democracy or cyber-hegemony? Exploring the political and economic structures of the Internet as an alternative source of information. Frechette, Julie Mar 22, 2005 9104
Terrorism as deviance or social control: suggestions for future research. Oliverio, Annamarie; Lauderdale, Pat Feb 1, 2005 7439
Does Porter's diamond hold in the global automotive industry? Sledge, Sally Jan 1, 2005 5357
Building Pedagogical Intelligence. Carnegie Perspectives. Hutchings, Pat Report Jan 1, 2005 326
Chemical shifts: what's new in chemistry research? Chemical Shifts offers a concentrated look at Canada's latest developments. Crudden, Cathleen; Loock, Hans-Peter Jul 1, 2004 1405
War on terror hits crime shows. Apr 1, 2004 346
Abuse underreported in many states. Apr 1, 2004 437
Inviting consumers to imagine themselves. Brief Article Apr 1, 2004 240
Bands and brands need loyal fans. Apr 1, 2004 380
Interracial marriages common in military. Apr 1, 2004 312
Men and women are from mars. Apr 1, 2004 521
Drinking buddies undo PSAs. Apr 1, 2004 463
Children valuables as cultural interpreters. Apr 1, 2004 486
Fifth-graders, collegians equal in accounting. Brief Article Apr 1, 2004 244
Wall Street still favors men. Brief Article Mar 1, 2004 225
Variables Influencing Time Spent in Research of Human Resource Education and Development Faculty Members. Williams, Heather A.; Kotrlik, Joe W. Abstract Mar 1, 2004 143
A Mediated Hierarchical Regression Analysis of Factors Related to Career Research Productivity of Human Resource Education and Development Postsecondary Faculty. Williams, Heather A.; Kotrlik, Joe W. Abstract Mar 1, 2004 148
NSERC grants millions. Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 154
Weighing Shuttle risk as analyzed in 1990. (Computing). Thilmany, Jean Brief Article May 1, 2003 268
Not just a river in Egypt, the Nile is this professor's laboratory, `classroom'. (faculty lounge). Mar 31, 2003 786
Smart enough to keep a low profile. Winters, Jeffrey Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 280
And now for something completely different. (Forum on Science & Technology). Berger, Daniel Jan 1, 2003 1191
Counseling the university professor on the securing of research grants and the publishing of research products. Shaw, Victor N. Dec 22, 2002 2865
Like, what is the meaning of "like"? (Language). Dec 1, 2002 575
Small schools are rated better. (Education). Dec 1, 2002 339
Mesalands Community College. (faculty lounge). Brief Article Sep 2, 2002 82
The relation between research productivity and teaching effectiveness: complementary, antagonistic, or independent constructs? Marsh, Herbert W.; Hattie, John Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2002 16178
Presidents' success when appointing justices. (Supreme Court). Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 510
Power of 42: Higher automotive voltages may one day empower a car full of drive-by-wire applications and amenities. The move could save gas, too. (Feature Focus: Advanced Energy Systems). Sharke, Paul Apr 1, 2002 2010
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