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Pandemic triggers over 125 million new cases of depression and anxiety disorders, research finds; The first global estimate of the impact of Covid-19 on mental health says the prevalence of major depressive disorder and anxiety disorders rose by 28% (+53 million) and 26% (+76 million), respectively, in 2020. By, Katie Dickinson Oct 9, 2021 844
More than 125 million new cases of depression and anxiety 'triggered by pandemic'; Researchers say the findings highlight "an urgent need to strengthen mental health systems", with women and younger people most affected. By, Stephen Beech (SWNS) & Erin Santillo Oct 9, 2021 828
Comparison of Atomised Sublingual Dexmedetomidine and Oral Midazolam as Preanaesthetic Medication in Children--A Prospective, Double Blind, Randomised Control Trial. Kamath, Pooja Bola Rajendra Devendra; Udupa, Ashwin; Nileshwar, Anitha; Rao, Madhu Aug 23, 2021 4314
Gaps in the Literature. Ivey, Jean May 1, 2021 694
Effects of nomophobia on anxiety, stress and depression among Saudi medical students in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Bano, Nusrat; Khan, Muhammad Anwar; Asif, Uzma; de Beer, Jennifer; Rawass, Hawazen Report Mar 31, 2021 2640
Depressed children and teenagers are at Greater risk of premature death. Jan 30, 2021 1168
Nurses working on the frontline suffered high levels of anxiety and depression during the first coronavirus wave, study finds; Researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) found that nurses working with respiratory patients on the coronavirus frontline suffered anxiety and depression during the first wave. Beth Murray Dec 2, 2020 351
Anxiety could speed up the onset of dementia, scientists warn; Anxiety is associated with an increased rate of progression from mild cognitive impairment to full blown Alzheimer's disease, according to new research. By, Stephen Beech & Shivali Best Nov 24, 2020 677
Randomised Comparison between the Efficacy of Two Doses of Nebulised Dexmedetomidine for Premedication in Paediatric Patients. Anupriya, Jindal; Kurhekar, Pranjali Clinical report Aug 1, 2020 4648
Concussion leads to higher dementia risk; People who suffer from a concussion have a higher risk of dementia in later life, a study suggests. Jul 28, 2020 486
Concussion link to future illness; Study suggests injury can lead to higher risk of dementia. LIZA RADLEY Jul 28, 2020 289
75 percent of Pakistani adults suffering from stress during pandemic, study finds. Clinical report Jul 15, 2020 542
75% adults suffering from stress during pandemic: AKU study. Clinical report Jul 15, 2020 512
75pc adults suffering from stress during pandemic: study. Clinical report Jul 14, 2020 508
Subthreshold Autism Spectrum in a Patient with Anorexia Nervosa and Behcet's Syndrome. Dell'Osso, L.; Carpita, B.; Cremone, I.M.; Mucci, F.; Salerni, A.; Marazziti, D.; Carmassi, C.; Gesi Jun 30, 2020 5360
Thousands of Scots with cancer living in fear of virus; Thousands of Scots with cancer are living in fear of Covid-19, according to research by Macmillan Cancer Support. Kevan Christie Jun 29, 2020 847
Mindfulness Based Intervention for Needle Phobia: A Pilot Study of Dissociated Ego State Resolution. Smith, Genine P.; Hartelius, Glenn Report Jun 1, 2020 4824
New study revaluates factors linked with anxiety disorders. Clinical report Mar 5, 2020 219
Bezoar in upper gastrointestinal endoscopy: A single center experience. Gokbulut, Volkan; Kaplan, Mustafa; Kacar, Sabite; Kayhan, Meral Akdogan; Coskun, Orhan; Kayacetin, E Feb 1, 2020 4215
Bezoar in upper gastrointestinal endoscopy: A single center experience. Gokbulut, Volkan; Kaplan, Mustafa; Kacar, Sabite; Kayhan, Meral Akdogan; Coskun, Orhan; Kayacetin, E Feb 1, 2020 4200
Effects of Long-Term Gentle Handling on Behavioral Responses, Production Performance, and Meat Quality of Pigs. Wang, Chao; Chen, Yongjie; Bi, Yanju; Zhao, Peng; Sun, Hanqing; Li, Jianhong; Liu, Honggui; Zhang, R Report Feb 1, 2020 6492
Scientists find evolutionary changes in human brain as potential reason of anxiety. ANI Jan 5, 2020 383
One in seven persons in India suffers from mental disorders: ICMR study. ANI Dec 23, 2019 549
Anxiety medication abuse on rise among American adolescents: Study. ANI Dec 17, 2019 357
Deep Sleep Can Rewire the Anxious Brain. Nov 10, 2019 678
HOW VIRTUAL REALITY MIGHT HELP FIGHT RECURING NIGHTMARES: Researchers say VR could have real long-term benefits for people, particularly children, gripped by scary dreams. McAlpine, Kat J. Nov 1, 2019 1131
Prevalence of High-Burden Medical Conditions Among Young and Middle-Aged Adults With Pediatric-Onset Medical Conditions: Findings From US Private and Public Administrative Claims Data. Whitney, Daniel G. Nov 1, 2019 5704
Easing the stress at pressure-cooker schools: Requiring students to conform to a narrow definition of success increases stress without improving learning. Villeneuve, Jennifer Curry; Conner, Jerusha O.; Selby, Samantha; Pope, Denise Clark Nov 1, 2019 3130
Study finds reason behind anxiety disorders. ANI Sep 29, 2019 376
Response: Gratitude and Cardiac Health: GRACE, PEACE, and Beyond. Huffman, Jeff C. Sep 22, 2019 1742
Brain study probes molecular origins of anxiety. Aug 22, 2019 185
Brain study probes molecular origins of anxiety. Aug 21, 2019 242
Red wine compound could be used to treat anxiety and depression, study claims; Researchers from the University of Buffalo have found that a chemical in red wine called resveratrol has anti-stress effects. Aug 3, 2019 257
Study suggests a glass of red wine is best way to unwind after stressful day; Drink contains chemical called resveratrol that has anti-stress effects. Jul 31, 2019 236
Study suggests a glass of red wine is best way to unwind after stressful day; Drink contains chemical called resveratrol that has anti-stress effects. Jul 31, 2019 236
Study suggests a glass of red wine is best way to unwind after stressful day; Drink contains chemical called resveratrol that has anti-stress effects. Jul 31, 2019 236
Study suggests a glass of red wine is best way to unwind after stressful day; Drink contains chemical called resveratrol that has anti-stress effects. Jul 31, 2019 236
Study suggests a glass of red wine is best way to unwind after stressful day; Drink contains chemical called resveratrol that has anti-stress effects. Jul 31, 2019 236
Red wine compound could be used to treat anxiety and depression, study claims; Researchers from the University of Buffalo have found that a chemical in red wine called resveratrol has anti-stress effects. Jul 30, 2019 241
Music can help reduce anxiety before anesthesia: Study. Report Jul 21, 2019 448
Maternal alcohol use and children's emotional and cognitive outcomes in rural South Africa. Rochat, T.J.; Houle, B.; Stein, A.; Mitchell, J.; Bland, R.M. Jul 1, 2019 8152
Are Those with Darker Personality Traits more Willing to Corrupt When They Feel Anxious? Hajhoseiny, Soodeh; Fathi, Zadallah; Shafiei, Hossein Jun 22, 2019 8581
Parental Support Can Minimize Anxiety In Adolescents, Says Study. Report Jun 12, 2019 546
Air pollution linked to childhood anxiety, study suggests. May 28, 2019 416
Gut bacteria might play role in reducing anxiety: Study. May 22, 2019 538
Mental health program for mood and anxiety disorders improve patient outcomes: Study. Apr 21, 2019 406
Frequency of anxiety and depression in patients of urtolithiasis undergoing Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy in Diyarbakir, Turkey. Report Mar 31, 2019 2914
Attentional Bias Modification Training for Patients with Generalised Anxiety Disorder: a Randomised Controlled Study. Chau, S.W.H.; Tse, C.Y.; So, S.H.W.; Chan, S.S.M. Mar 1, 2019 4577
OCCUPATIONAL BURNOUT AND ITS OVERLAPPING EFFECT WITH DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY. Golonka, Krystyna; Mojsa-Kaja, Justyna; Blukacz, Mateusz; Gawlowska, Magda; Marek, Tadeusz Report Mar 1, 2019 7953
Prevention of depression and anxiety in community-dwelling older adults: the role of physical activity. Alexandrino-Silva, Clovis; Ribeiz, Salma Rose; Frigerio, Maria Beatriz; Bassolli, Lucas; Alves, Tani Clinical report Jan 1, 2019 7579
Essays offer insights into anxiety. Report Nov 1, 2018 322
Psychodermatology: a molecular link between psoriasis and anxiety disorder. Klimov, Eugene; Tretiakov, Artemii; Rudko, Olga; Soboleva, Anna; Danilin, Ivan; Korsunskaya, Irina; Report Oct 1, 2018 3782
Lung inflammation from childhood asthma may cause anxiety. Sep 25, 2018 562
Back pain linked to risky behaviours in teenagers: Study. Sep 11, 2018 325
Anxiety disorders: Psychiatric comorbidities and psychosocial stressors among adult outpatients. Nel, Carla; Augustyn, Linda; Bartman, Nandie; Koen, Marizel; Liebenberg, Maggy; Naude, Jurgens; Joub Sep 1, 2018 5092
New Research Shows Increase in Anxiety and Depression with Higher Migraine Frequency Among Tens of Thousands of US Migraine Patients. Aug 22, 2018 460
Biohaven Reports Positive Results from Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Investigator Initiated, Proof Of Concept Trial Of BHV-0223 For Anxiety. Financial report Aug 17, 2018 745
Estradiol level of male rat is correlated with depression and anxiety after traumatic stress. Lan, Hsin-Chieh; Lin, Jyun-Hong; Chen, Chang-Hao; Chu, Po-Wei; Cheng, Chia-Pi Report Jul 1, 2018 4183
Sexual Dysfunction Is Associated with Depression and Anxiety in Patients with Predialytic Chronic Kidney Disease. Guven, Serkan; Sari, Funda; Inci, Ayca; Cetinkaya, Ramazan Report Jun 1, 2018 5402
The Effect of Music Listened to During the Recovery Period After Day Surgery on the Anxiety State and Vital Signs of Children and Adolescents. Karakul, Atiye; Bolisik, Zehra Bahire Report Jun 1, 2018 4747
Anxiety May Actually Protect You From a Heart Attack. Brief article May 1, 2018 175
WISH announces new study into anxiety and depression. Apr 12, 2018 489
RA associated with higher risk of psychiatric disorders. Rajaraman, Madhu Mar 1, 2018 631
Binge eating disorder in men. A review of the relevant variables in the literature. Lopez, Hector Julian Velazquez; Arevalo, Rosalia Vazquez; Diaz, Juan Manuel Mancilla Mar 1, 2018 7655
Obsesif Kompulsif Bozuklukta Uyku Kalitesinin Depresyon ve Anksiyete ile Iliskisi/The Relation of Sleep Quality to Depression and Anxiety in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Inanc, Leman; Altintas, Merih; Semiz, Umit Basar Mar 1, 2018 3569
Preoperative Anxiety in Greek Children and Their Parents When Presenting for Routine Surgery. Charana, Aikaterini; Tripsianis, Gregory; Matziou, Vasiliki; Vaos, Georgios; Iatrou, Christos; Chlor Report Jan 1, 2018 4660
Effects of Tibetan Music on Neuroendocrine and Autonomic Functions in Patients Waiting for Surgery: A Randomized, Controlled Study. Cotoia, Antonella; Dibello, Floriana; Moscatelli, Fiorenzo; Sciusco, Alberto; Polito, Pietro; Modolo Report Jan 1, 2018 5319
Assigning Clinical Significance and Symptom Severity Using the Zung Scales: Levels of Misclassification Arising from Confusion between Index and Raw Scores. Dunstan, Debra A.; Scott, Ned Report Jan 1, 2018 8706
Anxiety and Depression among Patients with Coronary Artery Disease Attending at a Cardiac Center, Kathmandu, Nepal. Dhita, Puja Sharma; Sharma, Kalpana; Poudel, Pratik; Dhital, Pankaj Raj Jan 1, 2018 3790
Sensory Overresponsivity, Loneliness, and Anxiety in Taiwanese Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Syu, Ya-Cing; Lin, Ling-Yi Report Jan 1, 2018 4973
The Effect of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality on Inducing Anxiety for Exposure Therapy: A Comparison Using Heart Rate Variability. Tsai, Chai-Fen; Yeh, Shih-Ching; Huang, Yanyan; Wu, Zhengyu; Cui, Jianjun; Zheng, Lirong Jan 1, 2018 5822
The Temporal Relationship between Selected Mental Disorders and Substance-Related Disorders: A Nationwide Population-Based Cohort Study. Chiu, Mu-Lin; Cheng, Chi-Fung; Liang, Wen-Miin; Lin, Pen-Tang; Wu, Trong-Neng; Chen, Chiu-Ying Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 8243
Validation of the Persian Translation of the Fear of Negative Evaluation Scale. Sarabi, Soudabeh Zaheri Dec 1, 2017 2709
Mindfulness and an Argument for Tier 1, Whole School Support. Stuart, Shannon K.; Collins, James; Toms, Ozalle; Gwalla-Ogisi, Nomsa Report Dec 1, 2017 5447
Influence of Competitive-Anxiety on Heart Rate Variability in Swimmers. Fortes, Leonardo S.; da Costa, Bruna D.V.; Paes, Pedro P.; do Nascimento, Jose R.A., Jr.; Fiorese, L Report Dec 1, 2017 5258
Investigating the Effect of Emergency Medicine Internship on Vocational Anxiety and Depression in Sixth Grade Students of the Medical Faculty. Kogak, Abdullah Osman; Kogak, Meryem Betos; Cakir, Zeynep; Akbas, Ilker; Katipoglu, Burak Dec 1, 2017 2884
Socioeconomic deprivation and non-suicidal self-injury in New Zealand adolescents: The mediating role of depression and anxiety. Robinson, Kealagh; Brocklesby, Madeleine; Garisch, Jessica A.; O'Connell, Angelique; Langlands, Roby Report Nov 1, 2017 9259
Early cannabis use and its relation to the development of psychiatric disorders: a review. Roncero, Carlos; Palma-Alvarez, Raul Felipe; Barrau, Victor; Urbano, Neide; Martinez-Luna, Nieves; O Nov 1, 2017 7014
Why Do Kids Smoke Weed? Oct 25, 2017 662
People With High IQ Might Have Greater Risk Of Mental Disorders. Oct 14, 2017 536
Quality of life, anxiety and depression in patients with HIV/AIDS who present poor adherence to antiretroviral therapy: a cross-sectional study in Salvador, Brazil. Betancur, Monica Narvaez; Lins, Liliane; de Oliveira, Irismar Reis; Brites, Carlos Report Sep 1, 2017 5390
Role of Music Training in Anxiety and Self-Esteem of Adults. Mukherjee, Arpita; Dasgupta, Subrata Report Sep 1, 2017 2514
Graduate nurses' experience of feedback, support and anxiety: a pilot study. Gardiner, Isabelle; Sheen, Jade Report Sep 1, 2017 4506
Depression, anxiety, and quality of life in paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesia patients. Tian, Wo-Tu; Huang, Xiao-Jun; Liu, Xiao-Li; Shen, Jun-Yi; Liang, Gui-Ling; Zhu, Chen-Xi; Tang, Wei-G Report Sep 1, 2017 4433
Diagnosis and Treatment of Rash Fever with Anxiety. Zhu, Yueyun Case study Aug 1, 2017 1302
The Role of Intestinal Microbiota. Webster, Kathryn E.; Knoblauch, Kimberly; DeRango, Erin Report Aug 1, 2017 4016
Depression, anxiety and stress--a cross-sectional study in a cohort of school students from South India. Kanagasabapathy, Shankar; Raj, Satya Report May 25, 2017 3360
The effect of aromatherapy on anxiety experienced by hospital nurses. Donaldson, Jill; Ingrao, Cynthia; Drake, Diane; Ocampo, Emilou Report May 1, 2017 4306
Depression and anxiety as comorbid disorders in patients with Type II diabetes. Nagabhirava, Gautami; Umate, Maithili; Nimkar, Swateja; Goel, Akhil; Desousa, Avinash Report Mar 1, 2017 3165
College binge drinking and its association with depression and anxiety: A prospective observational study. Nourse, R.; Adamshick, P.; Stoltzfus, J. Report Mar 1, 2017 6064
Long-term chamomile treatment for generalised anxiety disorder. Report Mar 1, 2017 548
Saffron in the treatment of mild-to-moderate depression and anxiety. Report Mar 1, 2017 519
Normal anxiety of pregnancy. Dotson, Carmelita L.; Davidson, Wanda; Rich, Telvis Jan 1, 2017 1743
Anxiety and pregnancy. Stadtlander, Lee Jan 1, 2017 2388
Association of anxiety with body mass index (BMI) and waist to hip ratio (WHR) in medical students. Meshram, Rajeshree S.; Sulaxane, Yogita D.; Kulkarni, Snehal S.; Kale, Ashok H. Report Jan 1, 2017 2892
Prevalence of Anxiety among Hungarian Subjects with Parkinson's Disease. Kovacs, Marton; Makkos, Attila; Karadi, Rita WeintrauKazmer; Janszky, Jozsef; Kovacs, Norbert Report Jan 1, 2017 5391
The paradox of finitude in the context of infinitude: is death denial an essential aspect of being in the world? Vahrmeyer, Mark; Cassar, Simon Report Jan 1, 2017 5948
A girl repeatedly jabs her finger up her nose: compulsion or self-injury? Butkus, Michael; Vinch, Jennifer Report Nov 1, 2016 2270
Anxious and avoidant attachment to god predict moral foundations beyond adult attachment. Njus, David M.; Okerstrom, Katrina Report Sep 22, 2016 8283
Evaluation of mental health using hospital anxiety and depression scale in primary caregivers of patients undergoing dialysis. Giri, Akshay Prashanth; Mohanasundaram, Subhashini; Nayar, P.C. Kesavankutty; Sharma, R.N.; Kurian, Sep 1, 2016 2573
More women than men are troubled by anxiety. Brief article Sep 1, 2016 156
Exploring an implicit measure of acceptance and experiential avoidance of anxiety. Drake, Chad E.; Timko, C. Alix; Luoma, Jason B. Report Sep 1, 2016 10851
The correlation between death anxiety and anxiety in elderly with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Nal, B.; Aydin, Avci I.; Ayyildiz, M. Report Jun 1, 2016 4216
Depression, anxiety and quality of life of cancer survivors. Devi, Koijam Shantibala; Singh, Laishram Jaichand; Devi, Naorem Rebika; Singh, Elangbam Priyokumar Report May 5, 2016 3502
Prevalence and risk factors of anxiety among Saudi male secondary schools' students in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Al-Johani, Mohammad Mater; Qahtani, Awad Mohammed Al- May 1, 2016 3872
Fear takes many paths in brain: drug elicits anxiety in people without working amygdalae. Sanders, Laura Apr 30, 2016 361
Anxiety and depression: easing the burden in COPD patients. Marsh, Sydney; Guck, Thomas P. Case study Apr 1, 2016 3120
Hooray for Hollywood ... boosting acceptance. Apr 1, 2016 296
Prevalence of anxiety and depression in polycystic ovarian syndrome. Upadhyaya, Suneet Kumar; Sharma, Archana; Agrawal, Atul Apr 1, 2016 1445
Trauma and reparation: adult daughters' meaning-making of their relationships with their domestically violent fathers. Durbach, Carla; Bain, Katherine Report Mar 22, 2016 10233
Prescribing pattern of antidepressants in children and adolescents: findings from the research on asia psychotropic prescription pattern. Chee, K.Y.; Tripathi, A.; Avasthi, A.; Chong, M.Y.; Xiang, Y.T.; Sim, K.; Kanba, S.; He, Y.L.; Lee, Mar 1, 2016 4767
Safely reduce anxiety and mood disorders. Harrington, Stephen Mar 1, 2016 3322
RSNA 2015 review: "Innovation" as expressed through technology. Massat, Mary Beth Report Feb 1, 2016 4069
Rhodiola rosea for mild stress and anxiety in university students. Tester, Jodie Report Jan 1, 2016 598
Comorbidity of Anxiety Disorder and Major Depression among Girls with Learning Disabilities. Report Dec 31, 2015 2658
Poverty may increase neurological impairment risk in children. Dec 17, 2015 426
Growing up with an ill parent: an examination of family characteristics and parental illness features. Stoeckel, Maggie; Weissbrod, Carol Report Dec 1, 2015 3936
Prevalence of intimate partner violence and associated factors. Karakoc, Berna; Gulseren, Leyla; Cam, Birmay; Gulseren, Seref; Tenekeci, Nermin; Mete, Levent Report Dec 1, 2015 5470
Intolerance of uncertainty and coping mechanisms in nonclinical young subjects. Doruk, Ali; Dugenci, Muharrem; Ersoz, Filiz; Oznur, Taner Report Dec 1, 2015 4436
Dispositional optimism as a mediator of the effect of rumination on anxiety. Yu, Xiaobo; Chen, Junbo; Liu, Jing; Yu, Xiaodong; Zhao, Kongqing Report Sep 1, 2015 3856
Every child has the right to smile!--A qualitative study exploring barriers to dental registration in a SureStart area in Northern Ireland. Dickson, Clare-Marie Report Aug 1, 2015 4055
Is "fear of passive movement" a distinctive component of the fear-avoidance model in whiplash? Vernon, Howard; Guerriero, Rocco; Kavanaugh, Shawn; Puhl, Aaron Report Jul 1, 2015 2749
Fruit flies flee from shadows: faux predators instigate response suggestive of fear. Sanders, Laura Report Jun 13, 2015 557
Parent psychopathology as a mediator of the relationship between anxiety and sleep problems in children. Francazio, Sarah K.; Fahrenkamp, Amy J.; D'Auria, Alexandra L.; Sato, Amy F.; Flessner, Christopher Report Jun 1, 2015 4907
Interpersonal psychotherapy for postnatal anxiety disorder. Chung, J.P.Y. Jun 1, 2015 4649
Personality match speeds up breeding: mice mates with similar anxiety levels produce offspring sooner. Milius, Susan May 2, 2015 391
Anxiety and mind wandering as independent consequences of stereotype threat. Lu, Aitao; Feng, Yi; Yu, Zuwei; Tian, Haiping; Hong, Xiuxiu; Zheng, Dongping Report May 1, 2015 3526
Use of the state-trait anxiety inventory with children and adolescents in China: issues with reaction times. Cao, Yang; Liu, Zheng-kui Report Apr 1, 2015 6726
Depression, anxiety may be early symptoms of dementia. Brief article Apr 1, 2015 189
Journal File. Report Mar 22, 2015 2015
Peer attachment and social anxiety: gender as a moderator across deaf and hearing adolescents. Lu, Aitao; Tian, Haiping; Yu, Yanping; Feng, Yi; Hong, Xiuxiu; Yu, Zuwei Report Mar 1, 2015 3585
Smartphone withdrawal. Brief article Feb 23, 2015 150
Memories of fear shift in the brain: newfound neural circuit may shed light on anxiety disorders. Yeager, Ashley Feb 21, 2015 759
Recent findings may lead to new treatments for anxiety disorder: a malfunctioning "off" switch in the brain's amygdala may lay the groundworkfor, orprolong, anxiety attacks. Feb 1, 2015 561
Improving mental health in schools: raising awareness of the many children who come to school with mental health issues and then treating them appropriately is the best way to ensure they achieve their potential in school and life. Rossen, Eric; Cowan, Katherine C. Report Dec 1, 2014 2878
In this issuer. Report Dec 1, 2014 2229
The powerful opposite of worry. Achor, Shawn Brief article Nov 28, 2014 279
The inspection-ready lab. Casados, Rose Mary Sep 1, 2014 1125
Comorbidity of depressive and anxiety disorders: challenges in diagnosis and assessment. Wu, Zhiguo; Fang, Yiru Report Aug 1, 2014 2862
Anxious kids' brain have bigger "fear centers": Study. Jun 17, 2014 207
Study the relationship between classroom management styles and pupils' exam anxiety. Nejad, Mohammad Ali Taleghani; Asadzadeh, Hassan Report Jun 1, 2014 2732
Using a smartphone app to reduce anxiety. McCarthy, Kathleen May 1, 2014 322
Playing scientific mobile gaming app for 25 minutes helps reduce anxiety: Study. Mar 19, 2014 261
Intercorrelations between individual personality factors and anxiety. Warnecke, Ashlee J.; Baum, Caitlyn A.; Peer, Jennifer R.; Goreczny, Anthony J. Report Mar 1, 2014 5994
The comparison of general health in athletic and nonathletic elderly. Nemati, Nematallah; Zakizadeh, Bahador; Tojari, Farshad; Afshardoust, Mahmoud Report Feb 14, 2014 1414
Eating attitudes and anxiety in Japanese female university students. Yoshie, Mio; Asai, Miho; Kato, Daiki Report Feb 1, 2014 707
Determining the role of family interaction patterns and tolerance in the tendency to drug-abuse. Kaleji, Zahra Salarian; Amini, Fereshteh; Shahnazari, Mahdi; Vahidi, Shaghayegh; Javadpour, Shahrzad Report Jan 1, 2014 3291
Accuracy of the hospital anxiety and depression scale for identifying depression in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients. Nowak, Christoph; Sievi, Noriane A.; Clarenbach, Christian F.; Schwarz, Esther Irene; Schlatzer, Chr Report Jan 1, 2014 4691
The anxiolytic effects of valtrate in rats involves changes of corticosterone levels. Shi, Shu-Ning; Shi, Jin-Li; Liu, Yong; Wang, Yan-Li; Wang, Chun-Guo; Hou, Wen-Hui; Guo, Jian-You Report Jan 1, 2014 5084
Anxiety changes depersonalization and derealization symptoms in vestibular patients. Kolev, Ognyan I.; Georgieva-Zhostova, Spaska O.; Berthoz, Alain Report Jan 1, 2014 6629
Perceived social support and death anxiety among patients with chronic diseases. Khawar, Muhammad; Aslam, Naeem; Aamir, Saadia Report Sep 30, 2013 3293
Recommendations for lab monitoring of atypical antipsychotics. Zeier, Kathryn; Connell, Robert; Resch, William; Thomas, Christopher J. Case study Sep 1, 2013 1785
Comparison of younger and older adults' acceptability of treatment for generalized anxiety disorder co-occurring with Parkinson's Disease. Lundervold, Duane A.; Ament, Patrick A.; Holt, Peter S.; Hunt, Lauren S. Report Jun 22, 2013 3130
Factors related to caregiver state anxiety and coping with a child's chronic illness. Nabors, Laura A.; Brassell, Anne; Kichler, Jessica C.; Thakkar, Sunny; Bartz, Jennifer; Pangallo, Jo Report Jun 1, 2013 6342
Palpable discrete breast masses in young women: two of the components of the modified triple test may be adequate. Ngotho, J.; Githaiga, J.; Kaisha, W. Clinical report May 1, 2013 1906
How to adapt cognitive-behavioral therapy for older adults: to improve efficacy, focus on losses, transitions, and changes in cognition. Chand, Suma P.; Grossberg, George T. Report Mar 1, 2013 3061
Anxiety related to sexual abuse: A case of recurrent priapism. Abbass, Allan; Grantmyre, John; Kay, Robin L. Clinical report Feb 1, 2013 1816
Some of my favorite natural medicine research of late. Hudson, Toni Feb 1, 2013 1607
Examination of anxiety and assertiveness levels of sporters participating in interuniversity volleyball competitions in Turkey. Gacar, Atalay; Nacar, Eyyup; Yalcin, Ilimdar Report Feb 1, 2013 3402
Silexan, an essential oil from flowers of Lavandula angustifolia, is not recognized as benzodiazepine-like in rats trained to discriminate a diazepam cue. Silenieks, Leo B; Koch, Egon; Higgins, Guy A. Report Jan 15, 2013 4340
A diary study on the causes of English language classroom anxiety. Gkonou, Christina Report Jan 1, 2013 7406
The relationship between anxiety and shoulder injuries among South African university and club rugby players. van Niekerk, R.L.; Lynch, E. Report Dec 1, 2012 3530
Independent and interactive effects of task and ego orientations in predicting competitive trait anxiety among college-age athletes. Eisenbarth, Chris A.; Petlichkoff, Linda M. Report Dec 1, 2012 6628
Do highly test anxious students respond differentially to fear appeals made prior to a test? Putwain, David W.; Best, Natalie Report Nov 1, 2012 4063
Valerian extract characterized by high valerenic acid and low acetoxy valerenic acid contents demonstrates anxiolytic activity. Felgentreff, F.; Becker, A.; Meier, B.; Brattstrom, A. Report Oct 15, 2012 4780
Cannabis, culture and anxiety: attitudes of Mexican/Mexican-American college students on the US/Mexico border. Chavez-Palacios, Elizabeth; Blanco, Eluterio, Jr.; Graf, Noreen M. Oct 1, 2012 7340
Smoking dependence and common psychiatric disorders in medical students: cross-sectional study. Ashor, Ammar W. Report Sep 30, 2012 3035
Effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy a long with conventional treatment in asthma patients compared with solely conventional therapy. Jamalimotlagh, Maryam; Rezaei, Omid; Fata, Ladan; Jamaati, Hamidreza; Masafi, Saeede Report Sep 1, 2012 4102
Depression and anxiety among Grade 11 and 12 learners attending schools in central Bloemfontein. Strydom, M.A.A.; Pretorius, P.J.; Joubert, G. Report Aug 1, 2012 3332
Poverty, Not Mental Illness, Is Source Of Many Poor Mothers' Anxiety: Study. Jul 20, 2012 338
Profile of stress factors associated with mental disorders in children and adolescents referred for evaluation and treatment to the Free State Psychiatric Complex, 2007. Heckler, H.; Taute, C.E.; Kruger, G.H.J.; de Wet, D.; Calitz, F.J.W.; van der Merwe, L.M.; Raubenhei Report May 1, 2012 4655
A study of hysteria among youth in a secondary school in Malaysia. Sham, Fariza Md.; Hamjah, Salasiah Hanin; Ariff, Mohd Izhar; Ismail, Rozmi; Mohamed, Siti Norlina; M Report Apr 1, 2012 4697
Journal of Social Service Research: 'Examining depression, anxiety, and foster care placement as predictors of substance use and sexual activity in adolescents'. Stevens, Sarah B.; Brice, Chad S.; Ale, Chelsea M.; Morris, Tracy L. Reprint Mar 22, 2012 170
Anxiety and Charles Bonnet syndrome. Geueke, Anna; Morley, Michael G.; Morley, Katharine; Lorch, Alice; Jackson, MaryLou; Lambrou, Angeli Report Mar 1, 2012 4016
Childhood adversity 'may lead to changes in genetics'. Feb 28, 2012 588
The relationship between schema and locus of control with obsessive compulsive symptoms. Akbarikia, Hamid Reza; Gasparyan, Khachatur Report Jan 1, 2012 3024
Evaluating the effect of music on patient anxiety during minor plastic surgery. McLeod, Roddy Report Jan 1, 2012 3708
A comparative study of depression and anxiety in psoriasis and other chronic skin diseases. Sharma, Saurabh; Bassi, Roopam; Singh, Amandeep Report Dec 31, 2011 2728
Patterns of dental anxiety in children after sequential dental visits. de Menezes Abreu, D.M.; Leal, S.C.; Mulder, J.; Frencken, J.E. Report Dec 1, 2011 3785
Belly bacteria can boss the brain: gut microbes lower stress hormones and anxiety in mice. Saey, Tina Hesman Oct 8, 2011 515
Acceptance and commitment therapy for psychological and physiological illnesses: a systematic review for social workers. Montgomery, Katherine L.; Kim, Johnny S.; Franklin, Cynthia Report Aug 1, 2011 7628
Impact of exposure to positive images on dental anxiety among children: a controlled trial. Ramos-Jorge, M.L.; Ramos-Jorge, J.; de Andrade, R.G. Vieira; Marques, L.S. Report Aug 1, 2011 3592
Phytotherapeutic treatments for menopause related symptoms. van Die, M. Diana Report Jun 22, 2011 6045
Motherwort oil for heart conditions and anxiety. Finney-Brown, Tessa Jun 22, 2011 457
Foreign language teacher trainees' reading attitudes. Kartal, Erdogan Report Apr 1, 2011 6962
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Brain's 'fear' area doesn't increase anxiety but counters it: Study. Mar 10, 2011 346
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