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Gradient shifts with naturally occurring human face stimuli. Derenne, Adam; Breitstein, R. Michael Author abstract Jun 22, 2006 2233
Mutual selection and membership in open-ended classes: variant-to-base and base-to-variant testing. Fields, Lanny; Matneja, Priya; Varelas, Antonios; Belanich, James Mar 22, 2003 9703
Studying stimulus equivalence: defense of the two-choice procedure. Boelenes, Harrie Jun 22, 2002 4275
Whole reversal versus partial reversal advantage effect on same-different discrimination in rats. Nakagawa, Esho Jun 22, 2002 6904
Stimulus equivalence and nonarbitrary relations. Stewart, Ian; Roche, Bryan; Barnes-Holmes, Dermot; Smeets, Paul M. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2002 5388
Mechanism of stimulus classes formation in concurrent discriminations in rats. Nakagawa, Esho Mar 22, 1999 6863
Errors and response latencies as a function of nodal distance in 5-member equivalence classes. Bentall, R.P.; Jones, R.M.; Dickins, D.W. Jan 1, 1999 7550
A factor affecting stimulus classes formation in concurrent discriminations in rats. Nakagawa, Esho Jan 1, 1999 7630
Conceptual differences in the analysis of stimulus equivalence. Clayton, Michael C.; Hayes, Linda J. Jan 1, 1999 7351
Derived stimulus relations produce mediated and episodic priming. Hayes, Steven C.; Bissett, Richard T. Sep 22, 1998 4913
Stimulus equivalence and the blocking effect. Rehfeldt, Ruth Anne; Dixon, Mark R.; Hayes, Linda J.; Steele, Amy Sep 22, 1998 5448
Untrained temporal differentiation and equivalence class formation. Rehfeldt, Ruth Anne; Hayes, Linda J. Jun 22, 1998 8836
Stimulus classes formation in concurrent discriminations in rats as a function of overtraining. Nakagawa, Esho Jun 22, 1998 6070
Punishment generalization gradients with humans. O'Donnell, Jennifer; Crosbie, John Mar 22, 1998 7875
The quick development of equivalence classes in a paper-and-pencil format through written instructions. Eikeseth, Svein; Rosales-Ruiz, Jesus; Duarte, Angela; Baer, Donald M. Mar 22, 1997 3357
Probability of stimulus equivalence as a function of training decision. Arntzen, Erik; Holth, Per Mar 22, 1997 3397
The effects of terminal-link stimulus arrangements on preference in concurrent chains. Colton, Laurel; Moore, Jay Jan 1, 1997 5947
Stimulus equivalence and attitudes. Grey, Ian M.; Barnes, Dermot Mar 22, 1996 9051
A transformation of self-discrimination response functions in accordance with the arbitrarily applicable relations of sameness and opposition. Dymond, Simon; Barnes, Dermot Mar 22, 1996 11739
Transfer of consequential functions via stimulus equivalence generalization to different testing contexts. Greenway, David E.; Dougher, Michael J.; Wulfert, Edelgard Jan 1, 1996 4866
Rule performance and generalization in a matching-to-sample task. Trigo, Eva; Martinez, Rafael; Moreno, Rafael Mar 22, 1995 5316
Reinforcement concordance induces and maintains stimulus associations in pigeons. Delius, Luan D.; Ameling, Manuela; Lea, Stephen E.G.; Staddon, J.E.R. Mar 22, 1995 5596
Stimulus equivalence in a chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes). Yamamoto, Jun'ichi; Asano, Toshio Jan 1, 1995 5635
Adult humans perform better on addition than deletion problems. Nallan, Gary B.; Bentley, D. Mark; Carr, Jill F.; Lyons, Katrina; Moore, Danny S.; Underhill, Tracy Sep 22, 1994 3416
Paired-associate learning with visual and olfactory cues: effects of temporal order. Bowers, Robin L.; Doran, Trina P.; Edles, Philip A.; May, Kim Sep 22, 1994 2513
Emergent relations of equivalence generated by outcome-specific consequences in conditional discrimination. Schenk, Jacqueline J. Sep 22, 1994 8711
A traditional account of stimulus equivalence. Boelens, Harrie Sep 22, 1994 7493
Emergent relations in the formation of stimulus classes by pigeons. Zentall, Thomas R.; Urcuioli, Peter J. Sep 22, 1993 4030
Stimulus relations in comparative primate perspective. Cerutti, Daniel T.; Rumbaugh, Duane M. Sep 22, 1993 4219
A California sea lion (Zalophus californianus) is capable of forming equivalence relations. Schusterman, Ronald J.; Kastak, David Sep 22, 1993 5942
Formation of generalized equivalence classes. Adams, Barbara J.; Fields, Lanny; Verhave, Thom Sep 22, 1993 4357
Stimulus equivalence and cross-modal transfer. Bush, Karen M. Sep 22, 1993 5720
Complex stimulus control and equivalence. Stromer, Robert; McIlvane, William J.; Serna, Richard W. Sep 22, 1993 4954
Relational learning in stimulus sequences. Green, Gina; Stromer, Robert; Mackay, Harry A. Sep 22, 1993 6121
The development of hierarchically complex equivalence classes. Commons, Michael L.; Rodriguez, Joseph Anthony Sep 22, 1993 8656
The effects of equivalence class structure on test performances. Fields, Lanny; Adams, Barbara J.; Verhave, Thom Sep 22, 1993 5950
The role of individual stimulus names in the emergence of equivalence relations: the effects of interpolated paired-associates training of discordant associations between names. Dickins, David W.; Bentall, R.P.; Smith, A.B. Sep 22, 1993 4697
The search for stimulus equivalence in nonverbal organisms. Dube, William V.; McIlvane, William J.; Callahan, Thomas D.; Stoddard, Lawrence T. Sep 22, 1993 7327
The generalization of emergent relations in equivalence classes: stimulus substitutability. Fields, Lanny; Adams, Barbara J.; Brown, John L.; Verhave, Thom Mar 22, 1993 5699

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