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Neutrosophic Vague Binary G - subalgebra of G - algebra. Remya, P.B.; Shalini, A. Francina Dec 30, 2020 10492
More Low Differential Uniformity Permutations over [mathematical expression not reproducible] with k Odd. Leng, Yue; Chen, Jinyang; Xie, Tao Report Aug 31, 2020 8083
Algebraic Connectivity and Disjoint Vertex Subsets of Graphs. Sun, Yan; Li, Faxu Report Aug 31, 2020 3037
Impact of a Social Constructivist Instructional Strategy on Performance in Algebra with a Focus on Secondary School Students. Ginga, Umar A.; Zakariya, Yusuf F. Jul 31, 2020 6096
A National Study of the Differential Impact of Novice Teacher Certification on Teacher Traits and Race-Based Mathematics Achievement. Anderson, Kenneth Alonzo Report Mar 1, 2020 10430
Neutrosophic quadruple ideals in neutrosophic quadruple BCI-algebras. Muhiuddin, G.; Smarandache, Florentin; Jun, Young Bae Report May 22, 2019 5171
The 2-domination and Roman domination numbers of grid graphs. Rao, Michael; Talon, Alexandre Report May 1, 2019 6721
Neutrosophic ideal of Subtraction Algebras. Park, Chul Hwan Report Mar 1, 2019 4285
Products and coproducts in the category S(B) of Segal topological algebras/Korrutised ja kokorrutised Segali topoloogiliste algebrate kategoorias S(B). Abel, Mart Report Mar 1, 2019 5527
MBJ-neutrosophic structures and its applications in BCK/BCI-algebras. Takallo, M. Mohseni; Borzooei, R.A.; Jun, Young Bae Report Dec 1, 2018 5761
Positive implicative BMBJ-neutrosophic ideals in BCK-algebras. Borzooei, Rajab Ali; Takallo, M. Mohseni; Smarandache, Florentin; Jun, Young Bae Report Dec 1, 2018 5396
About the density property in the space of continuous maps vanishing at infinity. Abel, Mart Report Sep 1, 2018 5478
Topological spectrum of elements in topological algebras. Abel, Mati; Zarate-Rodriguez, Yuliana de Jesus Report Sep 1, 2018 5567
INNERNESS [sigma]-DERIVATIONS AND INNERNESS [sigma]-HIGHER DERIVATIONS. Rad, H. Mahdavian Report Jun 28, 2018 2878
Contributions of Selected Indian Researchers to Multi Attribute Decision Making in Neutrosophic Environment: An Overview. Pramanik, Surapati; Mallick, Rama; Dasgupta, Anindita Report Jun 1, 2018 13194
Research on Reconfigurable Mechanism of Manufacturing System for Printing Process Based on ACP. Li, Huailin; Luo, Rubai; Zhou, Shisheng; Gao, Shasha Jan 1, 2018 3735
Functions' algebra in nonlinear control: computational aspects and software/Funktsioonide algebra mittelineaarsete juhtimisusteemide uurimisel: arvutuslikud aspektid ja tarkvara. Belikov, Juri; Kaldmae, Arvo; Kaparin, Vadim; Kotta, Ulle; Shumsky, Alexey Ye.; Tonso, Maris; Zhirab Report Mar 1, 2017 11007
From finite groups to finite-dimensional Hopf algebras. Cohen, Miriam; Westreich, Sara Report Jan 1, 2017 5773
Partial actions: what they are and why we care. Batista, Eliezer Report Jan 1, 2017 18275
Three natural subgroups of the Brauer-Picard group of a Hopf algebra with applications. Lentner, Simon; Priel, Jan Report Jan 1, 2017 13759
A Variation on Uncertainty Principle and Logarithmic Uncertainty Principle for Continuous Quaternion Wavelet Transforms. Bahri, Mawardi; Ashino, Ryuichi Report Jan 1, 2017 4720
First Integrals and Hamiltonians of Some Classes of ODEs of Maximal Symmetry. Ndogmo, J.C. Report Jan 1, 2017 6247
A Characterization of Bi-Jordan Homomorphisms on Banach Algebras. Zivari-Kazempour, Abbas Report Jan 1, 2017 2890
Jordan ([alpha], [beta])-Derivations on Operator Algebras. Chen, Quanyuan; Fang, Xiaochun; Li, Changjing Report Jan 1, 2017 5297
On Algebraic Basis of the Algebra of Symmetric Polynomials on [l.sub.p]([C.sup.n]). Kravtsiv, Victoriia; Vasylyshyn, Taras; Zagorodnyuk, Andriy Report Jan 1, 2017 6785
Fixed Point Results for Weak [phi]-Contractions in Cone Metric Spaces over Banach Algebras and Applications. Li, Biwen; Huang, Huaping Report Jan 1, 2017 4291
Bounded Subsets of Classes [M.sup.p](X) of Holomorphic Functions. Iida, Yasuo Report Jan 1, 2017 2089
The projective class rings of a family of pointed hopf algebras of rank two. Chen, Hui-Xiang; Mohammed, Hassen Suleman Esmael; Lin, Weijun; Sun, Hua Report Dec 1, 2016 10539
Curved Rota-Baxter systems. Brzezinski, Tomasz Report Dec 1, 2016 2879
Algebra depth in tensor categories. Kadison, Lars Report Dec 1, 2016 17604
Algebrability of some subsets of the disk algebra. Lourenco, Mary Lilian; Vieira, Daniela M. Report Oct 1, 2016 3989
Weak amenability of Banach algebras with respect to characters. Nasr-Isfahani, Rasoul; Shahmoradi, Somayeh; Renani, Sima Soltani Report Oct 1, 2016 5500
Weighted composition operators on algebras of differentiable functions. Amiri, S.; Golbaharan, A.; Mahyar, H. Report Oct 1, 2016 7027
A criterion of strong density of operator subalgebras. Wawrzynczyk, Antoni Report Jul 1, 2016 2185
Contribution and Citation Impact of Panjab University in Mathematics Research during 2005-14. Bansal, Madhu; Bansal, Jivesh; Saini, Harinder Singh; Gupta, B.M. Report Oct 1, 2015 5939
Quotients and subalgebras of sup-algebras/Sup-algebrate faktor- ja alamalgebrad. Zhang, Xia; Laan, Valdis Report Sep 1, 2015 6502
Use of an accessible iPad app and supplemental graphics to build mathematics skills: feasibility study results. Beal, Carole R.; Rosenblum, L. Penny Report Sep 1, 2015 5039
Crunching the numbers: researchers say placement tests undermine remedial math reform. Bradley, Paul Jul 20, 2015 1647
On different barrelledness notions in locally convex algebras. Haralampidou, M.; Oudadess, M.; Palacios, L.; Signoret, C. Report Jan 1, 2015 6545
Symmetric cohomology of groups as a Mackey functor. Todea, Constantin-Cosmin Report Jan 1, 2015 4192
Smooth functions with uncountably many zeros. Conejero, J.A.; Munoz-Fernandez, G.A.; Arcila, M. Murillo; Seoane-Sepulveda, J.B. Report Jan 1, 2015 1791
Preservation of properties in nonstandard hulls of [C.sup.*]-algebras. Baratella, Stefano Report Jan 1, 2015 12438
Operator-valued measurable functions. Bagheri-Bardi, G.A. Report Jan 1, 2015 1765
Connecting algebra and geometry to find square and higher order roots. Elstak, Iwan R.; Goel, Sudhir Report Jun 22, 2014 2472
l-restricted Q-systems and quantum affine algebras. Gleitz, Anne-Sophie Report Jan 1, 2014 3283
Quasisymmetric Schur functions and modules of the 0-Hecke algebra. Tewari, Vasu V.; van Willigenburg, Stephanie J. Report Jan 1, 2014 5525
Electrical networks, electrical lie algebras and lie groups of finite Dynkin type. Su, Yi Report Jan 1, 2014 5132
Peak algebras, paths in the Bruhat graph and Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials. Brenti, Francesco; Caselli, Fabrizio Report Jan 1, 2014 6269
Relational demonic fuzzy refinement. Tchier, Fairouz Report Jan 1, 2014 7036
Two-sided annihilator condition with generalized derivations on multilinear polynomials. De Filippis, V.; Scudo, G.; Sorrenti, L. Report Jan 1, 2014 9370
An algebraic derivation of Chao's estimator of the number of species in a community highlights the condition allowing Chao to deliver centered estimates. Beguinot, Jean Report Jan 1, 2014 2791
On some fuzzy filters in pseudo-BCI algebras. Zhang, Xiaohong Report Jan 1, 2014 6401
On fuzzy ideals of BL-algebras. Meng, Biao Long; Xin, Xiao Long Report Jan 1, 2014 9509
Characterizations of some fuzzy prefilters (filters) in EQ-algebras. Xin, Xiao Long; He, Peng Fei; Yang, Yong Wei Report Jan 1, 2014 13387
The axioms independence of pseudo-weak-[R.sub.0] algebras and filters. Liu, Yong Lin Report Jan 1, 2014 6080
Characterizations of MV-algebras based on the theory of falling shadows. Yang, Yongwei; Xin, Xiaolong; He, Pengfei Report Jan 1, 2014 10870
Bilinear factorization of algebras. Bohm, Gabriella; Gomez-Torrecillas, Jose Report Apr 1, 2013 9236
Strictification of weakly equivariant Hopf algebras. Maier, Jennifer; Nikolaus, Thomas; Schweigert, Christoph Report Apr 1, 2013 7138
New Research by Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning at WestEd Finds No Clear Path to Mathematics Learning in California. Dec 1, 2012 943
Physics markup approaches based on geometric algebra representations. Yang, Kuo-pao; Zhang, Wendy; Petry, Frederick Report Mar 1, 2012 6321
The Validity of SATA[R] Scores in Predicting First-Year Mathematics and English Grades. Research Report 2012-1. Mattern, Krista D.; Patterson, Brian F.; Kobrin, Jennifer L. Report Jan 1, 2012 316
Constructing Counterfactuals in a Multisite Observational Study Using Propensity Score Matching and Multilevel Modeling: An Empirical Example Looking at the Effect of 8th Grade Algebra across Students and Schools. Rickles, Jordan H. Report Jan 1, 2011 254
Minimal prime filters of lattice implication algebras. Liu, Yi; Xu, Yang; Qin, Xiaoyan; Qin, Ya Report Nov 1, 2010 5312
Uncountably generated algebras of everywhere surjective functions. Aron, Richard M.; Conejero, Jose A.; Peris, Alfredo; Seoane-Sepulveda, Juan B. Report Aug 1, 2010 2014
Products and co-products in the category of pre [A.sub.*]-Algebras. Satyanarayana, A.; Rao, J. Venkateswara Report Jul 1, 2010 3500
AC-algebras. Soontharanon, Jarunee; Leerawat, Utsanee Report Dec 1, 2009 4681
Bigebres quasi-Lie et boucles de Lie. Bangoura, Momo Oct 1, 2009 9755
On isomorphisms of KU-algebras. Prabpayak, Chanwit; Leerawat, Utsanee Report Sep 1, 2009 3150
Beautiful algebra. Kalimuthu, S. Report May 1, 2009 4301
Unital versions of the higher order peak algebras. Aguiar, Marcelo; Novelli, Jean-Christophe; Thibon, Jean-Yves Report Jan 1, 2009 5221
On ideas and congruences in KU-algebras. Prabpayak, Chanwit; Leerawat, Utsanee Report Jan 1, 2009 1625
The algebra hoax. Bracey, Gerald W. Dec 1, 2008 1255
APC semantics for Petri nets. Simonak, Slavomir; Hudak, Stefan; Korecko, Stefan Report Oct 1, 2008 5916
On the mean value of the Smarandache LCM function. Lin, Cheng Report Dec 1, 2007 1246
On an infinite series related to Hexagon-numbers (1). Wang, Lingling; Liu, Yanni Report Dec 1, 2007 1219
The Pell's equation [x.sup.2] - D[y.sup.2] = [+ or -] a. Shabani, Armend Sh. Report Dec 1, 2007 1782
The Impact of Course-Taking on Performance on SATA[R] Items with Higher-Level Mathematics Content. Research Report No. 2006-8. Deng, Hui; Kobrin, Jennifer L. Jan 1, 2007 210
Smarandache fantastic ideals of Smarandache BCI-algebras. Jun, Y.B. Dec 1, 2006 2251
On finite Smarandache near-rings. Ramaraj, T.; Kannappa, N. Jun 1, 2005 1453
An extension of ABC-theorem (1). Bayat, Morteza; Teimoori, Hossein; Hassani, Mehdi Jun 1, 2005 3570
Smarandache Bcc-algebras. Jun, Young Bar Jun 1, 2005 2688
Algebra in Elementary School. Schliemann, Analucia; Carraher, David; Brizuela, Barbara; Earnest, Darrell; Goodrow, Anne; Lara-Roth Report Jul 1, 2003 161
Quaternions. Asimov, Isaac Reference Source Jan 1, 1994 202

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